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How “Groupthink” Is Impeding the Sydney Siege Inquest


drummersIdentical drummers at the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

by Mary W Maxwell

It takes time to absorb all that was said in the last few days at Gumshoe, both in articles and comments.  Let’s do a retrospective.  More importantly, let’s push further (in the comments below, your turn) as to trying to fathom what this all means.

Every day I am astonished by the state of mind of the (apparent) majority of Australians. One friend said to me in an email “I used to be proud to be an Aussie.” Seriously, how can it be that folks don’t see what’s going on? Are they really willing to yield Australian culture to the tricks of Rupert Murdoch?


Yesterday I went to my bank in Adelaide to buy a draft in Canadian dollars, to the tune of $800. The teller asked me what it is for. I said “I won’t say.’ She then tried to tell me it was necessary for me to cough up the information. Finally she went to her boss, then came back and gave me the desired draft without further fuss.

I have bought many a foreign draft, and no one ever gave a hoot what it was for. So what’s the deal? Is it that, because of Muslims, we have to be more aware of foreign transactions?

Nonsense. We all know that Monis was in thick with government persons – just based on the fact that Immigration Department let him in knowing he was a bad ’un. Or just based on ABC’s having featured him as an “ayatollah,” no less, on their Religion Report.

Degrade, Degrade, Degrade

The fuss over my Canadian money seems to me to be just part of the overall degradation of people. Having to “own up” to my financial sin (whatever it purportedly was) is one small humiliation.  All the humiliations add up.

I imagine a principal strategy is the attempt to make us think of ONE ANOTHER as baddies. (Yes, folks you have to take off your shoes at the airport because others, even dressed in nice business suits, may be shoe bombers.) Yes, you have to tell the bank why you are spending money.

We shouldn’t put up with this. Probably the way to fight it – which is very time-consuming and nerve-wracking – is to dig your heels in at every turn. Granted, in many cases you can’t insist on your rights. Parents who insist on not vaccinating their babies may find themselves unable to pay the rent.

Is there a more aggressive option?

Rock of Ages

Back to the Lindt Café and our last four essays. Namely:  Mal Hughes’ on Monis’ peculiar shotgun, Dee McLachlan’s on “all the world’s a stage,” mine on the Jordan Library, and mine on Fiona’s announcement of the toilet visit. That one led to Dee choosing a photo of broken glass, which has opened a new topic.

Commenter Ned pointed out that you can’t just shuffle down Martin Place and pick up the odd rock. So right away we are speculating – perhaps correctly – that someone is trying to “send a message” about the Sydney siege. (The rock-throwing took place in 2015, only a few months after the siege.)

Not a bad idea. Sort of like talking in code. At GumshoeNews we are musing that think it may be police, angry at how the media portrayed the “impossibility” of police snipers shooting – pardon my language —  “the cunt.” (That was the Shield Bearer’s name for Monis, as stated in the Inquest hearing before my very ears.)

So we must ask, why is it necessary to talk in code? Because there is no one to turn to who will let you talk normal.

Everybody is scared. And everybody practices the human habit of imitating what those around them are saying. (Remember the legend where everyone said “Yes, the Emperor is wearing clothes. Wow, such embroidery!”)

Epistemology Is Not Dead Yet

There used to be a subdivision of philosophy called Epistemology. It was the study of knowledge and how it gets acquired. It has almost died out thanks to developments in neuroscience. You can do lab work to find how the brain gathers and processes information.

Still, there’s many a puzzle as to how “society” thinks. How does cultural change occur? I think it has largely occurred in recent times by sheer direction from On High. That is, a hidden group with nefarious plans.

Consider the aforementioned little humiliations that give a person a different self-image than she used to have. This then disposes her to giving in to the boss. She no longer senses her importance and her autonomy. Dignity got scrubbed with no one ever debating it.

When it was announced that the drummers for the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony had to practice all day without leaving their position on stage, I didn’t know whether to think that was good or bad. Naturally as a Westerner I don’t like that kind of obedience, although I can see that it is an effective way for a group to turn out a group product.

Catch up

This article is only a catch-up on the previous ones. But at this point I see a unifying theme. Namely, the Inquest legal professionals, including the coroner, Magistrate Michael Barnes, have seemingly set their faces against taking any stance that is critical of “the narrative.”

That is, they have not done what ordinary citizen Mal Hughes has done – attempt to question the evidence of Monis’ shooting of Tori.

They have not done what alternative media editor Dee McLachlan has done – shout “Foul” over the claim that negotiations “failed” when clearly they were studiously avoided.

The Inquest has also not done what gallerista Mary Maxwell has done: yell that the Fiona tale (of the toilet trip) can’t be true, and claim that something is very rotten in the state of Denmark when the hearings fail to mention the proximity of the Jordan Library to the café, for police access to the terrorist.

The Inquest has not done what Commenters to Gumshoe have done (notably AJ Kierath and Ned) – jumped on the rock-throwing episode by Luke Martin as a significant message about the ability of a bullet to get through the Lindt Café’s glass windows.

How Did the Inquest Groupthink Come About?

There’s unanimity in the thinking of the Inquest staff. (Note: I’m not referring to the “string section” – lawyers who represent the parties. They do not have an obligation to the public to get the whole story right.) How did Inquest  groupthink come about? I mean why haven’t they noticed the things Mal, Dee, Mary, AJ, and Ned noticed?

There are two possibilities we can eliminate. One is that the legal minds are not sharp enough. Defo not true – they can hairsplit to a most impressive degree. In fact on any issue that I addressed in the 35 parts of my Lindt Café Inquest series, Sophie Callan or Jason Downing could have done a ten-times better job, without even trying.

The other possibility we can eliminate is that the staff was honouring a taboo on questioning evidence presented as against the backdrop of what the community wanted. In one instance – regarding the superior competence of the  “SAS,” they flouted the taboo.

Thus we saw Counsel Assisting the Inquest Jeremy Gormly, SC, reaching out to the public, and especially to persons with insider knowledge of the SAS. He openly asked them to come forward with information as to how the siege may have been ended more satisfactorily had the military played a role.

Come to think of it, I don’t think there was ever an open hearing about the true, authorized role of the military. As far as I can read the law (the anti-terrorism provisions), the moment Monis said “Australia is under attack,” the Defence Force had every right to “interfere.”

I really don’t know how the groupthink came about. Certainly it betrays the spirit of an inquest. After all, an inquest is an inquiry into what happened in any unusual death case.

Paging Boni Judicis

The following appears in the Author’s Foreword to my new book Inquest: Siege in Sydney:

Is it all right for the coroner to expand his bailiwick? Yes. One of the maxims of law is Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem. “A good judge enlarges his jurisdiction” – not in the geographical sense but in the sense of subject matter. I think that maxim means: he should do whatever is possible within his authority to achieve his proper ends.

The Lindt Café Inquest website lists the Inquest’s “core values underpinning the work of the Coroner’s Court.” Under the heading “Commitment to the community,” we see “Be proactive wherever possible; Be responsible; Innovate to improve services.”

Heck, that’s boni judicis city!

May the staff please come to their senses before it’s too late. This whole Inquest business is becoming, in my opinion, a tragedy.

The Amirah Droudis trial is similar: it does not ask the questions that a second-year law student would ask. It appears to be doing the bidding of our overlords.

The goal of both that trial and the Inquest seems to be to support the media-style story of the madman who ran a siege – a story that we at Gumshoe have now thoroughly debunked.

It is very un-Australian to fail to apply the law.

— Mary W Maxwell is a disgruntled something-or-other. Contact her at mary.maxwell@alumni.adelaide.edu.au





  1. Mary, it is apparent by the number of comments and the lack of persons taking up your invitation to debate you, that very few people read our articles OR very few Australians give a damn what happens to all of us in this beautiful country.

    • At least here at gumshoe we are reading a debate that the politicians and msm editors are likely to be censoring and/or ignoring at their peril.
      Be patient, in due course the msm and shock joke fakes will go broke as people realise their deceptions and for what interests they really represent.
      Perhaps, sending the gumshoe link to those you know to pass on will reap consciousness. It is; all hands to the wheel!

    • If ‘groupthink’ is a problem in juries, and the wider Australian society, ( the Sheeple ) you should try being a member of a ‘Left wing’ cult.

      • Thanks Gary. It was only this year that I realized (partly thanks to the Guardian cartoonist “First Dog on the Moon”) that the left wing is in a trance.

        In my 40s I loved the journal “The Nation” in (US). It was witty and in-depth. Now i figure it must have come about to get an audience ready to believe lefty stuff — America never had a proclaimed left — whilst denying any false-flag stuff.

        How can its editors turn out that copy and ignore the big issues? It is all remarkable. What is your take on why the left is closed-minded. Can you name any names of lefties who rebelled?

        • It’s been a decade and a half since I was a member of one of these groups, and only recently have I come to the conclusion, that they have all been infiltrated at higher levels. As for the apparently total close mindedness, I call it ‘PEERGROUPTHINKPRESSURE’ A overly curious or sceptical comrade can be ignored, shunned, labelled, ( long list )ostracised or shouted down before being ejected, which I only saw happen once. I just quietly dropped out. But I do remember a female ‘loose cannon’ who loudly defended Gaddaffi, ( late 80’s ) picked up by the elbows and placed outside of a meeting.

          • Wow re Gaddafi.
            And funny you would menion the word Comrade. I was reading an old newspaper today (1990s?) that announced China would now say “Ladies and Gentlemen” instead of “Comrades.”
            Just think how influential such a small change was.

        • Thanks Joe, after looking at those two vids it’s obvious all of the pseudo/left leadership and their foot soldiers are already slaves. Some unwittingly, having not yet woken up.

        • Good point Pete ! Like when Spielberg got sprung ( hard photographic evidence ) at the Boston Marathon* False Flag production.* *Thanks again Pete, you are a real asset. *

  2. I noted the video of Luke throwing rocks in one of the comments in the article below. I counted about fiving serious throws of rocks, apparently. Each time he steps back and collects some more rocks. If they are rocks. From the damage to the window they were not marshmallows.
    Presuming rocks! Then he had a supply in one place (vision hampered by a seat) not just one.
    If you are on the bank of many inland rivers in NSW here is how to make a dollar. Observe carefully the composition of the river bank. Then, if applicable, bet a friend that he cannot chuck a rock to the opposite bank in say, over a minute. Put money on it and have him agree. Then say ‘time starts now’.
    Then watch the poor sucker find a rock. No! A Clod of hard earth/soil is not a rock even if it landed on the opposite bank.
    Nice little earner it is and can be adapted to Martin Place.
    Lesson; “when going down to the river have a spare rock in the pocket”, (as Confucious would say)
    I am still to collect my tenner from 30+ years back. (:-(

  3. I am doing a sampling of the number of people who know they are sovereign. To my utter amazement I have not yet found one person who knows what the word sovereign means. So I tell them that we are all born sovereign, that we own our thoughts, we own our body and we are responsible for our actions. The other question I ask people I meet “What is a right” and I always have to explain that a right is any action that causes no harm, like the meaning of the Golden Rule. Although everyone recognises these truths when confronted with them it is clearly not in their consciousness and hence according to the principle of mentalism how can more good manifest in the world?

    • David, those guys doing the drumming in Beijing. Are they sovereign? If not, what might they do to get sovereignty?

      The Oz Dad who is taking his kid to the doctor, against his will, to get vaccinated, is he sovereign? If not, what might he do to get sovereignty?

      Same as the qq you ask: How can more good manifest in the world.

      I have friends who say you get there by giving more love.
      I doubt it. Prefer the umbrella cure [Fair Dinkum’s term].

      • Mary, the guys drumming and everyone else in the world are born sovereign. This sovereignty is surrendered when the individual allows others to claim ownership over their thoughts, emotions and actions through conditioning/mind control. These drummers must reclaim their sovereignty. Fear is a big part of this conditioning.
        The Dad who is taking his child against its will to be vaccinated is violating the rights of the child. It is an act of violence and probably the child is not able to defend itself.
        I never heard the word consciousness discussed when I went to school. Perhaps it is supposed to be a secret that human beings are capable of recognising patterns and meaning within themselves and in the realm they live. Fear is the contraction of consciousness, love is the expansion of consciousness. So I agree with your friends that love (truth) is the way.

    • Despair when I see Hollywood prostitute facts and story for the fame and glory of the arts and entertainment.
      A few movies break through. People like Oliver Stone are attempting to buck the trend — but when questioned he still evades 9-11.

  4. Hi all, I have a LOT of files on the Lindt Siege but keep going back in my mind to these two podcasts by The Australian Round Table guys who supplied two podcasts as follows:

    Ep ## 11 December 21 2014 2h.03m.48s
    Ep ## 12 December 28 2014 2h.03m.47s

    They analyse the entire event over 4 hours and I haven’t watched them for 2 years but I recall they helped me tremendously with my research of the event. I’m not sure if you have all seen/heard these before. If not I recommend you watch them & if you have already done so, watch again to refresh your memory (which is what I’m about to do).

    After I watch these again I’ll check my Lindt files as I may find something else interesting to share….

    (Just to inform you of my credentials as your contributors to comments seem to know each other & I don’t want you to think I have just appeared out of nowhere….I have 2 PAM (secret) groups & have a lot of personal contact/discussions with Keith Noble in Vienna. (He is a member of one of my PAM groups). I also did the proofreading for Keith for his last two articles on PAM. And I belong to all the other PAM FB groups but not under my own name….. I was also admin of 3 overseas groups about 911, False Flags & JFK. Thus my reason for keeping so many files….lol…)


  5. For a sorcerer, reality, or the world we all know, is only a description that has been pounded into you from the moment you were born. The reality of our day-to-day life, then, consists of an endless flow of perceptual interpretations which we have learned to make in common. I am teaching you how to see as opposed to merely looking, and stopping the world is the first step to seeing.
    The sorcerer’s description of the world is perceivable. But our insistence on holding on to our standard version of reality renders us almost deaf and blind to it. When you begin this teaching, there is another reality, that is to say, there is a sorcery description of the world, which you do not know. As a sorcerer and a teacher, I am teaching you that description. What I am doing with you consists, therefore, in setting up that unknown reality by unfolding its description, adding increasingly more complex parts as you go along.
    In order to arrive at seeing one first has to stop the world. Stopping the world is indeed an appropriate rendition of certain states of awareness in which the reality of everyday life is altered because the flow of interpretation, which ordinarily runs uninterruptedly, has been stopped by a set of circumstances alien to that flow. In this case the set of circumstances alien to our normal flow of interpretations is the sorcery description of the world. The precondition for stopping the world is that one has to be convinced; in other words, one has to learn the new description in a total sense, for the purpose of pitting it against the old one, and in that way break the dogmatic certainty, which we all share, that the validity of our perceptions, or our reality of the world, is not to be questioned.
    After stopping the world the next step is seeing. By that I mean what could be categorized as responding to the perceptual solicitations of a world outside the description we have learned to call reality.

    Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan’s Teachings
    The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

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