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The Dax File, Part I: When Googling “Fiona Barnett” You Get New Connections


drdax_bw-1024x734Dr Eric Cunningham Dax (1908 – 2008)

by Mary W Maxwell

In the introduction to our book, Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, there is an obituary of Dr Eric Cunningham Dax. It begins “He graduated From London University in 1932 with honours in Medicine.” On the following page of the book (p 21), I state “The leading candidate for organizer of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre is, in my opinion, Tavistock.”

Recently, a 73-year-old woman in Australia – whose name I will supply later – emailed Gumshoe to say she knew Dax well and would like to give us some information. Yesterday (October 18, 2016) I interviewed her for six hours. It took me about a quarter of a minute to recognize that she is genuine.

A Bit of Bio

I’ll refer to her, in this article, as “the interviewee.” (To be accurate I should say “interviewees,” as she is a ‘multiple’ but I will try to give only the story of her “main person.”)

She was born in 1943 in wartime London, and immigrated to Australia in 1948. She had already been Tavistocked, bigtime, as her grandmother was a player in the mind-control game who assisted Dr Dax.

Per the lingo of the survivors of mind-control, she is “generational.” How far back the practices go in her ancestry I don’t know.

Her father, born in 1919, worked with Dr. Rawlings-Rees in the new Psychological Warfare Department of Tavistock. There seems to have been a connection with those Nazis who became part of Operation Paperclip.

That was the program, within the newly-created CIA in 1947, by which Nazi scientists were – as she put it — “escorted into the US.” (Note: Operation Paperclip has been declassified for decades but you still can’t get Americans to think about it.)

Her Dad stayed in Australia but separated from the family. She met him again when he was 95, two years ago. That reunion brought out her mind-files talent. Like Brice Taylor, she was a demonstration model for mind-files.

I am fond of saying that any of the amazing abilities of the MK-Ultra girls must be based on the same brain potential that all of us have. Wow, have we got some amazing unused talent!

So how did she and I come to be, yesterday, on a train in Victoria? Easy. She had googled for “Fiona Barnett” and that brought her to an article I wrote about Fiona at Gumshoe. At this website she then saw the free-download of our Port Arthur book.

The Dax Factor

She wrote to Dee McLachlan saying she was grateful to see our crediting Dr Dax for some of the wicked stuff. By the way, I asked her if Dax was a nasty, horrible man. She said “No, he was a lovely guy.”

I mention that to point out that it’s difficult for us to realize that folks right in our own social circles who seem to be “lovely” can have a secret life (like mafia people), which is the opposite of lovely.

This is a really serous problem when we need to bring blame against them. Their “loveliness” both disguises them protects them.

Indeed Dr Dax’s obituary says how lovely he was for endorsing new treatments for the mentally ill (uh-oh) and for using art therapy in psychiatry (uh-oh), and for … well never mind, there were a lot of uh-oh’s.

Dr Dax was in a trio that included John Rawlings Rees, a main figure at Tavistock, Ewen Cameron a Scot-Canadian best known for using Deep Sleep at Magill’s teaching hospital in Montreal, and Dax. My Interviewee also said John Herron of Australia was majorly involved.

Deep Sleep, Mk-Ultra, Tavistock

I realize that this article will be read by persons who don’t know my background. I had a lucky upbringing with absolutely zip contact with Tavistockian stuff. (At least not directly!  If you read Charlotte Iserbyt’s Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, though, you may see that we’ve all been affected in the education process.)

Anyway, as I describe in my Fodder Note video at Youtube, I decided to stickybeak the MK-Ultra survivor’s conference in Connecticut back in August, 2005.

Right then and there Carol Rutz changed my life. Her book, A Nation Betrayed, gave me instant understanding of the secret government that runs the US. (See my 2011 book, Prosecution for Treason.)

Carol Rutz and Wanda Karriker have produced the English-speaking side of the Extreme-Abuse-Survey.  There is also a German side. Both are available online. Over a thousand children, and hundreds of psychologists, responded to the 2008 survey.

Until now, I didn’t have much of a handle on how these things went in in Australia, except I was aware that Harry Bailey, MD, did the deep-sleep thing in Sydney’s Chelmsford Hospital.

That led to a Royal Commission, which was a whitewash and which did not bring criminal charges against the characters who had killed 24 patients at that hospital. A book on the subject by Janet Fife-Yeomans emphasizes Bailey’s rather amazing sexual proclivities.

Th Australian “Colony” 

Quoting again from Dax’s official obituary in 2008:

“In 1956 he lobbied for the setting up of a Chair of Psychiatry within the University of Melbourne. … “From 1969 to 1984 Dax lived in Tasmania, firstly as Coordinator in Community Health and then, from 1978 till 1984, he continued in private practice. He died just short of his 100th birthday in 2008.”

(“Cordinator of Community Health,” oh my gahd!)

Note the years he lived in Tasmania. (My interview told me Dax was sent there because Tassie is like Appalachia.) I assume the influence of Tavistock was greatest in Melbourne and Sydney – although my interviewee says Brisbane is a major center for child tampering today.

I forgot to mention that Dax was also involved with Aldous Huxley and his California-based plan for social engineering.

See how Dee’s recent discovery of Robin Brown’s 2015 book Secret Society about Cecil Rhodes (combined with Phil Hingston’s review of Carroll Quigley’s 1966 tome Tragedy & Hope) — and Dee’s article on Aldous Huxley — lead to a closing in on this big story of social engineering.

I assume it is worth noting that three of our recent prime ministers are Rhodes Scholars – Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and Bob Hawke. And former Opposition leader Kim Beazley.

Martin Bryant

I wonder where John Howard (prime minister from 1996 to 2007) fits in the social-engineering story.  Many persons see the Port Arthur massacre as an event directed at gun control.

John Howard made no bones about his plan to tighten gun laws in reaction to the massacre (Can you imagine). But I see the massacre as a typical psy-op.

In any case it is mentioned in Martin Bryant’s official file that he was a patient of Dr Dax starting at the age of 16. I speculate that his foddering started much earlier. Possibly it accounts for his difficult behavior as a child. (He could not master simple social skills, and so was isolated from other children.)

Also it is often alleged, but is not in Bryant’s court file, that he made many trips to London to see his Tavistock handlers. And he made at least one trip to an army base in the UK.

Note Fiona Barnett’s report to Senator Bill Heffernan that Holsworthy Army Base, NSW, was one of the venues for her torture. And by the way, hurrah for Heffernan. Thank you, Real Man.

Bryant’s court case, if you could call it that, also mentioned that Dr Ivor Jones was the keeper of Bryant’s psychiatric files in Hobart. I believe he was a British-born professor at University of Tasmania.

Martin’s mother, Mrs Carleen Bryant, has indicated that all such files are now “lost.”  Well they would be wouldn’t they. And they probably never recorded the real goings-on.

Gun Skills

Something has just occurred to me. It goes against Martin Bryant’s innocence in regard to the Broad Arrow Café. (But don’t worry, there is a mountain of other evidence for his innocence.)

Simply this: we have often said Martin did not have the skill to be a fantastic shooter, and had no military training. But when Tavistock trains you, you can become a fabulous pianist or shooter or comedian or anything.

And you might not be consciously aware of some of your skills. As I mentioned, my interviewee had forgotten for almost a lifetime that she was a mind-files genius.

I’ve said before, at Gumshoe, that a survivor friend of mine had no idea she could shoot until some friends took her to a recreational shooting gallery. She scored bullseye every time!

Conclusion and a Bid for Help

There will be more articles from my 6-hour interview yesterday. I do realize this is very shocking stuff for some readers who did not previously know of it. But don’t be scared — fear is a waste of precious time. We need to get on with it.

We need to acknowledge the facts of life, whether in regard to Port Arthur or any other event that was caused by these nincompoops from Tavistock.

Please show support in any way you can. How about asking the three commissioners at the current Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse, to not to sit silent – as they apparently have, so far — with regard to Fiona Barnett’s submission to that Commission about her fantastic observation of beheadings at Bathhurst.

And we aren’t talking about Muslim beheadings here, folks!

— Mary W Maxwell can be reached at mary. maxwell@ alumni. Adelaide.ed.au.  Her business card reads “Have no gun, will travel.”


  1. Another great article,on the shooting in the cafe Martin Bryant shot with his left handed, yet the shooter shot right handed and form the hip, which when asked Martin said he had never shot from the hip, Martin had shot very little had air rifle when young for while, and did some target practice after his father had died

    • Yes, I know, Martin, and probably that is all correct. But i do believe it is possible for people to learn a skill under CIA training.

      I think all top show biz people are mind-controlled. How is it posible that they never miss a note when singing and their hand never slips on the piano. Dee says Derryn Brown claims he can teach someone to be a concert painist under hypnosis. I am not ready to believ anything Derryn Brown says, but….

    • Why the need to single out weird cloistered fringe groups? I pulled my firstborn out of grade one because the entire family was being ritualistically enslaved. If you wait until the child is consciously suffering/put in the “problem” box its probably too late.

      My understanding is that Martin Bryant simply wasn’t allowed to develop at his own pace

    • Is the child whose face is circled in the picture “The Family” Martin Bryant? And, isn’t it possible that Julian Assange is someone who could have regained some of these memories and is resentful about his treatment?

  2. Amazing how when you’ve heard a bad story about a particular place, down the line you hear something else bad, like history repeating itself. When I did military service, I heard shocking stories of how our own troops were treated when being detained at Holsworthy Military camp for punishment. At the time I thought it was just how the military worked. I always thought if they treated their own kind like that, what would they do to any unfortunate enemy combatants arrested? But now I hear of Holsworthy in this story, Holsworthy involved with the Lindt Café siege and bingo! What else is there to hear about this place of evil?

    • Gotta be something to that.
      Mal, I ended up thinking the entire Holsworhy story was a scam (I mean the mock-up, not Fiona’s bit).
      If , as I believe, the Monis think was an act, nobody had any need to practice ending the siege, much less spend 6 hours at it

      As for Fiona, see Brice Taylor’s book (free download). She names innumerble bases, some air force such as elgin, some navy such as maui hawaii. When the Royal Commssion studied cadet’s situation it realy was incredible. A big part of the problem was that a boy who was raped was defo not going to tell his parents. At least we got over that bit.

    • Speculator, i think maybe Australian history can be divided into PF and PF. That is, pre-Fiona and post-Fiona. Everything has changed because people are willing to believe her.

      And I think we owe that partly to the survivors of the pedophile priests who have shown that cruelty occurs, even when there is no woo-woo mind control involved.

      • At the beginning of every show Fiona Barnett plays the Rolf Harris rendition of “My body Is my body, no one’s but mine. You run your own body, let me run mine.”
        In this segment she reads from Wood Commission and the current Royal Commish. I think we should encourage the Royal Comish to help us all.

  3. Although Rhodes,Huxlley & Dax ostensibly inhabited different worlds there was a significant common thread.All 3 were born into GB’s ruling class, moulded by the respective public school system and given the credit for various degrees of tunnel vision that could be traced back to Adam & Eve.

    It isn’t hard to figure out that Hitler & Pol Pot were no more evil than Mr. Average and that the lineage of some superstar is no more interesting than that of your next-door neighbour, but for those who are hell-bent on controlling others/being controlled, gods & demons are a neccesity.

  4. Wondering.
    So many matters brought up by gumshoe worthy of discussion.
    Where are the detractors?
    Is there not a msm journo or shock joke (mary on the ball) who has the guts to appear and comment?
    Miranda, Bolt, Jones, George and Paul, Ben Fordham, Faine, Pauline, et. al., msm fascists got you tongue? (Forget Goldman Sucks Turnbull and the other boffins)
    You lot deceiving decent thinking peope?
    Why? Do you lot not care about your children’s future?
    Do you lot really support; globalist fascism under the control of control freaks who will own your children and granchildren as the Nazis tried with their youth camps.
    Do yo want Ayrian selective breeding to creare a working slave class and militarised controllers?
    Do you lot apreciate that every ANZAC day you are mocking those who sacrificed for our democratic freedoms?
    I suppose so, because you lot are in on the agenda for short term gains. In due course, you and your uncomforming children will be dumped in the Gulags.
    Stalin come to mind?

  5. I have a question you might first regard as slightly odd.
    Who is knowledgeable about Australian cinema, particularly horror films?
    I ask because there is movie that was broadcast on MTN Nine TV station in Griffith in 1977. Back then it was illegal to broadcast a movie on TV if it was less than five years old, so this movie must date to at least five years earlier.
    It was called The Legend of Hughie Dowker. It was about a secret society worshipped the devil and engaged in human sacrifices. They dressed up in robes and wore what appeared to be actual ram’s horns on their heads.
    The people in the network were respectable types during the day and in fact often prominent in society. They lived a completely double life.
    What Fiona Barrett and others have described reminds me a lot of this movie.
    Unless I have made a huge mistake, I can’t find anything about this movie on the internet. Very occasionally the internet doesn’t provide any sort of lead, and this is one of those times.
    I believe this movie has been suppressed after some of the leaders got cold feet about it because it was too true to life.

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