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Susan Sarandon on Big Banks, Voting, and Water



by Dee McLachlan

You may have seen the famous Ridley Scott movie, Thelma and Louise. At the end of the film the characters, played by Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, escape from the law by driving off a cliff a high speed.

Well maybe Americans feel like they are watching a version of Thelma and Louise as their election unfolds — hoping that Hillary might drive over a cliff to escape from the law (which I doubt). At least high profile actors like Sarandon are speaking out against the big banks and the media brain washing. Here she talks to the BBC.




  1. What this woman is saying, is exercise your democratic vote, don’t do what the monied crowd tell you. Don’t think that by voting for a supposed “no chance” you are wasting a vote. What if, the majority of people are thinking that way and vote for someone that they don’t want, may be the “no chance” would have won the election.

    In this particular election the way the media have been talking, there are no other candidates, only Trump and Clinton. This is a false story. Once again the monied crowd want one or the other, they are terrified at the prospect of neither being elected.

    • Mal, one would wish this damn thing would be over on Nov 8, but the “electors” don’t meet til Dec 19, and when they send their ballots to The Hill, these won’t be opened or counted till Jan 6.

      It’s sad that there is such a thing as political parties. Imagine if everyone had to — as you say — think about real things. Wow.

      There is at least one Democrat-party “elector” who says he won’t vote for Hillary. Maybe some other Electors (ones who aren’t “programmed”) will also be mavericks. Yay.

  2. I am not saying Mary is giving a directive that is at least somewhat suspicious? the answer is already for all to see, Clinton will become President! how do I know? the stock exchange in went from within a few days $250 a ounce, in the mean time the investigation on Clinton’s phone calls again became a issue, when the FBI dropped charges against Clinton from a surge of more than $300 dollars a ounce within 24 hours dropped to $275. it was a scam by Wall Street, the FBI, and those who got it also a scam by the FBI set up, the Clinton’s we learn, of the Clinton’s foundation charity a scam that has largely evaded public scrutiny and no doubt had money in gold, we do know the Clinton’s are well connected in Wall Street and to the shame of American population voted in by hook or crook those who will oppress and enslave most of the American population.

    • I take it that you are speaking gold.
      Right; last week, 1702aud, this week today 1666aud when I last looked at about 4 PM 8/11.
      Abc gold bullion has the market and for more detail I use kitco dot, whatever.
      In about a month + gold has fallen 92aud per ounce to today.
      I should have backed a horse or two on the MCup.
      But; there is an unknown effect.
      Paper gold contracts (IOUs) represent about 100 times the existence of physical gold in the market.
      In due course those wanting to collect on their paper contracts will be lined up like those trying to collect
      From their iou’s in money accounts in banks.
      Ask the Germans what happened back a couple of years when they via their parliament asked for the US to return the German people’s gold. A single digit finger was the response.
      Going to be fun.

      • Let us drop gold and consider potato speak.
        Ok; banks buy futures in Potatoes and sell those future potatoes to investors.
        So farmers produce potatoes.
        Unfortunately the banks on paper contracts sell more potatoes then the farmers can produce.
        Shit happens; present your contract for some spuds and you are met with a reply: we have no potatoes today.
        The simple reply is; no matter, I have potatoes in hand. I trust!

  3. What with all the T’s – Trump, Tsarnaev, the TPP, and Thelma — I forgot that November 7, yesterday, was the 20th anniversary of Martin Bryant’s day in court.

    As I said at the Melbourne Fringe two months ago, the Prosecutor submitted a 387-page case against Martin and so we need to present at least a few pages in his defense, right?

    I’m registered to repeat the moot court “show” at the Adelaide Fringe on March 15, yes the Ides of March, in 2017, dv. But before that date rolls around, I ask as many people as possible to put on the show locally, using my script. It is very low budget, almost no budget. And it’s fun.

    Have no fear of being controversial; this is an extremely conservative defense of the famous “mass murderer.” It uses only the material (such as witness statements) that was in Damian Bugg’s briefcase on November 7, 2016. Thus it proves how the case would have been adjudicated on that day (had not John Avery made sure his client pleaded guilty). Namely: innocent.

    Let me know if you are game; I’ll send you the script, and a bound copy of Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough.

    No need to rent a venue, you can use your front lawn. Or just video yourself for a Youtube presentation, which costs zero. After you see how well you do, you can then tell your local library that you want to do it as an “event.” The library will help you, including giving free publicity.

    I’m afraid there’s no point asking a law school to help you stage this moot. They are “not home at this time.”

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