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A Letter To Australia’s ABC



An Open Letter to the Managing Director, Chairman of the Board, and Board Members of the ABC:


Dear Ms Guthrie, Mr Spigelman AC QC, Ms Walford, Dr Ferguson, Mr Peacock, Mr Lewis, and Mr Mordant,

It was several years ago that I presented a proposed series for ABC on exposing the truths about 9-11 attacks in the Ultimo Centre. I didn’t expect to get commissioned, but I at least felt it my duty as a filmmaker to try. 

I also met Tony Hall (then ABC 24 News) in the hope of starting an alternative weekly half-hour news program. That was many years back.

I have also written to the ABC at times pointing out that many programs on so called “conspiracy theories” have had deceitful elements to them – and generally enforce the view that “conspiracy theories” are propagated by crackpots.

Out of frustration with much fraudulent and biased news across the board, I started Gumshoe News about three years ago.

We have produced nearly 900 original articles, which have received over 12,150 comments. Many of the comments are carefully considered, many discussing complex legal issues – and could be articles in themselves.

Three books have been generated – using the articles as source material: Truth in Journalism; Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough; and Inquest: Siege in Sydney.

It is disturbing to a growing number of Australians, that the so-called “real news” is not reporting truthfully on many of the major false flags and issues of our time. (A false flag is a contemporary term describing a covert operation designed to deceive and apportion blame at another group or nation, instead of the persons that orchestrated the event.)

I don’t even know where to begin: But it is clear that the mainstream news suppressed evidence regarding September 11, 2001. This led to the support of fake “intelligence,” propagating more FAKE news — and thus to the invasion of innocent country — Iraq, killing a million or more of its people.

The consequent turmoil has led to the total destruction of several countries and countless millions of ordinary human beings.

This plan of destruction was relayed to Ret. General Wesley Clark (Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000) when he visited the Pentagon a few weeks after 9-11. He belatedly exposed this plan in 2007.

What an absolute tragedy that this was never widely reported.

I implore you to take note. You have been informed of these facts, and we are willing to provide all evidentiary material to back up the information we write about on Gumshoe News.

Our site is not monetised (at this point). We produce it because we believe Australians should have the opportunity to hear factual and balanced information – especially on false flag events (of which 9-11 was only the most dramatic one).

Volumes of evidence, and thousands of experts, architects, engineers, lawyers and learned scholars all agree: two planes did not bring down the skyscrapers.

And I am not referring just to the Twin Towers, but an additional huge structure, Building 7 at the World Trade Center, which the media chooses to ignore. 

It is now time for Australia as a nation to face the causes and consequences of these events – to see if there is an opportunity to understand, and even possibly to heal.

Presently, I would guess, millions of Australians are suspicious of the official story over 9-11. In 2013 a poll by YouGov recorded that 38% of Americans have some doubts about the official account of 9/11. Almost half were not aware that a third tower had collapsed. When respondents were shown the “collapse” of Building 7, 46% suspected controlled demolition.

For many tax-paying Australians, the ABC censors any representation of their world view.

I understand that there is much to absorb. It took me many months to re-orient my view on the world after carefully studying the facts.

Mr Spigelman, you were the Chief Justice and Lieutenant-Governor of New South Wales, and we hope that you will take the time to read Barrister James O’Neill’s article here.  (Note: I am sorry that Mr Faine is the focus, as I know him, but most of ABC’s hosts follow his lead regarding the false flags of our time.)

Ms Walford, you founded DW Behind Closed Doors Pty Ltd — so you understand glass ceilings. But this is a glass ceiling of a different kind. A lid is kept on the big events, and this ceiling or lid needs to be removed, so we can understand what really happened. Not to do so imperils our future.

My Request:

I would like to arrange a meeting between several of our contributors with a few members of the board and management – to see if we can find a solution.


Dee McLachlan




  1. Dee, I sent the ABC my articles on the Port Arthur Massacre. Also, when I was interviewed by their film crew in regards to ‘biodiesel production’, I gave a copy of the articles to each of the members of the crew. We had some interesting discussions over the topic. I forget the name of the ‘talking head’ that was interviewing me, but he was freaking out over the discussion and was visibly upset over me giving the crew the information.

    I also sent copies of the articles to the Chief Justice of NSW. I believe it was Spigelman that was the CJ at that time. He never responded to my letter or the attached documents.

    Good luck getting the ABC to even acknowledge your letter.

  2. Good on you Dee, but I think your invitation will fall on deaf ears.
    As I mentioned a few days ago, the ABC should lose it’s taxpayer funding and broadcasting licence for its refusal to provide truthful details of news-worthy events.

  3. I believe that one on the critical things Australia needs is a Bill of Rights, with freedom of speech at the top of the list, which l believe would open up a lot more internet, radio and TV shows on a broad range of issues without the fear of being sued

  4. FAKE Reporting on Syria by the ABC

    There could be nothing more FAKE than the productions by the ‘white helmets’ troupe, often cited as ‘news’ sources by the ABC and featuring mini-classics like the following:

    • White Helmets Propaganda Troupe Show How Their Videos Are Made
    • (see embedded video / original source Moon of Alabama cited)

    The invasion of Syria for the purposes of ‘regime change’ was clearly foretold by Wesley Clark – and the recruitment of mercenary extremists to carry out the killings of and inflict brutal atrocities against civilians must not be allowed to be covered up by the ABC. These are crimes against humanity.

    It would be certainly worth the ABC interviewing people like Eva Barrett (et al below) on what is actually going on in Syria in order to prevent the deaths of yet many more innocent lives. Silence and wilful false reporting of the events in Syria by the ABC amount to complicity in these atrocities and crimes against humanity.

    • Overview by Eva Barrett of latest month-long visit to Syria (Aleppo and Damascus)

    The ABC might also like to interview and report on (sample only):

    Reverend Andrew Ashdown, UK Peace Delegation visiting Syria – interviewed on UK Column News by Mike Robinson.

    Vanessa Beeley

    Madelyn Hoffman, member of US Peace Council at press conference following visit to Syria.
    • Full press conference here – featuring various other prominent and dignified speakers …

    Rep Ron Paul Tells the Truth About Syria

    Donald Trump telling the truth of the war on Syria

    Virginia Senator Richard Black tells the truth about Syria and Libya

    Tulsi Gabbard

  5. Sorry to be pessimistic Dee but the ABC is a disgrace – for reasons including but not limited to those that you set out. It is also disgraceful because of its abject failure to present even a modicum of objectivity.
    The ABC is a constant that endures beyond election cycles. It is taxpayer funded. Logic and accountability therefore suggest that it should present objective information to assist Australians make sense of the world.
    Yet in reality it is a leftist echo chamber providing overpaid employment for Marxist hacks with no prospect of obtaining employment anywhere else (except Australian acadaemia).
    And it is apt that you talk about false flags and psychological operations because the ABC has pulled off one of the great psy-ops of our times. Leveraging its association with the BBC, it has slickly created an image for itself as the beacon of serious news for the intelligent, discerning Australian. What a sick joke that is! Its devotees think they have developed their “sophisticated” views all by themselves, but in reality they have simply been programmed with progressive, self-hating, Fabianist propaganda. Their consent has been engineered.
    It is time that ordinary Australians demand that the Overton Window be moved back to the right and that Marxist radicals be replaced by sensible, objective commentators.

  6. Well said Dalia, this fabulous open letter should be sent to the various pseudo/left press, they have been part of the cover-up of false flags for some reason, and many members are obviously too intimidated to even discuss it.

  7. It would appear, most folks on here have totally forgotten the bombing in Bali, where Australians were targeted. Golly, I wonder why.
    Then all of a sudden we find the Australian Government in bed with the U.S. ALL THE WAY again ???????????
    I need serious convincing, that event was NOT a FALSE FLAG.

  8. To understand the likely mindset of the ABC it may assist to read the book by David Ray Griffin; Cognitive Infiltration a Obama’s appointee etc’
    Basically, Griffin disects a 2008 joint paper by Cass Sunstein, a law professor.
    Sunstein’s proposed government policy should be to infiltrate conspiracy sites, particularly related to 911, lie and poison the well with misinformation etc.
    One might wonder if heavies at the ABC are merely following Sunstein’s recommendations as practiced by Goebells.
    It is a hoot, we are paying a billion a year to have convenient lies imposed upon Australia.
    The ABC is laughing at us and there is fat chance that the ABC will provide an honest response to Dee’s letter.
    It is most distressing that a brilliant mind , as possessed by a ex Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme Court may be seen to be unconcerned with serial deceit imposed by the ABC upon his fellow Australians.

    • Auto reply:
      “Thank you for taking the time to contact the ABC Board. We read and appreciate all your messages, but are not able to respond individually.
      The Board Secretariat may choose to deal with correspondence to the Board through its internal management processes, including passing your email on to the ABC’s Audience and Consumer Affairs department…. etc”
      (They will read and appreciate??)

  9. […] “Everyone’s talking about “fake news” … Google Trends shows that – starting in late October – that phrase absolutely exploded in terms of internet searches: [graph]“ A side-show, to confuse the masses…. http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/11/25/who-biggest-peddler-fake-news.html And more – the destruction initiated by ‘fake news’ …. https://gumshoenews.com/2016/11/25/a-letter-to-australias-abc/ […]

    • Geez, Frances. I clicked on your link. What a scene. The first sentence (August 2015) is:

      “ENORMOUS explosions in a major Chinese port city killed at least 44 people and injured more than 500, leaving a devastated industrial landscape of incinerated cars, toppled shipping containers and burnt-out buildings.”

      If you are right as to the cause, Frances, then if only Chinese people could get agnry about this…..

  10. I was most amused to note George’s comments on the George and Paul show yesteday morning. [SATURDAY 29/11, Radio 2 UE Sydney]
    His point being, as I comprhended, why have the ABC ar huge cost if we can get our info for free on the internet?
    Now where have I read a similar observation Mary?
    ABC board, better lift your game or be replaced by some other cheaper fake site/establishment like fox news or the Clinton New Network (CNN to the uninformed!) That we can ignore.
    Sell the ABC, no loss. Faine would be at ease with the fox and the taxpayers trough would be remplenished.

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