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Action Series, Part 1: Can Catholics Help?


kissenger-dolan(L) Henry Kissinger, b 1923 (R) Cardinal Dolan, b 1950

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB, RC

Youtube has a video about an “Al Smith Dinner” to which the biggies were invited in 2016.  It appears that the host of the party was a New York City bishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

On the screen we saw, among the guests, Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, and many very glittery people. Also, Donald Trump was there and gave a speech.

The narrator of the video claims it’s an Illuminati get-together.  While we often hear that So-and So is an Illuminati member, it’s difficult to check the veracity of that. But here we have a very recent dinner, run by a “diocese.”

I can say, as a Catholic, that it’s plainly a no-no for my Church – the religion of “Sell all you have and give to the poor” — to be wallowing in diamonds. So it’s rather jarring to watch this dinner event.

But that, of course, is not the part of the scene that really sticks out. It is that a clergyperson would be part of something evil.

The video’s narrator was doing his best to tell us that the group is composed of the secret rulers of the world.  No doubt they are the rulers of the world — and they’re not even secret any more. Look at Kissinger. Look at Soros, and these others who can affect the lives of whole populations almost effortlessly.

The host, Cardinal Dolan, says it was a fund-raiser (perhaps for a good cause).  I suppose if you want to charge $10,000 a plate you can’t expect to see the homeless queuing up to buy tickets. But it was not your usual fund-raiser.

In this video, even if it was just a gala, there is a palpable in-ness. The famous people look as if they are truly “with their own.” Wow, what a sight.

Church Stuff

The fact of Catholic involvement gives me a launching pad, so I will discuss that first.

Like many writers, I have been aware for a while that the Roman Church is deep into bad stuff. Three names pop up:

Cardinal Ratso (a Nazi who was pope from 2005 to 2013 and is now lurking somewhere), the current pope “Francis” (whose exploits in Argentina are terrible) and a recent past head of the Jebbys (Jesuits), Peter Hans Kolvenbach, said to be the real boss of the Vatican.

Do bad members of the hierarchy do black Masses? Yes. Are they investing billons in dirty business? Yup. Did they participate in the oppression of many Third World nations? Sure did. All of that is in the record. Well, OK, maybe the black Masses aren’t recorded.

The authority of the Church – Holy Mother Church as we call her – is limited. How many divisions has the Pope? None, as such. Thus, if someone at the top wants to hurt people, he must do it by using the political apparatus of particular nations, or the military apparatus of entities, such as Gladio or NATO.

Wait. I take that back. Kevin Annett, in his diligent investigation of the torture and deaths of First Nation children in so-called Residential Schools of Canada, found that the nuns and priests actually did some hands-on nasty’s. And this went on throughout the 20th century.


Annett found himself hunted down for punishment. It was a mixture of the United Church (in which he had been a Reverend), the Catholic Church, and the logging companies who wanted the land on Vancouver Island.

One of the things his church did was get Kevin Annett’s wife to divorce him – rather un-churchlike wouldn’t you say? They also got the university of British Columbia to withhold his PhD. And the Powers That Be beat him up.

I suggest that church personnel who are behaving outlandishly are not who they say they are. Take the case of a nun. She has given up marriage and family, freedom to travel, and comfortable clothes. She must rise at some ungodly hour to pray, more or less 365 days a year. In my life experience, nuns were good, unselfish people. They rejoiced in the Lord. They were upbeat.

The ones who did bad things at the Residential Schools in Canada must be imposters. I mean robots. They are not acting in the natural human way. As I said, nuns’ lives are harsh, and if they’re not feeling the joy we must look for another way to account for their willingness to stay.

I am guessing they are mind-controlled. One aim of the Residential Schools was to bear down on children and in many cases actually kill them (and bury them in the schoolyard). That’s absolutely unexplainable within the norms of Christianity. So I do think they are off their rocker.

By the way, a key to that whole thing – for which the Canadian government has offered a cover-up apology – was the simple procedure by which by which the residential school became the legal guardian of each child. Parents lost their parental rights – “legally.”

We Righteous Catholics

Starting in 1962, thanks to a hierarchical conference known as “Vatican II,” we Catholics were supposed to be friendly towards other faiths. This is known as “the ecumenical spirit.” Before that, our motto had been Extra ecclesiam nulla salus – outside the Church there is no salvation.

So maybe that was a touch arrogant, but it made sense. The doctrine of the church, including supernatural mysteries, was a coherent whole. Morality was crystal clear.

Unfortunately, Catholic doctrine contains little recognition of the ways of the world. We’ve got no theological clout against Machiavellian behavior, since that has not been considered a general problem. We didn’t hear about governments running the drug import business. (Why would they do that?)

Saving your soul is mainly a personal enterprise in Christian theology. You can be a hermit if you wish, and do an individual deal with God. Roman-churchism is unlike Judaism, which has a rich sense of societal health.

Labor unions were about as far as we Catholics went, with regard to social action. Al Smith (US presidential candidate in 1928) — celebrated annually with the aforementioned gala dinner — represented the faith.  His contribution was more or less socialist – in the sense in which Jesus was socialist: share your stuff; help the downtrodden.

Catholics Can Do Action

Our people like to go on moral missions. I have known many Catholic women in my day who would stand up for the right without blinking an eye. I daresay they couldn’t imagine not doing so.

Because of this, I am delighted to herald the warning “Watch out, Henry Kissinger.” “Watch out, Hillary Clinton.” We’ve got your number. (I’ll get to Donald Trump in a minute.) And above all, watch out Cardinal Dolan, you lousy traitor.

The good news – and boy is it hard to find good news these days – is that the secret sins have all washed ashore. Everybody can see them. We really did not know, until recently, that any group was able, let alone keen, to perform horrible actions against society.

We had no clue that “the Church” was itself steeped in this demonic nonsense, historically.

Donald Trump, the (Sort-of) President Elect

On the night he won the state-by-state balloting, November 8, 2016 (which is not as definitive as the upcoming Electoral College vote), Trump gave a wonderful speech. Many of us were euphoric. He promised to get rid of the baddies. He also wants the US to stop warring in the Middle East.

While we did maintain a bit of skepticism, as we don’t know how he became a billionaire, it all sounded believable. He had even mentioned, on a different occasion, re-opening the investigation of 9-11.

(Granted he didn’t say, “Excu-use me. I have intimate knowledge of skyscrapers and I can tell a controlled demolition from a jelly doughnut, OK?”)

In any case, whether or not Trump makes it to the White House, and whether or not he keeps the promise to act against corruption, his speech was inspiring. He kept emphasizing that it’s “the people” that will have to do the job.

Indeed he has laid a trap for himself if he is not genuine! Those of us who were willing to trust “the Donald” will have no hesitation to clobber him if it turns out that he made fools of us.

Back to the Catholics and the Illuminati

The rest of my chat here is OFC. Only For Catholics. I’m

going for the brethren. I’m going for rosary bead rattlers, altar boys, singers in the choir, CCD teenagers, and erstwhile stars of the May Procession. This is an outreach to the old Extra ecclesiam nulla salus crowd.

Guys and dolls, we can do it. We can use our moral muscle. You know it and I know it. Gonna wash that Satan right out of our hair.  I mean right out of the hair of anybody who has Satan hanging around.

I suppose there are a few die-hard Roman Catholics who cannot take it on board that Satanic cults exist in modern society. Certainly among folks in general there’s a huge detachment from reality today.

I myself have had no luck reasoning with the non-believers. (Non-believers in conspiracy theory, that is.) Therefore my strategy has been to ignore them and concentrate on the believers.

Having seen this video of the Al Smith dinner, with Cardinal Dolan sitting there in breathing distance of the great genocidalist Henry Kissinger, I know I can get to my co-religionists merely by pointing to this travesty, this kick in the teeth to God.

Many parishioners didn’t get it when pedophile priests were exposed. They thought the men in question had an addiction, an illness, or whatever. They also believed the false story about bishops suppressing the matter so as not to squander insurance money (can you imagine). Let’s wake them up.

I think if we tell these parishioners that God is going to help us with this amazing task, they will come around. After all, fear is what’s creating society’s silence. Let’s just tell them that the very presence of certain Outrageous Persons at a dinner hosted by a Diocese is something we cannot countenance.

Poor jerks that those “top persons” are, they believe in a religion of the stupid-ass devil and practice his rituals – including some rituals that are so disgusting you wonder how the members don’t quit and just hide out in the hills until it’s all over.

When will it be over? Your guess is as good as mine if we don’t act. Probably it won’t be over if we don’t act.

I mentioned black Masses. Google for it if you’re not in the loop. Buy a copy of Wendy Hoffman’s “Enslaved Queen.” If you can read that book and not decide to clobber the miscreants, you must be an oddment. Maybe you were absent when we were learning Catechism.

So what must you do, All Ye Faithful? How about this for a start: Put on your mantilla if you are a female; remove your baseball cap if you are a male. Say three Our Father’s and ten Glory Be’s.

Then proceed as appropriate.

— Mary W Maxwell looks forward to hearing from you at maryWmaxwell.com, so we can beef up our plans.

Photo credits: www.post-gazette.com, archny.org





  1. Funnily enough, someone has just sent me a quote in regard to my recent article “How To Compare Boston Law Schools”:

    “Throughout its history, BC Law School has provided a top-quality legal education grounded in Boston College’s Jesuit, Catholic tradition. With an impressive record of education, scholarship, and activity in social justice and public service …
    BC Law continues to prepare students not only to be good lawyers, but to lead good lives.”

    Well, OK, boys and girls of the BC faculty, let’s hear a few words from you aboout the Tsarnaev murder (Tam) and the Tsarnaev major miscarriage of justice (Jahar.) Come on. I’m gonna light a candle for you while we wait.

    Oh, BC students, r u there? If the faculty won’t act, it could be that they are hoping you will push them into it. Seriously.

  2. My favourite part of the dinner was when Trump was “roasting” Hilary. He complimented Hilary for being polite. She bumped into him and said “pardon”… “ask me when I’m in office”.
    Well it seems he is going to pardon her.
    It was the night after the debate… and they were gathered together like a squadron of rats in the castle — with the Cardinal between them. It seems that elitism feeds on itself — encouraging more elitism.
    I was filming in a private game reserve once… (in the 90s) before the South African elections. And they had had an open invitation to Nelson Mandela (before he president) to visit and relax at the lodge.
    It was a small camp — where film crew, tourists and guests ate in a boma around the fire. We looked up and Nelson Mandela was coming down the steps in his track suit. He stopped at the bottom — and started greeting people and shaking hands. He greeted and shook hands with the WAITER first.

    Where are the leaders.
    When I look at the Al Smith dinner, my stomach churns — even though it is for a good cause.

    • I have to say — what a SCAM and a SHAM. The Fed were printing off $85 BILLION per month a few years back and flushing it into the already deep pockets in Wall Street.

      Then they have this glamorous dinner to raise “pennies” for the “the neediest children of the Archdiocese of New York, regardless of race, creed, or color.” (The 2016 dinner raised $6 million.)

      Past keynote speakers include:
      Tony Blair, Tom Brokaw, Henry Kissinger, (oh boy… help us)

      PLEASE somebody DRAIN THE SWAMP and all the surrounding habitat and blood sucking creatures.
      And cardinal – get back to the people, or are the swamp leeches already sucking your blood.

  3. Thank you Mary – so much here. The following sentences prompted my comments below:

    “In any case, whether or not Trump makes it to the White House, and whether or not he keeps the promise to act against corruption, his speech was inspiring. […] Those of us who were willing to trust “the Donald” will have no hesitation to clobber him if it turns out that he made fools of us.”

    I’m vaguely familiar with the fact that the ‘electoral votes’ still have to be lodged / ratified on Dec 19 by the people’s chosen delegates. THEN, they need to go through the ‘gauntlet of protest’ phase and the US could still end up with the president chosen by a vote in the House – that could still be anyone other than Trump once the Soros ‘litigation’ money kicks in over the coming weeks.

    But will it even get to that point?
    Firstly, what is Jill Stein’s game – calling for a recount in Wisconsin that can ONLY favour HRC?

    Secondly, re Trump himself – this is what we want to see … how President Putin manages the swamp.

    • Putin draining the swamp:

    [Re election of non-scientific bureaucrats to Academy of Sciences] “I have a question to you, and other representatives of the Academy of Sciences. Why did you do this? … And the second question – What am I supposed to do about this?”

    • How Putin handles corruption / incompetence:

    Putin [re extraordinary increases in utilities cost]: “Why are the increases in [in utilities and power costs] so steep?

    Response: “As we have seen in practice, there is no link between the regulation of prices and what citizens pay.“

    Putin: “What on earth are you going on about? Why are you telling me stories? The citizens aren’t interested in this – what on earth were you on about before? …

    In St Petersburg, in some regions, they’ve had a 40% increase in utilities costs. Go and tell the people why in January, December and November they paid one rate, but now they have to accommodate such a jump in costs?

    Are you crazy? – or what?”


    [Re bungled opening of a heart transplant centre …] “I feel like someone needs a head transplant – because with a normal head you couldn’t have written a paper like this.”


    “If we can’t achieve these things, then we must come to the realisation that it is either me who is ineffective in his work … or it is you – and you must leave your positions. Let me emphasise that today, I think it is the latter. I think you understand this.”

    And of course, the Putin classic … re factory closure by oligarchs


    “You have taken these people hostage – with your ambition, incompetence [unprofessionalism] – and pure greed. These are thousands of lives. It’s absolutely unacceptable. If the owners can’t come to an agreement then this factory will be restarted. One way or another – we’ll do it without you.”

    [… forces factory owner to sign agreement to keep factory open and keep people employed …]

    “Give me back my pen.”

    Yes, we certainly have high expectations of Donald Trump indeed – OR ELSE!

  4. My great worry is it the role of Trump to be the bad man, so they justify the coming economic crash, and his role will be to play the tough cop on the beat, they tried to bring in fascist in USA before War World 2 and Smedley Bulter Marine Corps major general brought it to end by exposing it, to Congress

  5. It appears to me that “the religion of ‘Sell all you have and give to the poor’ ” is closer to Buddhism than Christianity:

    Every human-being has control issues. Every time we fail to own up we’re doing Satan’s work. There’s nothing more devilish than pointing the finger at others.

    “the Roman Church” is no more “deep into bad stuff” than the Anglican/Newday/Hillsong mob.
    All altruistic institutions attract criminality; volunteer bushfire brigades are renowned for harbouring arsonists. As a faction of my local constabulary was complicit in the attempted combustion of my family’s property we deem the Po clearance requirement to be naught but a sick joke. That doesn’t cast any aspersions on the crew that saved the day: On the contrary.

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