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Twenty Questions about Tsarnaev at the Marathon


carmenCarmen Ortiz, when are you going to lift your game?

by Cheryl Dean and Mary Maxwell

Concerning Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case, I’ve penned 15 questions – in response to a similar list of 15 that Mary Maxwell had posed for the Martin Bryant case in Australia.

We think this is a good way to pin things on court personnel, and to demonstrate what really happened.  Maxwell contributed an additional 5 below, about Dzhokhar (aka “Jahar”), making a total of Twenty Questions.

  1. To Mariam Ryan, District Attorney of Middlesex County:

At your press conference you were asked the question, Why weren’t trained dogs brought in to find a bleeding and wounded Dzhokhar, allegedly bleeding and wounded, as he fled and hid from the Watertown “shootout”? You couldn’t answer that then. Why not? Please answer now.

  1. To David Bruck of the Defense Team:

Before the trial started, during a status conference, you stated to the prosecution: “we all know that this case is all about sentencing”. Why would you say this?  Were you just an extended member of the prosecution? Isn’t there a professional obligation, never mind a moral obligation, to defend your client?

  1. To Officer St. Onge:

You are the one who reportedly came face to face with Dzhokhar on Spruce St. after he fled in the SUV, then jumped out of the SUV and got away on foot. He was wounded and bleeding — why didn’t you run after him? Surely you could have caught him. It then took law enforcement 19 hours to search for him, while Bostonians were told to “shelter in place.”

  1. To Richard DesLauriers, Boston Head of FBI:

Why did you allow officer Sean Collier’s cruiser to be completely destroyed barely 3 weeks after the bombing? It had not crashed or had any chemical contamination. Isn’t that destroying evidence? The defense had not even seen the cruiser before it was destroyed. What is your excuse?

  1. To Judy Clarke, Dzhokhar’s “death penalty lawyer”:

When the remains of a black backpack was shown in court and said to be Dzhokhar’s backpack, why didn’t you mention that Dzhokhar’s backpack was white? This was the only piece of evidence linking Dzhokhar to the bombing site, yet no one on the defense team seemed to think it was important.


  1. To Carmen Ortiz, the Prosecutor in this case:

Where is the receipt for the gas allegedly purchased at the gas station, while Dun Meng, the carjackee was in his SUV with both Tsarnaev brothers, just before he bravely “escaped”. It was testified to in court that gas was pumped into the car and purchased, that is, paid for. You managed to find Tamerlan’s high school diploma (in his own car!), but no gas receipt, which was essential to prove the whole carjacking story.

  1. To US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch:

Please tell us why you allowed the cruel and unusual, and unwarranted Special Administrative Measures to be imposed on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 4 months after his capture and incarceration?  Muslim “terrorists” are all under SAM’s, all to “protect” National Security. However the flimsy 5 reasons given by Carmen Ortiz who asked for the SAM’s did not include ” to protect National Security” as one of the reasons. Tell us the real reason.

  1. To Judy Clarke:

Why did you say in your opening statement, “It was him” pointing to your client. How did you know this? Since Dzhokhar never changed his plea to guilty, what legal right did you have to announce to the world on the first day of the trial that “it was him”?

  1. To Jeff Bauman, the man whose legs were blown off:

You stated in court that you locked eyes with Tamerlan Tsarnaev while he was standing beside you at Bomb Scene One. How can you lock eyes with someone who is wearing very dark type sunglasses?


  1. To Matthew Isgur, the man who manages the cameras on the MIT campus

When you took the stand, the prosecutor played a video, Exhibit 724, made of excepts from a one-hour video you put together, covering 10pm to 11p.m. on the night of April 18, 2013. You said there are 1200 cameras on campus. Why did you show only a very far-away picture of the alleged msicreants? Can’t MIT do better than that?

  1. To Carmen Ortiz:

Why did you edit that video, omitting the actual time when Collier was killed?

  1. To Dun Meng,

As Russ Baker has pointed out, you changed your carjacking story several times. For instance you later added that Tamerlan had confessed to murdering the MIT cop. Why didn’t you provide that key piece of information in your first interview?

  1. To Judy Clarke:

Why did defense staff in Russia, in mid April 2015 — after the trial had started, beg family members to ask Dzhokhar to plead guilty?

  1. To Carmen Ortiz:

We saw a surveillance video of Dun Meng inside the gas station to which he “escaped” after being carjacked by the Tsarnaevs. In the video we see his keys hanging from his back pocket. (Shouldn’t they still be in the ignition?) Why weren’t Dun Meng’s car keys tested for Tamerlan’s fingerprints?


  1. To George A O’Toole, judge in the case:

Why did you put hundreds of documents under seal?

  1. To Dzhokhar:

Police say you wrote a “manifesto” on the wall of the boat in Watertown, and mentioned in it that your dear brother had died a martyr. What made you think he was deceased? Did you see him on Adams St?

  1. To Nathan Harman, MIT student:

Heather Frizzell has done a test run, on a bike similar to yours, at the relevant stretch of the MIT campus. She found that to turn her head and look at Collier’s car would have occupied about one second and that this would not have given her a chance to notice that Dzhokhar’s clothing had writing on it. Did you slow down?


  1. To Charlene, Social Worker from the Defense Team:

According to Maret Tsarnaeva’s affidavit, you visited the accused’s parents in Russia and encouraged them to tell Jahar to plead guilty. You said there was pressure coming from “high up” for Judy Clarke and others “not to resist conviction.” How high up is high up?

  1. Sgt Clarence Heninger of campus police:

As a member of the MIT campus police for forty years, you knew the scene intimately. On April 18 you told media that the FBI had been on campus that afternoon (hours before Sean Collier was killed). Why were they there?

  1. To Dun Meng, alleged victim of carjacking:

When you were in the witness box, your gaze was fixed on Northeastern University professor Fox. Did you depend on him for guidance in answering the questions?


There are hundreds of questions that need to be answered in this case. If even a significant few of the of the unasked and unanswered questions had been answered, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev would be safe and warm, at home, right now, never having stepped foot into the Supermax solitary confines of H unit at ADX prison in Colorado where he currently is incarcerated.

What will it take for leaders of governments, particularly the United States, to have even some semblance of honest justice or even a drop of compassion or humanity?

— Cheryl Dean has been on the Tsarnaev case for three and a half years, writing articles at GumshoeNews.com.





  1. Unfortunately, Cheryl, not one of those questions will ever be answered. The lawyers, whether defence or prosecution all work for their masters in Government. We have seen that in the Port Arthur Massacre case as well as court cases.

    • Aussiemal, you may be right, but isn’t it incredible that with the large amount of people directly involved, not one of them has the need or nerve to come forward and tell the truth..

        • Cheryl, to whom could they “come forward”? What if a minor crisis actor now sees he/she was part responsible for jahar being in jail (and Jahar’s death in jail if that should occur). How can that person make good? Or what if it’s not a crisis actor but a secretary for the Crisis Actor Corporation who gets antsy (Oz for fidgety) — to whom can they turn?
          (Note: they can turn to Gumshoe but I assume they have not heard of us.)

    • I don’t agree. If we really press them they will have to answer the questions. We, the public, have to ask the questions, again and again until they feel enough pressure to answer those questions.

      • I have to agree with you there, insofar as Mal Hughes found that if he persisted he sometimes got an answer. Otherwise he had no chance of it. In tomorrow’s post you will see Phil HIngston doing a Mal.

  2. I have another question to add. There has been video shown to the public depicting a “Craft” employee at the site with a black backpack, after the explosion leaving the scene without that backpack. Why was that person not charged and in jail at this time?

    • Lookie at the logo behind Ms Beans and Rice. It says United States Department of Jugglers.

      Hey Cheryl, I never saw the bird’s-eye view of the MIT “killing” before. Who was up in the sky with a camera?

        • it also could have been taken from the closest building, from one of the 1200 MIT cameras. Collier’s murder was a massive cover up, which tells me that the Tsarnaev’s did not kill Collier, but FBI doesn’t want anyone to know who really did it. Very telling.

  3. Here are other questions: 1) To Judge O’Toole: why did you meet with the Jurors prior to the trial and told them that ‘you were a team’? 2) To Judge O’Foole: Why did you continuously refer to this case as a ‘unique case’? What is so unique about this case? 3) To O’Foole: Why did you mention in a status conference that you have not dealt with this case in the normal way? What was so different? 4) To the evil prosecutors: Why did you define the flag in pre-trial motion as something harmless then viciously describe it as a mean for radicalization during the trial? 5) To O’Foole: Why there were no Muslim jurors picked for the jury? They certainly could have explained to the other jurors the harmless documents that Jahar was reading. 6) To the fingerprint FBI specialists: Did you find Jahar’s fingerprints on the steering wheel of the Mercedes SUV? You told the jurors that Jahar escape by driving it? You never mentionned any fingerprints on the steering wheel? Why? You also never mentionned any fingerprints inside the back passenger doors knob of the SUV. How do you explain that Jahar exited the Mercedes many times, namely to put gas in and to exit to go inside the gas station to pick up snacks? 7)To the world: how do you explain the picture of Tamerlan coming out of the store where he apparently just purchased 2 backpacks having a very thin face and neck and then the very next day the picture of him at the marathon he has a fat face and very large neck? 8)To FBI Fitzerald: one of your exibit has all of the calls made by Jahar between April 15 and April 18, 2013. You see no call made just prior to the first explosion and none after the second explosion. Then you have other exhibits where those calls surprisingly materialize. Why, please explain because this is a real mistery. Are the articles on the Web saying that you sometime lie true?

    I could go on and on and on.

  4. Great questions everyone! And thanks to Mary for that article on Tainted Evidence! I doubt anything can be done until at least some of the layers of the “hierarchy” are removed so that the people on the lower levels feel at least somewhat safer. If these people had so much nerve to put such an outrageous and ridiculous case in front of the public and very few (that I know of) disputed the blatant lies and propaganda, it doesn’t seem reasonable that they will come out from their hiding places and blame themselves for their actions and contributions to this fraud, especially when the public isn’t ready to receive the truth. I guess that I’m saying I don’t expect this situation to be solved through “normal” legal means since there was nothing normal or legal about it. It appears there are no “authorities” who did not have some involvement in this fraud, which makes sense so that everyone has personal reasons not to allow any others to speak out.

    Even still, the House of Cards will fall at some point when one will fall and then another and another and then the rest. We can then free whichever innocents are left alive, lock up whichever guilty ones that are left alive, and try to put things back together in some semblance of right-side-upness instead of the upside-down way things seem to be just now.

      • I believe many people have also lived and died under this system. Assassinations, wars, murders, wrongful arrests and imprisonments going back for many, many years, oppression of the poor, etc., etc., etc. There may be more before it’s over, but who knows how it will all work out? I certainly don’t.

  5. I couldn’t choose one question. What I want is “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” This should be the goal of the “justice” system and, in fact, was what we were taught to believe was the goal, the purpose, and the responsibility of the courts.

  6. Off topic, Senator Rand Paul says he will oppose senate confirmation of two of the proposed Trump cabinet nominees:
    John Bolton and Ray Guiliani, as they are “unrepentant about the Iraq war.” Ans also they are not “reasonable” people.

    I’ll say!

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