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Reflecting on the Demise of Team Hillary



by G5

Trump works for himself, but is also an agent-for-hire.

The election turned out to be The Boys against The Girls. Hillary caused that. The rigging, thievery, lying and general deceptions from Team Hillary was exceptional and the best American has seen — probably in its history of pretend democracy.

Apart from the criminal gangs behind the Clinton and Obama groups, and the direct damage they have caused, Hillary wasted over $6 trillion of the $19 trillion (currently admitted) on unwinnable aggressions from the time when she was running America, while Billy Boy was doing what he did best.

I met her at The American Embassy — the real one in Grosvenor Square — in 1997. Strong, determined, and always wrong.

America came close to extinction on a number of occasions, during the tenure of Billy Boy.

By allowing the deception of removing Sanders for Hillary, The Democratic Party destroyed itself.  The current analytics that you will suffer through the mainstream media (MSM) concerning the outcome are cover stories to reduce the reality of the impact of the damage caused to The Democratic Party by Team Hillary.

America had no choice but Trump. Anyone thinking the outcome would be different, were variously deluded.

I gave up talking about what was to happen, when Sanders was pushed out. It was very clear that The Democrats were on a psycho-politico suicide mission that had the momentum that could not be altered by rationality. It became The Boys against The Girls, and The Democrats were then dead in the water. There is a lot behind this outcome. There were many manipulations and deceptions. There was a strong chance of certain terminal reactions occurring, as I understand. Hillary can now peacefully, perhaps, retire to The Hamptons — excluding certain unresolved legal matters, unless The Don is paid off.

Hillary was always a derailed car — being dragged along at unstoppable pace by the deluded.  The Unaccountable Syndrome, blinkered by arrogance over-riding denied ignorance and reality.

Trump announced the presidency, and he phoned Hillary with the outcome. Not the reverse as he said.

He has an army of advisers of course. They did this to block The Electoral College manipulation. As soon as he reached the 276 mark and she sat on 218, he declared. The legal bullshit planned by The Clintonites, with Obama in tow, was blocked.

Also be aware that, again contrary to what you will be fed though the MSM, The Republicans took the vast bulk of State Governorships, as well as control of both houses of Congress. The damage she caused to The Democrats is monumental.

Also, she had isolated herself from The US Military Machine. She was always focused on war and aggression and being some female leader who would transcend history. The US Military had been polarised. It will now reunite. That does not mean that it has any real relevance in the world. As indeed The US Economy is a non relevance. When Trump spoke of a domestic  infrastructure plan, it is an attempt to restore legitimate economics to America and its playmates.

As Truman correctly sacked Macarthur over the madness of The Korean War, Trump will quietly disengage America — to save it. There is a lot behind: The Kosovo War, The Kursk Incident, KAL007, the various pushes on The Russian Border from at least 2013, and a lot of other even less known events.


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  1. You got it right G5. On my personal level while watching from Australia, I didn’t like the tactics employed by Team Hillary. Specifically her and the media trying to scare a percentage of voters into supporting them by painting Donald Trump as a dangerous man with his hand on the nuclear codes. Secondly constantly appealing to women and the notional glass ceiling to create that gender war which to my mind really devalued a thinking woman’s intelligence, it’s about who can do the job better in this case, not what gender you are, this tactic would work to sway the young university student crowd with no life experience but it wouldn’t wash on anyone with a brain. If Hillary Clinton actually had a good plan for the future of America the people would have supported her and she could have claimed the notion of breaking the fictional glass ceiling but she really didn’t have much substance at all and was just trying to ride in on the coat tails of desperate political outdated tactics. Donald Trump to my thoughts had at least a plan for the future direction of the USA and a dam good one, he went out to the disenfranchised, and spoke to main stream Americans, that was to be commended, some real old fashioned campaigning!. The delusional main stream media in Australia even now are still one step behind in the big picture. Nationalism played a big part in the Trump win, that is, what is right for America and what is right for its American citizens, many of who have lost their jobs, economic well being and a sense of the future. In Australia the media are currently speculating on our country’s support for China or support for the USA with regards to our economic benefit. When in reality they really should be looking at the USA result as a future reference that nationalism is back in vogue. That is, “look after you’re people at home and what’s in their best interest”, their are many citizens that go out and work very hard every day for not a lot of money in their own businesses or for employers in Australia. They are not all highly paid government or union members!, who in many cases put in less effort and get much higher wages without any of the risk, minimal effort, without raising a sweat. When governments go making decisions on big noting themselves and forging overseas agreements with organisations like the UN on such issues as climate change targets and other similar issues etc. The result is lost jobs connected to higher energy costs which won’t bother the highly paid working for the government in Canberra!, their comfortable life will go on just fine, (like the Washington elite), but it really hurts the majority of people elsewhere living in the real world. On a final note, if Donald Trump gets it wrong, their will be a lot of disappointed people, but if he gets it right, and I think he will. Think about it, he had to beat the media, the political opposition, the money markets, the special interests, and members within his own party!. He may just end up being one of the greatest presidents of the modern era, and one the main stream media (who always think they are more intelligent than they actually are!), never saw coming. Only time will tell.

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