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The War Against “Fake News” Heating Up


walsh-richards(L) Edgar Maddison Welch, and (R) Lucy Richards of  Florida, in a police booking photo from the 1990s

by Dee McLachlan

I have noticed overthe last few days it takes a long time for sites like Infowars.com and Whatreallyhappend.com to open. This was posted on Infowars.com today:

“EMERGENCY: The gov’t has announced they want to shut down this site. Obama Plans To Shut Down News Organization.

“Infowars, Breitbart, the Drudge Report and other independent sources are destroying the mainstream media narrative like never before, and the establishment is getting desperate… the mainstream media is now attempting to label legitimate news sources like Infowars as “fake news” to push towards a government-led shut down of Infowars.com.”

Now the mainstream media and politicians are blaming Russia.

The Washington Post has labelled some alternative sites as “Russian propaganda fake news,” and Senator Lindsay Graham is going to go after Russia for interfering with the US elections.

There are now many examples of “Fake News” causing disruption — and ping ponging in the news.

Sandy Hook 

Lucy Richards, 57, of Tampa, was indicted on four counts of transmitting threats, the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Southern District of Florida announced Wednesday. The headline:

“Deadly Right Wing Fake News Leads to an Arrest for Threatening a Grieving Sandy Hook Parent”

She is said to believe that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax, and was arrested and charged with making a series of death threats against a parent whose child was killed in the 2012 massacre.

Why would Richards do that? Surely any reasonable skeptic would approach the parents with more caution.

And why issue death threats? (If she did.)

Now she could face prison — with each felony charge of transmitting threats punishable by up to five years.

Comet Ping Pong

Comet Ping Pong is a well established pizza restaurant in Washington, and was a pawn in a fake news scandal.

An article, entitled “Alt Right Conspiracy Theorists Obsess Over Comet Ping Pong,” was published on 6 November 2016 in Washington City Paper:

“In Chevy Chase, Comet Ping Pong is known for its pizzas, concerts, and ping pong tables. On the grimiest corners of the rightwing internet, though, the restaurant has earned another reputation this election cycle: as the potential home base of a global Democratic sex ring.

…alt right Donald Trump supporters have become obsessed with a purported connection between the pizzeria and the Hillary Clinton campaign…”

On sites like Reddit and 4chan people have been speculating over Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, and John Podesta’s hacked emails. They were focusing on “Pizzagate” — trying to find connections to Comet Ping Pong (and owner James Alefantis).

“In one 2008 email released by Wikileaks, Alefantis thanked Podesta for attending a fundraiser at the restaurant but regretted not making him a pizza.”

The article even describes how one troll went to investigate the restaurant for hidden rooms.

Then, about one month LATER, on 4 December 2016, a North Carolina man — Edgar Maddison Welch —  was arrested after he walked into the restaurant with an assault rifle to “self-investigate” election-related conspiracy theory involving Hilary Clinton.

He surrendered peacefully to police after he found “No Evidence Underage Children Were Being Harbored in the Restaurant.”

He told police that he had read online “that the Comet restaurant was harboring child sex slaves and that he wanted to see for himself if they were there.” And he was going to rescue them.

Welsh, who struck a teenager with his car in October 2016, has also written and acted in short films. One would have thought that if he was he concerned about the possibility of sex slaves, he would have “scouted” the place out first.

Why rush in with an assault rifle?

Terasol Bistor and Artisan Gallery, located near the pizza restaurant, said on Facebook. “The fake news MUST cease and MUST be taken down and the callers who attack us, the ones who are disparaging us online and blasting lies must be brought to justice. ENOUGH!!!!”

One can only wonder if trolls are being paid to inflame the accusations over “false news.”

But all this was started by the Podesta emails leaked on Wikileaks. But that may be the last revelations from the organisation.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s lawyer, John Jones QC, 48, and dad of two children, died in an apparent suicide — run over a by a commuter train on August 15, 2016.

Now Anonymous reports that Julian Assange has been taken by the CIA — and that they have taken over Wikileaks.

In the video below, they go through the recent timeline of Assange’s alleged abduction.

Conclusion – Be On Guard

What we do know is that the alternative media has been compromised in the concerted effort by the Powers That Be to discredit “fake news.” Many forces are deliberately making the news confusing.

We all need to be diligent and cautious of what is being reported in both the mainstream media and alternative media.



  1. Talk about self-defeating! If the Powers That Be keep yakking about “fake” new — and fakery in general — that would imply to the peeps that there is such a things as standards of truth and reality.

    • Thought I might join the US Army (looking for something a bit diffferent) so went to their recruitment page and found this:

      “Pilotless planes play a major role in today’s modern Army, providing flexible aerial surveillance with no risk to life. In this exciting role you’ll take control of these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, monitoring potential ground threats that could be many kilometres from your location, and helping ensure the safety of troops on the ground.
      “This is a challenging job that requires high levels of personal resolve, mental and manual dexterity and problem-solving ability.”

      Pooh. I don’t have the manual dexterity.

  2. In case you don’t want to listen to the whole video, at 5 minutes he says the Ecuadorian embassy in London lost electric power and that cell-blocker was used to block mobile phones, and that London airport was evacuated that day, a Sunday. (Really?) All to snatch Julian Assange.

    October 16, 2016 Kerry went to Ecuador embassy in UK to pressure over the Clinton emails.
    Military plane “Guantanamo Express” takes Assange to Charlotte NC.
    Oct 20th all threads about Assange go missing.
    There is a Wikileaks Party?
    Several Assange men have died.
    Kerry goes to Antarctica. (I am not vouching for any of this).
    Oct 29 Pentagon man’s twitter says Hillary involves in child sex trafficking (I “could of” told you that in 2010)

    At 10.47 Biden calls for Assange to be called a terrorist
    Nov 10 hashtag calls for arrest of George Soros (Yipee).
    At 13 minutes says it’s all not true.
    “Will the real pedophiles stand up?”
    70,000 members of pedo ring, include heads of state

    Nov 24 “xmmm bird beginning with Thanksgiving”
    Warning goes out to all activists get rid of pizzagate
    At 21mins revelation of Child Protective Services guilt

    Nov 27 says bitpoint fake. (I dunno what a bitpoint is)
    Human Rights org says hacked and only pizzagate files removed.
    Technology can fake everything.
    “We can alter Youtube in real time” photometric energy miminization.

    This is your man in Havanna, signing off. (Mary Maxwell)

    • In the ‘old days’, that is, prior to the internet, it was relatively easy for the spooks to control the information. They could monitor ‘targeted individuals’ that were trying to get the word out about various events/issues. It was easy back then for them to confiscate your mail, plant misinformation against your character, all sorts of little tricks.

      With the expanse of the internet, the people have been able to overcome those early controls. So now the spooks are having to broaden their efforts and the censorship is becoming much more apparent.

      I love the term ‘fake news’. Who ever came up with that term must not have thought out the implications of the term. Instead of people just digesting the MSM drivel, people just might stop to think about a story – is it fake or not? They have created some doubt in people’s minds about the quality of the information they are receiving – and that creates inquiry, the very thing they wanted to avoid.

  3. Ladies, the peeps (as Mary calls us) are waking up to the scams. The more “they” cry foul, the more people are waking up to the lies.

    Talking to a bunch of mates this arvo, hadn’t heard about Pizzagate. Once they knew, they wanted blood. Told them it isn’t pretty, but they all were outraged. Why hadn’t the “real News” told them about this.

    It’s a process that I believe we are winning, and it’s accelerating.

    • Phil,
      You in a pub or at a barbie? At some sport event?
      VERY NAUGHTY, please resist and only discuss msm news reports and official government propag…. oops, sorry; accounts and reports.. Otherwise you and your mates are off to a Gulag soon.
      Vi are vatching and listening to youse.

  4. I could not help but to overhear two chaps in a pub arguing over bs fake msm and shock jokes.
    Next time I hear them I will have a duty, I suppose, to report them to the msm and authorities for canvassing fake bs news.
    They must be censored and punished for the sake of our democratic way of life.
    As for the next election, to protect authority and our democratic way of life, it has to be deemed unlawful for anyone to criticise or question the existing government, (unless with a msm licence to fake the polls) after all, we cannot have about 50% of the population intending to desire existing authority to be overthrown by fakers.
    The serious problem is worse. Dinner parties and other social gatherings where anti-establishment ramblings might incite revolutionary thoughts.
    They must be controlled by regulation and be restricted to promoting existing authority. It should be an offence to invite, possible recalcitrants to a dinner party or barbie, those who may hold views not consistent and supportive of existing government and msm ideologies and policies.
    Parliamentary question time by law must only enable questions of government that provide existing authority an opportunity to advance government policies and agendas, i.e. to fake reality for the public good and promote law and order.
    Topics entertained: in pub chat, dinner table discussion, barbie debates and in parliament deemed as treason must be also banned from the internet.
    Ve av warned you; comply or the retraining holiday camp for you and your family.
    Do not entertain evil thoughts from unauthorised persons or discuss abominable unauthorised thoughts.
    You must not question anything authorised only to the msm to canvass. E.g. who killed President Kennedy, 911, or why you are financing the invasion and killings in the Middle East and many other government and msm truths.
    Otherwise, professor Cass Sunstein will become very angry.

  5. As this “red level emergency” petition doesn’t include a single specific reference it smells of counter-intelligence.

    The very concept of petitioning is questionable in any case

  6. Ok trying again.
    Third time.
    We are at war for democracy, those who are for fake and censorship are the enemy.
    We have been subjected to lazy lying journos for centuries. Now it is time, as we have tbe armanent to defend democracy and discussion free of control and censorship.
    Our armory is a our thoughts, observations, free broad communication and free debate that for the first time in history are at hand.
    The enemy of democracy has been the fake news and misinformation enforced by fake information.
    One delightfull broadside against and exposing fake may be found on 10th December at Mike Rivero’s site at http://www.whatreally happened.com/ looking down the timeline there are some good barrages.
    11.57 Trump blasts fake.
    10.55 I mentioned law professor Cass Sunstein in a comment below. Sunstein is dealt with at wrh. The lazy lying journos do not expose Sunstein as a professional fake. Sunstein promotes fake to be placed by goverment into internet sites, particularly those dealing with questioning of the official fake government 911 conspiracy theory. So who is a candidare for head fake frog in the swamp? We know who would win the fake title for the ABC radio in Melbourne.
    9.55 msm fighting to save falling advertising revenue. Hey journos, try not lying in the infills between advertisements.
    9.38 poor msm journos want a bailout by censorship. Hey msm, you cannot fix historical stupid!
    More broadsides at; 9.23, 9.19, 8.46,8.42,8.35,7.16, 2.22.
    I am splitting this entry due to problems. Phill, you are next.

  7. Now Phill, you were cautioned as to your associations and dialogue, so here is some friendly advice. Ensure that, for example, you do not be in your vehicle in the same street as known criminals. (Excluding authorised misinformation agents)
    Do I joke? No.
    Read today’s article by Eamonn Duff in the Sun-Herald, Sydney. p. 4-5 News. It is a doozey, the title tells: ‘police database entry made innocent father a crime suspect’.
    As a result he was continually stopped and harrased by police and only woke up as to why because he was a ex police officer.
    He says in his complaint to the police flatfoots: “I am at a total loss to explain how police could verify such false, misleading and adverse information, just because my car was allegedly observed in the same street as known criminals’.
    Those who spend our money protecting us proposed to amend tbe record. They say; “Intelligence reports are an integral part of policing and can be created from a variety of sources”.
    So beware unauthorised discussion if you may be overheard.
    We must protect our msm, they are an endangered species, under serious threat and desparately in need of public funding.
    Censorship of the internet by the ‘fake’ meme must be government policy. ‘Save a msm journo a day’.
    By the way Mr. Duff, how about reporting on official Sunstein fakery referred to in my comment below?. You may have prospects.

    • And now a billion dollar upgrade to the MCG stadium in Melbourne — on the pretext of keeping us safe from terrorist attack. A “fence of steel” is to be erected to keep us safe… and a “fence of steel” to keep the politicos safe in their swamp in Canberra. More fences required!!!!!!

  8. Dee….Re your comment about newspapers being used for fish & chips wrappers….In the 50s my father used to cut them up into squares & hang them on wire in the outside dunny for loo paper! Very common in those days…Maybe they knew something about msm even in those days?

  9. Quote, ” RING OF STEEL — was a rumour in Dec 2015. One year later it is confirmed in the Herald sunday Sun. Soon rings of steel will be everywhere. I think I should get into the fencing business.
    Can’t detail the report as i refuse to pay the Herald Sun for digital access. Rather pay for a coffee and then have a free paper — to wrap fish and chips up in. Poor fish.” Unquote.
    Agree with you 100%, there are more than one way to skin a cat so to speak. Whenever I come up against this obstacle, I simply Google the headline, then heaps of alternative sources come up, and usually the newspaper that printed it first, is at the top, the other simply copy their article and reprint it. You can in this manner, avail yourself of the article your seeking.
    Amazes me, that folks haven’t cottoned on to this. Dunno why anyone would pay if they can get such things for free ??? LOL.
    I wonder how long it will take for the MSM to realize this, and wake up to the fact subscriptions can be bypassed in this manner.

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