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How to Deal With Election Disappointment


hillary-early-yearsThe early years

by Dee McLachlan

In an article in the Herald Sun this morning, Rita Panahi writes:

“Donald Trump’s triumph has shown once again how desperately out of touch much of the commentariat is with the mainstream.

“…In what has been the most astonishingly biased and hysterical media coverage in living memory, much of the media took it upon themselves to destroy Trump’s campaign rather than report fairly and sensibly on both candidates.

“[the commentary is] precisely the type of blinkered, hyperbolic nonsense that has characterised much of the cringe-worthy media narrative.”

And it clearly demonstrates what Trump had been saying, that

“The corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They’re a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or any other financial entity, and their agenda is not for you, it’s for themselves.”


Many of My Friends Are in Shock 

I spent much of last night reading through a countless trail of Facebook posts — many by good friends of mine. They relayed their absolute horror and dismay at Trump’s win. For example:

“I cant sleep. Poor Hilary.” 

“I’m sorry America but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be great again.”

“America chose a sexist pig over a woman.”

“I’m seriously scared about what might happen in a Trump world.” 

“This is deplorable! What has the world come to?”

I replied to many of the posts — until the key board of my computer started to smoke.

I suggested to one that she not feel too sorry for dear Hillary. Bill and Hillary have a tidy nest egg well over the $150 million mark — all earned from being a political animals.

These poor people are suffering depression from being LIED TO.

And the mainstream media have being lying to them for decades. They were never given a balanced story. And now that their world has been turned upside down — they need therapy.

Election Therapy

Here are some tips for those suffering depression, and how to move on with their lives after a Hillary loss:

1. Forgive yourself for being fooled.

This is not easy I know. It is difficult when you have trusted someone — particularly  those looking after you —  and you find out they have deceived you — and that they are compulsive liars. It will be so much easier for you to move on with your life knowing that the media never gave you the whole story, and that they deliberately held the truth from you.

2. Don’t give the media the benefit of the doubt.

This may go against your instincts, but from now on, do your own research. Don’t blindly trust what the mainstream media are telling you. If they say Hillary is a princess and Donald is a toad, check for yourself. If you do, you will feel empowered and be less fearful.

3. Learn the basics of deception detection.

This won’t save you from ever being fooled again, but you’ll be ready for the next one. What doesn’t break you, will make you more resilient.

4. There is always a positive with a negative.

Donald Trump has said he is going to “drain the swamp” — and remove corruption from Washington. Isn’t that what everyone wants? More honest governance. Whether he can put a brake on special interests is another thing, but the movement to do so has put politicians all around the globe on notice.

5. Blame the Democratic Party.

It is hard not to take your vengeance out on the “deplorable” voters. But it is the Democratic Party you should be focused on. They rigged the nomination, so that a fair an honest fight for the best candidate was derailed. Bernie Sanders would have risen to the top, and would most likely have been elected yesterday if he was running. This may encourage more honesty and transparency in the future.

6. A woman should have been elected.

It has been a massive blow to millions of woman that the glass ceiling remains at the White House. She was not the right woman. If she had won, those disenchanted Americans would have made sure to expose her crimes and try to put her behind bars. It would have put a terrible stain on women in power had she succeeded — only to be indicted for serious crimes.  Her defeat to Trump might be her best and most dignified option — giving her a free “get out of jail” card.

7. The onion.

I will use the analogy of an onion. The president is only the top layer. The next is the government (Congress, etc); below that the military industrial complex; below that are intelligence services; and below that the shadow corporates and banking families that are pulling the strings.

This is bigger than Trump.  We (winners, losers and spectators) are all part of a revolution — a revolution of awareness. 

Take heart — the by-product of this movement is going towards exposing the secrecy behind the power structures that control us.

Secrecy is Repugnant

In one Facecbook post, a friend said:

“Blame it on the Republicans.”

I replied with:

“The Republican establishment did everything to stop it. They couldn’t quell the feeling that the elite are becoming more elite, the rich richer, and the establishment more entrenched. The republican politicos are part of the problem. Honesty in politics and media were assassinated in November 1963 along with JFK. This is a step toward cleansing the corruption and secrecy of those in power to keep power…”


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  1. It is of non relevance who is in they will all have to play the tune of those with hidden power? the idea that the public vote is all a set up, the Clinton’s are bent as well as Trump, you have to be corrupt to be in power, its a requirement so those who control you have got something on you, do not concern yourself who gets in it will be all the same, only individual consciousness will enlighten you and if enough people get it only then will politics undergo transformation, this will not happen in any ones life time who reads this,.

    • I for a while now, have been of the frame of mind that, if voting actually made a difference, they would make it illegal.

      if that is wrong – and trumps election was truly unexpected to those with hidden power, well what sort of accident might be waiting for him if he doesnt play nice? Im sure theyve moved on since 1975..


      i saw a graph yesterday, that said only about half of voters actually voted, with both trump and clinton getting about half each, but both getting less than previous years. If voting means anything, it seems trumps victory can be given more to the fact that clinton failed misearably in keeping the faith with the numbers obama had.. than any grand swell of support for him, seems more like mass NOT voting actually made the difference.. imagine what a wonderful world we could create if no-one voted! 🙂


      • Dear Fair, For half of eligible voters to turn out is huge. In “off year elections” — when only Congress is being voted for and it’s not a presidential year, one is lucky to find 25% of folks voting.

        I would guess that the lower-this-year-than Obama’s year means many people hated both candidates and so did not vote.

        That said, I agree with you that whatever the people do, the masters in charge of the vote-count rig it to whom they want. So they must have wanted Trump, or at least were determined not to let Hillary in.

        Still ,”they” (e.g.Time magazine) started in 2014 to push Hillary. I assume that was in order to prevent a really attractive Democrat from emerging. Jim Collier’s book Votescam, which may have caused his death at age 60, shows that the media have been the vote counters since at least 1970. No joke.

        The US does not have scrutineers as such. And I wonder if Oz’s scrutineers really do their job.

        As for Trump’s victory speech I think it was of great value. We have not heard anything like that before. Obama’s and the others were always BS speeches. And he appears to have ad-libbed it.

        • “I would guess that the lower-this-year-than Obama’s year means many people hated both candidates and so did not vote.”

          Imagine if those that didnt vote because they didnt like clinton or trump, all voted for Jill Stein, there would be an investigation into 9/11…

          I remember a warm fuzzy feeling of hope & change after obama was elected, he could speak well.. after about the first year.. I just kinda went all cold, bit like the so many corpses he has left in his wake…

          I really do hope youre right to be hopeful. Im going to stay pessimistic, I dont want to set myself up for more disappointment, and if Im wrong once again, then I will have a pleasant surprise to look forward to! – cheers! 🙂

  2. Why do I supect that; because about 95% of the whole mass media in the US is owned or controlled by six conglomerates that the poor dupes who follow the mas media and swallowed the Clinton cabal charade, are ignorant brainless nincompoops.
    Let them ball their eyes out, perhaps it might improve their vision.

      • Ah well, pigeon is a reasonable alternative to crow and there will continue to be plenty of then around looking for a crumb as the msm’s downsize to satisfy the fall in dividends for the shareholders. ( excepting of course our ABC and SBS who have a bottomless well of mula provided by the taxpayers)

    • If Diane de Vere is making the inference the media got it so wrong? how about those who are supposedly trusted authorities such as Obama’s commentaries as scathing attacks upon Trump’s character and now inviting Trump to the White House as a honorary who defied if not all or most of establishments elites derogatory attacks and survived prejudiced condemnations of vitriolic attacks.
      The Australian government must be given credit for caution in the possibility of Trump becoming successful and working with whoever becomes what the American people decide.

  3. The Trump Win has proven that when people unite and come together even the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE,

    That we the people have the power to create change.

    That the President, Politicians, nor the government departments are the real Government but WE ARE…

    That one vote does not then remove our daily responsibility to be human and ensure the safety of the earth, its creatures, fellow humans and other entities that inhabit this living, loving, creating, conscious planet with a soul called earth.

    Surely we have learnt by now that by giving away our personal responsibilities we give away the right to create the change we want and need and its our actions and not theirs that are to blame.

    Think about this: In the fast paced world of today we often struggle to look after just ourselves. So how and why do you think that one person can look after an entire nation?? I bet they too have days they struggle to look after themselves well???

    So, its time to take back our responsibilities and realise that the only person we can ever really change is ourselves.

    I dont care who won because i am busy trying to become responsible again.

  4. Why Trump? A theory.
    The corporate fascists attempted in 1933 to convince General Wesley Butler to usurp the US government with his troops to be their dictator of the US. Follow Hitler!
    Operation paper ………. ( full name escapes but probably paper clip) enabled Nazi influences to found the CIA.
    The Nazi concept of a thousand year Reich has not been foregone ….. for a totalitarian state. Nazism is synonomous with totalitarian control which exhibits in fascism, communism, socialism, zionism, collectivism etc,. All the same result; massive social control of surfs for the pleasure of the banker control freaks. Thus the agenda to have globalist control of the surfs by sabotaging their independence (water and food, stack and pack) to have the surfs dependent on the state control.
    Such a agenda takes time and planning…… slowly catch a monkey!
    The agenda has had interruptions and has to reorganise at times, as has been after General Wesley Butler said stuff you.
    The Bilderburgs reignited the fascist globalist agenda in 1954 at the Bilderburg hotel.
    Dr, Day exposed the globalist (fascist) agenda on 20th March 1969 in an address to fellow paedtricians, Dr Dunegan attended and in 1988 + recorded his recolections of the address by Dr. Day. A edited summary of his recollections may be found by searching; ‘NWO exposed by insider’ at rense.com and here at gumshoe news with a search.
    The internet has exposed the side affects of the ( now UN) agenda and opposition has arisen with knowledge by the public….. eg. The planned destruction of the US middle class.
    For Australia, observe the destruction of our industry planned from the Lima declaration in 1975 signed by foreign minister Senator Don Willisee.
    So now there has to be a planned stall to placate the surfs who are awakening.
    Thus, bring in Trump to placate the surfs with dreams that he is anti-globalist to save the peasants and dump for the time being a soiled Hilary. A useful corrupt village idiot.
    So we shall see if Trump is just another patsy.
    We know what our present Canberra and msm traitors are.

    • Nedski, it’s not enuf to “know” about Canberra. There are laws.

      Anyone wanting to read Dr Day can look at the middle column of this website. See a reddish orange book? Truth in Jounro-land. Page 98 starts the Dr Day bit.

      Like free downloadsville, man.

    • Alternatively: Trump is the patsy to be blamed for the coming financial Armageddon?
      Remember after Butler exposed the corporate fascist treasonous plans and were challenge by the the US president: The bankers said; expose us and we will pull the financial plug on the US. So what is Trump going to do?
      i suggest; …… Well I dare not say! But he might, if he is fair dinkum.
      Iceland was kind and only gaoled the bastards.
      Be interesting to see what past Goldman Sacks Turnbull will do.

    • Yesss!. The media created the division of people (again)…
      Their bosses keep us at each others throats instead of looking
      at who the real enemy is. The secrets need to come out to the light. Hillary unfortunately felt she had to play in their game to become a candidate, now she too is tainted. All women suffering
      for Hillary need to read “Trance formation of America: It will help
      them heal quickly. It is written with love by a woman who knew Hillary years ago and written before she became a presidential candidate.. We are so ignorant of what is really going on
      behind the curtain in politics and government. Pure hearts can’t
      even imagine the stuff that is going on. To play in the game of
      politics, just like in the entertainment business, is glitzy and
      wonderful on stage but diseased, ugly, abhorrent and souless behind the camera. Learn about this..and you will empower yourself. You won’t feel sorry for anyone who had the desire for power in this world. It comes with a deadly price. Unfortunately,
      many children are caught in the nightmare until you all wake up.
      When you do..you no longer will be sad for the outcome of
      this election. Guaranteed.

      • The ceremony of The Last Post is more than blaming the media, the rituals of commemoration are motivated by the forces of the think tank to governments to manipulate the publics perception of endorsing and validate war.
        War makes money for the elite money makers and rich, governments require war to consolidate a public as a process of amalgamation and gives a government purpose to be there and to maintain priviledge of position and wealth, as some remember the ceremony of Rememberance and such like were out of favor and the the power structure had to work on the publics mind set through the media, war is for making money and to create a cultural identity of the masses and in particular create fear? the job reference here is for the government via police and military to protect the public from those who do not apparently have the same ideology as us, and most of all to collect taxes from the public purse for the good of the good? us? this protection money which we can ill afford of borrowed money and interest will have the inevitable consequence of passing on more debt to future generations other than a cursory acknowledgement of us having to increased austerity to diminish debt for our children rather than decreasing fear by not relying on miltary force as a solution to conflict.

      • Absolutely spot on post. However you miss the point, this underlying corruption and double dealing does in fact play a major part in everyone’s daily lives.
        It begins the day you leave school and look for work. From that moment onwards, you commit yourself to the lies and double dealing necessary for you to earn a crust. You lie and mould yourself to the requirements of your employer, to ensure you keep your job, and it goes on until the day you retire, when all of a sudden you find yourself really free, and can once again, be the REAL you, you once were.

        • When you have to play the game? is this is what is known as becoming mature? or is this when you become a man? one day one wakes up to who am I? then you go to a psychiatrist to find the real self? then you go to work and play the false front to pay to go to the psychiatrist, as time goes by you start to get it?and by then you are classified as old? then as a result of the game you had to play the toil you paid, your body and mind is now at risk of a collapse within? then you have to look at the cost of dying? then you realize you cannot afford to die nor can you afford to live?

  5. “Rulers” – Good News Bible Scripture – Sirach/Ecclesasticus 10: 4 “The LORD sees to the government of the world and brings the ‘Right Person’ to power at the ‘Right Time’.”

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