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The TPP Is Clearly an Enabling Act


tppAre we Headed for our Waterloo?

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The world has changed, in that members of governments throughout the world are showing a peculiar camaraderie.   They “speak the same language” – the language of nonsense.  You can’t have a reasoned conversation with any of them. That is perhaps the biggest change in public life living memory. I definitely recall when you could argue with a politician, both in the US and in Oz. Today they seem to be in a trance.

The Enabling Act

The looming threat to our personal freedom is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP. Just the word “partnership” should ring alarm bells. It is a blatant admission that World Government is trying to attain legitimacy.

The request for nations to sign the TPP is precisely a request for an enabling act. It attempts to “legalize” a major change in the Australian Constitution. It will enable the takeover of the country by corporations, including foreign ones.

Needless to say, the Constitution does not provide for any such absurdity as corporations suing the government for loss of profits, including imaginary loss of future profit.

So how could this happen? The same way anything can happen when people are sufficiently intimidated.

In Germany, in March 1933, Adolph Hitler called for members of the Reichstag to vote new powers for the government. He cleverly had his storm troopers patrol the chamber looking aggressive. The parliamentarians knew it was coercion.

Yet at the same time Hitler used sweet words, saying how this was for the benefit of all (due to an “emergency” – namely a false flag he had engineered), and that the new powers would be used only sparingly and only when necessary.

Had I been sitting there in 1933, getting ready to vote, I may have felt anger toward the soldiers who were threatening me – and who had no right to be there. But, wanting to hide my fear and assuage my conscience, I may have pretended to believe the nice promises.

Don’t Fall for It

What is really occurring is that strong-arm types, ruthless types, are obviating the carefully worked-out protections of the law. They choose raw power, instead.

Australian politicians were ready to give the overlords whatever they wanted, back in 1998. The MAI – Multilateral Agreement on Investment — was proposed. Like the TPP, it would have been a surrender of sovereignty.

Treasurer Peter Costello was happily getting his pen warmed up to sign it. If I remember correctly, Gareth Evans said Yes for the Labor Party.

I definitely recall Greens Senator Dee Margetts saying No. As it happened, France chucked the MAI overboard and that was – temporarily – the end of that.

Today we must make sure the “debate” moves into a sphere of reality by naming names and calling a spade a spade.

What the TPP is, is simply a cheap way for the World Government bozos to acquire the reins over Australia, and the other “Pacific rim” nations — including the US itself.

Using the “Law”

This has happened many times in history; you can’t miss it really. “The law” is employed to cause folks to divide the behavior around them into god and bad, with things that are against the law to be seen as bad and worthy of punishment.

Our brains are built to do that. Hence, the clever, ruthless ones have easily figured out that all they need to do is declare their power-grab to be law. They will baptize it as Statute Number Such-and Such.

Do you recall the military invaders of Watertown, USA in April, 2013 when the “authorities” were hunting down the Marathon “terrorist.”  They used only raw power; it was unconstitutional.

Any individual who tried to argue that he or she shouldn’t be put out of his home (as they all were) would meet some rough treatment from the soldier.  But he or she would also meet disapproving looks from his neighbors!

That is crucial for us to be aware of. Whoever holds “the law” seems to hold rightfulness.

Right now we hold the law. We can, for example, arrest the traitors of our country and put them on trial. It would no doubt have to be by citizen’s arrest, as cops are taught to obey only their official rulers and these seem married to the enemy.

The bringing of charges, too, will have to be done by a grand jury or an ad hoc “assize.” Sorry, I realize that is hard news to swallow, but what other method is there?  The role of prosecutor was handed over by a foolish parliament to a private individual, called “the independent DPP,” in 1984. So we won’t be getting help from that source.

The Prosecution Situation Today

I have followed the mostly excellent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. I say “mostly” because the commissioners have drawn a line beyond which they won’t go. Policemen, such as Dennis Ryan, explained to the Commission how they were unable to arrange arrests for protected child abusers.  So nothing happened.

Luckily there is a vociferous lady who was the victim of child abuse at the hands of high-ups in Australian society. I’m referring to Fiona Barnett. She spilled her facts to the Royal Commission but did not see any action result.

On her website, pedophilesdownunder – dot com, Fiona has placed photos of many elected members of the Australian government including living prime ministers and dead ones such as Gough Whitlam and Robert Menzies.

Fiona made a Youtube video (which has had 30,000 views). She describes a party at the Bathurst races in which, as a form of entertainment, 6 kids were beheaded. Naturally this calls for indictments.

Since no indictments have been made, the public reckons, at least subconsciously, that all our parliamentarians are blind to this wild crime — or are parties to it.

That is all quite a new realization – that people around us, in prestigious positions, can be living a life that goes against everything they seem to stand for. We need to face this.

The Contagion of Evil

I can recall that during the Fifties, in America, we had no trouble understanding how the Soviet government leaders could perform acts of extreme cruelty and that the locals more or less caved in to every new action.

We failed to see, however, that this wasn’t based on Communism or Russian-ness. It’s simply human behavior. It depends on what power structure is in place.

The effort that should be made, therefore, is to build strong structures that protect people against the raw-power maniacs.

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn showed, in The Gulag Archipelago (1972) that a culture of cruelty will expand and develop rapidly to the point where even nice persons get conditioned to outrages. (Yes, you and me!)

I suppose it is the structures that we built, over a few centuries, that have been protecting us. Note: once the structures get perverted, there isn’t any way for people to band together to make decency prevail.

Think about it. Each person ends up having to make an isolated choice. He/she will predictably do that is necessary to avoid a clobbering. What a stupid structure!


With the forthcoming Enabling Act — that is, the TPP — folks will give away even the most rudimentary political structures.  All that will remain is the slave owners bossing the slaves.

Even on the street, people will not be able to enforce what we might call, for simplicity’s sake, the Ten Commandments.

The essential problem is that there is no known way to unite or to pool our strength against the maniacs. Probably we will even be prevented from communicating.

So I suggest that all Aussies wake up and insist, at all costs, that this new move, the TPP, not take place. It is sheer folly.

Sadly, there is no way we can rely on “Canberra persons” to change their stripes and start shielding us against external predators.

Most of them, I believe, were picked for their weakness and slotted into the job, thanks to the in-house “pre-selection” mechanism of the parties. Also, some parliamentarians have been out-and-out programmed.

Have a look at Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Julie Bishop, Julia Gillard, “Attorney General” George Brandis, Look at the president of the Senate, Stephen Parry. An amazing group, no? In America look at Obama, Trump, Hillary, “Attorney General” Loretta Lynch. Are they slaves, robots, or what?

Not Shepherds

Can you think of a single instance in which any of them acted like the shepherd of the flock? No. They always act “politically” or with an eye to “public relations.”

Let’s admit it: they stand for terrible things that are going on, and make no move to set us on a healthier path.

Yet we’re shy in confronting them. Instead of observing that THEY are slaves to someone else, we pretend that, if spoken to the right way, they will “see the light.” This is wired into every human brain — we are innately trusting of our leaders.

Set your mind on this: the representatives of the Australian people today must not ratify the terrible document known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. You must not allow them to take that suicidal step.

And don’t count on “bringing them to book” if they succeed in signing it. The minute they sign it, there will not be any “book” left for you to bring them to.

Go on. Arrest them now for treason. Arrest just one or two and the rest will get the message. I nominate Julia Gillard, for kowtowing to the Brookings Institution (world government) and the New South Wales DPP, Lloyd Babb, for not indicting the Bathurst beheaders.

Actually it would probably be just as effective, and less traumatic, to arrest a much lower officer. By the way, citizen’s arrest, TODAY, is legal.

Remember, the various officers of government throughout Oz are in office by your sufferance. They act at your pleasure. You are actually the one in charge – and they know that.

Pretend it’s you, in Canberra, twiddling your pen tying to decide to sign the 2016 TPP or not. You notice the menacing guards. They could jackboot you any minute. You hear the sweet words. “This is only temporary.” “This is to help the economy.”

So whatcha gonna do? Got a cell phone? Text everybody back home. Scream for help. That is the sensible thing to do. Collect your friends, neighbors, co-religionists. Heck, call your rivals. Ask them to do whatever is needed to prevent the TPP.

Don’t sign the damn thing! Don’t sign it. Do NOT sign.

— Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide and can be reached at mary.maxwell  @ alumni.adelaide.edu.au. She wishes you would pass this article around and label it “public domain.”




  1. The “Toilet Paper Protocols”, (TPP) is simply a Faschist corporate power grab, negotiated in strict secrecy over many years (with accompanying prison sentences for un-authorised disclosure). Apart from the secret Kangaroo Court ‘tribunals’ presided over by corporate selected officials, which enables corporations to sue elected governments for ‘future loss of profits” in unlimited amounts, should any government say “NO” to them. (Could this be why Gillard pushed so hard for plain paper packaging for cigarettes- as if she could give a rats about peoples’ health) One of the major tenets of the “agreement” is to reduce to zero any last vestiges of tariff or import duty protection for what is left of Australia’s domestic industry. It will be the “Coup de Gras” of Australian sovereignty and independence. We will all become Tomorrow’s Serfs.It will be the end of the “Lucky Country” and we may well end up more like Venezuela, after all.

    Who has the final say on signing off on this monstrosity? Let’s find out and get all Gumshoe readers to send furious messages focusing on that specific individual.

    • What a good question, Phil. Sort of like “Who’s in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?”
      Phil, pleeeeease find out who signs. This is vital.

      In the outrageous case of Troy Davis, whose fate was sealed by the US Suprme Court and also by some high-ups in the state of Georgia, they got a lowly female judge to sign the death warrant.

      Whom do I blame for Troy’s “execution”? Her.

      She could have said No.

  2. Apart from what is suggested above, what choices do we have. Most Aussies are too gutless to write their thoughts even if they have positives thoughts. A great many will argue with you angrily if you mention topics such as this. They actually think I am a fruitcake because I don’t watch TV or read the newspaper. They ask where I get my information from. When I tell them the internet and scoff at me with the same old line, “you can’t believe ANYTHING that is on the internet. Anybody can put anything on the internet.”

    • Mal is having a bad hair day and so am I. (Mal does not usually have bad hair days, as we can tell from his perseverance over many years re the Port Arthur government murder.)

      It’s all soooo discouraging! Here we have the TPP with plenty of us having a background re the MAI in 1990’s (by the way, Pauline Hanson was a leader re that protest), plus we can use the actual experience of US, Canda and Mexico as to how things went with NAFTA. (Lousy.)

      Yet — despite an educated population in Oz — it does look like the Canberra pollies will do the dirty. So come on, if you are interested in your own survival, tell us how to proceed.

      Otherwise, oh my, it will be tragique.

    • Absolutely spot on Mal, exactly the dame responces that I meet every time I try yo avail Folks of the facts.
      And NO ! Mary, I’m not having a bad hair day, just providing the facts Ma’m.

  3. We could have done something about this 6 months ago, but people were distracted with Facebook and Twitter and celebrity sex scandals… now everyone starts crying at the realization of how bad this TPP really is. Please don’t cry on my shoulder, I tried to warn people and you all called me a conspiracy nut.

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