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Great Australians: Wendy Scurr


wendy-scurrWendy, in days gone by

by Malcolm R Hughes

This is the third in Gumshoe’s series of Great Australians. The first two were the explorer John Stuart and the artist Jack Absalom. This great Australian, Wendy Scurr, became an unplanned heroine during and after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996.  For those who have not previously seen the purposely lost word “heroine,” the meaning is female hero.

Wendy is happily married to Graeme Scurr and they reside on the mainland of Australia. Why the mainland? Because they were driven out of their home state of Tasmania. Why driven out ? For doing the right thing. You know how it goes these days – but Wendy was ahead of her time, having stuck up for the truth about Port Arthur 20 years ago.

The Port Arthur Massacre was a Federal and Tasmanian government-planned event whereby several people were to be shot dead, at the Port Arthur Historic Site on the island state of Tasmania in Australia.

The reasoning behind this plan (I think) was that the population would then accept the Commonwealth Government’s implementation of the United Nations wish to disarm this part of the World’s public. (See Terry Shulze’s 3-part article here.)

Unfortunately, to fulfill this plan, a dupe was required. Martin Bryant, an intellectually handicapped man, was framed as the gunman and has, until now been imprisoned for 20 years. The killing of 35 people took place on April 28, 1996.

It is now widely accepted that Bryant did not shoot anyone, and could not have been the gunman.

The most evil part of the situation is that many politicians, public servants, lawyers and investigative bodies, have had the proof of this thrust in their faces but will not do anything to rectify the situation.

Wendy Scurr, a survivor of that April 28, 1996 massacre, had been an ambulance driver for several years and a first-aid instructor. Very selfless occupations.

Wendy was a tour guide for the Port Arthur Historic Site until after the massacre, when, owing to events that took place that day, she like others were overtaken by post trauma stress disorder or P.T.S.D.

During the killings, Wendy was nearly hit by a bullet fired from the cafe as she went to investigate the noise coming from within. She had heard the whiz of the bullet right past her but did not realise what it was. Upon visiting the scene two days later, husband Graeme pointed out the hole in the window that indicated what a near miss she had had.

After the tremendous amount of shooting in the historic site’s café, it was Wendy who phoned the police to report the noise – this was at 1.32pm on that infamous Sunday.  She had to hold the telephone outside of the office so the person on the receiving end of the call would believe that shots were being fired.

Once the killer had left the Broad Arrow Café  (remember: it’s not Martin Bryant as we were brainwashed to believe), Wendy then entered to check on and help the victims. Although she did not see it – no mirror there —  she became covered with blood and human tissue. The worst anxiety for all the survivors was not knowing if the gunman was going to return.

She, along with the remaining hundreds of people had to continue in a stressful state as police did not arrive in sufficient numbers until six hours after the first report of the shootings to police headquarters. That deliberate delay was, of course, planned, and is unforgivable.

Months after, Wendy had to cope with a letter she received from the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions of Tasmania, Damian Bugg) telling her that she would not be required in court to give evidence.  That was despite her having been one of the main witnesses to the Port Arthur massacre!

Wendy soon realised the event had been a Federal and State conspiracy.  Thus she travelled the east coast of Australia lecturing on her experiences and that of co-workers on the day of the massacre.

By this time, private investigating citizens had unearthed many troubling events of that day and these were spoken about by these investigators at Wendy’s talks. One who shared the podium with her was retired Victorian cop Andrew MacGregor.

Wendy’s contact with a later generation of Aussies has manly been by Youtube. One of her Youtube videos has had 166,000 hits. She is a very loved and admired figure – and a modest one.

Wendy wanted the public to know what really happened on Sunday 28th April, 1996 and to force the release from custody of the entirely innocent man, Martin Bryant.

For this, she was terrorised in her home by the Tasmanian Police to such an extent that the Scurrs were forced to sell up their property and move. She still has health and mental problems related to that pre-planned event.

When “the people” take no notice of what good people like Wendy Scurr tell us, and allow evil employees in Government to get away with their perverted schemes such as the Port Arthur massacre, more of the same will follow. Next time, and there will be many other next times, unless the vile evil-doers are stopped, you and your family members may be the victims either directly or as collateral damage.

I see Wendy as a very courageous woman who deserved a better fate than that dished up by Australian society. It takes an exceptionally brave person to take a stand against the Government and its agents, knowing that at any time, they may arrest you on false charges, to have you thrown in jail.

I consider Wendy Scurr a truly great Australian and am hoping that the Australian public will give Wendy the recognition that she so justly deserves, at some time in the near future.

— Mal Hughes is a letter writer to authorities in regard to the Port Arthur Massacre and defender of the rights of the individual against evil actions by government.


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  1. Watching Wendy on youtube, giving a talk about what she went through that day, left me in no doubt that Wendy is built of the stuff that the rest of us would be blessed to have just a fraction of what is in her little finger alone.

    I simply could not imagine going through the things she described. Thankyou Wendy, for everything you have done over the past 20 years.

    Truth will win.

  2. I have so much respect for Wendy Scurr for standing up & telling the truth about April 28 1996…..And I bet the PTB did NOT expect her to do that! Thank you so much Wendy!

  3. Lovely article Mal. God bless this fine woman and all she went through, not only on the day of the massacre but in the twenty years since then. Imagine what it must be like to be a witness to such evil, and then to find out that your own government did it, and wants to shut you up from telling the truth, causing you much inner turmoil and pain, as well as anger. This would exact a heavy toll on anyone. Let’s hope that some day a decent official tells the truth and ultimately releases innocent Martin Bryant from his cruel and unusual incarceration. It would be a great consolation for the brave and heroic Wendy Scurr.

    • I’ve met Wendy and talked to her about her experiences. I was writing a screenplay about PA and I wanted to get the scenes and dialogue as close as possible to the actual events.

      Terry Hill, the gunsmith, was straight forward, however Wendy was a different emotion. I used to be a counselor for Vietnam Veterans with PTSD, so I’ve listened to some rough stories. Some of the things she told me rang a bell with me with the VN vets and their PTSD – same essential story, just a different location.

      I won’t mention some of things she said, some are rather personal and some relate to her family. Here’s one she has mentioned before in public, so I feel she won’t mind.

      When she saw the pile of bodies in front of the emergency door, she leaned over them to try the lever on the door. When she hit the lever, the door remained closed – it was bolted shut.

      At that moment she had a ‘flash’ of the terror that those inside had felt when they tried the door. It hit her like a bolt of lightning and caused an involuntary bladder constriction and she pissed her pants.

      She was the one doing the triage, deciding who to attend to with limited resources and who were too far gone. Many of them she knew personally.

      She kept it all together until she got home and in the shower, then she broke down.

      • It is most likely that the door was locked maliciously in advance.

        After April 28, 1996 it was destroyed before “forensics” could look at the actual door handle. A dry run for the carting away of 9-11 debris. (“9-11 was America’s Port Arthur.”)

        Wendy could not even get the matter considered as an Occupational Health and Safety issue, which it certainly was for the staff members who died.

        So the “door” issue never came to court. Not that it would have mattered. In my dealings with officials on the Port Arthur affair I’d say they are resolute, to a man, against opening their minds to what happened.

        But it is only a matter of time. Their children will read our stuff and be angry. Or, better, it will dawn on the oldsters that serving the Powers That Be is about as self-defeating a move as any human could ever make. I can practically taste this happening right now. Yay!

        Hey, Mal, if you keep coming up with Great Australians for us to emulate you are going to change the atmosphere.

  4. Malcolm your great story about a special person that Wendy Scurr is,and for all the people that have worked so hard to get the truth out there about Port Arthur Massacre, the sad part is that Martin Bryant is still in jail

  5. I feel here is as good a place as any to air some things about the PAM I’ve been wondering about, and maybe get some input from Wendy if she doesn’t mind.

    How many police or others were at the BBQ at Taranna that day? Obviously Wendy wasn’t at the BBQ, but she saw scads of coppers come to PAHS from the BBQ 6 1/2 hours after the massacre. Presumably the BBQ was at roughly the same time of day as the massacre.

    There’s essentially only one way to get to Taranna by land, and that’s on the same road Martin Bryant drove on that day. Given the time of day both MB and all those cops were about and on the road, it’s easy to imagine quite a few of them seeing MB as they went to their barbie. I’d go a bit further and say that IMHO,
    it’s hard to imagine several of them not seeing him. I don’t know how many cars were on the road that Sunday morning, but I doubt it was so many that a yellow Volvo sedan driven by someone who wasn’t the full quid wouldn’t be of at least passing interest to any of those police.

    MB’s appearance/demeanour would feasibly have been cause for police to stop him, one would have thought. This is far more so since he’s supposed to have been drinking Sambuca for an hour before he left his Newtown home. He apparently wasn’t swerving al over the road.

    The Yorkshire Ripper had his number plate checked on a police computer contained in a squad car, and that was a good 15 years previously. Did none of the coppers who would have seen MB, according to his whereabouts as per the official story, not at least check the vehicle’s rego? But that’s too charitable a question because MB must have been swerving all over the road. It’s impossible to believe he couldn’t have been.
    The official story is caught up in contradictions of its own making.

    I’m also curious to learn about how typical it is for those who
    have committed a mass murder to not brag about it to police negotiators if the need for negotiations arises,
    Did MB or whoever it is the negotiation tapes, only a small percentage of which have been made public, brag about or otherwise mention the murders in and around the Visitors Centre, or those of Bob and Sally Martin?


    • No, go back through the siege tape transcript. Bryant specifically said he had nothing to do with what happened at Port Arthur.

      • Terry, you must have put this comment here by accident.
        The above post of mine has nothing to do with whether or not MB claimed to be involved with the PAM, which as a perpetrator we all know he wasn’t.
        If you could find the time, I would appreciate it if you or anyone else at Gumshoe could bounce their ideas about what I have written.

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