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“Fake News” Clampdown – But The MSM Have Been Dishing Out FAKE NEWS For Decades


untitled-stitched-01Google’s entrance and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

by Dee McLachlan

I couldn’t help recoiling when I heard ABC Morning’s host, Virginia Trioli, smugly state that “Fake News” needs to be shut down, as it is unfairly competes with, and distorts their (ABC’s) real and truthful news. I don’t have her exact wording, but that was her overall message.

This was reported in The Age a few days ago:

“Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Monday that it is working on a policy change to prevent websites that misrepresent content from using its AdSense advertising network, a move aimed at halting the spread of “fake news” and other types of misinformation on the internet. [My emphasis]

“The shift comes as Google, Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc face a backlash over the role they played in the US presidential election by allowing the spread of false and often malicious information that might have swayed voters toward Republican candidate Donald Trump.”

I find it an extraordinary claim, when most of the mainstream media was spreading malicious content about Trump.

Let us disregard for a moment the fake sites that are just set up to collect revenue. This is about censorship.

And I believe mainstream media has finally met its match.

Will an Anonymous video be considered fake news? Well, during the lead-up, I viewed one of their videos about a poll they had conducted. They sampled 50,000 people (1,000 per State) — and closely predicted the outcome of the November 8th election.  All the MSM (mainstream) pollsters got it wrong. Who is fake — and who is fudging it?

Would they consider the much read site, What Really Happened, as a fake?

The MSM are facing a crisis, and they are not quite sure what to do.

This Buzzfeed chart has them worried. (But I’m concerned as to who determined what was fake and what was real.)


Buzzfeed’s headline “Viral Fake Election News Outperformed Real News On Facebook In Final Months Of The US Election,” quoted a professor of political science at Dartmouth College, Brendan Nyhan, who researches political misinformation:

“Even if they did not swing the election, the evidence is clear that bogus stories have incredible reach on the network. Facebook should be fighting misinformation, not amplifying it.” [he is a Professor in the Department of Government at Dartmouth College.]

Who is he to say what Facebook should be doing? The article goes on…

One of the biggest false stories claimed “Clinton sold weapons to ISIS.”

This link goes to the Political Insider.com, which ran, “WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL!”

This story was run by Snopes, Blacklisted news, and others — basically claiming the policies of Clinton led to weapons flowing to (ISIS) rebels. Global Research’s headline in their article, was worded:

“Wikileaks Says They Have 1,700 Emails Proving Hillary Clinton Knew about U.S. Military Weapons Shipments to Al Qaeda and ISIS.” [My emphasis]

The Washington Post reported on September 11, 2013, that,

“The CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels in Syria, ending months of delay in lethal aid that had been promised…

“While the State Department is coordinating nonlethal aid, the CIA is overseeing the delivery of weaponry and other lethal equipment to the rebels.”

Rebels, terrorists, ISIS terrorists? What a mess. And just a matter of degrees in truth or fake-ness. Will the Washington Post be considered part-fake?

It is confirmed that the status quo (with Hillary) supported war, plunder and murder.  So let us talk about…


The mainstream media, including Australia’s ABC, have been dishing it out for decades.


Don’t mention Port Arthur, or 9-11, or Building 7. They REFUSE to discuss or disclose ANY information that might upset the official narrative of those events.

The list goes on and on, and the MSM and their staff have long been dumbed down not to challenge anything too big or conspiratorial.

In an article on Gumshoe, entitled “Why the Kennedy Assassination is Still Important,” James O’Neill writes,

“What is of particular interest in 2015 is the extent to which the mainstream media will go to suppress the real evidence; promote absurd “revelations” as SBS did last year in promoting the “accidental” shooting of Kennedy by a Secret Service agent in a car following the presidential limousine; and the persistent defaming of those who point out, for example, the scientific impossibilities of the official explanations of deep events as “conspiracy theorists”…

“Buildings falling at free fall speed (9/11); magically impregnable passports (7/7 in London, 11/13 in Paris; energy deficits in projecting steel beams, pyroclastic clouds and powderisation of concrete are only a few of the huge number of anomalies that David Ray Griffin and others have detailed as essential components of deep events…  the media simply ignore it.”

The media simply ignore it…

The media simply ignore it…

The media simply ignore it…

The media simply ignore it…

The media simply ignore it…

The media simply ignore it…

The media simply ignore it…

The fake media simply ignore it…


–More articles on the fake MSM: 

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  1. Her Bossness has published many sharp attacks on the MSM here at Gumshoe. To browse them, just press the button marked “Media” at top of this website.

    I just went for a browse and came across something in an a June 2016 article written by m’sef. I quote it:

    Frankly I doubt that inciting folks to war is a crime. Going to war is usually just dandy. Going to a false war? Ah, let’s turn to the dishonesty section of the SA Criminal Law. That’ll be Section 139.
    “A person who deceives another, and by doing so

    (a) dishonestly benefits himself or a third person,
    (b) dishonestly causes a detriment to the person is guilty of an offense. Maximum penalty, imprisonment 10 years.”

    Note: You may wonder why you don’t hear of that crime very often. I think it may be because there is also a tort of fraud: you can sue in a civil action if a person’s deceit has caused you a loss. As with medical malpractice, the doctor is much more likely to be sued than prosecuted, as the patient will be compensated monetarily.

    Stll, private prosecution is still possible. If you would like to fund such a thing please contact Dee. We’re not talkin’ gold coin donation, if you know what I mean.

      • We do not need the ABC. The internet is the ‘go to’ and usually free.
        We can pocket what Murdoch pays, ignore his media and use a billion a year, in saving, to help pay off our National debt, that we are paying interest to the bankers for.
        After all, most of the ABC and SBS staff would love to work for the Murdocracy…………..they still will not have to think very much and continue to ignore 9/11 and General Wesley Clark’s report on the plans to go kill heaps in 7 countries in five years…..Oops, it is now more like 15 years of killing based on deception and lies.
        But it gives the ABC phoney lefties a cause to spruik, being the ‘refugee invasion’ of Australia and Italy and France and Greece and The Netherlands and Sweden and the US and and and ……. well done ABC deceivers.

  2. I am not a great fan of Lisa Haven but this is a must watch and send it on to you favourite fake journo.


    Mary, you better be careful what you say in your videos!

    For a good expose’ on fake government and their fake ‘news’ presented by fake msms and their whores, read D R Griffin’s book” ‘Cognitive Infiltration……”
    Basicly, Professor Cass Sunstein promotes the abominable undemocratic/fascist/Goebbelitistic idea that the government should infiltrate internet news etc., with BS. and fakery…..Right! And he is a Law Professor!!!
    For a review of Griffin’s book see:

    For what they are doing and now enhancing, see their master at
    http://www.psywarrior.com/Goebbels.html and note his techniques……………….. find anything different to what they are trying now………..The genuine “DEPLORABLE(s)”!

  3. “This is about censorship.”

    yep. and google – are the worst. started out with a motto, something like, “don’t be evil” – only to drop that, and turn downright evil.

    there was a time, when you wanted to search for something, google would let you find it, but as time went on.. google would pretend it just didnt exist any more.

    according to google maps, there is no such place as palestine any more. it doesnt exist.


    • Tell that to the Aussie light horse brigade at Beasheba (sp.?) In about 1917.
      The number of Israeli apologists who claim that Palestine did not exist prior to about 1948 should bow to those Aussies of the light horse brigade who fought the then masters, the Turks.
      Google maps is a abomination to deny history.

      • In addition a place called PALESTINE was mandated to the Britsh after WW1 whose comonwealth {our) soldiers were murderd by terrorists, (King David hotel for example) many of those terrorists were later ordained as alleged respectable members of the Israeli government of the UN invented new state called Israel.
        So google, best to google off with your lies and deceptions.
        The deplorables are not so stupid as google.

          • Look up Dr. Dunegan’s expose’ on the manipution of sport to console and control the masses by the introduction of ‘soccer’ to the collesium, used to distract the peasants.
            Ask government how much of our money is being transferred to new age coluseums. Think, why did the Romans spend so much on coluseums. All fake!
            Those in the know have been buying up soccer interests for profiteering.
            I suspect that has been refined to national conditions. See the many pages of the Murdock press on rugby league spoilt brats, it is full of rugby league crap, followed up by msm tv distractions, from reality.
            Oh shit, he has a corked thigh and may be out for a game or two….? Complete globalist fascist bs.

          • By the way, the brat; is screwing you know who, king hit a police officer, belts his latest society screw, has a pocket full of ice and was abused as a child and manipulates the Telegrap social pages as a victum who is now under treatment for personal issues. Now that is a Tele typical story.
            Sorry about how many children are orphaned following the Howard coaition of the killing.
            Murdock Daily fake Telegraph; give it a miss you lot are NWO globalist anti-Australian fake(s) manipulating our parliamentary representatives who would not know if the Bondi tram ran up their anus” whilst the conducter rang the bell.
            (Apols; to Phillip Adams [ABC, where else?] for the quote. One day he might hear the bell)

  4. Just saw link to this in the comments on “What to Do About ‘Fake News’” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45879.htm

    Matthew Sussex of ANU’s National Security College says, “..Australia will eventually have to “re-nationalise” its internet, not only taking a more activist approach to warding off cyberthreats from abroad but promoting its own ideas and values in its own backyard. And that would represent a sea change to the internet as we know it.”
    SMH September 9 2016 “Who controls our news? Welcome to the era of Russian and Chinese information war” http://www.smh.com.au/world/who-controls-our-news-welcome-to-the-era-of-russian-and-chinese-information-war-20160907-grapkr.html

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