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When We Lie Down with Dogs, We Get Up with Fleas…


poland-and-warheadUS troops training over Torun, Poland (L) and a nuclear warhead (R)

by Rohan Millson

Who’s yelling the loudest about “Russian aggression?” (and thus pushing us into a New Cold War, and towards a possible World War III?)

The answer is: the USA and its client states Poland, Romania, and Lithuania… (along with three tiny, Baltic States, Estonia and Latvia).

Here’s what the International Criminal Court has to say about these miscreants:

“…the CIA subjected ‘at least 27 detained persons’ to rape, torture, cruelty or outrages upon personal dignity while in Afghanistan.

“And other States Parties to the Statute (namely Poland, Romania and Lithuania) [did so] between December 2002 and March 2008.”

What the ICC is describing here is

* “rendition” [kidnapping and transport] of uncharged ‘suspects’ to

* “black sites” [secret American torture chambers around the world], where their

* “advanced interrogation” [torture; inquisition?] may include being raped.

These four war-crime-committing NATO members are the same four countries that are currently staging provocative military maneuvers, and building up troops and caches of weapons and materiel, right on Russia’s borders.

Note: The fact that German Leopard tanks were chewing up the earth of the Baltics on the 70th anniversary of Russia’s crushing of Germany in the 2nd World War — during which the Germans killed somewhere between 20 and 30 million Russians and other Soviet citizens — was spectacularly insensitive.

These war crime-committing NATO members are deploying defensive ABM “Aegis Ashore” missile systems on Russia’s borders, which can within 24 hours be converted into offensive nuclear weapons. Russia would be defenseless against such missiles, because St Petersburg is 5 minutes’ flight time from Poland, while other cities are a similar death sentence away from Romania.

Think about that. How would that Bomb of Damocles make you feel if it were dangling from a ravelling thread above your head? Anyone remember the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, which had kids “ducking and covering” under their desks at school while their parents were at home digging fallout shelters in the back yard?

Because of their governments’ foolish, codependent enabling of US nuclear brinksmanship, all Romanian and Polish citizens will henceforth live under constant threat. They may be turned into charcoal dust, as the Russians are forced to paint a big white X on their cities, in MAD (mutually assured destruction) retaliation.

But, hey, it’s good for American corporations cos they get to sell lots of expensive, single-use blow-uppy stuff, and it’s bad for the Russians cos they have to divert scarce resources to defend themselves.

If we live in a NATO-member American colony, or some other US vassal state such as Australia, South Korea or Japan, the people who’re committing these crimes and stupidities are…


We’re the enemy. For only a short while longer, I hope, we’re on the wrong side of history, morality and truth.

Torturers-R-Us and the warmongers are the same people.


[And the supporters of terrorists in Syria and elsewhere, but that’s not? another story, for a different time and place.

Still us.]

No wonder the western propaganda machine is threatened by RT for merely doing its job of reporting important news such as this, while western presstitutes like the New York Times and the Guardian pontificate themselves into irrelevance (never this century having encountered a war they didn’t adore and glorify).

Fortunately we have in Donald Trump a president-elect who says he wants to end this insanity of constant warfare. (Will he be allowed to, I wonder? Will he still be alive come January?)

No wonder the arms dealers in the UK and the US are gibbering in fright.  Along with Jens Stoltenberg of Cold War-relic NATO, arms dealers are terrified that the stupendously profitable War Dividend milch cow — on whose teats they’ve been sucking for decades — is about to (udderly) dry up.

No wonder reactionary American traitor George Soros and his fellow Deep State conspirators (whose 001 agent, Crooked Hillary Clinton, just got tossed onto the slagheap of historical irrelevance, praise be) are organizing. They pay for counter-revolutionary Snowflake demonstrators to spit their dummies and throw their toys out the cot in New York, Chicago, LA, and Portland.

Trump warned the Neocons, the lobbyists, the political action committees et al that he’s coming to drain their swamp of corruption in DC. Therefore Trump’s revolution is an existential threat to them.  They’ll cry havoc and unslip all dogs necessary to stop him, including Soros’s speciality around the world: an NGO-sponsored Color Revolution (called the Purple Revolution in the States) and, possibly, assassination.

Although many of the loudest people out there don’t know it yet – perhaps because they can’t shout and listen at the same time? – Trump represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance for humanity to break free from the insidious, inseparable forces of repression called Neoconservatism, Neoliberalism, Hegemony, Globalism, Fascism and Corporatism.

All of us who “like living in countries,” rather than under an unelected Oligarchy, which relies for its persistence upon a militarized police state, should adopt Donald Trump as our (yes, incredibly polarizing) champion. And we should pray that he ends Bush II’s and Obama’s fake War on Terror and wins his real War on War.



— Rohan Millson is the author of Why Animals Aren’t Food: How Low-Carb and Paleo Diets Sicken and Kill Us (Amazon). The follow-up to this book of best nutrition science to date, is The Low-Carb Bullshit Artists Are Lying Us to Death, is due out early in 2017. The author is co-founder of Greyton Transition Town in South Africa, and also of the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary, which is home to 77 rescued pigs, 31 rescued sheep and sundry other farm critters. You’re very welcome to go through your parents’ pockets and send us all the pieces of paper you find there with pictures of dead presidents on them. rmillson@iafrica.com. 

Phot credit: www.dailymail.co.uk/


  1. “We’re the enemy. For only a short while longer, I hope, we’re on the wrong side of history, morality and truth.”

    Thanking you, Rohan.
    Very short while longer, I hope. Like 6 months max.

  2. The one important thing that everyone should keep in mind about Trump is he is going to be surrounded by Swamp rats from both sides, Putin deserves great credit in that he has gone out of his way to try and avoid, an all out war with the US while still trying to protect Russia interests

    • If Trump ever actually gets to the Whitehouse, being surrounded by swamp rats shouldn’t bother him too much as I would suggest he’s one of them. During all the time the campaigning has been going on he’s been giving Freemason signs left ,right and backwards. Even sitting in the Whitehouse next Obama ,he was at it.. A couple of months left before the inauguration. A lot can happen in that time, and probably will.

      • Thanks, Kevin, this is surely a serious issue. I have seen a video of the late — I mean not completely late — Pope Benedict XVI, a.k.a Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, aka Ratso — giving Mason handshakes to all and sundry.

        And I know from Eustace Mullins’ valuable book “The Rape of Justice,” that an accused in a courtroom, and probably a litigant as well, can make the signal and get the complying judge to rule in his favor. It is a biggie, biggie, biggie.

        At least Trump is not doing the Satanic hand signals?

        • Yes Mary, he’s been caught on camera doing that as well as the Popes, plus everyone else and his dog. Just Google “Images of Donald Trump and Satanic Salute’.

  3. Sorry to distract.
    But KSM has been in US militrary prison in Guantamo since about 2004.
    Under waterboard ‘enhancement’ (as inferred by Ruddock, ex MP [amnesty badge wearer] it does not amount to torture) way back, about 83 times a month, he confessed to planning 911 from A to Zee. Move over, Bin Laden!
    Any chance of a public trial by now?
    Do we not have a system that suggests; justice delayed is justice denied? Ok, Mary that only applies to a civilised legal system.
    Let us wait and see if Trump is fairdinkum and does a 911 exposure.
    Otherwise, ‘they’ have merely advanced from the anus to the cow splat patty. Same result, only fles may be associated in character with fleas……. aka, now as ‘flyeas’.
    Nevertheless, Hilary would have been worse!
    Sorry, cannot resist: Our mass media, shock jokes, politicians and ABC journos are typical ‘flyeas’?!!

    • Sorry, to be clear,
      E.g. msm journos produce bs and attract breeder flies. Dogs with fleas, only need an occasional loving hose down with medication.
      Thus the contrast between the msm flies and the internet exposures.

  4. Well if it isn’t a ray of sunshine from The Guardian (of all people). I quote them from May 15, 2105:

    “Poland is paying a quarter of a million dollars to two terror suspects tortured by the CIA in a secret facility in this country – prompting outrage among many here who feel they are being punished for American wrongdoing.

    Europe’s top human rights court imposed the penalty against Poland, setting a Saturday deadline.

    It irks many in Poland that their country is facing legal repercussions for the secret rendition and detention programme which the CIA operated under then-President George W Bush in several countries across the world after the 9/11 attacks.

    So far no US officials have been held accountable, but the European court of human rights has shown that it does not want to let European powers that helped the programme off the hook.”

  5. Thank you for this great article and for keeping this topic on the table, Rohan.

    WOW (sic) – what a big topic … rather than just provide echo, I would like to share a couple of complementary resources for fellow readers (one at a time – apart from the standard Duran, RT, RI, Fort Russ, Sputnik etc).

    It is worth spending time listening to interviews with President Vladimir Putin himself (some are voice translated, others transcribed with English subtitles).

    Inessa Sinchougova (“Inessa S” youtube channel) is a favourite … here are a few featuring V. Putin talking about the topics at hand with few passages transcribed here.

    • Putin on Obama’s failed promises [Guantanamo]

    “They once said they would close down Guantanamo – and? Is it closed? No! To this day there are people there, shackled in steel ankle bracelets – Medieval cruelty! And all the human rights organisations have swallowed their tongues – no one says anything to them.

    Fine, this is a humanitarian issue, and only affects a few dozen people – but it’s difficult to grasp that this is possible in the modern age. These people are serving a sentence without a trial! I simply can’t imagine it – can you imagine if we had this here?? It blows my mind.

    But okay – this affects a few dozen people only. Nuclear security is a global issue! “ (President V. Putin).

    • Putin’s Warning: Full Speech (St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016)

    “Nobody is going to know what is being done – not the Romanians, and the Polish won’t either. Do you think I’m not familiar with their strategies? Ha! From what I can see, we are in grave danger. … I don’t know how this is all going to end. What I do know is that we will need to defend ourselves. And I even know how they will package this – “Russian aggression” again! Is it not obvious that I must guarantee the safety of our people? (President V. Putin).

    • Putin warns of nuclear war

    “Your people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you NOT understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? … while they pretend that nothing’s going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore …” (President V. Putin).

    Last one for now – did I mention the impressive Maria Zhakarova (Russian Foreign Affairs)

    • American stupidity is worse than terrorism – Russia

    ”Enough already yet!”

  6. The only thing positive we’re going to get from Trump is a big awakening for the people who didn’t already know that the government is completely corrupt and illegitimate. This is no small thing, and those of us who wouldn’t in a million years have considered voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump may end up feeling grateful for the experience.

    “We’re the enemy?” That’s like saying the neck is responsible for the hand having slapped someone. Yes, the neck is connected indirectly to the hand and part of the same body, but could it have stopped the hand from doing the slapping? I take no credit for the actions of my corrupt and illegitimate government. My only responsibility is to oppose it when it’s wrong and BOY is it wrong!

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