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Is the Virgin Pilot a Geo-engineer?


chemtraiTrail photographed over Melbourne in 2014, lasted five hours

by Phil Hingston

A year ago, on November 10, 2015, I was moved to write this letter to Virgin Air, specifically addressed to John Borghetti, CEO:

Dear John,

Just a note to say Thanks! for the great spray job Virgin has been doing over these last years. You know, geoengineering and all that.  Especially appreciated was yesterday’s Brisbane to Canberra run, in the Embrayer (VH-ZPK), not to mention today’s monumental efforts from all parties concerned.

Actually, I prefer white hazy looking skies rather than the Oh-so-boring deep azure blue skies I grew up with.

Just a quick question about the contents of the spray mix. Is it really aluminium,  strontium and barium sulphates?? (plus assorted polymers and stuff). Could this not be bad for us???

If so, have any health studies been done on the effects to biological life on the planet??

If the answer is affirmative, would you be so kind as to let us (we the people) know exactly what it is that you are doing to counter the effects of the spray. Thanks in advance…

Or should we just wear gas masks all the time.

Phil Hingston

Needless to say I never got a reply.

This week I was enraged to see – again on a 20 November date — Qantas A380-812 dumping a chemtrail (Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering) over Sydney, en route from Melbourne to Los Angeles. This was at 12.30pm.

It was flying at 33,000 ft at 502knots. Earlier in the day, at 9.59am, I witnessed a high altitude Embrayer jet owned by a company called Jetgo, (never heard of them) doing the same thing. It was flying from Port Macquarie, NSW to Essendon, Melbourne at 36,000ft doing 410knots.

“What’s a Chemtrail??”

The mad scientists participating in these programs call it STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL INJECTION(SAI) or SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT(SRM), or STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL GEOENGINEERING(SAG) or other “technical names” to scientifically legitimise their academic endeavours and, of course, their paychecks.

What harm could there be in pumping BILLIONS OF TONS of nano-particulates of aluminium, barium, strontium and god-only-knows what else into the skies around the planet.

If one googles “chemtrail” you’ll be led to crazy conspiracy websites, like Metabunk, which will lead you to the conclusion that anyone raising concern over this issue is a raving lunatic, desperately in need of medication.

In that case, put the soon-to-be-ex Director of Central Intelligence, John Brennan, into the same category. (He is, of course, a bona-fide raving lunatic — and genuinely dangerous).

You also must watch UN, Whistleblower, Harvard, US Court Hearings, on Chemtrails here.

Why do these people make life so easy for we “conspiracy realists” to identify and make fun of them? Beats me.

Or what about the Australian Federal Government, specifically, The Office of the Chief Scientist? Are they crazy too? On second thought, don’t answer that.

Here is an OCCASIONAL PAPER from the Chief Scientist for Australia

“These occasional papers from the Office of the Chief Scientist take relevant science from the research world and translate it for a general audience.”

Most of this paper is nonsense and disinformation, but hidden within are a few gems of truth, like all good propaganda.  Specifically, the opening few paragraphs.

“Geoengineering is a controversial strategy to tackle global warming (in 2012, it was still called “global warming” but now it’s called “climate change”). It has recently attracted the interest of scientists and policy-makers around the world” (like the CIA Director John Brennan)

And this,

“There is currently little governance of geoengineering, and any action taken by individual countries or companies could have far-reaching implications for the entire planet.” [Go figure!]

Or this gem.

“Geoengineering is an attempt to combat global warming independently of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. There are serious risks associated with some geoengineering methods and they remain unproven.”

Ya don’t say!! What could possibly go wrong?

I’ll skip to Page 3, second column, third paragraph.

“Techniques for getting sulphate aerosols to the upper atmosphere include weather balloons (??), high altitude planes, or long tubes supported by balloons(??) connected to a sulphate source.  The latter strategy appears to be the most technologically and financially feasible method of SRM.” [emphasis added]

What about “high altitude planes”. Bingo. They’re already flying around anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone, by shoving a few tanks and nozzles in the planes, tell anyone who notices that they’re just contrails, and anyway, chances are that no one will even notice.

Hello Virgin. Hello Qantas.

These “modern contrails” tend to stick around in the sky and spread as they disperse, whiting out our beautiful deep blue skies.  And eventually, whatever has been sprayed up there, comes down to earth, where every living thing can enjoy the benefits of ingesting the substances with which our environment has been GEOENGINEERED.

Including our kids, our pets, our food and of course, us! Not to mention the birds, bees (anyone noticing the bee die-off)….you get the idea.

And even if a few of us do notice that the “contrails”of today aren’t like the contrails of yesteryear, what exactly are we going to do about it. Write a letter of complaint??

Done that! No answer from Greg Hunt, the Minister of the Environment. How about writing to the media? Done that. Alan Jones from Radio 2GB Sydney (who “prides himself” on answering every letter or communication) didn’t acknowledge receipt. Questions I posed to both were simple and straightforward.

  1. Is the government aware of the practice of “stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (SAG, SAI, SRM, etc.)?
  2. If so, does the government sanction, support and fund this activity?
  3. If so, what is the annual budget for such activity and which government agency is responsible for the award of contracts.
  4. If so, what is the purported rationale for toxifying our atmosphere with aerosol particulates of barium, aluminium and strontium?
  5. If so, please confirm the chemical composition of such aerosol spraying activities.
  6. If so, have studies been conducted on human health implications.

No answer. Not a peep. Nada. Nichts. Zilch!!

Could we have stumbled on a real-life conspiracy, one which hides in plain sight and that no one is talking about officially??  It appears that this topic may be the subject of a “D” Notice. (But since it doesn’t officially exist, we should be OK). Maybe Wikileaks could help us out.

In my travels recently, I have personally witnessed this Worldwide Geoengineering Program in Germany, the UK, Turkey and of course Australia. International reports are numerous from the US, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere.

This issue is one of the many 800 pound gorillas in the room. Toxic vaccines, cancer-causing GMOs, child sex trafficking rings at the top levels of governments worldwide, rogue elements in the militaries and intelligence agencies carrying out “false flags” and generally to keep us all in a “strategy of tension”- there are many 800 pound Gorillas demanding our attention these days.

But the Geoengineering issue is one which is easily identified. Just look upwards occasionally and note strange, persistent, milky white trails being left in our skies by high altitude commercial airlines.

Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin, MAS, ANZ, Singapore Airlines, Thai and Jetgo all seem to be in on it locally. I can say that even the RAAF is in on it, having personally witnessed (only once, tough) an AWACs plane doing this.

It travelled from the west of Sydney (Richmond base??), traversed Sydney’s approach corridor at a guesstimated 5000 feet (as it had no civilian transponder for positive ID) only to depart to the north east and out to sea, leaving the now familiar white sticky lines in the sky. I knew it was an AWAC plane. They sort of stick out easily with a big, flat radar array on the back. See?

wedgetail_flying_webRoyal Australian Air Force Wedgetail providing Australia with one of the most advanced air battlespace management capabilities in the world

A denial of this activity is no longer an acceptable response.  The American agricultural scientist, Dr. Rosalind Petersen, presenting to a United Nations committee in March, 2014, has already outlined the existence and severity of the issue as regards its impact on agricultural activities in the US, let alone the health implications for all of us who are being exposed to this criminally immoral, pseudo-scientific insanity. (Another video here.)

I understand that class action lawsuits are commencing in the US and Canada. How about here too?

Spread the word! Enough is enough!!

— Phil Hingston lives in Sydney and is capturing evidence for your sake. Why not help him out?



  1. Thanks, Phil. I clicked on your link to the legal action. Here is an interesting comment they made:

    “Due to the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical elements being used in these operations, climate engineering must also be considered biological warfare.” Wow.

    I will have to add that their website, which asks for donations, gives no indication of the legl basis for their lawsuit. So that raises the question “Who owns the air over, say, the ocean?”

    At Adelaide Law School there is a course called Space Law. Would you please ask them that question?

  2. http://www.news.com.au/travel/jet-pilots-fear-chemtrail-attacks/story-e6frfq7r-1226508708721

    “Threats to shoot down aircraft or harming pilots are becoming more prevalent, overt and alarming,” says Mike Glynn, a current airline captain and former vice-president of the Australian and International Pilots Association.

    “While most can be discounted as empty threats, there remains the possibility that some unhinged individual or group may act. It is beginning to cause consternation in pilot ranks.”


    Captain Mike Glynn, who describes some of the conspiracy theorists as having “room temperature IQs”, has attempted without success to reason with Kusznir and many others via willing online chat discussions, by providing scientific explanations for the contrails.

    “The upper atmosphere is generally very dry but when conditions permit, such as before an approaching cold front which forces moisture high into the atmosphere, the relative humidity becomes so high that the water vapour in the jet exhaust condenses into ice crystals and a con(densation)-trail is formed,” he said.

    In his efforts to smear all concerned people as dangerous, I asked Mike Glynn what sort of weapon he imagained a person with room temperature IQ would need, and exactly where someone concerned about the continuous spraying would lay their hands on such a weapon, he didnt answer.

    I also pointed out that the specific weather conditions for his so called persistent contrails to occur, seemed to occur remarkably frequently as trails were being laid down on an almost daily rate over my house, regardless of the weather forecast .. not much to say about that either.

    He seemed happy enough to be a media spokesperson, doing the rounds of alt web forums as well as mainstream media, I wonder if he is still singing from the same song sheet, it would be fun to hear him still defend his position today..

      • Like Mals discussions with his bowls partners, I have friends who often treat me with incredulity when I tell them my views of the world. I sometimes even doubt myself, which I think is a good thing, I mean, does a psycopath ever question their own sanity?

        I too have seen planes flying on the same day, some leaving trails, and some not, to which the naysayer would reply, different place, different weather conditions..

        but I notice often, when a trail is about to start, or stop, there is often a break in the trail at the start, and at the end, kind of like this…

        ==== ================================ ===

        so many times ive seen that, makes me wonder why the naysayers science is so inconsistent.

    • Hey Fair Dinkum, further to your news.com.au link:

      Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said: “The trail that you see from the ground is water vapor. It’s like on a frosty winter’s morning when you go outside and breathe. What comes out is your hot, warm, moist breath and when it hits cold, dry air you get condensation. It’s exactly the same with aircraft warm air comes out of the engine and hits the cold dry atmosphere.”

      Oh yeah? Well how come “warm, moist breath when it hits cold, dry air on a frosty winter’s morning”, doesn’t leave a contrail stretching back 2-3 km, hang in mid-air, and then spread out and it disperses??

      These sock puppets really do think we’re all imbeciles. They’re the one with “room temperature IQs”.

      • ” doesn’t leave a contrail stretching back 2-3 km, hang in mid-air, and then spread out and it disperses?? ”

        I live in an area famous for it’s sunshine, but on a forecast sunny day, I can watch aircraft turn the sky overcast by lunchtime. Ive stopped taking photos.. I mean if anyone wants proof, they only need look up.

        as with your warm breath analogy, if I am to accept there is nothing other than water vapour spreading across the sky, it wouldnt be silly to assume that I could turn the whole ocean red with a bucket of food colouring.

  3. I just read an article elsewhere, talking about the use of the term, “persistent contrail” – like the term “conspiracy theorist” – a way to simply disregard anything someone is saying if it makes them feel uncomfortable.

    If contrails naturally persist, ( to the extent witnessed by hundreds of thousands worldwide ) then there would be no need for the superfluous adjective, it would simply be referred to as a contrail.

    It is an admission though, they know there is no use denying anymore what everyone can see when they look up, so they need to explain it, or simply mock it..


  4. Questions concerning the chemtrail activity have been around for years on the net with heaps of photographic examples worldwide and if raised with friends, are scoffed at. Such is the success of the fakes to dupe their readers.
    I have never noted any consideration of the content of chemtrails by the fake msms and their shock jokes nor by our politicians.
    Another reason to dump the msms and their advertisers.
    Another reason why the criminals will attempt to censor or even close down internet discussion and news sites. that are deemed to be a problem to them.
    Another reason for the peasants to wake up.

  5. Mary Maxwell and I are going to attend the Sentencing Hearing
    in the Amirah Droudis trial on Wed, November 30 at 10am.

    We can arrive at 9.30am and meet (in front of the courthouse) with anyone who wants to talk about “things in the sky.” The location is the Darlinghurst Courthouse at Taylor Square on Oxford Street Sydney. The nearest train station, Museum, is not very near. The Bondi Junction bus goes by. The nearest parking is at St Vincent’s Hospital, just around the corner from the court.

    • Oops, Phil, I guess sometimes they make last minute changes, so anyone who sees this invitation, pls check Gumshoe article on the day before (Nov 29) where I will update the rendezvous
      (in Comments section).

  6. A very timely article, as on Saturday while playing bowls at Rockingham W.A. I observed a very large jet , the size of a big airliner, flying a path from west to east leaving a dual stream of chemtrail which very slowly dissipated over several hours as it drifted, like a cloud front, to a north easterly direction.

    I pointed it out to several members who were astounded at my interpretation of the event. Of course in their eyes, they were witnessing a contrail. I am sure I was regarded as a “crackpot” by most.

    But some of us know, some of what is going on in our world.

    Yesterday afternoon (Tues) a peculiar shaped cloud covered part of our sky for a short time. I have seen this type of cloud occasionally over the last few years. The very first time that I saw such a cloud was in the evening in November 1978. It was the only cloud in the sky that evening and was so different to anything that I had seen before that I took a photograph of it. At the time I was 33 years of age.

    Years afterwards while looking at this slide with the aid of a projector I noticed an anomaly which could be a U.F.O. which I had not noticed with the naked eye.

    I will attempt to send a digital copy of this slide to Gumshoenews.

    I have taken numerous photographs of chemtrail activity over the last few years. I have photos that I personally took while visiting Queensland and Tasmania.

    Most people do not see the events above them as they are too busy while outside, fiddling with their mobile phones, to look upwards.

  7. Would the close to 2000 ‘thunderstorm asthma’ attacks in Victoria recently be related to the chem trails? People who had never had an asthma attack in their lives were reporting to hospitals and ambulances.

    • People DIED:

      “DEVASTATED friends and family are mourning Hope Carnevali who died after Monday night’s thunderstorm asthma ­disaster.
      Ms Carnevali, 20, died in her family’s arms in front of their Hoppers Crossing home.
      It was reported she was a “lifelong asthma sufferer” and had a “severe attack” during the storm.”

    • Dear Frances, I think it could be relevant. I note one “medcial” website is saying the “reason” for this new morbidity is that the stong winds blew the pollen into unusually small fragments and these were thus able to enter the lung.


      • The area around Hoppers and Werribee used to be allergy central. Was once all open grazing fields with all sorts of native and invasive grasses and weeds. Its just ugly dormitory suburbs now, All McMansions, Kia Carnivals parked in school zones and big-box retailers of imported Chinese rubbish hawking lines of credit to Ahmed six-pack. Horrid, soul-less places only used for warehousing humanity.

  8. Dee I heard you on the radio show. Made me compare:
    “the US won the Pacific war in ’45 because it had the button for an atomic bomb.”

    “Jon Faine clearly won against you because he had the button to cut you off.”

    How civilized can we get? “Blood on the floor and brains on the wall”. Love it.

      • Just some addition. You say they spray chemtrails at very high altitude, so whats the use of spraying that high? Winds can blow those chemicals dozens of miles before they even reach the ground. And don’t you think the pilots won’t have a problem spraying their own families who live on the ground, or do you think they only contract people from other countries to do the spraying? Don’t you realize how stupid you sound, when you send a message to one of those airlines CEO and accuse him of willfully spraying millions of innocent people on the ground? And in all these years, the population growth has only gone up, so doesn’t seem to work now does it? So what is their evil plan? And in all these years, not a single pilot has had the balls to come out and say they are spraying the world population. They only have the balls to complain about their salary I guess.

  9. To add to the discussion on chemtrails, Four Corners aired a British doco titled “global dimming” in 2002 or 2003. It was about the recorded increase in US ground temperatures after all aircraft had been grounded after 9/11.
    From memory the theory was that all the chemtrails from aircraft flying over the US, reflected the sun’s rays into space, when there were no planes flying, ground weather stations detected an increase in ground temperatures.
    It was a very interesting doco.

  10. Since the bastards removed the John Brennan video talking about his favourite geoengineering strategy, being Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) here it is again for posterity.

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