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Trump or Clinton – Which is Australia’s Most Dangerous Ally?


second-debatePresidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

by Dee McLachlan

The Presidential candidates had it out for the second time. Trump got thumped for his 2005 degrading “locker room” comments, and Hillary for her 33,000 deleted and “bleached” emails.

This is a battle between big-mouth Trump vs the “criminal establishment” — and so Trump threatened Hillary, that should he become president, he is going to instruct the FBI to investigate her.

CLINTON – “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country…”

TRUMP – “Because you’d be in jail.

Dirty Tactics

The establishment desperately wants to stop Trump — and this has become a dirty campaign.

Now Jeffery Epstein — the billionaire pedophile — is participating to implicate Trump in criminal underage sexual activities via “Jane Doe.”

But it was former President Bill Clinton that was big buddies with Epstein. Clinton took at least 26 trips aboard the registered sex offender’s infamous jet — known as the “Lolita Express” or the “rape plane.” And Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s brother, testified in 2009 that Trump flew on the jet “at least once.”

It was Bill Clinton that was implicated in rape and activities on Epstein’s US Virgin Islands estate — known as “Sex Slave Island” or “Orgy Island” — allegedly rife with solicited sex, often from minors “groomed” by Epstein himself.

I was writing about morally corrupt powerful people in a Rhodes article only days ago.

It won’t be long before we know who the next president will be. The Guardian believes that the “banging sound you heard were the last nails being hammered into the coffin of the Trump campaign, ” — but with a CNN/YouGov poll 47 to 42 for Clinton, it is not over just yet.

The Conversation Over Who Is best For Australia?

The “serious” and academic online journal The Conversation published this article on the 5th of October: Trump or Clinton: who will be the best for our region?

The article is suggesting that

“…no matter who becomes the next president, it will be bad. If it’s Donald Trump, though, it could be apocalyptic.

“most serious analysts hope she [Clinton] wins. The alternative is too awful, unpredictable and frankly alarming to even contemplate.” [my emphasis]

These statements are made on the basis that Australia’s inextricably relationship with the US is a positive one. But this relationship, which is also a dependent one, led to Australia unquestioningly following the US into the Iraq war. This has directly resulted in the deaths of many Australian soldiers. And these soldiers were not fighting to protect Australian soil, but fighting for the geopolitical agenda of a global elite — the criminal establishment.


To recap: Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people had NOTHING to do with the destruction of the World Trade Center’s twin towers, or the part free-fall collapse of Building 7 — nor the destruction of the Pentagon.

It is a disgrace that Australia followed the “Shock and Awe” campaign to destroy a country and kill over a million its people on “cooked up” intelligence. But for former prime minister John Howard, it was only an “embarrassment.”

With Hillary, Australia will only be getting more of the same. So I presume Canberra will be willingly obedient and happy to follow Clinton into the next war debacle? And with tensions between the US and Russia deteriorating over Syria, this is not a good thing.

But maybe if Trump wins, Canberra will sit up and think. Canberra might even analyse and consider whether to follow Trump into a conflict — as they weigh up his possible “apocalyptic” decisions.

(Has Canberra forgotten the “apocalyptic” decision to follow George W Bush into Iraq?)

So maybe Trump becoming the US President will be the best thing to happen to Australia. Canberra might actually start thinking and using their “grey matter” for once — instead of blindly following the US establishment’s geopolitical agenda.

US — Australia’s Dangerous Ally

It is just  two years since I interviewed former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in Melbourne. He argued that while strategic dependence may have been beneficial in Australia’s post-colonial history and during the Cold War, it has now become a liability — and a potentially dangerous liability at that.

He discussed how former John PM Howard further entrenched Australia’s dependence on the US to the detriment of regional relations. He said:

“We have significantly diminished our capacity to act as a separate sovereign nation.”

So will Trump be “too awful, unpredictable and frankly alarming to even contemplate”?

The present US political class have for several decades been on a “too awful,” and “frankly alarming” quest of geopolitical destruction.

Retired General Wesley Clark informed us of their plans in 2007 — plans that were told to him a few weeks after the September 11, 2001. And what was this plan that Australia participated in?

The Destruction of SEVEN countries.

GEN. WESLEY CLARK [2001 at the Pentagon]: “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” (Video here)

I worry that Trump wants to build up the US military — but he also wants to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership; renegotiate NAFTA; label China a currency manipulator; create 25 million American jobs and increase wages; reduce America’s trade deficit, and stop the theft of American trade secrets. (Promises, promises.)

But it seems Canberra would far prefer Hillary Clinton. I wonder if they have read some of her private speeches. The Washington Examiner got a hold of some of the private (paid) speeches — and this is Hillary Clinton on being far removed from the struggles of the middle class:

The game is rigged — and until a President reveals the truth about false flags like 9-11, it will remain so.
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  1. There is no lesser between these two evils in considering each of them for president of the United States. I believe they both serve the same master far behind the machinations. My vote is to shut the whole stinking thing down.

    • I agree. The notion of them being opposed is false — just a circus for election year.

      Constitutionally the Electoral College can still pick someone else. Only 3 requirements:
      age 35 and up,
      14 yrs resident in US,
      native born.

    • Politically Correct Waleed Ali from The project ”has demolished Donald Trump and called him out for sexual assault in a scathing editorial”

      Waleed – why don’t you get a back bone and go for the (other) real guys. Not just the groping guys. Go for the real rapists (e.g. Bill Clinton and his wife who intimidated the victim) and political pedophiles. Why not get Fiona Barnett on your program.


      I agree speculator – the system is so corrupted that it has to start again. Clean the hard drive and reboot the system.

      • “…no matter who becomes the next president, it will be bad. If it’s Donald Trump, though, it could be apocalyptic.”

        What is the correct meaning of the word “apocalypse?”

        “apocalypse means an “uncovering”, translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.”

        So bring it on. I for one am looking very much forward to many deep, dark and sordid secrets being disclosed and revealed.

        Then we can get on with the prosecutions.

        • The past has already been entered into the record of the Universe and the present is now being recorded. For those who have the insight and know the future, self deception does not come much bigger and self development has been severely arrested. What ever forces come into play in the USA we will have to judge them by fruits of their actions. I too suspect the great apocalypse (the unveiling of the truth) has arrived, for those who have eyes to see!

  2. Fascinates me how this whole “race” is so devoid of any policy talk. Its like that is already settled and the only “race” is who gets to read the teleprompter. That said, I think of the two Trump has more potential to stray off the NWO reservation down the track, which is why the controlled media and treason minded American politicians are attacking him with such gusto.

  3. It was fascinating hearing of the exchange between two Australian Senators yesterday morning (pre-debate) – one female (Pauline), the other male (Derryn).

    Pauline (the female) was dismissing the gravity of what we all agree were inappropriate sexist utterings that were made some 11 years ago as an incidental trifle and minor distraction, and Pauline was firmly in Trumps’ corner. Derryn (the male) was quite the opposite and launched into the usual politically correct we-gotcha-now tirade about Trump’s words … (How convenient for this to have surfaced right at this time).

    But what I was REALLY hearing from Pauline and Derryn was that these inappropriate words by Trump from over a decade ago were really quite irrelevant. It was quite clear that Pauline was speaking with the anti-establishment sentiment while the pro-establishment Derryn seized the moment to make this the central issue of the US presidential debates and make a grand politically correct speech about social JUSTICE.

    Indeed, Derryn was so in-in-indi-idigin — ‘VERY CROSS’ that heaven forbid, for a minute I thought he was going to advocate for a ban on ‘Sex and the City’ reruns – and logically, the vast majority of other sordid TV and Hollywood productions while he was at it – you know, just to be consistent and genuinely sincere – and JUST and all that. (I wonder what program Derryn was watching around 11 years ago?)

    Which reminds me of a meme I saw earlier today with the picture of a typical social justice identity-confused rainbow warrior and the words:

    “I’m voting for the candidate who got people killed, covered up sexual assaults, threatened national security and wants to start WWIII … because the other one said mean things.”

  4. We may guess what Derryn wants in a President.


    How is Lybya getting along now Derryn? (and Iraq, Somalia, syria, Sudan and that lively ‘double tap’ of the funeral in Yemen last week………….good one!)

    Well, at least Hilary has the form to kill heaps more than Trump.

    • Ned, you win the Walkley prize for irony…. always enjoy your comments. Now let’s hope Derryn, Faine and the zombie mob in Canberra and in the media get to read these.

  5. The article is extensive and for convenience of a marathon comment will focus on one issue? the extermination of one million Iraq’s endorsed by Howard and comment and dismissed as a embarrassment, is it of a surprise this entrenched thinking will create terrorism as a result of sinister entrenched policies by a backward militaristic and authoritarian bureaucracy, to act as a reformist agency to adjust the present world government will take to long before consequences of eminent damage to the health of our planet and the well being of the inhabitants of our planet.
    For more over two thousand years, we have had a model of institutional violence modeled of the Roman Empire, science and the mind of many having moved on since then and yet this antiquated system is being applied by those who are still in power.
    Whether the ballot box is fixed or through money directed to governments to corrupt the well being of our greater destiny of our planet and inhabitants is arbitrary, we need to awaken those who live in fear or in a form of dreamland stupor to have the realization that winning Tatts Lotto is unrealistic in usurping a small minority whom have a vested interest in maintaining the present structure of power.

    • Don, “the present structure of power” is one thing; human nature is another.
      Oops sorry, the present structure of power, too, is part of human nature. And your fighting it off is another. Yay!

      I think breakthroughs of knowledge as to what is going on: Jim and Gerry’s Hidden History of the first world was (2014); Robin Brown’s Secret Society (2015) as just reviewed at Gumshoe by Dee, and the revelations of Fiona Barnett — really do have a glimmer of hope. But most people want the power structure to be there, don’t they?

      How is it that few have said peep about “Howard’s” decisions? We all spoke to Howard in advance. As I have mentioned before, Adelaideans are not protestors but 100,000 of them gathered on North Terrace in March 2003 to tell Parliament to nix the idea of invading Iraq. (Bigger crowds in other states, too.)

      I guess we should have had a follow-up meeting the next week to say “How dare you” when the pollies disobeyed us.

      Maybe that is the real issue. We do not know how to get together. I hope the dear Gumshoe readers will suggest ways.

      This vid has almost 4 million hits, thank God:

  6. The problem being, is that no decent person with morals and ethics, for the benefit of people and country, can ever become a candidate for a major party, because of the political system. Both in the U.S. and Australia.

    This system is created by the Banksters of the world that have been allowed to own POLITICS the world over. Don’t ever think either country is a democracy.

    If we had decent politicians in Australia as dreamed of above, we would kick the U.S. military out of the Northern Territory and Pine Gap. In other words take our country back, so that we become a true sovereign nation.

    If we had normal relations with other foreign countries, such as Russia, China, India and other nations of the South East Asia area, we would not need to be kowtowing to the U.S. or Nato countries. These countries could be our “security blanket” as well as trading partners.

  7. Im sure Trump is only there as a clownish distraction, to make sure clinton doesnt cop too much scrutiny, i dont believe voting matters.. its all pre determined.. but if Im wrong.. why the hell doesnt anyone consider a third option? clinton is surely evil.. but i cant see trump as being the answer to usa’s problems..


    all we are saying…. is give greens a chance.. 🙂

    • To Fair Dinkum
      from the late John Lennon (assuming he actually left the building):

      Everybody’s talking about Bagism
      Shagism, Dragism, Madism
      Ragism, Tagism, This-ism
      That-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m

      Hare, Hare Krishna
      All we are saying is give peace a chance
      All we are saying is give peace a chance

      Everybody’s talking about ministers, sinister
      Banisters and canisters, bishops and fishops
      Rabbis and Popeyes, bye-bye, bye-byes
      Hare, Hare Krishna

      julie Fishop?

  8. It doesn’t matter who wins the election, the two 3-letter agencies are in charge. Australia has given up its sovereignty to the US and has no independent foreign policy. The Sept. 17 U.S. and Australian air attacks on Syrian army troops that killed 62 and wounded 100 was no “mistake”. Shameful.

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