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A Comment On FAKE NEWS: Who Are The FAKERS



By James O’Neill*

This comment is by way of addendum to Dee McLachlan’s article published in Gumshoe news on 17 November 2016.

Dee refers to the publication of fake news during the recent US election campaign, a phenomenon found in both the mainstream media (msm) and the alternative web sites.

As a result of the more egregious examples of fake news published in online outlets, the msm have seized upon some particularly outrageous examples to highlight what they argue are the dangers of the dissemination of such items.  That the msm itself publishes some of the more consequential fake stories, and persists in maintaining others that have long been discredited, is not something that exercises their outrage to the same degree. 

Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction; Iran’s nuclear program; Syria’s President practicing genocide on his own people; Muammar Gadhafi’s allegedly similar behaviour; Afghanistan’s refusal to hand over Bin Laden to American “justice” and Russian “aggression” including “annexation” of Crimea are only some of the better known examples.  That millions have died or been displaced as the result of the uncritical dissemination of this manifestly fake msm “news”  is apparently ‘fake’ of a different order of magnitude.

I would like to suggest that there are at least two forces at play here.  It is not a random critique that we are seeing, but one that is clearly coordinated across the msm.  That is not especially difficult given the overwhelming concentration of media ownership in a very limited number of companies.  Australia is an outstanding but far from unique example, where two families, Fairfax and Murdoch, control virtually all of the print media.

The concerted attack on what the msm are pleased to call “fake news” reflects a concern that their previous virtual monopoly on news dissemination has been shattered in recent years by the growth of internet media and citizen journalists.

Recent surveys in a number of countries have indicated that more people get their “news” from alternative websites to the msm in its print, audio and tv versions.  This is particularly true of younger persons.

A loss of the monopoly on news dissemination means a loss of the capacity to control the message.  This of course does not stop the repetition of what one might refer to as the “official” version of events.

Dee refers to a number of examples, such as the Kennedy and King assassinations, 9/11 and the London bombing of 7/7 among others.  Gumshoe itself has tirelessly attacked the official version of Port Arthur among other manifestly fake official stories.

As recently as last Saturdays SMH (19/11/16) Peter Hartcher, a prime disinformation apparatchik of the msm quotes James Walter of Monash University as saying that the two Kennedy assassinations and that of Martin Luther King were signs of “some sort of societal dysfunction, they weren’t electoral”.

One supposes it is possible to describe those seminal assassinations as “societal dysfunction” depending on what Professor Walter was intending to convey.  The fact that all three assassinations were perpetrated by state agencies acting to remove threats to the deep state is something that Hartcher is never likely to mention.

That at least 75% of the adult population in the US and elsewhere now know the truth about all three events is almost entirely attributable to the alternative media and the efforts of citizen investigators to uncover those truths.

Even when revealing facts are available from unimpeachable sources, such as the ARRB documents with the assassination of John Kennedy; the Coroner’s Report in the case of the Robert Kennedy assassination; and the civil trial (King v Jowers & Others) so brilliantly exposed by William Pepper, the msm continues as Dee says, to simply ignore the truth over and over again.

One may therefore see this sustained and coordinated attack on “fake” media as a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable: that the percentage of the population relying on the msm for real news analysis is steadily shrinking.

The extraordinary attack of RT’s reporter who had asked a reasonable question regarding the specifics of which hospitals the Russian air force had allegedly bombed in Syria was illustrative of the growing panic about the influence of alternative media sources.

The reporter was abused and not worthy of a proper response because she represented a state owned media outlet.  News from such sources is apparently always questionable in Kirby’s eyes.

That such a criticism could equally be leveled at the BBC, Australia’s ABC and SBS or the US’s own Voice of America, among many other outlets, is something that cannot be mentioned.  It is a peculiarly odd definition of ‘unreliable’ when it is attached to one state owned agency but not others, let alone the long history of unreliability from so-called independent media, some examples of which were cited above.

The real reason for Kirby’s attack probably has more to do with the fact that RT publishes stories the US (and Australian) msm refuse to touch. RT’s coverage regularly exposes the obfuscation, disinformation, sins of both omission and commission, and downright lies  that characterize so much of western msm “news” today.

Ukraine, Syria and Yemen are only three of the current examples where to rely on the msm is to be seriously misinformed about what is actually happening in those three countries.

The more alarming inference to be drawn from the concerted attack on the alternative media is that it is a prelude to moves to exercise even more censorship on what we are allowed to read, see and hear.  The censorship will undoubtedly be cloaked in some “national security” justification.  This is an excuse used repeatedly since 9/11 to systematically remove what few safeguards we have against an ever more intrusive and controlling state apparatus.

Taking away freedoms in order to “protect us” has the same sick logic as the destruction of Vietnamese villages in the 1960s and 1970s that we were told was to “save them.”  Thanks to writers such as Nick Turse (Kill Everything that Moves”) we now know that destruction of civilian villages was only a fraction of the horrors that were perpetrated.

Again, the msm refuse to disclose the brutal realities of that war, fought there, ostensibly, “so we don’t have to fight them here.”

Australia is more vulnerable than most to the destruction of our democracy, because almost uniquely among developed nations we do not have a Bill of Rights or its equivalent.

To those who might argue that the argument is stretched beyond reason, ponder on the disregard that successive governments have shown for our international obligations under, inter alia, the Convention on Refugees, the Convention Against Torture, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Convention on Human Rights.

In the light of this experience can one really feel confident that the msm can be relied upon to safeguard and argue for our rights and liberties?  The honest answer to that is a resounding No.  In those circumstances the alternative media’s role is more crucial than ever.

*Barrister at Law.  He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au



        • Mary, Sheridan and Kelly to their limited credit do not pretend to be other than what they are, which are as mouthpieces for the reactionary right. Adams on the other hand has already traded on an entirely misplaced reputation as a left wing radical.
          I can imagine him at a festival of ideas, as long as those ideas were something along the lines of: how to sustain a fake image for years and find a broadcaster to go along for the uncritical ride.

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      • Paul, Sydney Morning Herald feb 1, 1995:

        In Australia, the Mr Bubbles case collapsed from lack of evidence. Although the principal defendant in the Mr Bubbles case, Anthony Derens, later confessed to fondling adolescent girls earlier in his life, the evidence of occultism amounted to a handful of anti-Satanic books in his home and the fact that children at Seabeach chanted RamSamSam, a common children’s song…

        I got this from pedophilesdownunder.com — mm

  1. One commentator who has brilliant ‘anti-fake’ form is Gerald Celente.
    Just take note of his comments on the mass media at about 5 minutes.
    Stiff journo presstitutes; we are sick of your lies, hypocracy, deceptions, misinformation, fakery and “whoremongering”. Go find a respectable occupation.
    At least watch the first ten minutes……………..try and last the 36 minutes, Beats the msm hands down.

    • As for Faine.
      On 911:

      On the Murder of the US sailors on the USS Liberty in 1967, from the 3 minute mark.

      Well ‘the fake Faine’ seems did not correct his fakeness, even though Joe Meadors of the US Liberty organisation, who was on the US Liberty at the time of the killings, wrote to him (and the Jewish Times in Sydney) explaining Faine’s errors and that the alleged “MISTAKE” took Israel 2 hours to kill so many of Joe’s fellow crewwmen.
      It was a deliberate attack.
      So for the ABC = FAKE.
      Sell the ABC.

    • Oh! The days of our Dr Karl with the typical ABC modus operandi, reported on gumshoenews 1st December 2014 with 232 responses and suggestions in the comments and not a word from the good doctor from December 2014……………. or from anyone at the ABC? Does the ABC still have a science program?
      Wonder if he has done any reserach at ae911truth.org and seen the latest reports and analysis on 9/11.
      Well good doctor, building 7 is still remembered up to a recent conference report late this year and the ABC loses.
      Were we not talking ‘crow’ recently here at gumshoe?

  2. The nature of the fare broadcast via the ABC & SBS is known by the glitzy ads, the clown’s makeup & bizarre fashions worn by the staff, and other visual abominations. You don’t really need to look any further.

  3. This is well worth the ten minutes to listen to an actual journalist; Sharyl Attkinson, former CBS reporter in an address at The University of Nevada.
    Note the use of the ABC’s ‘Fake Faine Fantasy’ modus operandi (see the Faine interviews below in the comments) at about the 9 minute mark, used to manipulate the public with inflamatory language etc.

    ABC and SBS: We pay for what you lot suck up from the trough about a billion per year, so why do you lot not broadcast Clark on the origins of the present mess in the Middle East.

    Fake news, manipulators and liars; the people are being educated, change or disappear……………… broadcast the Goodman-Clark interview and sell the ABC and SBS to the other fakes and get your hands out of our pockets.

  4. “Everywhere we went, the narratives that we hear here in the West are just completely – almost just thrown out the window …”

    Reverend Andrew Ashdown, UK Peace Delegation visiting Syria – interviewed on UK Column News by Mike Robinson.

    * https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=zT17RRF_dLM

    I have transcribed some of the text below:

    From around 16:00
    “The five hour journey from Homs to Aleppo is a heart rending one in which we pass mostly deserted and destroyed villages and towns, but when you get to western Aleppo … people are trying their best to live with a degree of normality although there is a … shortage of electricity supply – water has been cut by the rebels – but the communities are living there together … people are out on the street – people are going to cafes – people are going to schools – and they are being bombed all the time by our so-called ‘friendly’ rebels with missiles – and people are being killed every day.

    It was quite touching – moving, that actually, on one day on the way through Aleppo we stopped at a Syrian Army check point and stopped, and had a break and had some refreshments and talked to the soldiers. The next day, that check point was blown up with a suicide bomber – all the soldiers were killed – there was an estimated 40 civilians killed and many others injured. On that one day alone there were four such suicide bombings, killing hundreds of people and injuring many, many hundreds more. I don’t THINK (sic!) this was mentioned on the Western media at all. This is happening on a daily basis. People of Aleppo – west Aleppo – are suffering under the missiles and the hellfire cannon of the rebels every day.

    … I don’t think either that we should depend on one narrative alone – there are other narratives – there are other stories – there are other witnesses – and how the mainstream media can claim to be presenting – there is no objectivity whatsoever – in the narrative – in the reporting that we are getting.

    … TWO MILLION people are being ignored in western Aleppo whilst the voices of – is it 200 thousand? – where ARE those 200 thousand? – they say 50 thousand of those are the extremist terrorists and the rest are their families – or people who are held. And we spoke to internally displaced people … who have told how they were kept virtually as human shields by the rebels before they could flee. So again, there are other narratives – there are other realities we are just not hearing – which means that the rest of the world is getting an incomplete picture – and an INACCURATE picture of what’s really going on on the ground.”

    [Andrew Ashdown goes on to say …]

    “These people in Western Aleppo are saying what the HELL is the Western world playing at? – WHY is the Western world ignoring the voices of 2 Million people in this city?

    What we are told by local people – not by government officials – particularly in the villages and the towns … the terrorists have been coming into towns and villages and destroying the homes and factories and community buildings of anybody that opposes them … the country is being destroyed by this battle, much of which is being waged from outside – it is now a proxy war inside Syria led by many, many parties and outside interests which is tragic – and the people of Syria are hurting.”

    He later relays the testimonies of young children in internally displaced refugee camps who described how their fathers and uncles have been murdered – even beheaded …

    “How can this be, you wonder. We in the West, with 1,000 TV channels, think we know everything! How could we manage to go for five years without seeing what is right in front of our faces?! It seems that our ignorance is matched only by our arrogance.” (borrowed comment)

    • Fish, I’m thinking all soldiers are now mercenaries. I have no way to describe what my (old) country is doing by supplying both sides. Which recruit in the US Army can say he is helping the American nation by the killing he is doing? None.

      And thanks to the Internet he can watch the same Youtube that you transcribed for us. (Thank you, Fish.) What will he think? His life must be full of heartache and worry and mental distress.

      Yes I realize I should sympathize with the bombed residents of Aleppo, but at this moment I am thinking of the effed-up life of Western soldiers.

      Maybe it would help all around if we called them mercenaries.

      I see that a Melbourne Gym is advertising to men that they can go work for the Israeli Defense Force. Those who take up the offer will not pretend to be anything other than mercnaries, right?

      As are the Ghurkas, I suppose? Correct me, I may be wrong.

  5. Hate to admit, but I usually flip through the free Telecrap as the computer boots up.
    Below in this article and in the comments, I think we have missed a few of the usual ‘troupe’ drowning in their own little egotistical swamps.
    See Mark Latham on page 20 of the Telecrap 22nd November 2016, titled ‘Press Ganged’.
    Not enough space to list hopeless media pundits.
    Highlighting The ABC’s (surprised?) expert Barrie Cassidy. On polling day Cassidy tweeted; “Trump cannot win, the nightmare is over.” “can anyone explain why we, as taxpayers, are still paying Cassidy’s salary at the national broadcaster?” (Amen, only him?)
    So foreign editor Greg Sheridan opined; “You can take it to the bank the American election is effectively all over, Clinton has
    Too many commentators live in an echo chamber, only associating with people who share their world view and values. (What values? Dr Day’s NWO edict? Protecting and defending whoremongering, killing, lying and protecting mass murderers….9/11?) this is what produces media group thing. (just herd e.g geese, mentality without bothering to properly and competently research the facts… like 911!)
    Its the ultimate arrogance, a blinding selfishness typical of what now passes for “progressive” politics …… The leftist media have little undersatnding of the backlash against it. (because they are phoney hypocrites and liars?)
    I am only half way through but one can understand what Latham is saying; (What we have been saying in the alternative news. Perhaps Latham reads gumshoenews.com?) The mass media is serially full of crap. ( Latham’s article is an exception)
    By the way, the NWO Lord Mayor of Sydney will be around to check your letter box soon. (Ve vil may you comply) [P.3]

  6. Attention all Fakes.
    We know about fakery…..listen to one of your courageous German ex fake colleagues explain it in the link below. It will take about 13 minutes to see how most of the corporate mass media journos are just paid and willing anti-democratic dupes and the internet has been exposing you.
    So please take note, the game is up. If you cannot be honest, get a honest job in a chicken plucking factory.

    Did you note that part about manipulating lies for war and killing? Now go home, kiss your children and pretend you are a nice moral person who cares for humanity and the children of other families in the world……….Hypocrites!!

  7. Hopefully this is a reasonable account……………..what a great description; “….it was like a …………. firing aquad”.
    I take it that he is simply referring to ‘being fired’. Oh well, we cannot have everything.
    original link found at:
    21.11.2016 at 16.52
    Wonder how our f’akes’ will fare with the New President of the United States.

  8. The fakers and political staffers, as a matter of course, (if they are exercising due diligence) monitor sites like gumshoes and note the comments.
    Well staffers for Malcolm, Barnaby, Julie, et. al, you want such an Orange experience again p o. (NSW Orange state by-election with the nationals being pissed off. Right, let’s do the amalgamation of local councils …. a UN 21 agenda for fascist control and destruction of community democratic voice)
    Perhaps the politicians might reconsider who they paid by, to water down community interests in favour of the bureacratc fascist N W O.
    Sorry, how many poiticians are even aware of the UN 21 agenda?
    Take a hint, you and your mass media fakes; you lot do not represent 99% of your employers.

  9. Madelyn Hoffman / US Peace Council on Syria

    Just sharing another testimony that the so-called media cannot afford to air.

    * “This is NOT a civil war in Syria – it is NOT President Assad against his own people – it is President Assad AND the Syrian people ALL TOGETHER – IN UNITY – against outside forces – outside mercenary forces – TERROR ORGANISATIONS”
    … Madelyn Hoffman, member of US Peace Council at press conference following visit to Syria. (see full transcript below)


    Full press conference here – featuring various other prominent and dignified speakers …

    or see Madelyn Hoffman’s segment embedded here (from 12:35):
    • Syria Truth – Assad Vilification Agenda – Syria Invasion
    • (Just prior to the Madelyn Hoffman segment, the a certain HRC says it best: “NOBODY SHOULD BE FOOLED !!”)

    Full transcription of Madelyn Hoffman’s statement:

    “My name is Madelyn Hoffman. I’m the Director of New Jersey Peace Action. I went as an individual representing myself but I’ve been a peace activist for 16 years and I went to Syria because I felt that it was important to learn from the Syrian people themselves what was actually happening in Syria because there has not been enough of – or a focussed enough response by the Peace Movement in the United States to what’s been going on in Syria …“

    “I want to make this one particular point – because I think it is very important- and it gets to the core of everything that’s been going on. This is NOT a civil war in Syria. That’s probably the first thing we heard – and we heard it over and over again – it is NOT President Assad against his own people – it is President Assad AND the Syrian people ALL TOGETHER – IN UNITY – against outside forces – outside mercenary forces – TERROR ORGANISATIONS … the names change every day, or every other day to try to protect their identity and maybe keep a connection between the country that funded it and that group … kind of a little bit more nebulous – but there are groups – mercenary forces supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States – and underneath it, ISRAEL – the State of Israel. And these outside mercenary forces are the ones that are terrorising the Syrian people and are attempting to divide the Syrian people … We are Syrians … whether you are Christian, Muslim or other – you are SYRIAN. And that’s one of the things that has enabled the Assad GOVERNMENT to withstand FIVE PLUS YEARS of this kind of outside attack …

    When it was time for the US to unseat Saddam Hussein – after years of sanctions and two wars he fell ‘like that’ [finger click]. When the United States decided it was time for Gaddafi to go he fell ‘likely that’ [finger click]. But when the United States decided it was time for Assad to go – he did not fall – and why? – because he has the SUPPORT OF 23 MILLION SYRIAN PEOPLE – and it was more before all these ‘refugees’ were created, and refugees were sent around the world.

    The whole idea of regime change – the policy of regime change if you will – it is ILLEGAL UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW – the United States has no right to do that. The United States has no right to decide for the Syrian people who their Government leaders should be. And so during my time there in Syria I felt that over and over again – who are we? – why are we presuming to know what’s best for the Syrian people. And the other part of this that I think the people in the United States need to know is that the Assad Government provides

    • FREE HEALTH CARE – FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE – TO EVERYONE. It’s part of the Government’s mission
    • FREE EDUCATION – FOR EVERYONE – from Primary School all the way through even to University and Medical School

    … and when we met with this one particular person from the non-violent opposition – we asked him – tell us, what are some of your grievances with the Assad Government. And he said well – you just heard that it costs about $50 a year for people going to Medical School … we think that’s too high (and he was being somewhat facetious of course) – but these are the kinds of policies that our citizens here in the United States are calling for – tuition-free college, universal health care – so the Assad regime [sic – corrected] the Assad GOVERNMENT is in the business of doing this and providing this to the people and without a doubt, even the non-violent opposition parties who had an issue with issues of ‘democracy’ or ‘corruption’ prior to 2011 – everyone has thrown themselves in behind the Assad Government because that’s the best HOPE – the best bet for the Syrian people.

    And so lastly I think I want to echo what Henry said – that to a person, people ask that the sanctions pharmaceutical company was refusing to send childhood immunisations from the United States to Syria, causing great harm to Syrian people. That’s not how this country – or any country – should act within the world community. So the sanctions, as we’ve learned many times, do not hurt the governments they are intended to hurt – they hurt the people. And so they need to be lifted.
    We also heard that at the border between Turkey and Syria needs to be closed so that this ‘pipeline’ of TRAINED TERROR GROUPS is BLOCKED – and no more of those groups get into Syria.

    And finally – and this is where we come in as the United States – that the United States needs to stop supporting some of those outside TERROR GROUPS. ALL of the support for the outside terror groups needs to be withdrawn and allow the Syrians to fend for themselves – the Syrian Arab Army is fighting for its life and fighting for the life of Syria. And WE need as a country to acknowledge our role – what WE are doing to cause harm and destruction to the Syrian people. And we need to STOP IT – and we need to STOP IT NOW!”

    In closing …
    “We need to STOP IT NOW!” … I hope the likes of Trioli, Faine et al will listen to such people because the more the ‘presstitutes’ suppress the truth, the more innocent civilians are massacred and the more blood is on their collective hands.

  10. Adam Garrie (The Duran, 30 August 2016) on the new (and old) media.

    The metaphor in the following article by Adam Garrie in The Duran is perfect: Western MSM = the dying animal in the abattoir … “moving in a crazed and violent manner, a futile struggle before its ultimate death”


    He opens:
    ”Contrary to what is claimed in an evidence free article in The New York Times … “

    “People in the west are turning to new media because they too have seen the disasters of endless, immoral, illegal, costly and pointless wars. They have seen the fact that globalism is about making life for corporations easier, not about making life for individuals more connected and just.”

    “The old guard are afraid, they are losing their audience and because of that they are losing the plot. They have made the newsmakers the news and this is the sign not of robust journalism but of a slaughtered beast in its final fits of agony.”

    Adam Garrie’s also makes some very insightful remarks about Putin …

  11. I heard Dee’s phone in yesterday [23.11.2016] to our famous Faine of ‘our’ abc radio in Melbourne. [774?]
    Faine said that he received information on 9/11, 5 years ago but it appears that he has not been able to come to grips with the scientific evidence relating to the collapse of building number 7. Much of which has been repeatedly examined and lately confirmed.
    Many lawyers are ex-laywers because they can not objecively handle an objective and impartial examination of evidence, (as must, a jury in appropriate criminal cases ….BY DIRECTION OF THE COURT!
    Thus, to be fair to their prospective clients. jornalism is a more appropriate occupation for such faillings………….they have a greater avenue for bullshit, bullying, sarcasm and insults with impunity. Some probably even get a payment for such by vested interests as exemplified by the Jones and Laws court cases concerning ‘cash for comment’.
    Of course not only does Mr Faine and the ABC fail in regard to 9/11 but he and it fails in regard to the murderous attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by Israeli forces.
    People will recall that he told tex Prime Minister of Australia (see within video somewhere below) that from ‘my (his) recollection; ‘it was a mistake and a missile. Well he is correct on one aspect, be it understated; It was a F’g big mistake by Israel to murder 34 US sailors on a communications ship, try to sink the Liberty, set it up to blame Egypt by jamming the Liberty radio and fake broadcast from Egypt.
    Clearly there was an intention to murder all crew witnesses by straffing life rafts.
    ‘The mistake’ is being further exacerpated by the likes of Faine trying to deceive the ABC listeners therby covering for a Israel apparent war crime when the truth is out there.
    It creates a problem with credibility and honesty within the ABC and is evidence that the taxpayer is again being crewed with deceit.
    Joe Meadors who was on the USS liberty at the time of the murders of his colleagues wrote to Faine (and the Jewish Times in Sydney) outling the real version of the events for Faine’s edification and to properly inform ABC listeners.
    Not one acknowledgement by Faine to the ABC listeners who, have a misplaced trust of ‘our’ ABC, was proffered.
    I note that in the conversation Faine was referred to gumshoenews.com (here!) by Dee and Faine said he would not go to Gumshoenews.
    If there are any decent staff at the ABC they might visit here at gumshoe and note the following link to the USS LIberty veterans site and read the account, [corroborated by Joe Meadors in his letter to Faine (and the Jewish Times)]
    There are plenty of other reports on this murder and the coverup carried out by the US.
    The ABC presumably has access to news sites, if so, why did the ABC management not explain to Faine that his ‘recollection’ was abysmal and instruct him to refer his deceived listeners to historic reports by eyewitnesses to the murders and cover up. “FAKE NEWS COMES TO MIND”.
    It was interesting that Faine’s radio program was discussing ‘Fake News’.
    Well, as it happens at;
    today there is a link to alleged ‘fake’ alternative news sites. here it is:
    Love it.
    I noted that the USLIbertyveterans.org site was listed……allegedly a pro Russian outfit.
    Thus was this comment inspired Mr Faine.
    When people scroll down the large number of sites that it classes as ‘fake’ (Russian sympathies)? one cannot but wonder that the very list is on a fake site.
    Mike Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com is proud to be listed.
    If the author of the list had any genuine insight and purpose he or she would have listed the Australian Broadcasting Commission, which drains a billion a year from the taxpayers and incurs; all up about 400.000 to Faine with super, slary etc ., plus a fair further screwing of the taxpayers for the ABC’s programs staff and infrastructure.
    As I have repeatedly said: “Sell the ABC” to a brother or sister “fake’ conglomerate and let the public use their common sense and obtain genuine news from free outlets.
    It is a pity that Faine will not visit this site and note that his credibility is shot. If he does, it would be interesting to read his comment for discussion. Nah ! No way, he will not have accesss to the d’ump switch ‘at his pleasure.
    Perhaps someone in ABC management might come across this site and comments and tell the 774 program to either cease the fakery or run off to some commercial site and try an earn a living flogging servics such as ‘ererctile disfunction treatment’ which was most popular a few years ago on radio 2GB.
    I heard on the grape vine that complaints were made to the ABC in regard to the Faine/Fraser interview and the misconceived ‘recollection’ of a ‘missile (singular) mistake’ which challenges the intellect of the most simple ‘fruit loop’ in the lolly shop.
    Readers: just look up the Liberty: For example; 2 hour attack, 34 murdered, many injured and see all the shell holes in the superstructure photograph.
    A Notice to all at the ABC. Do you not have access to a computer, are you lot blind, do you have any common sense, do you feel that by the ABC charter you have a duty to not be part of the ABC ‘fakery? Do you not have any pride or integrity?
    If so, do something decent. expose the ‘fake’ ABC. (AND SBS)

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