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The Vax and Anti-vax Battleground


20161021_101338_resizedHerald Sun, 21/10/16

by Dee McLachlan

This morning the front page of the Herald Sun was plastered with “TROLLS SHAMED.” It cleverly lumped anti-vax people in one basket as militant and vitriolic.

“VICTORIAN Health Minister Jill Hennessy…  has shone a light on the practices of militant “anti-vaxxer” trolls by releasing a swath of their abusive messages, which include calls for her execution and prayers that she fall ill with cancer.”

It may be true that the minister received many foul and even threatening messages. Social media has provided a platform for bullies and venomous attacks.

(Not to mention the daily chore of the disinformation artists.)

I decided to research some of the comments on the minister’s Facebook posts.

For example, on the 19th of August, Hennessy shared a Daniel Andrews‘s video on Facebook, writing:

“Vaccinations save lives. We need to challenge anti science, anti-vax propaganda. It’s dangerous.”

322 comments followed, with a debate of conflicting ideas, like this:

Anna Helen …Have you seen the interviews by Chris Savage, former Police Officer in QLD where he is confident in stating that all these SIDs and SBS cases he was called out to, to investigate, all had the same symptoms. …He needs to be careful too, as many Whistleblower Alternative Health Specialists who have Exposed the Fraudulent and Criminal nature of these Vaccines, have suddenly been found dead.

Linda WoodrowIn the 13 years covered in the last report, there have been no deaths in Australia from vaccinations. None. There is a national reporting system for “adverse events”, that means every death following a vaccination is investigated, even if it seems totally unrelated. Out of all those investigations, none were found to be caused by vaccinations. And no, there is no cover-up or conspiracy. 

I’ll direct Linda to the US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The data declared states that over that 27 year time period, 15,040 petitions have been adjudicated, with 4,954 of those determined to be compensable. $3.4 billion has been paid as vaccine injury compensation.

Lower down the comments becomes personal:

Lynne Batik I see the anti-vaxx nutters have descended, with conspiracy theory sites, myths and things that have been long-debunked. 

Catherine Paull The safety and welfare of the entire community always takes precedence over the lunacy of a few.

Jude Orme Nicoll Anti science? Science shows that vaccines don’t work and they burden the body with toxins. Anti vax propaganda. Hahaha. That’s a joke. Vaccine is the propaganda playing on fear and fear alone. RESEARCH the facts Jill. If you research then you would never play with those needles like its a game. It’s no game.

Peter Martin  Anti vaxxers are a menace to society, uneducated buffoons who threaten the vulnerable. 

Ashleigh Byrne …whats dangerous is vaccinating the masses without proper genetic testing and the studies to show vaccine are safe for all genetics, my child has genetic mutations which prevent him from detoxing heavy metals like aluminum,mercury etc which is found in vaccines.This is well documented scientifically…  until the studies are done then I cant put my child at risk, take out the heavy metals and I’ll happily vaccinate my child. 

In the Herald Sun this morning, Hennessy is quoted as saying:

“People should be under no illusions: the anti-vaccination movement is not a group of peace-loving hippies, as some might assume. They are an organised group that peddle misinformation that is dangerous, and their advocacy techniques are unhelpful, abusive and downright rude,”

I remind Minister Hennessy  that bullying tactics were blatantly used  to get the Casltlemaine film festival to drop the film “VAXXED”.


The Herald Sun then published an image of the hateful tweets. One from “ausfreedom21” or as the Sydney Morning Herald reports, from @ausfreedom21 says:

“Jill Hennessy: vaccine liar, criminal, traitor, idiot, slag, dumbf—, poliphile, people like you should be executed you rag!…

Couldn’t Find asufreedom21

But I searched in vain on both Twitter and Facebook for @ausfreedom21. The results come up as “no results.”

I found it strange that all the hateful messages quoted by the Herald Sun were just first names: Karl, Joanna, Taleen, Wawasonqo, Allison, Sophia, Linda, Donna, Samantha, Patricia, Julie — then ausfreedom21.


These don’t appear to be Facebook names or Twitter handles.

It makes me wonder if Ms Hennessy has been set up with some fake messages to promote this story.

But to continue with the comments on her Facebook post:

Alec Duncan Anti-vaxxers are a tiny minority of deluded fools. Most Australians believe vaccination should be mandatory.

But much of the debate was dominated by a few people with countless comments (like Robyn and Elizabeth below):

Robyn Mather Catherine May, there is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ opinion. Stop being so closed minded and open yourself to both sides of the debate. [From Altona, 322 friends, suspicious of vaccinations]

Elizabeth Leigh Trescher Angela Coral whatever your stupid name is stop posting your dumb baseless opinion and cite some f*cking evidence. Your words are as empty as your head. [supporter of vaccinations]

I suspect there is more mandatory legislation in the wings after this media blitz today.

Paul’s Disturbing Comment 

I’ll conclude with a comment Paul wrote on Gumshoe the other day:

“…my partner was an Intellectual Disability Nurse back in the 80s when such nurses were trained over three years. Doesn’t happen anymore as the specialty has been killed off, but back then an examinable and seemingly unremarkable part of the body of knowledge was that around 10% of the Intellectual disability/retardation in Australia was attributed to vaccine injury. No controversy about it then, just a given, even seen as an acceptable risk. This is buried knowledge nowadays.”

Buried from Jill Hennessy to be sure. To Be sure.



  1. ‘Twould seem that we are our own worst enemies.Passionately arguing in favour of our own societal demise.

    It’s a bitter pill to swallow ,but it seems that the words of one CIA Director,William Casey are coming true in our lifetime.

    ““We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,”

    Extend that sentiment to every Western CIA controlled country, and one begins to understand the problems we are facing from our “eminently qualified” academics and professionals.

    • Phil, there was a Royal Commission on vax in 1890s in the UK.

      Luckily for us, Alfred Russel Wallace bothered to read all the submissions and the “findings.” He clearly exposed the fact that the findings were not representative of the submissions. Many physicians had submitted their experience that vax did not have the advertised effect. (I mean it did not even spare the child from the relevant disease!!!)

      So I add to your statement that the CIA (or MI6, or whoever) can get people to believe false stuff. Royal Commission do it , too.

      Maybe “we the people” should nominate as a crime “lying by a member of a Royal Commission.” A capital offense.

      • Hey Mary,
        Being a bit less ‘academically qualified’ than you and no doubt, much more naive in the ways of the dark side, I’m fast coming to the realisation that it is no longer a question of fact or hard evidence (hard evidence is everywhere if one chooses to look)
        It is seeming to me to be more of a question of perception. Perhaps that’s where the ‘mind kontrolle'(MKUltra) issue comes in. Geez,these are some fucked up sons of bitches.
        Capital offences? Absolutely!!

        Wouldn’t we like to get our hands o.n the actual shooter who slaughtered 35 people at Port Arthur.

        • Yes, Phil, we would. And one can only hope that he (or she) is wetting his (or her) pants listening to your threat.

          However it’s possible that he/she does not have the requisite brain-bladder connection? I mean, are they such total whacko’s that they are incapable of worrying? Don’t rule it out!

          You and I are living in some kind of dreamworld: “the dream of reality.” Oh for those bygone days when reality was not open to complete reinterpretation.

          If i can find the speech by Ursula on the necessity of truth for survival I will pin it below.

          • I have just spent an hour looking for the speech by Ursula Haverbeck. Can’t find it. Ich nicht spreche Deutsch, but I saw her say in English: “We can’t think if we don’t start with truth.”

            If you type her name into Youtube you will get dozens of Holocaust videos (of all stripes). I defo do not want to steer Gumshoe down that path, as we are barely able to research Port Arthur, Vax, etc.

            I believe Ursula was wearing the pastel flowery suit and sitting in front of a bookshelf – and that the speech was less than 10 minutes (which is my limit!). Anyway if y’all find the exact quote. Please supply it.

            Here are two vids I just watched that are fairly easy on the nerves. I won’t link them but you can find them:

            “Phil Donahue, Holocaust Deniers” and

            “Ernst Zundel interviewed by an Israeli journalist.”
            (Ernst starts out by showing his collection of books. That intro used up my 10 minutes.)

  2. Its not a question of vaccinations being the right thing for health? it is a question of who may tamper with these substances? if you believe the government, the CIA, MI5 and so on even doctors are potentially suspect, who gains from this injection? the drug corporations are possible a big worry.

      • Well isn’t that the modus operandi of big/business government across the board ? Aren’t we just dealing with a self-destructive time-bomb?

  3. It appears to me that this religious clash is being bandied around as a means of obscuring the fact that there’s no legal means of implementing the “family allowance” threat.

      • 22 Oct’16
        I’m not saying that anything’s been officially put “on-hold”. What I’m saying is that the entire system is being held together by FEAR as opposed to LAW.

        I’m not au fait with any anti-vax/F.A. case as such but I have reams of proof that “legislation” based on a similarly unprofessed agenda returned void. Any attempt to socially engineer an unwilling subject is ultimately bound to fail..

        The course I chose wasn’t without cost but I managed to put the dogs under my feet. The vax issue would present a perfect opportunity.

        • The nature of the engineering is made known by the fact that low-income families are being exclusively targeted. Those at the helm evidently don’t have the guts to deal with their peers

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