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A Lovely Day in Ballarat — Part 15 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


pellGeorge Pell and St Peter’s Basilica, as envisioned by Sixty Minutes

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Recently (October 19, 2016), I published an article at Gumshoe entitledThe Dax File, Part I.” It was about a Ballarat-connected woman whom I did not identify. She now wishes me to refer to her as “Aishe.” (Pronounced ay-shah.)

The next day I woke up with a truly happy, relieved feeling. Aishe has inadvertently given me the key to something I had felt bad about for a long time, as a Catholic. She told me that Pellsie (I think that is the nickname she used) is very high up.

Well, of course, you may say, George Pell is a cardinal, that’s high up, he was archbishop of Sydney, that’s high up, and he is in charge of Vatican finances which is terrifically high up.


Nah, that’s not what I mean. She indicated that he is high up in the group that that her grandmother was instrumental in “planting” around 1947, in Ballarat. I won’t attempt to describe it now, other than to say it was an offspring of Tavistock. (The connecting person was psychiatrist Eric Cunningham Dax.)

On the other side of the world, a Jewish girl in Brooklyn, Wendy Hoffman, now age 73, was involved in things very similar to Aishe’s experience – which tells me that the boss (or coordinator) of Hoffman’s torture and other rituals, may also have been Tavistock. Hoffman’s book, The Enslaved Queen (2014), gives many details.

Wendy’s grandpa was unbelievably cruel to her as her “trainer” in mind control. Probably he too got that treatment as a child. By the way, many of the girls who ended up in the MK-Ultra program in the US also say it was their grandfather who did the dirty work.  (Note: Wendy’s grandpa must have been a child in the late 1800’s  — well before Tavistock was “announced.”)

Why Did The Boston Globe Tell All?

I have not sufficiently developed my thoughts in regard to the Catholic stuff.  I’m just here to say that it is verrry interesting that the Church, in some organized way, is part of the larger cultural move to produce a society of controlled, destabilized, individuals.

Therefore there is probably no special, inherent aspect of my dear religion that is connected to the behavior of the pedophile priests.

I must say, I had always figured that those priests were planted in the Church. I guessed that many of them were already “under control” before they entered the seminary, or that some were trained into being pedophiles after they became priests!

Don’t worry, I do realize that some men naturally feel like having sex with under-age kids, even kindergarteners. But to me it always seemed that this urge did not satisfactorily account for the phenomenon among “men of the cloth” who get up there in the pulpit and preach morality.

One thing that made me doubt that all the sinful priests were “independent” was the massive cover-up of them by the hierarchy. I just couldn’t see a (decent) bishop or a pope wanting to do anything other than kick the pedophile out. Think about it — wouldn’t that be the natural thing to do?

It can’t be true, as alleged, that they were legally afraid of having to pay compo. Anyone could see that covering up a crime was going to make it far more expensive in the long run.

Also, I was suspicious of the fact that it was The Boston Globe that broke the story in the 1990s. For centuries, the task of the Illuminati has been to take away our institutions (especially national governments and religions). Telling people their religion is worthless is a big part of that game.

Indeed many Catholics quit the Church upon hearing about the pedophile priest problem. So, for me, The Globe’s participation was not a heroic freedom-of-the-press thing. Rather, it was insidious. Gee, thanks, Globe.

The Current Royal Commission

I have many times expressed appreciation, in this series, for the thoroughness of Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Not that the staff went out to seek data – I believe it mainly came to them from public submissions. But they have listened.

I now ask them to consider the fact that the many startling practices of child-abuse they uncovered may have a connection. Again, I am not trying to claim that every person who ever sexually abused a child did so because of “Tavistock.”

But just think about this for a minute. The RC heard from leaders of religions (Anglican, Jehovah’s witnesses, etc.), sports clubs, Scouts, and boarding schools. In almost every case, an official sat there in the witness box looking blanked-out when asked about his awareness of the abuse.

I think I know a liar when I see one, but with rare exceptions (including one high-ranker from the Navy), I could not identify anyone lying from the witness box. Granted, they had probably been coached by a lawyer not to apologize to the victims, but still, you can tell when someone is faking it.

Recall my article about the testimony from two members of the Geelong Grammar School. I said that the housemaster was stuttering and blushing like mad, but that the music department head seemed to me to be truly unaware of the abuse, even though did know of it when it happened — according to other credible witnesses.

Is that indicative of the human mind’s ability to block out guilt? Maybe. Is it good old Mafia-type code of silence, wherein the person is more loyal to the clan than to truth?  Maybe. But it could also be Tavistock-type training.

When you have been gotten at by Tavistock you truly don’t know which end is up.

Back to Aishe

Gumshoe is more than a newspaper. It is flypaper. Aishe, although under threat and in any case mentally messed up from the old days, has a keen mind for Illuminati-Tavistock goings on. She has found her way to our flypaper.

I have now interviewed her for eleven hours and will try to convey some points later, in the Dax File series.

For now I just want to say that she has solved a big “theological” problem for me. I’m thinking maybe the Vatican hierarchy is not the top of the Church. Maybe it is just a run-of-the-mill branch of World Government.

In which case, should we let it continue to hold authority in matters divine?

Here is my shoplifting priest story again:

— Mary Maxwell is pretty damned grateful to many “former” mind-controlled persons who have given her a valuable education.


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  1. Please, somebody, make it stop.

    I goes to google to look up the “lyrics” to Sacerdos et Pontifex. What do I get (besides a reasonable Palestrina rendition with no lyrics)? I get the pope’s twitter account, which happens to be @Pontifex. Then I get the Spanish:

    Papa Francisco ‏@Pontifex_es

    Oct 19 Santidad es vivir con amor y ofrecer un testimonio cristiano en las situaciones cotidianas.
    6,456 retweets 13,206 likes

    Oct 1 ¡Señor, ayúdanos Tú! Danos Tú la paz, guíanos Tú hacia la paz. María, Madre nuestra, ruega por nosotros.
    8,092 retweets 16,241 likes

    (and many more)

    Does anybody remember the question: How many divisions has the Pope? Now it’s How many likes has the Pope? OMG.

    • Don’t know nuttin’ about that, but I’d like to know more about Isaiah. How the hell could one person have so much wisdom?

      Betcha he didn’t have a twitter account.
      OK OK I’m showing my age.

      Berry, have you been to the wailing wall?

      • Unlikely to ever happen.

        If nothing more the recent Royal Commission was a reminder that most church institutions wouldn’t exist without Cmwth funding and that conversely, they’re an essential Cmwth supplement. The Anglican church’s Governor therefore has a vested interest her traditional rival!

  2. Off-topic.
    As a member of the Republican Party I get regular “memos” from Donald Trump. This morning he says:

    “Over the past month, polls have shown us winning Iowa, Ohio, Maine, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina. If we maintain our leads in those six states, we can reliably claim 266 electoral votes. Hillary can claim 193. But we’d still have 4 electoral votes to go.
    Polls show us close in New Hampshire, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. Winning just any one of those states would lead us to victory.” [270 votes needed in Electoral college].

  3. In Part 5 of the Royal Commission series I said:

    “I think George Pell is, in a certain way, innocent. I feel quite sure he was mind controlled as a child and thus has always been operating under instructions. …
    What tipped me off to think he is mind controlled is Wikipedia’s mention of his childhood. Pell was born in 1941 in Ballarat. It’s very suspicious that as a child he had “24 operations to remove a throat abscess.” Hmm, I’ll bet he didn’t.

    “A lot of MK-Ultra children spent a lot of time in hospital for seemingly non-suspicious reasons, but really it was to give the Sidney Gottliebs of this world – and the Jose Delgados– a chance to experiment on them. And anyway, would a throat abscess ever require so much repair work?
    “So I am proposing, but cannot prove, that George Pell is not a free man by any means. I also imagine he was treated cruelly as a youth.”

    Today I say: Hey, George. Make a submission to the Royal Commission about the way you were abused.

  4. Australian police have flown over to interview Pell about the accusations 40 years ago — about alleged misconduct and inappropriate conduct at a swimming pool. Maybe, the police might want to ask Mary what they should ask him.

    • Dee, that the police would be in a foreign country means permission was given by that country. Even with that permission I don’t think the Aus police can do anything.

      As to what they should ask him, maybe: Did his Dad beat him? His father was a heavyweight boxing champ, so says Wikipedia (CIA).I am thinking his skill at high finance may have been thanks to mind-files programming.

      Last month, the Adelaide Law Revue (comedy) did such a graphic spoof on Pell and Ratso, poolside, that I can’t get it out of my head. Ratso was wearing a mitre and a leopardskin bikini cozzie.

      Remember, Dee, you are dealing with a Novena Catholic here and it used to be impossible for me to poke fun at “His Holiness.”
      I even recoiled when Tim Minchin said “scum.” But now I ask, what are these people all about? Whar’s mah church?

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