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Boston Marathon Bombing May Have Been “Gladio”



by Moti Nissani, PhD

Editor’s Note: This is an update of an article Nissani posted at his website in 2015.

Everyone agrees that the Gladio-Europe Conspiracy had been a Syndicate-sponsored terror campaign falsely attributed to left-wing terrorists.  This raises the possibility that contemporary terror is likewise Syndicate-sponsored.

To quote Jim Sinclair:   “The only means of being able to protect yourself will be to understand the answer to the question, ‘What is the final end game for the most powerful families that are in fact running countries and markets?’”

One month after the April 2013 Boston Marathon explosions, Richard Cottrell, an expert on Gladio-Europe, wrote:

“In the 1960′s through to the 1980′s NATO’s Gladio secret armies with their consorts in organized crime and among extreme right organizations carried out what became known as the ‘Strategy of Tension.’ . . . to convince Europeans of the ‘enemy within’ – sleeping communist cells bent on overthrowing the established system.”

Gladio continues nowadays in dozens of countries. Below, some salient characteristics of government-sponsored terror will be illustrated with just one recent example of an officially-designated act of terror — the April 15, 2013 Marathon.

The government moved to pin these two senseless explosions on two ethnically Chechen brothers, living in Boston. By April 18, 2013 the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was captured and killed.  A day later his younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was captured and injured.

Throughout this discussion, readers should keep in mind one elementary feature of the natural sciences.   In genetics or astronomy, for instance, you often have two competing views of reality.  Are proteins or DNA the hereditary material?  Is the earth flat or round?  To decide such issues, you reason, observe, and conduct experiments.

At times you reach a point where you must discard the traditional view and embrace its competitor (psychologically, this process is an excruciating task).


  1. Warnings and omens of impending terror are ignored

Acts of terror involve meticulous preparations.  Often, someone not privy to their true authorship notices them and alerts the government. Such alarms are invariably ignored: Would Al Capone heed alerts that someone was planning to kill one of Al Capone’s lieutenants, when that someone was Al Capone himself?

We now live in a land where a land where a careless joke can bring upon you the wrath of the Cheka. So you would naively expect the death squads (e.g., FBI) to jump out of their bulletproof vests when informed by reliable sources that someone is contemplating blowing up an airplane or two.  And yet, they hardly ever react.

In Boston, advance warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev came in fast and furious, including two Russian wake-up calls. The Saudi dictatorship practiced what they preached and denied an entry visa to the elder Tsarnaev brother in December 2011, when he hoped to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.”

He was allowed to fly out of the USA, attend a CIA-sponsored militant conference in Russia, and then was welcomed back to America — no questions asked. I have run across two excuses for this seeming lapse of security.

The first is “the threadbare and all-purpose mantra of a ‘failure to connect the dots.’” The second was recited by the cat’s paw-in-chief: “the FBI followed up on them, but the FBI can’t arrest somebody because of a rumor, and that is our system of law.”  This excuse is even lamer than the first, given that our Constitution keeled over in 2001.

Our system forbids torture, and yet subordinates practice torture every day, on a massive scale everywhere, including on millions of American prisoners.  It tortures or executes those who help save the world from slavery and environmental destruction.

  1. The Syndicate enjoys a suspiciously-stellar record of identifying and apprehending terrorists.

The Syndicate typically knows who the perpetrators of terror are within days and it is astoundingly successful in capturing or killing them.  Did Sherlock Holmes ever solve a crime in three days?

When it comes to identifying the killers of friends of humanity, the bankers invariably fail to notice that a crime has been committed, fail to identify the criminals, or misidentify them. We shall set aside here the bankers’ ineffectuality in ever noticing their own, gargantuan, financial crimes, or massive drug laundering operations, and shift our gaze to the deaths of people they deem inconvenient but influential.

To this day, the bankers fall short of explaining the premature deaths of numerous union strikers and ordinary black folk; influential anti-fascist, one-of-a-kind persons. Examples:

Major-General Smedley Butler at age 58; enemy of the Federal Reserve (that is, enemy of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and related banking families)

Congressman Charles August Lindbergh Sr., 65,

his grandson Charles August Lindbergh Jr., 20 months;

Louis McFadden, enemy of the Federal Reserve and powerful congressman, 60

Pat Tillman, ex-footballer and opponent of Iraq’s neo-colonization, Army Ranger, 24

Gary Webb,  “Dark Alliance” journalist, 49

Mark Pittman, financial muckraking journalist, 52

Michael Hastings, Pentagon Generals and CIA’s nemesis, journalist, 33

Aaron Russo, Nick Rockefeller’s nemesis movie producer, 64; Walter Reuther, union leader, 62

journalist and would-be senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., 38;

anti-poverty and anti-war crusader Martin Luther King, 39,

peace-loving Senator Paul Wellstone, 58,

peace-loving folksinger Phil Ochs, 35

peace-loving Jamaican singer Bob Marley, 36 — and thousands other unsolved murders of our heroes.

In Boston, it took four days or less to proceed to murder one of the new suspects  — Tamerlan Tsarnaev — and shoot, slash the throat of, and almost kill, the other Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev.

  1. No getaway plans

A related telltale sign focuses on the terrorists themselves.

We are not talking theory of relativity here, but elementary common sense:  She develops a getaway plan, plants the bombs, and escapes — preferably long before they blow up. But most official terrorists have yet to figure this out.  The poor schlemiels kill themselves, get caught, and generally do not behave as common sense suggests they should.

In Boston too, the “terrorists” didn’t try to vanish until — to their surprise and shock — they realized they were the wanted killers. On the first three days between the explosions and his capture, Jahar appeared relaxed, worked out, partied, and attended classes.

  1. No disguises

It is common knowledge that criminals and revolutionaries, in an effort to dodge capture and retribution, often assume an identity or appearance radically different from their own.

Gladio-USA “terrorists” rarely if ever bother to change their appearance.  We must therefore conclude that all Syndicate-designated terrorists are suicidal, morons — or scapegoats.

  1. Doctoring the crime scene and evidence

The perpetrators of every single incident of the Gladio-USA Conspiracy control the crime scene and evidence, and are thus in a position to make it fit their fictional narrative.

This point is so straightforward, one example from Boston should suffice.  Tamerlan’s autopsy was performed by Syndicate agents, thereby permitting the government to come to whichever conclusion suited its interests.

  1. Disproportionate quasi-military response to officially-designated terror

Once the bankers’ marionettes designate a tragedy as a “terror” incident, the physical response on the ground is out of proportion to the magnitude of the incident.  Hence, one must surmise that the goal is not to protect the public or capture criminals. It must be to reduce the number of eyewitnesses to what is actually taken place….

  1. Denying “terrorists” the opportunity to meaningfully defend themselves

In high profile cases there is the conundrum that the televised people still vaguely remember the days when the accused could at times defend himself.

With Gladio-USA, since the accused is typically a fall guy, the Syndicate is stuck with an uncomfortable dilemma of losing face by trampling over vestiges of judicial norms, or risking embarrassment by letting the fall guy tell his side of the story.

The solution:  Silence him, so that his version is never heard.  You “classify” the trial itself; deny him a civilian or jury trial — or any trial at all.  If nothing works, you have long ago mastered the techniques of suiciding or killing him.

The Syndicate’s stooges tried to kill the unarmed 19-year-old. According to one death squad (SWAT) team member at the scene, Dzhokhar’s throat was cut with a knife, leading the Israeli (just another odd coincidence, to be sure) chief of the hospital where he was being tortured to the view that Dzhokahr “may never speak again.”

image-3Zubeidat Tsarnaeva – Why are you killing my sons?

And what about Dzhokhar’s multiple, bizarre, alleged confessions, you might ask?  In the unlikely event that such confessions were made, believing them is nothing more than another affirmation of Bertrand Russell’s aphorism that “there is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action.”

Under no-holds-barred physical and mental torture you can get anyone to admit to anything.  Chase down Evelyn Rothschild with 9,000 heavily-armed brawny yes-sayers, slash his throat, and then subject him to a 16-hour-interrogation accompanied by mental and physical torture.

In that case, I can assure you, said Rothschild will not only admit to engineering global chaos, millions of deaths, needless hunger for billions of human beings, and environmental cataclysm, but to taking out Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty who died long before Evelyn was born (and whose draconian child-rearing modus operandi, by the way, imprisons his unfortunate descendants to this very day).

  1. Disappearances

In the case of Officer Collier, we can see that the script was rewritten after most people stopped paying attention. Early reports left the impression that Collier had some kind of active interaction with his killers.

One of the first officers to arrive at the scene of Sean Collier’s mysterious and serviceable murder, Richard Donohue, was himself a cop and a close friend of Collier. “A few hours later, he would be critically wounded in the Watertown shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers.”

On May 17, 2013, two members of the FBI’s elite counter-terrorism unit “fell” from their helicopter during a training exercise.  The perceptive reader would not be surprised to learn that these two men belonged to the team that “was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.”

A bit of heartfelt advice to surviving members of this counter-terrorism unit:  the murder of your two colleagues, if you are lucky, is meant in part to convince you that silence is your best policy.   Even if you say nothing, from the Syndicate’s point of view, you are a loose and loaded cannon.  They have a license to kill, and they might use it one day.  If I were you, I’d use my training to vanish without a trace. Then, when we finally get the revolution going, be sure to join us:  We badly need people like you.

To quote Ron Paul On Boston Martial Law

“Secrecy, secrecy every where and not a drop of transparency. A partial veil of secrecy surrounds each and every act of official terror, leading inexorably to the question:  What are they hiding?  The most likely answer: Their complicity in terror.”

Dave Lindorff recounts his attempts to obtain information about the suspicious private military contractors working the Marathon — only to hit a brick wall.  Somebody hired them, but no one anywhere would tell him who and why.

  1. “Exercises”

Long before the 2013 Boston marathon, the government was planning for a “massive police exercise” to take place on June 8-9, 2013.  The exercise “funded by a $200,000 Homeland Security grant,” would have involved a “terrorist group prepared to hurt vast numbers of people around Boston” by leaving “backpacks filled with explosives.”

“The basic plot was this: [the fake terrorists] . . . would plant hoax devices.” “Months of painstaking planning had gone into the exercise.”  “Officials from a dozen agencies had been meeting for months to plan the scenario. They behaved much like movie producers, recruiting students from Northeastern University and the Boston Police Academy to play the parts of terrorists and witnesses.”

Until 1999, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar’s uncle Ruslan was married to the daughter of a high-ranking CIA operations officer. Ruslan had worked for companies with ties to Haliburton. Tamerlan’s wife is the “granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, Skull and Bones member and entrepreneur in the energy industry.”

The FBI raised the specter of a fierce, armed battle, with the two brothers, asserting that they had killed a policeman.

“Officials now claim that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was unarmed as he hid in a boat in Watertown. This new version contradicts (i) Boston Police Commissioner’s account of hour-long firefight with Tsarnaev, (ii) a New York Times report that an ‘M4 rifle had been found’ on the boat where he was hiding, and the (iii) claim that “Tsarnaev shot himself onboard.”


You may ask: Will the terror continue?  My answer: Will the sun rise tomorrow?  Will the international bankers steal from you?  Will the bankers, via their governments and media messenger boys, continue to lie about inflation, unemployment, gold prices, imperial wars budget, causus belli — and everything else?

Will they go on treating their own soldiers, police, and assassins in line of duty, wounded, or dead, with indifference and contempt?  Will they continue to call their drug-running operations “the war on drugs?”  Will they continue to call their war on the American middle class and the poor “free trade agreements?”  Will they go on murdering influential American dissidents?

Will they keep doctoring the past, warping the present, and robbing our grandchildren of their future?  Of course they will—unless we forcibly remove them from power.

Yes, they terrorize, parasitize, and suck us dry again. And, since we, their meek zombified subjects, let them get away with it, they will fire up their terror and agenda—until there is nothing left of freedom, holistic or critical thinking, justice, peace, compassion, spirituality, and common decencies.

— Moti Nissani was born in Jerusalem and obtained his PhD in Genetics from University of Pittsburgh. He was a research fellow in biological sciences at Flinders University, and has taught Interdisciplinary Studies at Wayne State University since 1992   





  1. Wow, that photo of the Mom is so telling. And look how the three microphones are there to “use” her as she tells her heartbreak.

    But will the microphone-owners help her to see it all thru?
    Nah, they done disappeared pronto.

    I guess it’s up to us to help. “Society protects.”

  2. Two weeks ago I said:
    “Think of Smaug: Stupid, conceited, but large and terrifying, covered in an armour of stolen jewels. You don’t see the unprotected underbelly till you get up close. Tolkein called it ‘INSIDE INFORMATION’ ”.

    The important point is that said BEAST was only overcome because a lowly nobody snuck up when it was sleeping & voluntarily risked all

  3. A wider audience will not understand this article? the meaning of the bomb being exploded by government agents and government organizing the explosion that murdered and maimed marathon runners and onlookers is so strange that to the public whom are not familiar with governments being criminals who are above the law in the pay of the finance system is perplexing?
    In part the police having the job of law enforcement and the general public misunderstanding the difference between the criminal who is not part of the inner system of crime loosely identified as the establishment and those who are considered to be non establishment criminals for example Carl Williams, as opposed who in the news today? Marilyn Monroe who stepped over the mark humiliating the Kennedy’s with a happy birthday sing along that would be her death warrant.
    Crimes of establishment and the status quo are entirely different from crime by those who are not part of the elite.

  4. Great article! Your nine familiar patterns are bang on. I wonder why most people don’t see these now familiar patterns. It’s so obvious, you’d think they would change their MO before they give themselves away. I don’t fully understand why they do all this.Why frame and kill (death penalty) two innocent young men? That was a huge amount of planning, money and work just to have another “successful terrorist event”. By the way, files were opened by the FBI on Monday, the day of the bombing. on two people(the brothers). This was stated at the trial of one of Dzhokhar’s friends by an FBI agent. The whole thing was pre planned as we know. They tried hard to kill Dzhokhar but were unsuccessful. They also didn’t count on thousands of people around the world to support this teenager and to know that the official story doesn’t jive. This tells me that more people are opening their eyes, and articles such as this one are very important.

  5. And the always convenient placing of CCTV cameras… if they want something see… OR “they were not operable that day”, if they don’t want you to see what happened.

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