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Al-Assad, The Caucasus, Tsarnaev, and a Grateful Heart



by Montse Alarcón Flix

An open letter:

Mr. President Bashar Al-Assad,

First, greetings and peace to you and your family and I wish prosperity for your country.

The main purpose of this letter is to thank the “Syrian Electronic Army” on behalf of persons who read the hashtag #Tsarnaev. We are folks around the world who want to get relief for a young man who was falsely imprisoned – and is now on Death Row – for a so-called bombing, that took place at the Marathon race in Boston in 2013.

I’m referring to the hacking of CBS News by your clever “SEA” – the Syrian Electronic Army. I’ll interrupt here to explain how I understand this. Many governments have teams of personnel whose job is to monitor the Internet for items they oppose. A week after the Marathon bombing, CBS and other propagandist networks pointed to the Tsarnaev brothers as the guilty party.


But since the Day One, which was 15th April, 2013, the SEA hacked into these big networks and rightly pointed to Obama as the guilty party and even specified the involvement of the mercenary group “Craft International.”

It was awesome to see online the frustration of viewers seeking to be fed with more hate propaganda, tweeting about how they tuned into CBS or Boston.com and instead found the sentence “The Syrian Electronic Army was here”. I’m grateful that this intervention opened so many eyes about how hate propaganda works.

Brothers in Truth

I’m not Muslim but I rejoiced in the unity demonstrated by Islam’s followers — when an Alawite government supported the defense of these two framed boys of Sunni faith without any other concern than showing the truth.

Truth makes us all brothers; beliefs are a secondary matter. After I saw the Syrian Arab Army defending Christian churches and rebuilding them I was persuaded that the Syrian Electronic Army would have defended the truth of the Boston hoax no matter if the Tsarnaevs were atheists.

Syrians have love of the truth and their values are learned in a country with a really secular state. Even persons who, still fooled by the media, are falsely accusing your government of crimes against the civilian population, must recognize that Syria has always been an example of religious tolerance. The non-confessional state that many countries have as an ideal, is, in Syria, real! For centuries it has been maintained even in the middle of the most atrocious wars.

Chemical False Flag

Just a few weeks after the 2013 Marathon there was the chemical false flag attack in Syria — perpetrated in a very similar way to the Boston fake bombing, with a drill conducted in the vicinity, and false reports from media, etc. – but in Syria’s case with surely real victims.

The Syrian government was cleared of any participation in this attack, by the offices of the UN and also by public opinion for the most part.

I believe that the way we have had to learn to deny false media’s claims (as in the false Boston story) has indeed helped people to see the truth on the Syrian chemical weapons false flag. Oh, how it must have hurt you to be blamed!

I was helped by this GlobalResearch article written by a Syrian in Syria who says it is no civil war. The author says:

“The terrorists are sent…. They are al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra Wahhabi Salafists Talibans etc and the extremist jihadists sent by the West, the Saudis, Qatar and Turkey.”

Mr President, you got help from Russia, and an end to the conflict seemed to be close at hand. But your alliance with Russia caused some of my friends to condemn me because I support that alliance. Still, how could I reject it if it helps your country to protect its freedom and to re-establish peace?

Through the Eyes of Aunt Roza

Let me now introduce a problem to you.

In the US, the media was assisted in framing the Tsarnaev boys by a carryover of Russian propaganda that had for years portrayed Chechens as terrorists. This biased the general public. I quote on this matter from Roza Tsarnaev, the aunt of Jahar Tsarnaev, the Death Row boy. She says:

“The position of the Russian mass media, which supported the USA’s gangster policies (I emphasize the word “gangster”) in relation to this false Boston story, is totally incomprehensible. It is clear that the Americans are hatching their plan of unleashing [more] conflicts in the Caucasus and Central Asia.”

As I said, I support the Russian intervention in Syria (in which Caucasians, too, collaborate) but only to the extent that the Syrian legitimate government requested it. I emphatically don’t condone the Russian policy in the former Soviet republics. It uses their land, people and resources as a mere subject of colonial exploitation for its oil.


This has been especially true following the murder of Dudayev, the President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, and the invasion of this independent republic by Russian forces.

Maybe this is my problem: I support Assad’s government but I don’t like the fact that he has been forced to seek the help of alleged war criminal Putin. The FSB and Putin plot staged terrorist events to blame them on Chechen resistance – an old trick.

I feel that Russian occupants in Caucasus lands are using the Syrian cause to disguise as legitimate, actions that are blatantly criminal. They play the role of defender of a country invaded by imperialists — while asking us to forget that they are invaders in other countries.

Probably you have heard that a majority of the 3,800 Caucasians joining ISIS in Syria are Chechen. I assume they are in the Middle East because they don’t feel safe in their home, owing to Russian persecution.

Many of them suffered years of jail and torture in Russian hands. Now the CIA takes advantage of this circumstance – using them against the legitimate Syrian government in exchange for $400 a month salary (at best).

And the Syrian government, instead of killing them all as invaders, offers amnesty for the ones willing and able to drop their militancy. Thank you!

Cowardly Robot

One young man, Rustan, who looks a bit like Boston’s Jahar, was recently killed in Daguestan, The FBS surrounded his home, claiming of course that everyone inside was a terrorist, and sent in a weaponized robot to do the murders.  I read about this in an article by Paul Antonopoulos.


I immediately wrote to that author to say it is not fair to identify Caucasus people as terrorists. He responded, saying of Rustan, “He even poses with Al-Qaeda flag”. But you know that this flag appears to be the Sahada, a beloved flag in the Caucasus from time immemorial. It’s not an Al-Qaeda. In my opinion the flag of Al-Qaeda should contain the logos of the CIA and the Mossad, not Arabic script.

I pointed out the possibility that Rustan wasn’t an ISIS fighter at all — he was probably killed for being nationalist and for believing in the international laws that grant the right of self-determination of the nations that Chechenya joined before of the invasion by Russia for a “Greater Russia”!

President Assad, back to the matter of the SEA’s contribution, regarding our Boston prisoner, Jahar, I wanted to let you know that it arrived profoundly to my heart — and that of many other people.

I don’t think you would excuse any murder by state agents in countries that are enjoying peace. and I really hope that a moment will arrive soon in which the situation in Syria will be so good that we won’t excuse either any kind of execution, not judicial, extra- judicial, or by state agents or by anyone.

Yours respectfully,

Montse Alarcón Flix

P.S.  I am told that you are an eye-doctor. Good. I was once helped by an eye doctor and don’t have to wear glasses anymore. But could you prescribe a treatment for the eye problem I have when I look at Jahar’s backpack and see white, while the FBI tells me I must see black?

  • Montse Alarcon Flix is a fiction writer in the Catalan language and is a volunteer in the defense of Death Row inmate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev falsely accused of terrorism.
Photo credit of Rustan: warnewsupdates.blogspot.com.au




  1. Montse, thank you very much for your contribution to World peace and acting as a go-between for others of peace. Your article appears to be unbiased as you accuse both Russia and US of crimes.

    • Don’t forget, Montse, Russians have feelings too.
      Here is a vid in which the ecumenical spirit knows no bounds. Russian army seeing Verdi — in the Holy See — concerning the Hebew Slaves!

      What’s the wold coming to. Maybe the good stuff you adumbrate.

  2. Very nice letter Montse! It’s a shame that the US promotes such hate propaganda against Syria. We all saw the pictures of the people including children, who Assad allegedly killed with a chemical agent, and most people believe that Assad did that. It seems the US lies constantly, yet blames other countries for the same thing. I didn’t know that Assad was an eye doctor. Wish he or someone could shed some light on the damage to Dzhokhar’s left eye and if surgery could help to improve his vision. We know how damaged his eye is since it is mentioned in court documents by the defense and we saw the picture of Dzhokhar in a holding cell on July 10/13. The Tsarnaev family should have sued the law enforcement agents/officers for abuse of power and attempted murder for the severe injuries suffered by Dzhokhar at their hands.Such cruel and barbaric people. Their job is certainly not to serve and protect. Thanks for your insight and truth on Syria.

    • You are fun, Cheryl. I propose a deal. Dr Assad hops over to Supermax in Colorado to help Jahar with his eye, and in exchange, the head honcho of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (aka BIDMC) hops down to Oz to be interviewed by Gumshoe about the last hours of Tamerlan.
      We will especially appreciate his bringing photos of the wounds caused by Jahar’s SUV running over his Bro.

      Always remembering: If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

      • everyone remembers the OJ trial. Why didn’t Judy Clarke pull that stunt with Dzhokhar and the white gloves, it worked beautifully for OJ. Oh I forgot, Judy wasn’t there to save Dzhokhar, she was there to make sure he was found guilty.

  3. All this, whatever the truth has nothing to do with any threat to Australia.
    So let’s piss off from any more entanglements north of the equator.
    Get the picture Bishop and Mal? You miserable dupes want us to be hocked further and even more to the bankers? Look up our national debt and our interest bill per day ….. 40 million per day could be better spent Mr. Turnbull!
    Look up Rivero’s video on ‘ all wars are banker’s wars’ at
    http://whatreallyhappened.com/ see the index at the top of the webpage.
    Won’t read any of this in our fake globalist corporate banker fascist msm.

    • Montse provided us with both the Spanish and the Catalan translations of a very important affidavit that was sent to Judge O’Toole re Jahar. Search for “Montse” on Gumshoe.

      • And here is a little clip in Catalan from the Youtube channel Flipside News (owned by Dee).

        When you get to the picture of Chechenya (it’s at 29 seconds), think of the phrase “It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home — Not.”
        Ms Montse, I had never thought of a motivation of ISIS soldiers until you mentioned it — running away fom home. Thanks for bringing heart into this story. And thanks for being you.

    • Dear Times10, about 75% of the way down in your link, in a photo by Sgt Lally, we see the National Guardsmen of Assachusetts wearing what looks to me like the costume attributed to Craft International mercenaries. Am I correct? Do both groups wear the tan pants and black jacket?

      Also, you show two officers who look to be the same men that discussed, with Anderson Cooper, the knife wound to Jahar’s neck. Do you think it might be they?

      Please don’t expect anything of me. I like to investigate court cases, not photos — which I generally mistrust. But if you know the answer to my 2 qq, I’d be obliged to hear.

      (The knife-wound men to whom I refer are about 60% of the way down, UNDER your captions “Watching the race” and “Not paying attention.”) Also, what is the source of that pix? Thanks.

      Note: it would help if you would identify yourself, but if that is going to cause a divorce, job-sacking, or whatever, never mind.

      • I am also interested in the size of the hands of the now-deceased boy Martin Richards. In your photo the hands look normal but in another photo they are too big for an 8-year old.

        I was put onto the idea of problems in the Martin Richards case by an article entitled “the Subornation of Perjury” at the webiste writingthewrongfor jahar.

        I might also mention, not that anybody needs my history, that a few months ago Monse Alarcon Flix went on a mission to force me to believe that Jeff Bauman was a fake. Having published 10 articles AGAINST hoax theory I was not an easy target. She tried waterboarding me. It did not work.

        What worked — besides Dr Loraine Day’s description of real amputation — was Jeff Bauman’s own book (“Stronger”, mind you), and the claim that he told the ambulance driver that he knew who did the bombing. Totally preposterous stuff.

        I am trying to set up a rating of preposterosity. So far nobody has topped the news item about the 9-11 hijcker throwing his passport out the window. But no doubt someone will top it soon.

      • Hi Mary. will answer to the best of my ability. As about the clothing on Agents All govt FBI/CIA/NSA agents who work in the field publically wear the same attire. It let’s them know who is who when in the crowds or on missions in a crowd about the Bag ” Cannot post pics or links here evidently so if you could go to my fb page Cick on my avatar or name and i will explain in full detail

        • Thanks for answering, Tom. I suppose all members of the public should start to wear that same costume!

          What “bag” are we talking about?
          Tom, I am an old bag myself. So much so, that I do not know how to do facebook. S’truth.

          But you could write to me and I will then post the conversation here (subject to your appro). Try:
          mary.maxwell@alumni.adelaide.edu.au (spell ADELAIDE)

          and in case you mean the throat-men I will run that video here. At 1.32 in this tape the guy behind the speaker, the one with serious five-oclock shadow, is the one who looks like the guy in your pix.

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