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Our “Survival Switch” and The Inability To Change Our Worldview. (Are We F*****)



by Dee Mclachlan

This is a follow up on two previous articles: A Letter To The ABC, and Just Who Is The Fruit Loop Here Mr Faine? (by James O’Neill).

To anyone not familiar with those articles, I will summarize: Jon Faine hosts ABC’s morning talkback radio, and chose “Fake News” as a discussion topic. I called in to complain that it is the mainstream media that are the experts in inflammatory, and also fake news. The discussion migrated to a clash over 9-11. 

It seems nothing will change his mind — not even evidence: a “showbag” of books, videos, and articles, that I sent him several years ago. (Mr Faine also had a dramatic clash with Kevin Braken in 2010.)

When I email Mr Faine information on Building 7, he wrote:

“It is an insult to the dead to play with this”

Rather, it is an insult to try silence grieving family members like Bobby McIlvaine and Matt Campbell. I replied with a link to McIvaine’s moving speech.

It is distressing that the ABC and mainstream media prefer to collectively remain in denial — rather than review the scientific evidence of 9-11.

But why is this important?

The inability to review reality is leading us down a dangerous path. I think it disables a “survival switch” in our brains.

Let me start with Carl Sagan.

21f8b3ac43ccff74c3f94db2a4146b92Carl Sagan

“You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe.”

Sagan was also quoted as saying:

If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” [My emphasis]

Cognitive Dissonance

It is fascinating that people with legal backgrounds (e.g. Mr Faine) abandon the value of facts to support a belief. As Frances T. Shure writes on ae911turth.org:

“Resistance to information that substantially challenges our worldview, we find, is the rule rather than the exception.

“…fear is the emotion that underlies most of the negative reactions toward 9/11 skeptics’ information: fear of receiving information that will turn our world upside down… fear we’ll discover that the world is not a safe place, fear that our reputation will be tarnished or that we’ll lose our jobs, fear of being shunned… or banished by friends and family, and fear of looking like a fool because we bought the official account so thoroughly.”

But most of us were initially fooled.

The First Theory is Accepted

We have discussed this many times before on Gumshoe: that when there is a epic event — like a false flag — a traumatised society usually accepts, as fact, the first seemingly logical explanation.

Those orchestrating these false flags know how our minds work, and with regard to 9-11, experts appeared on television almost immediately to provide the explanation — that Osama bin Laden was the perpetrator. That immediate theory, extracted from the slimist logic and not from evidence, became “official” — and any questioning of that official view was, and still is “stomped” on.

But there is another factor that is deluding us.

The Power of Story and the Hero – Bamboozling Us

I am going to digress here and discuss something familiar to me. I have been a screenwriter for over three decades — and have had to be fluent in the principals of story and character.

Most of our stories create a hero that has to go through of journey of learning, to overcoming increasingly difficult obstacles. The hero must eventually overcome their failings — and rise from their darkest hour to succeed (in the climax). By transforming him or herself, the hero then transforms the world (in a small or big way).

I believe most people are reactionary by nature — responding to happenings around them. True heroes are an exception — and thus stories and films with mostly fictional heroes give us hope that humans will always actively find solutions to their predicaments.

But I am not so sure.

As we have noted above, the most intelligent of us are unable to re-orientate our thinking to change our worldview. (It took me several months to feel normal again after having my worldview turned upside down by studying 9-11 and the many other false flags.)

Homo sapiens is an extremely inventive and ingenious species. But I think heroes in stories and films are TRICKING us into a false belief that we are able to survive as a species.

As Carl Sagan also said:

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”

And the tragedy of humanity may be closer than we think.


Trag·e·dy in story terms is the consequence of a character being unable to overcome a tragic flaw, a moral weakness, or the inability to cope.

Well, Mr Faine (and all the other ABC presenters) proved to me that as a consequence of a tragic flaw, they are unable to change their worldview to then prosecute verbally those who are orchestrating the most egregious crimes on humanity.

If we are unable to identify those harming the people — what hope have we of being able to prosecute those destroying our only habitat — the planet.

Mary Maxwell wrote an excellent article on “The Pathology of the Leaders (and a Proposal for Amnesty)” where she outlines how the “Powers That Be are now deliberately wrecking the planet, the human habitat — land, waters, botanical species, and even the atmosphere” — and how they trick people from noticing who is really making the decisions.

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So let me continue with my discussion on the “survival switch.”

Man Lacks the “Survival Switch”

Man has been able to adapt so well to different environments on this magnificent planet. If one area becomes destroyed — we have adapted, moved on to take over another habitat, or adjusted the habitat.

Mary Maxwell writes:

“Mother Nature would help a deer that made a mistake in following a wrong behavior (abandonment of the water supply). Mother Nature would simply make the deer prioritize its survival…”

After millions of years of evolution, most animals seems to be able to find a balance within their habitat. If they don’t, the species becomes extinct.

But humans are different. We regulate our environment to suit us.

I am suggesting here that man has not yet fully evolved a “survival switch” in our DNA. Large corporations are destroying huge tracks of the planet, depleting oceans, polluting, destroying countries etc. — yet only a small percentage is troubled by this. Most of us don’t particularly bother. We still buy their shares, buy their products — and accept these high profile people and warmongering leaders as celebrities.

We don’t seem to have a survival switch that demands this to stop. Surely this is not a desirable species outcome? So I think our species is completely unprepared for possible destruction.

Evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond wrote about Easter Island in his book Collapse. He says the parallels between what happened on Easter Island and what is occurring today on the planet as a whole are “chillingly obvious.”  (Though there are some scientists who prefer to blame the deforestation on rats.)

The Inability to Change Our Worldview

I think our species is in danger of extinction because we seem unable to change our worldview.

If we cannot investigate and look openly — without fear or favour — at what governments and leaders are doing to the planet, and doing to us, what hope have we in altering human behaviour? We seem to be lacking a survival switch to warn us and inform us — preferring to exist in delusion.

My two cents worth.



  1. Mary sent me this. She can’t upload at the moment:

    Here is a perfect example of stupid shyness. I was sitting in the tram today, knee to knee with the woman opposite me who was holding a gorgeous intelligent 18-month old. They were playing “name the colors of the cars going by.” Right there in my lap I had a copy of Viera Scheibner’s fabulous book about the dangers of vaccines. Boy, did I want to start to mention it to her but I didn’t dare. I propped the book up hoping she might say something, but I was afraid to be “offensive” or make her feel “jinxed” by broaching that “nasty” subject.

    We all do that. I bet even the outspoken Dee hangs back on many occasions.

    Anyway, Dee, I think we are going to have to get more aggressive. Fiona Barnett is aggressive and now she has many believers.

    Me and my pussyfooting letter to the Privy Council about vaccines. Dumb. Today I phoned a friend and said “I blame the doctors. I want them all to be whipped in the public square.” She said “Yes, on their bare bottoms – with the cane dipped in vinegar.”

    I am not sure that’s enough but it’s better than the status quo in which DOCTORS DON’T VACCINATE THEIR OWN KIDS BUT THEY VACCINATE YOUR KIDS.

    Are we effed? Probably. Blame the doctors. I got weary blaming the judges and the lawyers. What’s that Shakespeare said? “First, get rid of all the doctors.”

  2. Thank you Dee

    “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe.” Carl Sagan

    This SO reminded me of a passage from ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari:

    “So perhaps happiness is synchronising one’s personal delusions of meaning with the prevailing collective delusions. As long as my personal narrative is in line with the narratives of the people around me, I can convince myself that my life is meaningful, and find happiness in that conviction.”

    You could substitute the word ‘happiness’ with ‘contentment’, ‘satisfaction’, ’pathological agenda’, ‘sense of superiority and power’ … ‘fear of being held accountable’ …

    On one hand, perhaps you give the likes of Mr Faine (et al) too much credit – as if by reasoning with them, they will ‘see the light’ and become our representatives and spokespersons for truth – can you imagine the ’Breaking News’ on the ABC or SBS – ‘TRUTH (about everything) REVEALED !!’.

    We may just have to accept that their ilk will never (be able to) accept anything but their own ‘world view’ because they share their masters’ delusions. Pity those like Mr Faine (et al) who live in FEAR – too afraid of their masters to become ‘apostates’ and equally afraid of being held accountable to the truth. They just need to be assigned to the Realm of Irrelevance. We need new spokespeople (like yourself, Mary and James O’Neill … et al).

    Maybe we should make a list …

    Just earlier today I was reflecting on that masterpiece of mass engagement propaganda – the ‘Deck of Cards’ concept – re the ‘Shock and Awe’ invasion of Iraq (now PROVEN to be false and illegal on all levels) – where they designated Saddam Hussein as the Ace of Spades and individuals of his government to various playing cards. It all made it ‘fun’ – kind of a game – and we all bought it and played along … while blissfully playing board and card games on the living room floor with our grandkids – while a state was decimated, a president executed and countless number of innocent people simply exterminated.

    You mentioned:

    “We still buy their shares, buy their products — and accept these high profile people and warmongering leaders as celebrities.”

    Maybe we should start making and publishing a few more of our own lists (decks of cards) – I wouldn’t get in a Toyota (let alone buy one!) if it was the last Uber ride-share vehicle on the road. Nor would I watch anything to do with Netflix (propaganda production company for ISIS and affiliates who murder people) … participate in “fakebook” etc.

    It is interesting to contemplate that if the 1% (causing this all destruction of the planet along with most species – including Homo Sapiens) were simply ELIMINATED then the 99% could and would actually co-exist, grow and prosper in perfect harmony with each other and with our shared environment. For inspiration we need to look at the cultures and civilisations (including the American Indians and Australian Aborigines) that actually cultivate this alternate world view. Clearly, we need to start again.

    FINALLY – you referred to one of my favourite topics – ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ …

    I would simply add that “amidst all this collective cognitive dissonance there is a beautiful fractal of truth.” (JS)

    Keep up the great work, Gumshoe!

  3. I have been thinking about the natural law principle of correspondence and realise that we are in a revolution. The independent media now dominates and the corporate controlled media is in sharp decline. Let us help it.

    On the principle of mentalism new thoughts (unfiltered by the corporate media) will lead to manifesting outcomes not predetermined. I feel a mixture of optimism and dread.

    On reason for the success of independent media relates to a quote by William Blake “Truth can never be told, as to be understood and not be believed”

    • If one is sufficiently bored to watch msm etc., then note their advertisers and shun those businesses. The commercial advertisers will eventually realise that they are wasting their money by financing the fakes and liars.
      A revolution is possible without violence.
      In due course commercial and marketing gurus will grapple with reality and realise that their market is founded by the 99% of consuming population and if they want to sell their products and services, avoid fake media.
      As an example, note that the Nestle ‘head control freak’ in Europe claims that all must pay for a drink of water …….. provided by the global corporates. Just note if the usual water bubbler is working to satisfy the public’s desire for a drink, yet the drink machines are located everywhere. Just observe your local platform whilst waiting for a train!
      Thus no ‘ nestle’ Uncle Tobys in this household or Franklin water or any of the other greedy control freak’s products.

      • Ps,
        Was it not Kissinger who said something to the affect; control the water and food and you control the population?
        Clearly, the global fascist corporates are in progress to control all services and everything else, to be concentrated into the hands of a few select fascists paying off our alleged political represenatives.
        Looked at your power bills lately?

    • If nobody watched the MSM anymore, a certain kind of people would flow to the “alternative media” domain, and it’d take them little time to be the most appealing to and trusted by the general public.

      You’d see just one more act of the eternal human play unfold. The best at deception being the ones who best and most charm the deceived.


      (since muscles have stopped to matter much, deception is the most useful Darwinian survival trait).

      It would be like after every revolution: striking resemblance between who commanded earlier and who commands thereafter.

  4. I am sure people like our Mr Faine can learn and accept the truth of events such as 9/11, but they can make a huge income or gain other benefits by playing dumb, to keep the lie being perpetrated on other persons.

    This is more evil than not being able to not accept the real story yourself.

    • Another theory seems apparent, evidenced by Faine’s apparent inability, as a trained ex lawyer, to be able to comprehend evidential reality relating to the USS Liberty murders in 1967 and the 911 mass murders.
      There is a common denominator with the ABC’s Faine being that; poor Faine’s inherent loyalties apparently conflict with; scientific truth and the historical record with his presumably Australian loyalties, in contrast with other ‘unaustralian’ loyalties.
      Clearly, to be genuine, he has some decisions to make and decide where to live and what to support.

  5. “I am suggesting here that man has not yet fully evolved a “survival switch” in our DNA. Large corporations are destroying huge tracks of the planet, depleting oceans, polluting, destroying countries etc. — yet only a small percentage is troubled by this. Most of us don’t particularly bother. We still buy their shares, buy their products — and accept these high profile people and warmongering leaders as celebrities.

    The free-minded individual would be immediately trigger the hominid pack’s immune response. You gotta self-deceive yourself into believing anything those with power (and also the “group”, on behalf of them) want you to.
    See what must be seen (no matter it is there or not), don’t see what’s mustn’t be seen (no matter it is in front of you or not), all the time. This is the first adaptive mechanism that had to develop, once hominid’s evol. path diverged from “animals” (as hominids love to call other animals).

    We don’t seem to have a survival switch that demands this to stop. Surely this is not a desirable species outcome? So I think our species is completely unprepared for possible destruction.”

    The evolutionary delay is… a fully new survival switch and frame of mind is required by today’s advanced share of mankind’s situation.

    Human brain developed very slowly. Their present condition suits brilliantly the survival difficulties that were met during the past (tens of) millennia.
    This includes self-deception (which you call “delusion”); includes worship of who grabs and manages to hold power (“corporations” is the umbrella name you use).
    Includes the lack of concern for the fate of the planet and the hard-wired habit of considering short-term needs and one’s whereabouts instead of very far places.

    But a certain point for some people (Western Whites) reason made an enormous step onward, you may name it the Philosophical Revolution (ancient Greece and, secondly, Middle Eastern cultures) now turned into the Technological Revolution.
    This part of humans are riding the ever.-growing in power vehicle of their reason on a slide, and there are no brakes whatsoever to be used to stop.

    A Singularity has already occurred, in the development of the brain of a share of the mankind.
    The other parts of the brain (mind), empathy, sympathy, wisdom, foresight, … all the other parts but reason haven’t remotely developed at the same pace and are in their before-singularity stage.
    Einstein already saw a part of mankind was becoming too intelligent for the good of themselves and the whole planet. This has grown remarkably worse from his day to now. And the trend is to last.

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