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Just Who Is The Fruitloop Here Mr Faine?



 by James O’Neill*

Being a resident of Queensland I do not have any exposure to Mr Jon Faine, a radio host on an ABC Melbourne station.  As my name was mentioned on his program I was sent a recording of a recent show.  After listening to the show it was clear what Mr Faine’s modus operandi was.

I understand that Mr Faine has a law degree.  If this is indeed the case, then he either slept through or has forgotten what he was told in the Evidence classes.  That is a compulsory component of a law degree so he must have had some degree of exposure to the subject.

The law of Evidence, like all subjects, has its own particular requirements.  One of those is the so-called ‘best evidence rule’.  A court is required to consider only the best evidence that is available on any subject.

It manifestly does not allow anyone to cherry pick from among a range of opinions only those that equate to one’s own particular viewpoint.  Any opinion that is proffered must be an expert one from someone suitably qualified to give such an opinion.

Mr Faine’s preferred approach however is to select a particular view, and then label all opposing views either those of a “fruitloop” or that old favourite of the illiterate, a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

Again, as a trained lawyer, Mr Faine would have been taught that a ‘conspiracy’ is an agreement between two or more persons to carry out an (usually illegal) act.

Very often the official version of a given event is itself a conspiracy theory.  A simple example is the events of 11 September 2001 (“9/11”) that provoked Mr Faine’s displeasure and a rebuke to and rude dismissal of his caller, this journal’s editor.

In the 9/11 Report, the Commission upon which Mr Faine apparently places such total reliance, told us that 19 Muslim men under the guidance of Osama bin Laden from his cave in Afghanistan, conspired to hijack four aeroplanes and fly them into prominent buildings.  It is thus by definition a conspiracy theory.

But any person with a genuine inquiring mind, apparently not one of Mr Faine’s attributes, would not dismiss the official conspiracy theory on that basis.  Instead, they would pose a logical question: does the best evidence actually prove the theory?  If it does not, then some alternative theory must have greater explanatory power.

Mr Faine is so intent on using ‘conspiracy theorist’ (aka fruitloop to Mr Faine) in a pejorative sense that he forgets his legal training and chooses to ignore the actual evidence.

In the case of 9/11 the best evidence rule can rely on the laws of physics.  One cannot pick and choose selectively with physics: either something is scientifically possible or it is not.

Applying the immutable laws of physics to 9/11 we observe for example, the following:

  1. WTC1, 2 and 7 for at least some part of their collapse fell at free fall speed.
  1. The concrete in WTC1 and 2 was pulverized to an average size of 60 microns.
  1. With WTC1 and 2 there was a pyroclastic dust cloud.
  1. Steel beams were hurled horizontally several hundred feet.
  1. Molten steel from the rubble persisted for weeks afterward.

There were many other features, but those five illustrate the point.  They are all literally impossible from a combination of fire and gravitational collapse, which is the official NIST explanation for the WTC1 and 2 collapses.  WTC7 was simply ignored by the 9/11 Commission, itself telling in a different way.

For the three buildings to have collapsed in the manner that they did required the intervention of explosives.  There is argument about what types of explosives were used, but that is immaterial to the point.  The use of explosives, and the demonstrable characteristics of the destruction of the buildings are entirely inconsistent with the official theory.

Is that not something to be considered on a rational basis Mr Faine?  Insulting people who do not share your remarkably limited view is not a substitute for rational discussion.

Why then do programs such as Mr Faine’s refuse to engage in that debate?  Let me illustrate the answer to that question by reference to another historical example.

In 1968 the American civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee.  This was on the eve of what was to be a massive demonstration in Washington DC.

The designated patsy in that case (another common characteristic of state sponsored terrorism) was a small time criminal named James Earl Ray.  The details of Mr Ray’s alleged involvement are readily ascertainable and are not necessary for my point.

The King family did not accept the official conspiracy theory.  Over many years, with the assistance of British barrister William Pepper (read his excellent books on the topic, Act of State and the Plot to Kill King), the King family sought the truth about MLK’s assassination.  He was, let us not forget, one of the towering figures of the 20th century.

The King family were finally able to bring a civil action in the Court in Memphis, Tennessee.  The suit is known as King v Jowers & Others.  The “others” were the FBI, the Memphis Police Department and the Department of Defence.  The trial was held in 1999.

One might have though that such a trial might qualify as one of the trials of the century, attracting serious media attention.  In fact, only one reporter from the mainstream media attended, a reporter from the local Memphis newspaper.  That reporter’s editor refused to publish any details of the evidence from the trial.

After hearing more than 70 witnesses over three weeks, the jury took only two hours to unanimously conclude that King’s killer was not Ray.  A Memphis Police officer in fact killed King. The US Army provided back up snipers.  The FBI were co-conspirators.

None of this was reported at the time in any mainstream media outlet.  To this day, seventeen years after the trial, one has to go to the alternative media outlets or read Pepper’s books on the subject to learn what actually happened.

Those readers who have followed the aftermath of the assassination of John F Kennedy, 53 years ago this month, will recognise the pattern: a designated patsy, an official whitewash commission, ignoring subsequent inquiries, and above all ignoring the actual evidence.  It is little wonder that Mr Faine feels at home in such a milieu.

In 9/11 it was the laws of physics.  With JFK it was the laws of ballistics, mathematics and forensic pathology.  Mr Faine could easily bring himself up to speed on these matters by reading for example Jim di Eugenio’s Reclaiming Parkland or Sherry Fiester’s Enemy of the Truth.  He probably won’t, because such evidence is too disturbing to the official narrative and hence Mr Faine’s comfort zone.

The other common feature to these three events and countless others is the real conspiracy and that is a conspiracy of silence among the various branches of the mainstream media.  They obfuscate, conceal, ignore evidence and on occasion even lie about what really happened.  Mr Faine’s conduct is entirely consistent with this pattern.

Whether that conduct is tacit acceptance of blatant nonsense, ignorance or deliberate conduct does not matter.  Mr Faine is failing in one of the fundamental duties of a genuine free media, and that is to inform his readers/listeners/viewers of the truth, or at least as close an approximation of the truth as is possible in all the circumstances.  By virtue of his failure to do so, it is he who is deserving of the epithet of fruitloop.

* Barrister at Law.  He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au


The extract from Jon Faine’s show.



  1. This comment from NED is duplicated here — again. Originally posted on the previous article by O’Neill on Fake news:

    From NED:

    I heard Dee’s phone in yesterday [23.11.2016] to our famous Faine of ‘our’ abc radio in Melbourne. [774?]
    Faine said that he received information on 9/11, 5 years ago but it appears that he has not been able to come to grips with the scientific evidence relating to the collapse of building number 7. Much of which has been repeatedly examined and lately confirmed.
    Many lawyers are ex-laywers because they can not objecively handle an objective and impartial examination of evidence, (as must, a jury in appropriate criminal cases ….BY DIRECTION OF THE COURT!
    Thus, to be fair to their prospective clients. jornalism is a more appropriate occupation for such faillings………….they have a greater avenue for bullshit, bullying, sarcasm and insults with impunity. Some probably even get a payment for such by vested interests as exemplified by the Jones and Laws court cases concerning ‘cash for comment’.
    Of course not only does Mr Faine and the ABC fail in regard to 9/11 but he and it fails in regard to the murderous attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by Israeli forces.
    People will recall that he told tex Prime Minister of Australia (see within video somewhere below) that from ‘my (his) recollection; ‘it was a mistake and a missile. Well he is correct on one aspect, be it understated; It was a F’g big mistake by Israel to murder 34 US sailors on a communications ship, try to sink the Liberty, set it up to blame Egypt by jamming the Liberty radio and fake broadcast from Egypt.
    Clearly there was an intention to murder all crew witnesses by straffing life rafts.
    ‘The mistake’ is being further exacerpated by the likes of Faine trying to deceive the ABC listeners therby covering for a Israel apparent war crime when the truth is out there.
    It creates a problem with credibility and honesty within the ABC and is evidence that the taxpayer is again being crewed with deceit.
    Joe Meadors who was on the USS liberty at the time of the murders of his colleagues wrote to Faine (and the Jewish Times in Sydney) outling the real version of the events for Faine’s edification and to properly inform ABC listeners.
    Not one acknowledgement by Faine to the ABC listeners who, have a misplaced trust of ‘our’ ABC, was proffered.
    I note that in the conversation Faine was referred to gumshoenews.com (here!) by Dee and Faine said he would not go to Gumshoenews.
    If there are any decent staff at the ABC they might visit here at gumshoe and note the following link to the USS LIberty veterans site and read the account, [corroborated by Joe Meadors in his letter to Faine (and the Jewish Times)]
    There are plenty of other reports on this murder and the coverup carried out by the US.
    The ABC presumably has access to news sites, if so, why did the ABC management not explain to Faine that his ‘recollection’ was abysmal and instruct him to refer his deceived listeners to historic reports by eyewitnesses to the murders and cover up. “FAKE NEWS COMES TO MIND”.
    It was interesting that Faine’s radio program was discussing ‘Fake News’.
    Well, as it happens at;
    today there is a link to alleged ‘fake’ alternative news sites. here it is:
    Love it.
    I noted that the USLIbertyveterans.org site was listed……allegedly a pro Russian outfit.
    Thus was this comment inspired Mr Faine.
    When people scroll down the large number of sites that it classes as ‘fake’ (Russian sympathies)? one cannot but wonder that the very list is on a fake site.
    Mike Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com is proud to be listed.
    If the author of the list had any genuine insight and purpose he or she would have listed the Australian Broadcasting Commission, which drains a billion a year from the taxpayers and incurs; all up about 400.000 to Faine with super, slary etc ., plus a fair further screwing of the taxpayers for the ABC’s programs staff and infrastructure.
    As I have repeatedly said: “Sell the ABC” to a brother or sister “fake’ conglomerate and let the public use their common sense and obtain genuine news from free outlets.
    It is a pity that Faine will not visit this site and note that his credibility is shot. If he does, it would be interesting to read his comment for discussion. Nah ! No way, he will not have accesss to the d’ump switch ‘at his pleasure.
    Perhaps someone in ABC management might come across this site and comments and tell the 774 program to either cease the fakery or run off to some commercial site and try an earn a living flogging servics such as ‘ererctile disfunction treatment’ which was most popular a few years ago on radio 2GB.
    I heard on the grape vine that complaints were made to the ABC in regard to the Faine/Fraser interview and the misconceived ‘recollection’ of a ‘missile (singular) mistake’ which challenges the intellect of the most simple ‘fruit loop’ in the lolly shop.
    Readers: just look up the Liberty: For example; 2 hour attack, 34 murdered, many injured and see all the shell holes in the superstructure photograph.
    A Notice to all at the ABC. Do you not have access to a computer, are you lot blind, do you have any common sense, do you feel that by the ABC charter you have a duty to not be part of the ABC ‘fakery? Do you not have any pride or integrity?
    If so, do something decent. expose the ‘fake’ ABC. (AND SBS)

        • It is the combination of intellect, knowledge, experience, freedom, humanity, respect in free discussion and objectivity represented as expressed here that you appreciate .. I trust.
          Therefore, soon gumshoe will be listed as a fake site.
          Then what?

          • yep – all those reasons Ned. Article authors and commentators alike.

            “Therefore, soon gumshoe will be listed as a fake site.
            Then what?”

            I doubt that they can bury truth completley, and They might be shooting themselves in the foot here, if they try to censor stuff, people might become interested in seeing what they want covered up, the “Streisand effect”

  2. What Faine says and what Faines believes, or even knows to be true are not necessarily the same things. Someone should ask him about the five dancing Israelis, and see then how quickly he can hit the cut-off button.

  3. Jon — You mentioned that a big Inquiry had been done. Well, I direct you to this site:

    The article entitle: Former NIST Employee Speaks Out with
    LTE in Europhysics News

    “In his letter, Mr. Ketcham makes it clear that he did not contribute to NIST’s World Trade Center investigation. In fact, it wasn’t until last August that he began reading the NIST WTC reports and watching documentaries challenging NIST’s findings. The more he investigated, he writes, “the more it became apparent that NIST had reached a predetermined conclusion by ignoring, dismissing, and denying the evidence.”

    Mr. Ketcham closes his stunning 500-word rebuke by calling upon NIST to “blow the whistle on itself now” before awareness of the “disconnect between the NIST WTC reports and logical reasoning” grows exponentially.”

    • Absolutely totally perfect, Rediscover. We don’t exactly have a RICO of either civil or prosecutorial down here (or if we do it’s very hidden!). But under the law of equity we have always had the remedy of “disgorgement” of ill-gotten gains.

      If you up there in US (I’m guessing that is your locale) want to see an example of RICO case that can be used in any US court by a pro se litigant, I can direct you to one I made up about the Atlanta child murders (yes, as a civil suit for economic loss!). The only hassle is your economic loss has to be in the two-year statute of limitations.

      Yay RICO! Disgorgement! Forfeiture of salary! Yay!
      Jail — extra yay! Great shows on ABC again — yay!

  4. AS the ABC continues with such sloppy and untruth information, it has made itself ineligible to hold a radio broadcasting licence and should be deprived of taxpayer funds immediately. Especially after numerous complaints of such offences.

    • No, no, Mal. That’s probably just what “they” want to happen.

      ABC has a great history. Just put Dee in charge of it and we will all be fine. I can actually remember when I was allowed to speak on ABC and tell the friggin truth. (1980’s). Pardon my German.
      Why can’t it be like that again?

  5. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair.

    Jon Faine is a shill for the Establishment. He is well paid for his services. He is employed by the State.
    Australia is a captured state (for the time being)

    Jonathon Eric “Jon” Faine is a disgrace to journalism, along with so many in our corporate and government media outlets.

    According to Wikipedia, “John Faine has declared he is an Atheist, and his worldview is one of Secular Humanist,”
    “In 2011 Faine was voted by the Australian Jewish News as among the Top 50 most influential members of the Jewish community in Australia.”
    So what is it Jon, secular humanism or Judaism. Either is great but can you be both??

    I’m tempted to wonder why you are so “antsy” about 9/11 and anyone doubting the official story. Like Kevin Bracken. Like Dee on your talkback show.

    I’m also tempted to wonder why you can so very well informed on so many subjects but so ill-informed on anything which might arouse criticism or condemnation of Israel.

    Your comments, Jon??

    And whilst you stated to Dee that you DEFINITELY WILL NOT be visiting Gumshoenews, we all know that your over-sized ego
    will compel you to check in periodically.

  6. Thank you James.
    If anyone at the ABC (and SBS or any msm outlet) is able to gather the courage and deign to visit gumshoenews or some genuine alternative news site and commence to realise and come to terms with the ABC’s (and others) heinous culpability for covering up abominable crimes (Used to justify killing millions) ……………quick., quick, thump the “dump switch’………….
    Ha! None here. Thanksgiving plate for you lot.
    That is the difference between gumshoe and the ABC.
    Every week more people in the world are recognising “fake’ .

    It is ironic that with the present Australian ‘Royal Commission into Child Abuse by Institutions’, that the msm, the jokes and opinion people take delight in clinicaly disecting those of many institutions for; whilst having child sexual allegations reported to the institutional heavies, appropriate action was not taken and in cases the allegations were covered up. Many victims of such abuse have had their lives ruined by such behaviour and in cases have committed suicide.
    Those failures and the misery are being exposed in court cases going back many decades…even to the 1970’s.

    Now ABC, msm and the politician class, what is the contrast between; leaders of institutions ‘covering’ for such heinous criminal perversions and the msm and politicians covering up for mass murderers and lies used to justify; invasions of innocent countries, killing of hundreds thousands mums and dads, creating tens of thousands of orphans, destroying children’s expectations of education and society, just to steal their inheritance provided by their country’s resources?

    Don’t know?

    Well I will tell you: The MSM FAKES covering up mass murder used to justify mass killing, theft and destruction are lower than a common cockroach, be it even a Bishop cockroach, who has covered for child abuse.

      • Possibly but in this context we do not see many of our current fakes/ers and their staff in the battlefield doing the killing and being killed or returning with psd …….do we? The pay is not enough!

  7. Dee, we are all proud of you for being persistent. Dog-with-a-bone type thing has paid off. Please stay on the track of exposing the errant ABC.

    I was just reading about the late art criic Robert Hughes.
    His New York Times obituary noted:

    In 1978 he was recruited to anchor the new ABC News magazine “20/20,” but the reviews of his first broadcast were so disastrous that he was quickly replaced by Hugh Downs.

  8. Perhaps for some completeness a little history should be glimpsed with this discussion as I have a moment to reflect. Judgement of the ABC and pòor Faine may be placed with the larger picture of fake news.
    Readers should also be acquainted with the comments and videos in the commentary of James’ first article about 4 reports hereunder.
    In the previous article I noted that the USS Liberty site (upon which I have commented) was tagged as a fake site along with a few others that I am familiar with, such as http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/
    Also listed was the informationclearinghouse site.
    What is not listed are any of our msm media sites in Australia.
    Then why not?
    Reflecting, I recall the Faine/Bracken scenario in October 2010.
    That morning the federal member for Kooyong, Frydenberg MP, now PM Turnbull’s environment minister directed a question to the then PM Gillard castigating Kevin Bracken. The video is in the comments in the first article.
    For a separate search just google ‘911 Gillard stupid and wrong’. The Australian Parliament question time with Frydenberg and PM Gillard should come up. ( as in the Anthony Lawson video in the first article down below)
    Also, at that time radio 2ue in Sydney presented a vilification of Kevin Bracken by Steve Liebman under 911 claptrap, associating 911 truth people with irrelevant moon landing, the holocaust, Port Arthur etc., and calling Kevin Bracken a goose.
    The video of Steve !iebman and about 35 comments has since been withdran from the 2 ue web site. (I cannot find if, so for fhe Fairfax mob)
    So I made a general search on the subject.
    Well, there are slight references that I could find but I did find discussion of the subject.
    At the informationclearing site attached to a Pilger article. On or about 30th October 2010 there is some commentary.
    I am proud to report that my comments are there …. still and the record stands. Look it up ABC and George and Paul at 2ue. Some records and books are not burnt.
    Right, I hear you, get to the point. So:
    All the msm bastards are fake.
    What interests are lower than a plague of ‘crockroaches’?

  9. James, your article on a lawyer’s obligation to look at the evidence is spot on.
    I look foward to a disidation on the duty of lawyers in the context of the judiciary ( lawyers in NSW at least, are officers of the Court) being a separate institution under the Westminster System to balance the excesses of the legislature and the administrative functions , for the protection of democracy and we the people. (Considered by some to be the peasant serfs as was a custom)
    One day the fake msm might appreciate that their developed role and duty is also similar to the judicial protections in society via freedom of expression and opinion.
    Now let us consider those who have been commisioned previously to undertake their role and duties as lawyers.
    Jonathon Faine has been mentioned who apparently does not appreciate his lecturer presenting lessons in how to research and imlartially comprehend available evidence.
    Who else probably slept through the lectures on evidence?
    Consider, Ex PM of Australia of the coalition of the ‘killing’ in Iraq, John Winston ‘so embarrased’ Howard, foreign Minister Julie Bishop, ex PM Gillard and a heap of our legislative representatives. Oh! Did I omit present PM Malcolm Turnbull?
    Pity PM Turnbull, he must have slept through any physics classes at Sydney Grammer, if he did physics, otherwise he would know that building 7 could not have commenced 2+ seconds of freefall at commencement of it”s collapse unless all the supporting structue beneath was simultaneously removed.
    Oh what a great debate question he may have handled at Sydney Grammer, we await his address in debate in our legislature. (Hint from yor debate coach: Malcolm, you have to deal with scientific reality, distract them with something, try the fundamentlist creation theory)
    Oh, for ‘fakes’ sake! They are trying to drown us in it…….. just so they can go invade and kill and cover up for the mass murderers used to justify the ever present mess in the ME.

      • Bugger, i omitted to ping some of our ‘ fake’ Australian recorded parliamentary questions and debates.
        Australian paliamentary members may be devastated, if parts of the Australian Parliament Hansard reports, be they be on video, are to be categorised as being on a fake site.
        Internatonal government parliamentary debates, or equivalent, are on notice, beware, your legislature proceedings could be so classified by globalists NWO fascists freak ‘censorists’ as fake news.
        Thanks Dee for the prompt.

      • Julia’s no. 1 clanger was “I BELIEVE in the science” (climate change). Poor girl had apparently never learned to differentiate between the material world & mysticism

  10. If you have not seen it already, have a look at the image taken at ABC Melbourne of a clearly delighted Faine with Mark Regev, (Mossad media monster) one of the most shameless liars on the planet.
    Truly sickening!

  11. What needs to be understood is that a good 90% of “well-educated” individuals have an extremely poor understanding of the physical world.

    Like Faine I attended a school that had a “strong academic reputation”. The science/math area of my brain shut down shortly after I entered form 3(8th grade). There were only 3 kids in a 30+ class who had any real grip on the subject matter. By grade 10 I’d learned to do assignments in illegible hand-writing as a means of obviating marking but by the end of the year I was over it. When my certification showed up in the mailbox I simply put a match to it. Pity Mr Faine didn’t do the same.

    • Berry, an education in basic physics is not required for something like 9-11. We have all ‘dropped’ things, they go DOWN – the force of gravity pulls them towards the Earth. We have also ‘thrown’ objects – to make them go UP we have to add energy to first overcome the force of gravity and then add a bit more energy to get the arc we want.

      Steel beams and chunks of concrete at the WTC are filmed moving UP and OUT from the building. The movement of the objects is consistent with every school child’s understanding that the objects are NOT FALLING DOWN – THEY ARE BEING THROWN.

      Faine could have missed every physics class in school, but he would still have his everyday experiences to call BS on the WTC ‘collapse’.

  12. 911 is a red rag to a bull regarding John Faine, but the US Liberty fake news was in some dimensions publicly exposed on his own program by PM Malcom and afforded a 100% evidenced example of a multiplicity of associating agencies and individuals, including media, participating in failed investigations, reporting, and accountability.
    “Fake news” & “post truth” are the new Orwellian terms being thrown about to disparage and distract from the major setback the MSM delivered upon themselves with their blatant anti-Trump attitudes and coverage.
    It was amusing to watch the ABC 24 panel with their hearts in their boots and mouths open in disbelief as the results flowed in that Clinton was defeated and Trump was to be the next US President.
    I don’t have any store that Trump is much use to our problems but the fact that half the voting Americans ignored the directive of the MSM is the major story, and justifies hope of something better. We shall wait and see!
    There is also the contagious factor that will be likely a force to open up discussions and possibilities about the globe that the populous previously thought impossible in terms of actually getting what you want with your vote instead of accepting limits set by the establishment.
    Hanson will benefit in Queensland and WA, for what it is worth, to early to tell much but some fertile ground to plough for those with skills and accurate information.
    My new MP has close enough to 100 docs tabled via my collection, and additions, and I have had a 45 minute meeting discussing the info dynamics and issues.
    I have achieved an email confession from a regular ABC globalist guest commentator {Keith Suter} that the Assad gassing of his own population is a false frame up by US interests. This type of item has a lot of force when discussing our information realities considering all the associating issues.

  13. Wasn’t it so nice of The Iranians to prove positive that steel Framed high rises collapse in fires?
    How the Plasco Building Proves the 9/11 Truthers …: http://youtu.be/BxYGg5F2zgs

    Funny you people avoid this!
    What’s the matter does the truth hurt too much?

    • Thanks Carrol for bringing that up, I for one, am not surprised the Plasco building collapsed the way it did after finding out that it was apparently built by an Iranian Jew.

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