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Cecil John Rhodes and His Friends In High Places


rhodes-houseRhodes House, Oxford

by Dee McLachlan

When I was growing up, my country of  South Africa was a global pariah — outcast for its Apartheid policy. At the time I felt ashamed to be South African, and I was left with the impression that the country was of little significance in the global sphere of things.

Boy, has my view changed — especially after reading Robin Brown’s book, The Secret Society – Cecil John Rhodes’s Plan for a New World Order.

The diamonds, gold and the vision of a nineteen-year-old have had a significant impact on the secret geopolitical expansion of the super elite.

“The Great Game”

Rhodes admitted his original vision of a world domination was outrageous, but it struck a chord with many wealthy and powerful people, and over the years the impossible seemed to become a possibility.

The birth of Rhodes’s Secret Society was in Kimberley during the diamond digging years — around 1873 to 1876 — and it was only later in 1891 that the society was established in London. Brown writes:

“The core society went underground, its ‘spoor’ [tracks] later to be traced to [by] the American academic Professor Carroll Quigley.”

Quigley researched several institutions that had been established by the Secret Society after Rhodes’s death. He was also the first political historian to record the Secret Society as fact and not “conspiracy theory”. His Tragedy and Hope contains information about the evolution of Rhodes’s Secret Society under W. T. Stead (newspaper editor), Alfred Milner, and a cartel of the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet — “with Lord Rothschild keeper of Rhodes’s purse.”

Sexuality, Secrecy and Predators

What I have found interesting to read, is how Brown investigates the life of Rhodes and the many “grand” figures of history. In those times, society forced anyone with gay inclinations into a secret double life — and so it seems natural for secret societies to evolve out of that mindset.

“A significant factor in these developments [his Secret Society] is Rhodes’s homosexuality. Within the space of a few years he would be mingling with a powerful coterie of allegedly gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women, all of whom would become members of, or be politically associated with, his Secret Society. Prominent in this group were two prime ministers, Lord Balfour and Lord Rosebery, a royal mistress, Daisy Greville, a prime minister’s wife, Margot Asquith, and Reginald Baliol Brett…”

When at Oxford, Rhodes had befriended Reginald Baliol Brett — a “self-confessed pederast” — who was friend and confidant of Queen Victoria, and later influential “whisperer” to King Edward VII and King George V.

“Brett habitually had affairs with Eton boys who had been groomed by his old tutor, the details of which are graphically described in his Journals. [He] was part of a ring of influential politicians with similar predilections. Best known among these was Lewis (“Loulou”) Vernon Harcourt – son of the home secretary Sir William Harcourt – who committed suicide when his escapades with an Eton student went public.

Brown continues:

“The documented accounts of Brett’s sexual inclinations are significant because they represent rare hard evidence of the shared interests of three highly influential men at the height of Empire: Cecil Rhodes, “Chinese” Gordon, and Brett himself… supporting recent suggestions that a homosexual hegemony – which was already operative in the Secret Society – went on to influence, if not control, British politics at the beginning of the twentieth century.”

As Rhodes grew older he often paraded, what he called, his “lambs and angels” on social outings.

Now I definitely don’t want to confuse homosexuality with pedophilia, but I’m referring to powerful people who seem to participate in criminal practices — or have friends that did. I won’t go into detail, but its seems rent-boys were in use and pedophilia was practiced with abandon among some of Rhodes’s cohorts. Even prime minister Lord Rosebery was accused by the Marquess of Queensberry of sodomizing his eldest son.

Why is it that so many powerful people seem to participate in sexual predatory practices — regardless of their sexual orientation?

I once wrote an article about the Bush and Cheney pedophile years. “People Magazine” spent a million dollars back in the 1980s (a lot of money back then)  investigating all of America’s orphanages and found the stories were true – identifying Bush (Snr), Cheney and New Hampshire Governor John Sununu as pedophiles who arranged orgies for the ruling elite. But the writer was never allowed to publish the story.

Somehow the political structure protects pedophiles in its midst.

I have read that potential leaders (including Australian leaders) are encouraged to participate in pedophilia — and once they do, they are compromised and “owned.”

But back to the Secret Society.

The Evolution of Think Tanks

The Secret Society became The Society of the Select — then Alfred Milner named it the Round Table. “Milner’s kindergarten” soon came to house a cartel of the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet. Brown continues:

“…immediately after the Great War, Milner, Philip Kerr and Lionel Curtis in particular began to set up a global hegemony. It exerted influence through institutions and a hierarchy of thinkers… These institutions were all housed in grand buildings which became known as “Think Tanks.”

The first of these (funded partly by the Rhodes Trust) was the Institute of International Affairs in London founded in 1920 (later known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs — RIIA). The RIIA soon had a sister organisation — The Council for Foreign Relations (CFR). Well, do we need to say more.

I am left with the feeling that secret societies and secret agendas destroyed any form of democracy a very long time ago.

Maybe we should set up a Counter-Institution.




  1. Protects pedophiles? see Fiona Barnett’s websiste. See my series at Gumshoe, especailly this one:


    Dee, anthropologists found secret societies even among Stone Age cultures….

    The Robin Brown book looks stunning. Where does he live? i see it was published by Random House South Africa, 2015. i don’t think New York Random would have gone near it.


  2. Setting up a counter-institution — now that’s a heck of an idea! I suspect people have tried this though and the monsters always infiltrate and take it over. But the time has come for this kind of thing to end!

  3. “Secret” can mean a range of things. This article belies the very idea of a micro-society that is “known or shared only by the initiated”(Farlex) , “kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged” (Dictionary.com)

    What needs to be remembered is that every form of elitism is a creation of the demos and that power can only be conferred accordingly

  4. JFK warned the world about secret societies, so they killed him publicly and terrorised the world. The members of these secret societies are the real terrorists.

    Here is link to a short version of Kennedy’s “Secret Societies” speech.

    Nice follow up article Dee, thed Carroll Quigley article..

  5. Dee, I got this from a paper by Cisco Wheele and Franz Springmeir. I have often read that they are not the “real deal.” I believe that is to put us off the scent. See whale.to/b/sp/4.html

    What was George Estabrook’s connection to the Illuminati? George Estabrooks was a Rhodes Scholar, which is an entry-level group for the Illuminati.

    For those who haven’t studied this, it would be appropriate to give a brief explanation of these things. The Illuminati in 1919 created the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). The Astor Illuminati family were major financial backers of the RIIA.

    Waldorf Astor was appointed to the RIIA. The American equivalent to the RIIA is the CFR. The RIIA and CFR set up Round Table Groups (based on the King Arthur myths) which were initially named by Cecil Rhodes “Association of Helpers”.

    High ranking Mason/Illuminatus Cecil Rhodes also created the Rhodes Scholarship to bring select men from several the English speaking world and Germany to learn how to bring in the One World Government that the Illuminati has long had planned. The Cliveden Estate of the Cliveden Astors (of the Illuminati) has played an important role in the preparation of Rhodes Scholars.

    Bill Clinton and Fred Franz, the late president of the Watchtower Society, are two examples of men selected for Rhodes Scholarships. Bill Clinton went through the program. However, Franz decided not to go to London in order to help lead C.T. Russell’s cult as “oracle” after WT Pres. C.T. Russell was ritually killed on Halloween, 1916 and his remains buried under a pyramid. He later served as President himself from 1977-1994.

    — none of the above by me (MM)

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