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Yom Kippur, 2016



by Mary W Maxwell

Letter-writing is very important. GumshoeNews has been hosting a series of letters by Mal Hughes, a Western Australian who takes great responsibility as a citizen.

Elias Davidsson, a musician, carries on his website (juscogens.org) a host of letters he has written to officials, always using careful logic to advise the recipient of what action he/she might take.

October 12 is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement in Judaism. The faithful are admonished to be aware of their weaknesses.

They confess and hope for forgiveness.

It was pleasing that a reader in our Comments section the other day gave acknowledgement to the fact that many Jews oppose the outrages done by the state of Israel. Elias Davidsson is one such person.

He is also a defender of Muslims and recoils at the unfair blaming of the 9-11 attacks on Muslims.

Judaism is the direct ancestor of Christianity. Somehow the Hebrew tribe came to an understanding of God as the central moral authority. That fact seems almost forgotten in political literature today where “Jews” get blamed for the condition of the world.

Below is a letter written a quarter-century ago by Davidsson to the then Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl.

Oldugata 50, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Elias Davidsson

Mr. Helmut Kohl, Chancellor,

Bonn, Germany

Your Excellency, Mr. Kohl,

The Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot of March 15th reported that in your meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy on March 14th, you “promised Israel to help prevent the granting of refugee status to Soviet Jews arriving in Germany” so that they would be forced to go to Israel.

I am very shocked by these news, as it reminds me of the year 1935. At that year, my mother was pressured by the Nazi regime to leave Germany, because she was Jewish.

No Western country gave my family a haven. It had to go to Palestine where I was born.

Now as then, Western countries show their cynicism by rejecting Jewish immigration to the West and wishing to solve the Jewish problem on the expense of the Palestinian people.

Israel has for years pressured foreign states to close their doors to Soviet Jews after it found that most of them would — given the chance — move to Western Europe or the United States.

Most Soviet Jews are assimilated into Soviet society and are married with non-Jewish partners. They are therefore not interested in going to the Jewish State, Israel, if given an alternative.

Israel’s leaders consider however their duty to avert the assimilation of Jews into non-Jewish cultures and nations, if necessary by force. They consider assimilation of Jews as “the most serious threat to the Jewish people since the Holocaust”.

In doing so, they place nationalist ideology above individual human rights, an attitude typical of a fascist state.

Israel’s refusal to institute civil marriage and its enactment of apartheid legislation are further highlighting the racist nature of that State. (See Uri Davis: Israel, an Apartheid State. Zed Books, 1987.)

For us Jews who have non-Jewish partners whom we dearly love, Israel’s practices and ideology are abominable. Our love to human beings is considered by the Zionist establishment as treason.

We cannot accept that Israel speak on behalf of world

Jewry and act as if it represented their interests. It does not.

The State of Israel does not respect the universal principle stated in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights – that everyone has the right to leave any country including his own and to return to it.

Such principle implies the right of people to choose their destination, when they leave their country. But Soviet Jews are in fact prevented of this right and Israel is trying to pressure other States to make it difficult for Soviet Jews to exercise this right.

It is disgraceful that governments of Western democracies give in to Israeli blackmail. Moreover the State of Israel grossly violates the right of return of people to their country (if they are not Jewish).

Some two million people, originating in areas controlled now by the State of Israel, and who have been thrown into exile are denied this right. These people are usually called the Palestinian refugees.

Their only crime: They are not Jews. By doing so, Israel is also defying the entire international community, which has called yearly in the United Nations on Israel to allow these refugees the right to return and compensation.

Israel’s behaviour is neither compatible with Jewish morals nor with the interests of Jews around the world.

Those who are really sympathetic to Jews should end all their dealings with the Zionist State of Israel.

I appeal therefore on your government to stop all assistance, material and moral to the State of Israel. It is incumbent that Israel respect international law and UN resolutions and begin to act as a civilized nation.

Only international and effective pressure on Israel can make the Israeli Jewish public realize that their government is leading them to calamity.

Sincerely yours,

Elias Davidsson,

Composer and pianist

Attachment: Return Statement signed by 400 prominent Jewish intellectuals and academics against Israel as a Jewish State and for Palestinian rights. The Statement was published a few times in British newspapers in the last 3 years (1989-1991)

— Mary W Maxwell’s interview with Elias Davidsson was published at GumshoeNews.com on February 20, 2014, under the title “Did Todd Beamer Really Say Let’s Roll?”


Photo credit: horusbehdet.files.wordpress.com


  1. Why do Israelis think that they have the right to override private rights of Jews and others, especially when that act contravenes international law and the rules of the United Nations.

    What gives the right to Zionists to interfere with me reading and commenting on this site, as they have done frequently.

      • Hello Berry. I think Int’l Law is wicked but I have never heard anyone agree with me except the book “Ethics and Authority in International Law” by Alfred Rubin (1997).

        Oops, I just went to worldcat.org to check on the spelling of Rubin’s name and noticed a similarly titled book,
        “The UN secretary-general and moral authority : ethics and religion in international leadership”.

        I will try reading it, but it is published by Georgetown Uni which is the same as CIA, so I won’t be expecting enlightenment.

        The title of my PhD thesis is “the moral relationship among states.” Althongh it’s a couple hundred pages I could have said in one sentence what the moral relationship among states is.

        By the way, I think the founder of the Geneva Conventions/Red Cross was on the payroll. The book “Inside the Paris Peace Conference” written in 1921, should clue anyone in, retrospectively, as to the nature of the Hague Convention(s).

        That said I supported the work of the late Charles Gittings in his Program to Enforce the Geneva Conventions as, if I recall correctly, he only meant for the US to apply its own law of war crimes against its own men. Yet as we see from Grainer’s court martial re Abu Ghraib, and also that of the My Lai Lieutenant Calley, the higher ups don’t get netted.

        I also support Elias Davidsson’s style and that of Philip Allott in “international law.” Allott has a new book called Eutopia. He was a big “Law of the Sea” man, but look at the oceans now.

        Rubin’s point, quite simply, is: there is no “world authority” to enforce int. law. Maybe these singers disagree:

  2. I was so lucky, circa 1973, to be allowed to join the Fordham University glee club (it was a Town and Gown thing, anyone could join), and sing Bloch’s Sacred Service under David Labowitz’s conducting – rehearsing in his huge home in New York. Here is an 8-minute snippet with nice photos:

    • One night Labowitz gave us a lecture on not calling the great works by wrong names. He said Do not refer to Handel’s Messiah as “The Messiah”. There is no article ‘the’ in there, it’s just Messiah. Said he, “It’s like “Bronx, New York. People say “THE Bronx, but they shouldn’t. It’s just Bronx.”

      A while later a soprano (not me, not me) raised her hand and asked a musical question about “The Messiah.” Heads turned. Labowitz gave her a forbearing look and said “Are you referring to the Bronx Messiah?”

  3. Calling Israel “jewish” is like calling Aus & the U.S. “christian” and the Philistines “palestinians”. The purveyors should turn their minds to the fate of those who misused/kidnapped the Arc of the Covenant
    * 1 Samuel 6:19

    The MSM coverage of the current border wars just exemplifies the fact that, in a victim culture, the loser in a pub brawl is always touted as the hero

  4. Something that has bothered me for a while which hopefully one of your reader may help me with.
    When referring to the evil bastards from Israel, what do I call them. The vast majority of Israeli people, like the vast majority of all other nationalities and ethnicities are nice folks. They may be brainwashed by their media but well over 90% of people world wide are good and mean well. I hear of Jews, Israelis, zionists and others. Which ones are the bad bastards?


    • Who are the evil ones?
      Turn a stone and you find them crawling beneath, they represent a few different species of worms.
      Problem is that none of their cousin worms on the surface have the guts to turn over the stone, for fear of exposing their cousins to the sunlight and having to answer for the hidden worms, that they, or should be, acknowledging, exposing and condeming.
      The cover up of 911 has exposed the worms ‘lying” on the stone and massaging it with bull shit.
      As the sun rises the crows will feast upon the worms exposed, leaving the rat to turn over the stone and devour the worms beneath.
      We await dawn as it surely approaches.

      • I want to endorse what you say, Mr Stone Turner, by admitting how odd it seems to me (Mrs Bigmouth) that I find it so hard in my own life to call a worm a worm. So I guess maybe everyone else is similarly inhibited.

        Note how it’s fairly easy to name-call persons who are safe in their prestige — Marg Thatcher, John Howard (while in office or later), but come down a few notches and it is almost impossible to say an accusatory word.

        On that note, I think I’ll write a “J’accuse” re Port Arthur. No point waiting for the court action that will never come, dammit.

        Ned, re your refernece to 9-11, it does seem that once a critical mass of activists is reached, it then becomes easy to blame the blameworthy. So maybe what I just said about my shyness is not a fear of offending the “worm” but of me getting sharp looks from my neighbors. Ah the power of “the fear of sticking out.”

        • Mary,
          Be a crow, it devours those delectables who ‘stick out’. Flying high above the bullshit is the crow’s great talent for seeking out a luncheon. Then upond the true earth the prying beak exposes the worm……..lunch!

          • To clarify dear Mary, those who now ‘stick out’ are the worms, it is they who now suffer the fear of the beadie (sp) eyed crow. Ha! The crows are the people…….. worms, beware! Hmmmm what a feast awaits?

      • This will maybe make an excellent documentary… with Richard Attenborough narrating. “The feast of the Worms” — coming soon to a political theater near you.

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