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Time For An Apocalypse?



by Phil Hingston

Time for an apocalypse — or what do UFOs and yet undisclosed technology have to do with the US FEDERAL RESERVE, quantitative easing (money printing), gold, silver, the global financial markets and the current geopolitical situation of the planet?

1.  An extraordinarily complex relationship exists between all of the above.

In order to understand this relationship, one must make a couple of paradigm shifts together with developing an understanding of what “money” is. Do UFOs/ETs actually exist or is this “the mother of all conspiracy theories”? Do your own homework, start with The Disclosure Project from 2001 by Dr Steven Greer. Continue with Citizens Hearing on Disclosure from April 2013 (all this info is readily AVAILABLE on the net). Clue: the evidence is OVERWHELMINGLY in favour of the existence premise, but only if one actually looks.

calvine-ufo-591693-1 The “Calvine” sighting is one of the most controversial UFO mysteries in Britian. Photographs, taken by two Scottish hikers in 1990, were “shredded” by the Ministry of Defence

If and when satisfied, move to Point 2.

2. Is the US Federal Reserve a government agency, and IF NOT, who set it up, who controls it and WHY?

Indeed, what is its relationship to the whole Central Banking System and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), centred in Basel, Switzerland, otherwise known as “The Central Bankers Central Bank”?  Clue: The U.S. Federal Reserve is not NOT Federal and there are NO reserves.

It’s a CARTEL of International Banksters, established one hundred & three years ago, on the 23rd December 1913, for the specific purpose of gaining control of the printing of the US currency (and gradually the entire world’s individual currencies) in order to charge INTEREST on every currency unit ever printed on the planet. (See Professor Carrol Quigley: “Tragedy & Hope”, Pg.324.) And they have been extremely successful.

In other words, it’s a Money Printing FRANCHISE, which has been successfully REPLICATED around the world over the last century. (“The Money Masters” by Bill Still is a must watch documentary, in order  to get a basic understanding of this topic.)

Today, every country on the planet has a Central Bank issuing currency at interest, as opposed to a National Bank, which issues currency INTEREST FREE through its own Treasury — with the exception of Iran, Cuba and North Korea, and until recently, Libya- remember what happened to Libya in 2011? Thanks Hillary!!  To qualify as an ‘Axis of Evil‘ country,  just try not having a Rothschild controlled Central Bank and see what happens.

So, if you’re with me so far, let’s expose the most unusual, and most difficult to conceive relationship of all-namely, how these apparently disparate concepts may be inextricably linked in the most obscure fashion.

It would seem self evident to even the “less than astute” observer that there is something NOT QUITE RIGHT on planet earth.

There are interminable Wars, inexplicable poverty, perplexing diseases, geopolitical disturbances, military tensions, financial calamity, bigotry, racial, religious and cultural conflict, increasing numbers of refugees fleeing all of the above, and corruption at all levels of government and finance. Libor (interest rate) rigging, election rigging (just ask Donald Trump), financial indiscretions and outright criminality, Gold and Silver price manipulation (see Deutsche Bank’s $32 million fine) and the increasing impoverishment of the very poor.

The middle classes of the Western nations are increasingly “becoming poor,” and the obscenely rich “Masters of the Universe,” (or as they are often called — THE POWERS THAT BE (TPTB)), are becoming richer. One need not look too deeply to see evidence of looming financial, geopolitical and socioeconomic problems confronting us all. But why is this so?

henry-kissinger-e-david-rockefellerHenry Kissinger (L) and David Rockefeller (R)

Are we not smarter, more worldly and better educated than we were a hundred years ago?

Have we not progressed sufficiently to have solved all the problems of days gone by? Do we not have access to the greatest repository of knowledge ever conceived of by mankind-the Internet?

Surely we have learned from the lessons of history! Alas, it would appear not.

In the interests of brevity for the time-challenged reader,  I will attempt to summarise the most salient points of this thesis.

First — Some HISTORY

In 1913, the US Federal Reserve  came into existence by an Act of Congress. Representatives of the Houses of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kuhn Loeb, Vanderlip,  J.P.Morgan,  Aldrich and others were instrumental in formulating  this legislation and “selling it” to the American people. In the same year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was established, in order to extract from the hapless U.S. taxpayer the necessary funds to pay the interest on their newly created “Federal Reserve Note“ currency .

The following year, World War I broke out. (War is THE most profitable activity for Banksters — lending to both sides. One side wins and extracts payment from the loser in order to repay the Banksters, plus interest.)

Then came the “Roaring Twenties” — a period of rapid expansion of “credit” (which means DEBT-all payable, at INTEREST) to the banking system.  Good times rolled and the party was never going to end. The stock, bond and housing markets soared and people borrowed big time to buy “stuff”. It was the ultimate “Pump & Dump” scheme. History tells us what happened next. Bankers tightened credit and the markets crashed, but NOT before the ”Insiders” removed themselves from danger. Then followed the economic collapse we now know as The Great Depression.

Central Banks began popping up all over the planet, all based on the same business model of the US Federal Reserve (otherwise known  as “THE FED”).

Australia was saddled with a mini-Fed in 1959, thanks to the Banking Act of that same year, whereupon we granted the privilege of  paying interest on our own currency to a Central Bank.  It was given a solid, reassuring name, inspiring confidence and stability. “The Reserve Bank of Australia” — a bit like “The Federal Reserve”. This roughly coincides with the onset of inflation in Australia. Interest on currency equals Inflation. The hidden TAX.  The cost of living began rising and if you had any savings, they began eroding. Two breadwinners became necessary to keep up.

federal-reserveUS Federal Reserve 

This was basically happening in many countries.

Engineer a financial calamity, such as the Depression of the 1930’s (the PROBLEM), caused extreme financial and economic hardships among the masses — resulting in unemployment, poverty, hunger, pain, suffering and misery (the REACTION). Then, the establishment of a Central Bank was created to solve economic instability — to be the “Lender of Last Resort” (the SOLUTION).

Simple!  Works EVERY TIME. With the establishment of a Central Bank, the REAL problems were just beginning.

Throw in a few more wars, (WW I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I and II, the War on Terror, Poverty and Drugs) and one can begin to see the depth of the problem.

Keep running up the debt and keep those interest payments rolling in. Governments issue government bonds and Central Banks issue Fiat currency in return for these bonds. (Fiat means “by decree shall it be worth something”.)  It is a perfect “symbiotic” relationship. Governments get unlimited spending power and Central Banks get unlimited debt/govt.bonds upon which to extract interest from the unfortunate citizens via taxation and inflation.

Prior to the 15th of August 1971,  there was a brake mechanism on how many Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) were printed. The currencies of the world, which were all linked to the US “dollar”, were backed by something tangible (GOLD), and countries could redeem gold in return for the paper dollars they earned in trade. But in the late 60s, when countries noticed that the US was printing too many paper dollars to finance its wars, they began demanding their gold back.

Richard Nixon then cut the link to gold on this date, in order to stem the outflow of gold from the US. Cutting the link to GOLD meant that the US could then print as many FRNs as they wanted, as long as countries accepted the FRNs in settlement for trade. However, confidence was waning.


With nothing backing the US Dollar (FRN), something had to be done to keep “the exorbitant privilege” (Reserve currency status) going, which THE FED had engineered for itself after World War 2.  Nixon, with the able assistance of one Heinz (Henny) Henry Kissinger, arranged for the recently installed US puppet regime in Saudi Arabia, to ONLY sell their vast oil reserves to the world, for… US FRNs.

Gradually, all OPEC countries signed on, in return for US “protection” of their oil fields (not taking into account their often illicit and brutal regimes).

If Germany wanted to buy oil, (and who didn’t?) they had to sell something tangible to the US (or someone who had US dollars). So they sold Mercedes, Beemers and Audis) got the necessary FRNs and paid for their oil needs from OPEC  in those same “dollars” (FRNs). The same went for the rest of the world.

Australia needed to sell coal, wheat, sheep and iron ore to the world, receive payment in US dollars, and then pay OPEC for our oil needs in US “dollars”. The world needed US dollars, which THE FED was more than happy to provide, at interest of course, which would be paid for by the individual taxpayers of each country.

In summary, for the last 45 odd years, this has been the financial status quo.

However, since 2007/8, evidence that this system was breaking down has emerged. It was called the Global Financial Crisis or GFC for short.

The Central Banks of the world had issued too many dollars/pounds/euros or yen (or currency units) in return for debt (government bonds). The debt load of the planet combined was becoming top heavy. And since Central Banks really only have one trick up their sleeves (i.e., issue currency for debt/government bonds), they did the only thing they knew how to do.

Print and issue more currency for debt. LOTS MORE!


Quantitative Easing

They gave it an obscure and complicated new name. Quantitative Easing or QE for short. They love technical sounding names. This makes it sound too complicated for us dummies to understand.  Of course, it too was only going to be a “temporary fix”. (Like Nixon cutting the link to gold in 1971)

That is why we had QE, then QE I, QE II,QE III,  Operation Twist ,and eventually, “whatever it takes” otherwise known as QE to Infinity.

This of course will result in the destruction of the US dollar, as the world wakes up to the fact that we have all been suckered into the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of humanity. And when the US Dollar collapses eventually, the repercussions will be felt instantly around the world.

But back to the main topic.

Why would The Powers That Be/Were, put so much effort into the suppression of the existence of UFOs and ETs?

Since the Global Financial System has been predicated initially on a debt for currency trade, and since the early 70s on the Petrodollar scheme —  imagine what would happen if the world realised that:

  1. Oil, gas, coal and fossil fuels generally were NOT as critical to our modern lives as we have been led to believe, and
  2. Other, MUCH better ways of generating energy and of getting around exist?

As Dr. Steve Greer explains so well,

… it all has to do with the GENERATION OF ENERGY and very ADVANCED PROPULSION SYSTEMS.

IF it became common knowledge amongst the people of Planet Earth, that ETs really DO exist, that they have always existed, and that they have been visiting Earth for thousands, if not millions of years, what would be the most obvious questions to ask?

What do they want? Will they eat us? How the hell are they getting here, and what sort of engine do they have under the hood?

Most readers would acknowledge, I assume, that it is an almost certainty that they are NOT stopping to “fill up” at the local Shell, BP or MOBIL petrol station half way across the universe. So what are they using to get here?


What exactly, I don’t know, but SOMEONE does. And that someone is NOT TELLING!

That “Someone” is probably the same “Someone” who has a vested interest in maintaining the Petrodollar standard, namely The Oil Cartel which is linked to the Banking Cartel, which is linked to Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Media, The Military Industrial Complex, (which Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech to the nation in the LATE 50’s). That “Someone” seems to have done a very good job at keeping the UFO/ET issue very secret for a very long time.

Ridicule, threats, murder, “job security”, bribery, and the interests of “national security” have all contributed to keeping the lid on this issue. But it is now starting to leak out, slowly but surely…


“Someone” has a good reason to keep disclosure from the people of the world.

That “Someone” is in control of the planet through their financial, energy,  corporate, political,  military & intelligence interests. That’s got to be worth a couple of hundred trillion UNBACKED, PRINTED-OUT-OF-THIN-AIR, FIAT DOLLARS (FRNs) — plus the kudos they get from knowing that they are the “Masters of the Universe.” They believe they are in total control, and they can do just about anything they want and get away with it. (And they get away with quite a lot, according to Fiona Barnett and her revelations.)

I suggest that they are a bunch of unimaginative wankers.  Clever, in a twisted sort of way, but definitely unimaginative wankers.

That TPTB have put so much effort and energy into controlling a pleasant, but probably insignificant little planet in an unremarkable corner of  an unremarkable galaxy in the backwoods of the Universe, indicates a basic lack of perspective on their part — and an extreme lack of vision and ambition.

Why have TPTB, the Elite, the Deep State, the Illuminati, the “Uber-Clever” confined their efforts to this 3rd Rock from the Sun?

Either they are just pathetic, unambitious, unimaginative and twisted.

OR — there IS  something special about this 3rd Rock. Something worth gaining and KEEPING control of.

I urge you to remember TWO major concepts:

Disclosure will bring about paradigm changing ENERGY PRODUCTION and PROPULSION SYSTEMS!

No more Petrodollar. No more reliance on Oil. No more water shortages, therefore No more food shortages.  No more concentration of Power in the hands of an “Elite.” No more wars or war crimes, false flags, poverty, hunger, environmental destruction. No more Bad Things. More time for good things such as music, art, travel, fun, learning, play, spiritual advancement, whatever “things” each of us finds a “good thing” to be. Make up your own list.

Let the good times roll. But it won’t happen WITHOUT DISCLOSURE!

DISCLOSURE will mark the “growing up” of the human race. It will result in rapid advancement in many areas — technology being the most obvious. Sydney to London in 30 seconds — or less?

Unlimited ability to grow food, as water desalination plants could be powered by whatever the ETs use to get across the Universe. The cost would become irrelevant as energy would be unlimited. No one need ever starve again. No one need ever die in a war, because without the artificial “scarcity mentality,” wars would become obsolete and nonsensical. Why fight over a bucketful of sand on a beach or lungful of air in a mountain retreat.

But wait, I hear you say. What will all the workers do, who currently work in the oil business or coal or other mining interests. How will we keep ourselves busy?

What about doing whatever we want to do, or whatever needs to be done. People like to contribute, to volunteer, to be industrious. Writers will write, farmers will farm, mechanics will fix engines, builders will build, engineers will engineer, volunteers will volunteer, teachers will teach, doctors will heal, workers will work. (And bankers will make baskets in prison.)

It will become incumbent on members of all societies to contribute in whatever manner one can.  Scarcity will become a thing of the past, because there will always be ENOUGH to go around.

Of course, it will take time to transition to such a new paradigm, but it seems it could be well worth the effort.

Let’s get everything on the table, warts and all. It is time for a real Apocalypse — an unveiling of secrets long hidden.



  1. How about Neaderthals? If they looked upward from their caves would they have seen UFOs? How about people in Elizabethan England — did they see UFOs? Did peasants in Communist China see any in 1955?

    • 329 BC: Alexander the Great records two great ‘flying shields’.
      Edmund Halley recalled two accounts involving unidentified crafts. His first experience was in March of 1676. 1561,sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects over Nuremburg.
      Many Zulu legends. etc etc.

      The big question is — why did “they” “bury” 5000 patents. What is NOT being disclosed? Like the 9-11, Port Arthur cover ups, vital information for the well-being of the planet and humanity is being withheld (I believe) for selfish gain.

        • I’d expect heaps of them to be in the dubious category. But what about the non-dubious? Can you imagine what they might be saying in 400 years about the WTC coming down. Oh boy… sifting the reality of our universe.
          But we do know we are all part of a big $ ponzi scheme.
          And why all the secrets. On another side note–why do signs around area 51 have “use of lethal force” to keep out citizens. In fact what is the business of the secret agencies? We have to keep asking questions. It reminds me I must write to Holsworthy Barracks for the fifth time asking when the mock-up of the Lindy Cafe was built.

      • The bible, new testament has references to firey chariots and a ex Deputy Commissioner of NSW police reported to me (and confirmed by him about 30 years later) his three hours on bullervak training (sp) laying their watching “mother’ UFO being continually receiving and sending out small UFOs high above.
        Also look up l’t col’ Phillip Corso’s book from the late 90’s.
        Also the ex defence minister of Canada x 3 and his address in March, 1914-15 (?)

          • Paul Hellyer (now age 92) came to Adelaide Uni in 1998 to help us scream at the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment — TPP Junior). Oops, you wouldn’t find Adel Uni hosting that kind of dissident now, no sirree Bob.

            Hellyer had been Defense Minister for a short time in the Sixties.
            I then read his book “Stop: Think” — bewdy. He was the first person I had heard say “Money comes from thin air.” I did not believe him but have since been put right by the likes of Greg Buck.

            Thank you for asking me, Nedski. I guess you want to know what I think of his late-in-life beliefs in integallactic travel type thing.

            Not much.

      • More significantly, why do ALL patents need to be registered in the U.S. patent offices ????? This signifies that the U.S. is in charge of the World, in regards to patents.
        If the patent office deems a patent threatening U.S. National Security, it has the power to ban said patent. Tough titties for the inventor who sought to gain from said patent.
        And we all KNOW, exactly what the words, U.S. National Security cover too.
        Check it all out here http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/invention/index.html

      • Pay me no mind, Phil. I just like to irk Dee, and rattle Ned’s cage. (Oh, the speling!)
        And Paul hasn’t come on board yet but I’m always ready….

        Your aricle is wonderful.
        True, I could skip the alien stuff. But I like your banking explanations. I did not know of the Libya-bank connection.

        What about Dr Mahatir? He tried to keep Malaysia out of the system but he is still alive. Maybe they just whacked him over the head. Check this item, possibly full of venom, I can’t tell:


        • From the gist of that Malaysian corruption article, it’s no wonder they lost 2 planes in 2014. Hell, I’m NEVER flying MAS again, no matter how pretty the air hostesses are.
          Did they ever “officially” work out who shot down MH-17? The Ukies, of course.(by SU-27 Ukie fighters) But what about MH-370? Could it really have had something to do with the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03, where Jacob Rothschild would inherit the proprietary rights to it in the event that the other 4 owners died? Guess who was on board MH-370? That’s right. The other 4 owners to the patent to the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03. Must be one hell of a semi-conductor!! Maybe AI???

          • Why reach for paranormal answers when the humn answers are right there in your above comment, staring me in the face?

            Boy, I did not know anything like thatr about Freescale.
            I do know that KAL 700 did not really crash. Are u old enuf to remember, Phil? I mean are you ancient?

        • Since you channelled me, yes, but not me in this case. We lived outside Melbourne some years back and my partner (the Intellectual Disability Nurse) was up at the house (Healesville area) and called me quaking (I was staying in town for work). He said the whole yard was lit up like daylight and a large rectangular lightshow was hovering above the yard in silence. He had the lights out inside and was hiding, peaking around the curtain. It left as silently and suddenly as it arrived. He’s sceptical of just about everything else but don’t mention little green men.
          My experience of the unknown only runs to a ghost or two at one of Melbourne’s older hospitals (which was strangely cool). Interestingly, the odious Melbourne Herald-Sun later ran some stories of UFO sightings in the Dandenongs (not far away) from around that time.

          • Paul, I have no quarrel with Light Shows, Unidentified flying objects, or any paranormal thing in modern times when it could be the (human, strictly human) folks having fun (e.g. NASA).

            Note: I, the fussmonger, can’t get anyone to believe that real, interview-able persons in Boston, Auckland, Melborne get hit with electronic waves. (“Targetted individuals”).

            Of course the disbelief there is emotional. It can’t be that the targetting is unprovable. The US paid compo to Embassy staff in Moscow who suffered the “woodpecker” targetting.

  2. Phill, you are about 95% correct, but I have no clue as to the remaing 5%.
    I would suggest that besides the bankers, our politicians and msm journos also learn the art of basket weaving to amuse and support themselves ………. we will still need baskets.

  3. Define ancient. I’m more than 50 and less than 60. Dee is correct re: the patent. Prior to the patent issuing, in the event of a beneficial owner of a share of the proprietary rights dying, the share of the deceased owner would vest in the surviving members. In then event of all four owners dying, then all beneficial rights would vest in the sole surviving owner. Guess who was NOT on board MH-370. Jacob Rothschild.
    Surely they wouldn’t take down a plane and passengers and crew just to get the rights to some super duper ,next generation military grade micro-processsor, would they? Oh right, 9/11.

    • A whole lot of dots have not been connected re: 370. There were the very smart Freescale people (20 in total??? I think) off to China with all their knowledge. Was someone worried about intel drain. Then the guy who allegedly Facebooked a black photo to his girl friend and said he was kidnapped… and the stories go on and on. Truth and deception intwined to keep us busy.
      I did however speak to a pilot engineer who writes the manuals for planes – he said they could not have taken over the plane remotely. But I not convinced. All very fascinating.

  4. Great article! I could find nothing wrong with it. I give you 100%. I just wish more people would read things like this and really do the “homework.” We can lead them to water but we can’t make them drink. I feel sure though that one day most will decide to drink the water eventually.

  5. Christopher Brooks said this in a comment to my article “Is it Zionism or Something Else?” (Nov 12, 2015):

    “In the Goulburn Valley there is a program on a regional level with similarities in character to the Rhodes Scholarship.
    It was established by a very powerful political and business benefactor in this region.
    Every year it selects a diverse group of young people with high demonstrated ability and engages them through a training and networking program that then continues on through their lives.
    … and the next selection is mentored by graduates of the program.
    The relationships are forged when the prospect of prestige is attractive, minds are impressionable, and ambition is high.”

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