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Gumshoers’ First Shock of 9-11 Truth



by Mary W Maxwell

This is a follow-up to my November 12, 2016 article “When Did You Find Out about 9-11?” Gumshoe readers were subsequently invited to tell when and how they got the news or the realization that 9-11 was dishonest. Here are their replies. I number them 11-20 as an add-on to the first ten (in the November 12 article).

  1. Martin Jackson

My first reactions?  When 9/11 occurred I was in bed. My wife came and woke me up to say I must come and watch the television as something terrible had happened in America, and when I got to the TV both buildings were down and the dust was heading off into the distance. My first thought was: there is going to be all-out war for this.

(Continuing Martin Jackson’s report):

At my work in 2004 I was sent a Youtube video that showed Building 7 going down, then I researched an enormous amount of material on it, watched many hours of online videos, to where it was very clear that it was not the event that we had been presented on television

There was a US Senator who raised questions about 9/11 and his career was destroyed, and we saw that Bin Laden was in a Pakistan Hospital when 9/11 occurred, and in 2001 at the Tora Bora is was reported that Bin Laden was killed, but to justify the continuing war they just overlooked this, as their mission was not complete.

  1. Dee McLachlan

Around the Year 2008, I happened upon a David Icke video one day – can’t even remember what he was talking about. But something clicked… so I searched. Then I watched Building 7 come down… and that was it. For another 3 months I tried to prove to myself that it was impossible that a government would plan such a thing….

Well the more I researched the more I realised the spin was a fraud…

  1. Cheryl Dean

I was at work when someone got a call about what was happening. We quickly turned on a TV in our boss’s office. Just a few weeks before 9-11, I had seen on TV the controlled demolition of a big old, abandoned hospital. It fell straight down floor by floor and created the same kind of smoke plume as 9-11. As I watched the towers in New York fall, I knew I was seeing a controlled demolition, and wasn’t sure where the planes fit in the picture.

I can’t say I thought about it much. My “baptism” was the Boston affair. (I live in Canada, not Boston). So watching CNN on April 18, 2013 was what did it for me. But let me tell you about Canada on the day of 9-11. There were fighter jets flying up and down all day (I live in a city on the border with US). There were SWAT men all over the border, and all communications shut down between us and the states – telephone, fax, etc. Unprecedented!

None of us were scared, it was like a play or something. Our town was concerned for the 10 miles of cars waiting to get over the border and had to wait in their stopped cars for over 24 hours. People were inviting people in those cars to their homes and many were bringing sandwiches and drinks to the cars.

The Boston bombing opened my eyes so wide. I delved into everything US, and all conspiracies, corruption, injustice, Iraq war, etc. and I realized that everything on US news was propaganda and lies, especially about “terrorism.”

  1. Phil Hingston

The penny began dropping for me sometime in 2010. I was given a documentary called “The Money Masters” by Bill Still about the world monetary system. By the end of the doco, I was beginning to realise that something was not right with the world.  9/11 “awareness” was shortly thereafter when I watched “Loose Change“, and my worldview changed completely.

I then plowed through books like “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G.Edward Griffin and “Tragedy and Hope” by Professor Carroll Quigley. How terrible to discover that the world I thought I was reasonably aware of and functional in was nothing like was I thought it was.

And then late last year, Fiona Barnett gave her press conference in Sydney about the VIP pedophile network. And I discovered her website, “Pedophiles Downunder”.  That, in conjunction with the current Royal Commission into Pedophilia, together with Wikileaks email leaks about John Podesta and the Clinton link to child trafficking, confirmed in my mind that we are facing extremely dark and very tangible forces that must be resisted in whatever way each of us can contribute to.

  1. Cherri Bonney

I took the notion of 9-11 from Dr. Judy Wood (American author) and Richard D Hall who presented her on his show, “Rich Planet”. Richard also spoke in full about the corruption involved.  It was in 2010 that I was discovering this info.

It’s known now from files leaked via whistleblowers that the plan was forged in 1951 to ‘fall’ the towers with the help of the CIA etc.  Rothschilds and Rockefellers were involved also.

There is a movie maker, Aaron Russo, who personally spoke with Rothschild in the 70’s, Rothschild speaks of the big plan,  destroying the masses along with CONTROL of  the masses. He spoke of health issues.   The movie maker couldn’t believe the smugness and laughter as that fellow spoke of the pending plan of destruction, couldn’t wait to see it happen…….

  1. Mal Hughes

I cannot supply you with certainty the year of my awakening to the conspiracy theory put up by the US Government, but I think it was possibly 2005 or 2006.

I was able to view two videos, “9/11 Painful Deceptions” and “In Plane Site” both of which I still have a copy. About the same time I viewed on Youtube.com a talk by David Ray Griffin. From those programs I knew that it was an inside job in conjunction with Mossad. There is no other possible explanation, except, with further knowledge I believe that mini nukes were used in conjunction with the thermate explosives.

  1. Mary W Maxwell

During the so-called Gulf War of 1991 (read: the conquest of Iraq by Halliburton & Co), I was actually living in the Gulf. I read the transcript of US Ambassador April Glaspie telling Saddam, in so many words, to do as he liked with Kuwait.

(Diagonal drilling, you know).

I did see through that dishonesty. So you would think I’d smell a rat on 9-11, when I was once again living in Oz.  Didn’t, though. It all sounded plausible to me about “blowback.” (And a month before, a friend had told me that Osama bin Laden was doing naughties in the Sudan.)

I smelled rats galore over the Patriot Act and the US’s outrageously attacking Afghanistan on November 8, 2001, and I knew right away that the anthrax scare was inside-jobbery. But it was only in February 2005 that I twigged, when reading, in a law-student online magazine, that the Hutton Inquiry was not according to Hoyle.  That’s odd, I thought, and soon found links to 9-11 research. Defo life-changing.

  1. David Andresen

As for the event of 9/11, it was 2005 when a friend mentioned Building 7. It took less than a second for me to recognise it as a controlled demolition.

  1. Brae Antcliffe

I have been onto the 911 unscientific lies since about 2004. At first I was suckered by MSM lies, deception. Ever since, I have been subject to consistent vilification, even by colleagues. One [law office] junior exclaimed; “I suppose you are holocaust denier.” (that was in 2009). On that day the SMH reported the Gage interview with Utzon about the collapse of Building 7. Pity the junior was not concerned to read the article, but chose to denigrate with weird irrelevant comparisons. Well that is a burden, truth will overcome.

Back in about 2005 another junior told me that I was a fool for questioning 911. We entered a gentleman’s wager. I doubt if I will collect. A lawyer’s basic duty to the community, under the Westminster system of checks and balances, is to differentiate the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary to protect the people from excesses of the control freaks. Some refer to it as democracy.

Supporting the official unscientific 911 conspiracy theory, without examining the scientific evidence, betrays the ‘judicial’ function of those who have a duty under the Westminster system and an obligation of due diligence to carry out their function of protecting the ordinary citizen from the excesses of bureaucratic authoritarian lies and control, imposed with the politicians’ ignorance. Naturally those of the legislature have a similar duty of due diligence….for why are they paid to be our representatives?

I have been provided with the obituary for my headstone by those who understand:   Brae Antcliffe, 1946-____.

“I told you 911 was an inside job’

(Apols to Spike Milligan: ‘I told you that I Was Sick’)

  1. Elias Davidsson

As I did not own a TV, I was called to neighbors on 11 September 2001, to watch the WTC burning and collapsing. I did so for a short while, accepted at face value the official account of Islamic terrorists having attacked the United States, and forgetting about this issue. I believed that Muslims attacked the US because of its support of Israel and the policies against Iraq.

Sometime during 2002, a friend lent me a book by French journalist Thierry Meyssan, in which he reported numerous anomalies in the official story. I began to check his many sources and found, to my surprise, that these were accurate. This discovery piqued my curiosity and I began to research the various aspects of 9/11, as an investigator would. This work became my main occupation for more than ten years.  I became thoroughly involved in researching and lecturing about 9/11 from about 2003 in Iceland (where I lived), in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany and Norway, and ended by publishing in the United States my first book “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11” in 2013.

It deals particularly with the evidence (or rather lack of) regarding the participation of Islamic terrorists in 9/11 and the alleged hijackings. It includes the most detailed analysis of the phone calls reportedly made from the allegedly hijacked planes to individuals on the ground. The research of 9/11 prompted me to tackle other terrorist operations carried out outside zones of armed conflict (London, Paris, Boston, Copenhagen, Djerba, Istanbul, Amman, Mumbai, Nice, Munich…) and examine whether they constitute elements in a centrally planned global campaign. The results of this research are included in a book scheduled for release in Germany (in German) in January 2017.


So there you have it. Our eight writers and two readers mostly found out years after the event. They benefited from Youtube  videos, books, lectures, and interviews.

Specifically mentioned were: David Icke, Bill Still, Loose Change, Richard D Hall interviewing Dr Judy Wood, Aaron Russo, 9-11 Painful Deceptions, In Plane Sight, a talk by David Ray Griffin, a student law journal, Richard Gage’s interview of Uzton, and Thierry Meyssan’s book (in French).

“Building 7” made the biggest impression (in our list) and I am sure CNN will be pleased to know they did such a good job covering the manhunt for the Boston bomber that they turned an innocent Canadian into a great writer.

— Mary Maxwell is Gumshoe’s sniffer dog





  1. So I goes to the website mentioned by Barrister Brae, and I sees an essay by a retired AirForce colonel that surprised me. Here ’tis: Patriotsquestion911.org

    Col. George Nelson, Graduate, U.S. Air Force War College. 34-year Air Force career. Licensed pilot and airframe and powerplant mechanic. He says:

    • “In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft — and in most cases the precise cause of the accident. … 

    • The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet not one piece of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from public view. … 

    • With all the evidence readily available at the Pentagon crash site, any unbiased rational investigator could only conclude that a Boeing 757 did not fly into the Pentagon as alleged. Similarly, with all the evidence available at the Pennsylvania crash site, it was most doubtful that a passenger airliner caused the obvious hole in the ground and certainly not the Boeing 757 as alleged. … 

    • As painful and heartbreaking as was the loss of innocent lives and the lingering health problems of thousands more, a most troublesome and nightmarish probability remains that so many Americans appear to be involved in the most heinous conspiracy in our country’s history.” — See physics911.net for more.

    • Mary,
      Look up Bon Bowman. Then you will be cooking with gas. I had the pleasure of his company In March 2008, at my home. He addressed us at a 911 confrrence at Tattersals Club on or about the weekend of 14th March 2008. As he addressed he had the hide to pull from his pocket a copy of the US Constitution! Read it.
      Malcolm was invited by me to meet with the Lt’ col’ Bob Bowman but did not deign to acknowledge. Malcolm is
      about 2 ks away from my home where Bob stayed for the weekend.
      Bob carried out 100 + missions
      over Vietnam, had a doctorate in nuclear physics, was appointed by Reagan in the star wars program and oh, shall I mention he carried out interceptor duties for the USAF and knew that the USAFwas stood down as hijacked planes meandered around the US air space for an hour or so and then were used to murder about 3,000 innocents.

      • Similarly, our esteemed PM was invited to meet with Richard Gage of ae911 truth.org. and professor Jones who were staying in my home in November 2009.
        My local member, now our PM did not deign to reply.
        Pity, now he has to deal with all those alleged refugees escaping our desrtuction of their homelands as planned prior to 911. Look up the interview in 2007 by Amy Goodman with General Wesley Clark in March 2007 ( the plan to take down seven countries in five years) that our billion per year ABC will not broadcast. Nor will our msm and shock jokes inform their suckered listeners of the realities.

        • Dear “Learned Friend” — as they say,

          In regard to the 3,000 dead. Whose counting?

          The lovely Canadienne who told us, in the article above, that jets were NOT in short supply at the Canadian border “that day,” also told me — but I axed it for space-reasons — that there is an issue regarding the alleged 3000.

          Recall she said peeps in her town weren’t scared — whilst Americans were utterly beside themselves (thinking “Oh shite, we pushed it too far with the Arabs.”) So she was able to watch the “saturation coverage” and focus on the realities.

          (If you’ve read any of Cheryl Dean’s Gumshoe articles – if not, just hit the search button for “Cheryl” — you’ll know she can focus. Really, she is to the Danny Meng carjack story what Dee McLachlan is to Building 7.)

          Cheryl happened to register the fact that there were no ambulances and no wounded people shown on the street in New York. Moreover, she says CNN was interviewing doctors and nurses like mad – to fill the saturation time, as they do – but they had no patients. Pretty funny.

          Come to think of it I didn’t axe it for space reasons I axed it because we shouldn’t GO THERE. But, in memory of Steve Brodie I am going to take a chance.

          Please note: Ms Dean is no eager beaver for conspiracy theory. As admitted, it took her till 2013 to learn that 9-11 was not cricket. So her “evidence” about a numbers problem oughtn’t to be chalked up to an imagination working overtime.

          And also she is not in any way calling 9-11 a hoax. She just thinks the count may be way off. I won’t ask her to prepare an article on this. She has no more to say than what she noted on September 11, 2001, and several days after, on TV.

          I recall learning that when the Big Boys wanted to get the Yanks into World War I, they announced that the number of Yanks aboard the Lusitania (sunk by a German torpedo) were 80% of all passengers. In reality they constituted only 16%. (That’s the figure provided by Insider Carroll Quigley in his 1966 book, “Tragedy & Hope.”)

          When you’re doing a false flag any aspect of it can be false, right? I don’t suppose it matters if the death toll in New York was 3k or just 3. Somebody ought to be frying for this.

          • Count the three thousand, including firefighters etc., as you may wish. Do not forget Edna Cintron referred to at patriotsquestion911.com.
            But add all the undocumented cleaners and others and you may find that it is a vew tnousand plus, then add all those dying of cancer since. Asbestos dust from the towers is a a cause. Very convenient for Silverstein, the lesse from July 2001 to have a problem resolved.

          • What I’m really saying Mary, is that now I know the gov did it and it was a controlled demolition. I just found it odd that 2000 plus people who supposedly were at work in the towers that day, that they all died, that no one survived with injuries and were taken to hospital. There were people at the hospitals being treated due to falling debris outside etc, but they were not people who had been inside the towers. Plus, so few bodies were ever found, all were only ashes left, which makes me suspicious that that many people were inside. Maybe no one was inside. I don’t know, but the official story is absolutely false.

  2. I am looking forward to members, past and present, of; our Federal parliament, journos, shock jokes and our billion dollar ABC with it’s billion dollar budget to tell us when they realised that 911 was an ‘inside job”, more likely outsourced with firewalls built in to protect the culprits.
    Malcolm knows about building 7, I told him on two occasions outside Edgecliff railway station and briefed him from 2004 until his promotion to PM.
    So Pell and many others are alleged to have protected disgusting paedophiles. Who have been protecting mass murderers who used 911 to go kill, maime, orphan and destroy children’s prospects in the ME based on admitted lies?
    Now a royal commission into that lot is called for…… if we are to be fairdinkum.

    • Correction: first spoke to Malcom; more likely 2007, whenever he first spruiked to be our member for Wentworth. I Then again asked him if he had considered building No 7 at the next election when he was again spruiking outside Edgecliff railway station. Probably the 2010 election.
      One day he will have to consider the evidence, he was a lawyer once.

  3. Our dear Cherri Bonney has sent me this Aaron Russo clip, and Dee tells me Russo was a great movie maker. (Takes one to know one?)
    Correction: we said Russo talked to Rothschild; no, it was a Rockefeller. This clip ia a flippin’ knock-out. Don’t miss it.

  4. The fact that there were building implosion that could not occur due to office fires is one issue. The issue I am trying to reconcile from years of life experience is the complete lack of action by the masses world wide. The evidence of mass mind control is overwhelming. Controlled mass media proven.
    All hell may break loose if
    1. The Clinton’s go free
    2. There is no real investigation into the mass murders on 9/11
    3. War with Russia begins.
    Have most of the masses been drugged as well thought controlled?

    • I think so. Some of the culprits could be fluoride, mercury, pharmaceuticals/NSAIDs, GMOs, chemtrails, vaccinations, microwave radiation, and fear, etc., etc.

  5. HUMOR, anyone?
    (a review, by Heraldextra.com, of the video mentioned by Mal Hughes, “In Plane Site”):

    “Nor does the presentation explain, if the attack planes were military, what happened to the commercial planes. It hints that they might have been shot down over the ocean. The trouble is that they weren’t necessarily over the ocean. And who remembers an Atlantic crash of an airliner where debris such as luggage did not wash up all up and down the Eastern seaboard?

    “If airliners went down in the sea, the secret could not have been kept for long. It’s fine to be entertained by this stuff, even if it is a bit morbid. But let’s not lose our senses.”

  6. “What I’m really saying Mary, is that now I know the gov did it and it was a controlled demolition. I just found it odd that 2000 plus people who supposedly were at work in the towers that day, that they all died, that no one survived with injuries and were taken to hospital. There were people at the hospitals being treated due to falling debris outside etc, but they were not people who had been inside the towers. Plus, so few bodies were ever found, all were only ashes left, which makes me suspicious that that many people were inside. Maybe no one was inside. I don’t know, but the official story is absolutely false.”


    Are you really this stupid? Do you really think that much is left of a body to recognize if it gets flattened by falling floors? Why dont you ask someone to stand under a falling concrete floor and then ask a family member if they can recognize their loved one after that. And they were not supposedly at work that day, they were actually at work that day in the towers. Or were that just dummies falling out of the windows to the floor that day? Just wondering who pushed out the dummies though. And why is it suspicious that that many people were inside? You do know that the escape down was impossible in one of the towers, because all the elevators and stairs were severed and destroyed. So all the people above the impact zone had no where to go. And they died when the building collapsed on top of them. Did you not see footage from people inside the tower waving to helicopters that day to help them? Or was that all fake?

    I wonder where you got this little gem, Mary. Must be from a room with padded walls I guess.

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