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Action Series, Part 2: The Pathology of the Leaders, and a Proposal for Amnesty


sea-bed-lifted_1024Very odd item said to have been thrust up from the seabed in recent NZ earthquake

by Mary W Maxwell

Oddly, human nature has brought us to a very precarious point. I believe the Powers That Be are now deliberately wrecking the planet, the human habitat — land, waters, botanical species, and even the atmosphere.

As far as I know this never happened before. An individual or group of individuals could do some local damage but did not have the technological means of threatening the whole ecology. Not only did they lack the physical means, they had no desire to do such a weird thing.

Strange as it may seem, I think it is our human nature that has brought us to this very worrying situation. I think the top dogs do crazy things to keep themselves from getting in trouble.

Yes, I am saying that something so simple as their need to hide (and protect their derrieres) is causing us the rest of to have to endure their assaults today. Here is my guess as to how this came about:

A Potted History of the Cabal

  1. Centuries ago, a secret society of some kind learned how to control the public by deceiving them. An essential trick was to prevent people from noticing who was really making the decisions, who was in control.
  1. This must have been a fun game for them. And it is natural that they would hold a very degrading view of ordinary people – after all they could make fools of those folks, they could make slaves of them – why should their be any respect for them?
  1. For a long time, this cabal of a few individuals did remain totally hidden. I assume they learned to put their puppets into every key position – king, pope, chief justice – so that everyone would have the impression that the decisions came from those proper authorities. “Words” about social values were employed for this.
  1. For a long time, cabaliers made a practice of grabbing brilliant scientists to work for them exclusively. Many discoveries and technologies that were eventually given to us were in fact discovered at an earlier stage and were used “under cover” by the cabal. The telephone is one example.
  1. What with the cabaliers’ ability to “run” top national leaders and cultural leaders, they soon gained amazing control, and had to invest a lot in the keeping of secrets. So they bribed and intimidated and blackmailed a large number of “helpers,” many of whom don’t fully realize what it’s all about.
  1. Partly in an attempt to justify to others the evil they were doing – and more importantly to assuage their own natural guilt — the cabaliers established a myth whereby what they did was GOOD. Even the most atrocious activities can be called beneficial within “Satan’s” realm.
  1. Their success – for example at controlling the world’s banks — gave them a false sense of their ability to control the human race. Seven billion self-preserving individuals exist today – that’s a lot of work. So now the situation is becoming tense for the few on top, and their only experience with “dealing” is to kill or disable their challengers.
  1. Very likely many of their servants – who have been slotted into positions of wealth and prestige – are also feeling nervous and are not thinking sensibly. I suspect they only know to keep following the course they are on, no matter how disastrous.
  1. These ‘minions’ readily go along with such things as torture, the dumbing-down of children, the destruction of the ecology, the perversion of the legal system, and the suppression of civilized values. All of this is so their own set-up won’t be imperiled. That’s human nature!

Pathological Behavior

I think the cabal’s behavior needs to be identified as pathological. Perhaps it’s not illness-causing to them but it is illness-causing to us.

Yes I am claiming that there is such a thing as the health or hygiene of a whole society, and in a society there may be elements of disease. I believe we, the whole society, have somehow produced these strange creatures, these disease elements. We need to get on the case fast and remedy it.

What is pathology? The Greek word pathos means suffering. The study of it, known as pathology, is a medical specialty. The scientist tries to see how an illness develops in the person or animal.

If you were to see a deer walk away from a good supply of water and then die of thirst you’d know that this was pathological behavior.  Deer are built in such a way as to go to the lake and drink what they need, and to do otherwise implies that something is wrong.

A pathologist asks: what is the cause of the illness? If it were the aforementioned deer that I was studying, I might look at a physical cause (say, its DNA was mutant) or an environmental cause – the grass it was eating had a poison in it.

Could it be that the deer was simply imitating the behavior of other deer that had abandoned the lake? Mammals, such as deer – and also humans — are imitators, instinctively. But a deer has a survival instinct that would prevent it from abandoning its water supply to a suicidal extent.  Mother Nature would come to the rescue.

Note: there was a popular belief that lemmings imitate each other to a suicidal degree, such as by walking over a cliff, but that has turned out to be incorrect reporting. Certainly it would be un-Darwinian for any species to have that trait.

Would humans be rescued by Mother Nature if they start to engage in something as suicidal as wrecking the habitat? Um, maybe, maybe. Let’s postpone a discussion of what the Mother Nature intervention might look like.

The Alpha Issue

Why would cabal members even want to rule the world? As I said, their connection to one another started out as a club a long time ago. Humans, especially males, can almost instantly form a sense of belonging to an in-group. (Anthropologists have found male secret societies just about everywhere.)

This brings loyalty and blind faith and all sorts of psychological mechanisms for blocking our criticism or skepticism of one’s group. Of course it also makes the member feel he needs the group in order to have a place in the world.

By the way the really top, top dogs likely exist in a closed universe. You have only to read Wendy Hoffman’s book The Enslaved Queen (2014) to see how each child in the elite families was raised. If it called for unbelievable torture, so be it. The young must be prevented from free thought.

To my question “Why do cabaliers want to live like this?” I offer the answer: they probably don’t!

What If They Faced Up To Reality?

I wager that all these oddball characters are living in a state of unreality, detached from the normal concerns of a human. I don’t know what their emotional state is, so I won’t attempt to say anything about it.  (I’ve never heard of any one of them being taken over by some sentimental feeling.)

Say, for the moment that something did cause them to swing into a more realistic state of mind. What would they then do?

I assume they have to have someone or something to go to. They may have huge trouble trying to talk out their problem within their group of closed-minded men.

We need to help them.  It’s a matter of us providing a way for them to stop the earthquakes, the bank foreclosures, the over-vaccinating, the dumbing down in schools, the fracking, and what have you.  We must let them know that there is a way out for them.

Personally I love to talk about punishing the cabal. I have written whole books about that. I have tried (completely unsuccessfully as far as I know) to get people to see that the law is explicitly available even for use against authority figures.

A few decades ago you could talk about punishing them, but lately I get a blank look when I mention it. My guess is that the most people’s brains are in a state of fear, perhaps even shock, owing to perceived threats of great harm. We often hear that “World War III” is going to happen soon. Quite a horror!

And when you are in fear, you cannot think.


I am sure I will be met with resentment and disgust if I say we should offer an amnesty to those who are killing us. Don’t worry, it’s not altruism that makes me think amnesty. It is my own selfish survival.

To repeat: a certain few at the top need to protect themselves and are doing it at the expense of the whole human race. It is pathological behavior when seen from the point of view of society’s health. (Even for their health, it’s pretty sick.)

’Twould be nice if either: 1. The public could see what is happening and make meatballs of the baddies, or 2. Some baddies start to realize that they’re acting against the interests of themselves and try to quit the plan.

Note, however, that in the latter case, the quitter has no safe haven. We all should be his safe haven. But to attract him (or her) we need an apparatus. The one used in law is immunity. People can be promised immunity from criminal charges if they cooperate in specified ways.

They can also be offered amnesty. A famous way in which amnesty was handled was through South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Not everybody is pleased with the outcome, but it did help to an extent. The baddy had to tell the truth and had to ask for forgiveness in order to avoid punishment.

I said above that Mother Nature would help a deer that made a mistake in following a wrong behavior (abandonment of the water supply). Mother Nature would simply make the deer prioritize its survival. Of course I mean that the deer’s instinct would kick in and take care of the problem.

Instinct to the Rescue

For humans, the intervention of Mother Nature means, similarly, that age-old instincts must come to the fore. In our species one of the instincts is for law (that includes showing anger to law-breakers. “Hey, you bugger, you cheated me”).

Another instinct, ever since we acquired a large cerebrum and experience in debate, is to apply reasoning to solve social problems. We can figure out ways to negotiate as well as to fight. (Trust me, this solution has often been used in human history.)

Amnesty should now be on the table. It’s an option for us to develop and use. It’s a carrot in cases where the stick won’t work.

Please chat up the concepts of negotiation and amnesty before your town gets earth-quaked, OK?

— Mary W Maxwell is author of “Consider the Lilies,” which is a free download at maryWmaxwell.com.


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  1. What if they faced reality? if we check out say Queen Elizabeth 2, as a collaborator of the system, it would take some time for her to work out what is going on? as the enlightenment of comprehending the elite and the program of indoctrination? would be a puzzle of a existential crises as such even if she would like to abrogate and terminate her role under the circumstance of her position with those who are earning a livelihood such as security and the bureaucracy surrounding her would be in fear of loosing their jobs and the transition is almost unthinkable, when Edward VIII, terminated his job as King, he had a difficult time after and Di who became as or more notorious as she also terminated or had no choice, could have put her life into security of a fate that is reserved for those who do not play the game?
    The extinguishing of the Elites role in becoming sort of normal, even if they kept a vast amount of there wealth is not the same as controlling the minds of the masses, here I am saying power? the lust for power and control has not the same addiction as being addicted to money.

    • Don, how would you know the comparison between addiction to power and addiction to money?

      In male mammals it is the same thing. The individual higher up the ladder has more access to resources and more ability to control those below.

      By the way, if I recall jim and Gerry’s book correctly, Ed 8 did not take his baseball bat and go home; he was ordered out. (But I am not sure.)

      Call me chicken but I don’t like to talk royalty at all. I think it is only human for a nation or tribe to want to honor the royal personage. It is like honoring the society itself — it’s instinctive.

  2. 30 years of dealing with “the Powers that Be “ has taught me that taking on the role of a fool/slave is a personal choice. Blaming others does nothing but bind one to the condition.

  3. Based on my research into creativity I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as human nature. However, the nature of the human mind is that it is programmable. Our minds are formatted in our formative years similar to a computer hard drive. The operating system (culture) is I stalled and the threat of violence keeps us in a state of fear and obedience . Knowledge of self and Natural law are not taught.

    The dominators strive to maintain brain imbalance (24/7) in the population so imagination can not be exercised.
    By creating “unconscious” humans that are unable to exercise higher order thinking they can be considered to be nothing more than animals. When the power that should not be have succeeded in creating human animals they feel justified in treating them as such and do what ever they like to them. Ie the predator / pray.

    I am rather offended by this attitude ie to crippled a person then blame them for being less! Just think of the genius within all individuals that never see the right conditions for expression. The human mind is being trashed. We must all be programmer’s of our own minds in order to reclaim our humanity.

  4. Rocky Cape Tasmania, Australia is where I farm hemp as part of a project to develop a printing system for buildings in geopolymer hempcrete.

    I am not a farmer, but an Ingenieur (engineer from ingenuity ) To my complete surprise the advice I have been getting from neighbouring farmers and local agronomist is totally contrary to the principles of how plants grow that were discovered around 1985-86.

    The reason I write relates to some thoughts I want to share with you by as I read Mary Maxwell’s book, Consider the Lilies.

    Elaine Ingham (a Monsanto enemy) explains these principles in many talks available on YouTube (thank you internet). When I tell farmers about these principles they regard me as mad. Who needs principles when we have experts telling us what is correct! Right?

    Anyway thanks for hearing my frustration and I imagine that of Elaine Ingham’s!

    This season I have a microscope to view the fungi and bacteria in the soil. Seeing is believing.
    First of all it appears to me that it is a numbers game. Again the natural law principle of correspondence is on display. In the same way that it is in the human gut and for that matter the world of humans.

    My soils have very little life. It has been murdered by roundup, by compaction, by pesticides and reduced photosynthesis. Now the good news we can restore the life in the soil by brewing up compost for 24 hours to grow the number of microbes and gently spraying these over the soil and make sure that there are plants growing to feed the life in the soil every second of every day. Of course it is necessary to remove compaction by ripping first. The soil microbes are similar to us, they need oxygen, water, nutrients.

    In the microscope 400X of a brew sample taken from the sprayer nozzles , I want to see in a field view (ca. 1/6 of a drop) at least 1000 bacteria and a fungal hyphae. This is probiotic for the soil, the digestive and immune system for plants. Without bacteria and fungi there is no life on this planet. Elaine Ingham talks about a fungi in Colorado? that is ca 26 miles wide and 15 feet deep accord to DNA testing. Is it not interesting that fungi are like the human mind, delicate yet powerful. Think mushrooms.

    So the principle of correspondence will share with us that if the soil is missing beneficial bacteria and fungi then there is provided the opportunity for non beneficial microbes (eg. root feeding Nematodes) to become dominant. The same principle applies to the human gut. Now diversity of species is paramount as some like it hot, some like it cold etc. To maintain healthy plants it is about the life in the soil. To maintain a healthy human is similar but the life in the gut. Is this why Hippocrates stated “all disease has its origin in the gut” ?

    There is no other group responsible for a nation’s health than the farmer. Farming “Contra Natura” produces food of sparce nutrient density. For example, if we or plants do not have arsenic the plant will remain a green blob, and in humans cells would not be able to communicate. Too much arsenic? Good bye. It is all about balance.

    I am wondering whether we can find answers to human / society diseases by study the life in the soil and it’s relationship plants.

    We see the same in society when the majority of people are immoral the whole of society reflects this immorality. BTW if you have not read End of Evil by Jeremy Locke.

  5. Mother Nature is not a personal force. She does not care about us. She has given us free will to be exercised wisely within the boundaries of natural law. She has provided the antenna (the mind) to access the universal information field and the creative power to manifest anything we can imagine. Humans are not animals but become animals when conscience is not born within them. They are then as the Satanists say “the dead”, and “the unbegun” 666=18=9 base consciousness.

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