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Egg on MSM’s Face (Including Australia’s ABC)



by Dee McLachlan

It was predicted as an impossibility.

Even a month ago, Donald trump was merely a mainstream media smear campaign.

Well, Australia, Mr Trump is now destined to be the president of the United States of America.

Taking into account voter fraud, the mainstream media bias, fractional magic, faulty machines, the margin was probably even greater than reported.

And the people of America have spoken loudly — very loudly. They are sick and tired of the corruption and political elite.

Even this morning on the ABC, the ABC ‘s analysts were out with their doom and gloom if Trump succeeded — an openly barracking for Hillary Clinton.

As I wrote some time ago. Trump becoming president might be the very best thing for Australia. It will force the dumbed-down Australians to rethink the TPP and other New World order objectives being carried out by “yes” men and women in Canberra.

I am worried about certain Trump policies like his support for fracking etc. But at least he says towns and states should be allowed to ban the drilling practice.

With regards to the mainstream media in Australia, they should have reported honestly and without fear or favour — and had they done so, they would not have egg on their face right now.

In the meantime, let us witness and learn as President-elect Donald Trump attempts to “drain the swamp.”







    • Wow. I just googled “How many senators lost?” this is the first item that came up:
      “The Roman Senate was a political institution in ancient Rome. After the transition of the Republic into the Principate, the Senate lost much of its political power as well as its prestige.”

      Well shiver me timbers. Anyway, the most important senator got back in, Rand Paul of Kentucky. I hope some of the arseholes lost. (But only a third of them were subject to election.)

      • I just listened to Rand Paul’s re-election speech. “It’s going to be a big night for Conservatives. I want to thank each of you for giving me the chance to defend the Constitution for six more years.’
        Yay! Hooray! Go Con-Con.

          • Oh sorry, John, I did not see your wonderful wish until I posted Kentucky below. Rep Ron Paul the Dad served from Galveston TX so here”s to Dad, and the audit, Yay audit!

        • The photos in this video are unbalanced toward Caucasianism. The actual population of KY is one-third white, one-third black, and one-third horse. (No I didn’t check the census. We here at Gumshoe are having a NIGHT OFF!)

          • Years ago I was welcomed into a Jewish congregation’s group of widows (seriously, they know I’m Catholic). They still send me emails. Here’s one I got an hour ago from the rabbi:

            “A divided country, anger, incivility, a president-elect who bragged about assaulting women and disparaged veterans and minorities. Let us build the better world for which we yearn. Here are a few healing opportunities available for you:

            “Tonight: Community “Sing-In” at the Temple. November 9, 7pm – 8pm. Members and friends of all houses of worship will sing peace songs from the 60’s and 70’s as one community.”

            Go, singers! Go, Peaceniks! Go, rabbinic teachings!

  1. No, not egg on face.
    Let the lying msm and their running dog shock jokes eat and omelette and choke.
    Same for those idiot politicians like shorty and zenophoney, et.all.
    Time to drain the swamp Donald as a precedent for us to drain Lake Burley Griffin and it’s surrounding weeds.

  2. Yes yes yes…..I’m an avid ABC radio listener & have two ABC groups (as well as my two Port Arthur groups) & was fed up with their biased reporting of the election….Even the ABC show hosts were biased against Trump……Not one of them ever bothered to do their homework on Hillary Clinton. At NO stage whatsoever did ‘Killary’ ever say to the people that she would defend their constitution which is held near & dear to Americans’ hearts! I say ‘Benghazi’…..
    The American people have NO idea how close they came to nuclear war & war with Russia if Killary had been voted in.
    Now the Clintons & Bushes can escape to their properties which they have already purchased in various countries from which they cannot be extradited…..Just make it fast!

    • Typical ABC that we fund about a billion a year.
      Sell it, it is a phoney, pretend left wing misinformation charade.
      Tell us ABC; who did 911? Hypocrites and a shame.
      In due course ABC you lot will be ckoking on omellete. You in particular; jonathon Faine!

      • You miserable ABC may wish to forego the omelette.
        Try Crow. Faine, do you have a decent recipe’ that you can provide for the ABC board to munch upon and some how survive?

  3. A victory of the voice of those who are the disenfranchised, long over due the emergence of someone who is not the groomed and polished front that the one per cent over wealthy over privileged usually pay big money to get their puppets in to power, here we America has bitten the bullet as also the underclass of Britain have spoken creating Brexit, here in Australia always the lapdog or over seas controllers? was Britain now America, this deep inferiority of the Australian is a vexation to thinkers, here in Australia we are yet to see whether we will continue to be at the command of the dog whistlers? so far no one seems to have a vision of a destiny of greatness for Australia, difficult to know if the genetics of the Australian coming from the dumped riff raff of Britain or isolation? but nit remains.
    I hope the interpretation of American politics is not thinking they dumped Clinton for being a woman? she was dumped because she was a pawn of Wall Street and the power structures also when Turnbull is dumped because he is inept and for the same reason as Hillary a pawn of the banking system, if Bronwyn becomes leader it is not that she is a woman that she will be also dumped it is because she is a wooden spoon or just a machine having no inspiration but a machine to spout out the record of the mechanical wound up toy.

    • Hey Don,
      i agree 100% with your mindset. Let’s make that clear. But as a favour. Could you keep it to one or two sentences. I love your understanding and intellect, but it is difficult keeping up with your “wandering meanderings”. Please do not be offended by my request. I’m just a simple guy and I suspect you are way ahead of the curve.

      Keep commenting.

    • Don, I take it that you mean the Julie Bishop. Bronwyn went off on a helicopter ride into the sunset at the last election………..to find John Winston (I’m so embarrassed about all those kiddies in the Middle East I helped kill) Howard out there somewhere.

      • That’s right Ned, I realized I made this mistake, it is as you say Bishop, it is individuals such as Bronwyn and the helicopter rides and for some time the gross use of public taxes paying for the political elite excesses and the same elite lecturing mainly the underclass although not entirely many well off are also included in the age of entitlement has ended, it is the dogs being chauffeured, I believe the dogs have a right to human dignity but should be with the owner in transportation.
        The excesses of the elite will be the cornerstone of the people having enough of excesses of the few and the rich becoming richer at the expense of taxpayers and wage stagnation.
        Trump becoming president has two main problems within his party divided same as Britain, Australia, and the money suppliers sitting on the golden egg becoming difficult cooperating?
        The misfortune of our parties at home is Labor, Liberal and Greens are all part of a redundant scenario that cannot and are unable to become convincing to the voting public, primarily because of the rule of divide and rule! will never be a truthful account for the healing of our planet.

  4. Viva la revolution!!

    Free Martin Bryant. and Chelsea(Manning-NOT Chelsea Clinton), And Julian, and Edward Snowden, and ALL the Truth-tellers.

    Bring on the Apocalypse!!

    • Yup, and free the political prisoners, such as those who knew too much, e.g., Richard Taus and Yorivon Kahl, and those who were patsies, e.g. Ted Kaczinski, Sirhan Sirhan, and Brian Nicholls, and those who would rat on the FBI, e.g. Jahar Tsarnaev.

      Oh what the hell, free all the prisoners whose incarceration is meaningless and is causing family heartache.

      A Gumshoe reader told me privately the other day that the “privatized prisons” have a contract with DOJ that the cells must be booked to the tune of 96% and if they are not, the government must pay the owner anyway. Mein Gott!

  5. America has its first independent President in (Mary knows) years. I say he is because it’s clear the people didn’t vote Republican, they voted Trump. The GOP themselves more or less disowned him. He crashed through despite this and did it without them. He’s an independent and that’s why (((Wall Street))) hates him so much. He doesn’t need their short-stringed money.

      • I gave members in my groups fair warning but it was all ignored….I find all the criticisms about Trump (from the sheeple) are strictly about Trump’s physical characteristics without any reference to his speeches (which I really enjoyed)….I’m amazed at the number of ignorant people (but I ‘spose I shouldn’t be by now!)…lol…

  6. The long and pale faces of the CNN reporters and commentators last night was priceless. After they bashed Trump for the last year and a half, they were stunned. I am so thrilled with this big shake-up. Maybe there is a chance for the US after all. The establishment is bleeding today which is long overdue.
    On a funny note, the Canadian government immigration website crashed last night from the massive incoming inquiries. I heard the New Zealand immigration site crashed as well. I hope Donald trump does the things he said he would do, and I hope he remains true to himself and improves the lives of many. He is not a war monger and seeks to have better relationships with all countries of the world. Just imagine that.

    • Well, there goes Harvard. From the Crimson:

      “On Harvard’s campus, Trump was met with widespread opposition. In August, the Harvard Republican Club announced that, for the first time in their 128-year history, they would not support the Republican flagbearer. The group called him a “threat to the survival of the Republic.”

      “Only six percent of surveyed Harvard undergraduates indicated they had planned to vote for Trump, according to The Crimson’s election survey published last month. In comparison, 87 percent of surveyed Harvard undergraduates indicated they would support Clinton.”

  7. Here is some of Donald Trump’s speech (above). It is refreshing and inspiring to say the least. This is what he had to say about the media:
    “The corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They’re a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or any other financial entity, and their agenda is not for you, it’s for themselves. Anyone who challenges them is considered a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe. They will lie, lie, lie and then again they will do worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary. The establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover up of wide spread criminal activity”.
    Isn’t this unprecedented and wonderful to hear!! and from the president of the United States!

  8. “We came we saw he died”.

    Still laughing Hilary?
    How about you lot, the mass media killer whoremongers and our ‘drop kick’ politicians?
    So many politicians thought Trump a fool, but do not realise that the people in revolution put him there as representing the public’s best interests.
    Can’t wait for those Canberra political nitwits to meet the next President of the US. What about you Minister Josh Frydenburg? Trump; “A Drop kick”. I think you have given Trump an idea, if he ever deigns to be in your company, for an opportunity of the moment.

    • It’s interesting, when I watched the last debate on channel nine, the first thing more or less political commentator Laurie Oaks said after it concluded was that Donald Trump was a dangerous man!, what ever happened to unbiased opinion. So it was a real pleasure to see the egg on his face scenario after the election. But we have bigger problems in Australia, just look at the leasing of the port in the Northern Territory to Asia without consulting our traditional allies in the USA with the result that we now have a a Liberal party representative working for the interests and will probably lobby for the Chinese company involved. Of course we can’t forget Labors (Sam) dropped from the oppositions shadow cabinet over that dodgy Chinese under the table cash payment. And look at the way our rights have been taken away and tied up in red tape, the products freely available to other citizens in their country’s that we cannot purchase here, our freedom of speech over the years. Look at our unemployment and silly things like the Liberals in New South Wales wanting to ban greyhound racing, Labor banning monkey bike sales in Victoria!, these people need to start prosecuting people that do the wrong thing not preventing those who do the right thing by restricting their freedom to enjoy activities and commercial products. Pauline Hanson needs to run a full set of lower house candidates at the next election to give us all an alternative to vote for!.

      • And you should be one of those candidtaes, Richard?
        Come on, let’s see some action from the Peanut Gallery. I propose we all stand for parliament.

        By the way, greyhounds are an extremely high-strung breed of dog and don’t need to be maltreated. But maybe that should be a people move, not a gov’t move, as you say. Gov’t amscray!

  9. Now the true great work of the Independent media begins in earnest. Convert the voice of the people into action. Meanwhile we continue to create a new system based on open source philosophy, imagination, natural law, anarchy /voluntarism and the pillars of enlightenment non-aggression /self-defence principles.

  10. I totally didnt expect this. I was sure they could rig an election better. The only thing I can think of, is they wanted trump to win all along.. which means theres still nothing to cheer.

    • Yes there is plenty to cheer, because many peeps have now heard his speech and once you’ve heard it you can’t unhear it.

      Millions have heard him call what’s-her-face a criminal, so now she needs to be indicted. I think she’ll get Judy Clarke to defend her. Or Carmen Ortiz. Some lawyer like that who doesn’t know her arse from her elbow.

      See Malachi. “And who shall abide the day of His coming?”

      • the last thing i wanted was a clinton presidency, and I hope Dee is right in saying they just couldnt keep shaving, and trump is not just another president.. but you know me, always looking on the dark side of life.

        As for her crimes, maybe killary will be pardoned before obama leaves. I really can’t see her being locked up. Surely not. Ive been plenty wrong before, but if she does actual gaol time, I think my head will explode.

    • Fair Dinkum …There’s plenty of video evidence of voting machine tampering to record Trump’s votes in favour of Killary….The government just didn’t count on such a huge voting turnout in favour of Trump!

    • I had thought of this. But Anonymous did a poll of 50,000 people in 50 states, and that poll was in the 60% (I think). They probably shaved 5 points plus off — but they probably couldn’t keep shaving

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