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The Man-made Origin of HIV/AIDS: This is NOT Fake News



by Alan R Cantwell, M.D., © 2016 (retired dermatologist)

Thirty-five million people worldwide have died of AIDS; and millions more are currently infected. How did AIDS start? My research suggests HIV entered the gay population via an experimental hepatitis B vaccine that had been contaminated by a chimpanzee virus.

This vaccine was administered to gay men in preliminary trials shortly before 1976-1977 and during the actual hepatitis B experiment (1978-1980) at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. These were exclusively in young, healthy, primarily white and well-educated homosexuals in Manhattan. And it was closely followed by the “gay plague” of AIDS.

A bit of background: forced transfer of deadly viruses between animal species held in laboratories, and the development of cancer and AIDS-like immunosuppressive viruses, were commonplace as part of the “War on Cancer” during the years from 1968 to 1980.

The Special Cancer Virus Program (1968-1980) that preceded AIDS

The Special Cancer Virus Program, under the direction of the NIH — National Institutes of Health — was initiated by President Nixon as part of his “War on Cancer.”

This program, the SCVP, involved the leading virologists and medical research institutions in America. Its purpose was to prove that certain animal viruses could cause human cancer.

This required the dangerous transfer of viruses between animal species, as well as adapting these viruses into human cells. In the laboratory process, numerous AIDS-like retroviruses were created.

I read many of the annual reports by the Special Cancer Virus Program at the time. They repeatedly stated that animal-derived “human candidate viruses” would not be tested in humans. Just contemplate that phrase – human candidate viruses!

This genetic engineering of viruses was largely kept hidden from the public. And hardly anyone saw the ease with which these animal viruses (particularly primate viruses) could mysteriously contaminate laboratories and go unrecognized.

For example, Robert Gallo, a Project Officer in the SCVP program, reported a discovery in 1975 of a “new” and “human” HL-23 virus. It eventually proved to be three different contaminating ape viruses (gibbon ape virus, simian sarcoma virus, and baboon endogenous virus). Gallo claimed he had no idea how these primate viruses contaminated his laboratory.

The myth of Patient Zero who brought AIDS to America

In October 2016 the mainstream media finally exonerated Patient Zero, the Canadian airline steward who had been accused [by that very media] of bringing AIDS to America.

Gaetan Dugas, his real name, developed swollen lymph glands in 1979. Diagnosed with Kaposi’s sarcoma (the so-called “gay cancer” of AIDS) in New York City in 1980, he died of kidney failure in 1984 at age 31.

The New York Times (October 26, 2016), which has always avoided serious discussion of the man-made theory of AIDS, headlined ‘HIV arrived in the U.S. long before Patient Zero.’

Dugas was vindicated by computer calculations made by molecular biologists using genetic sequences from the earliest blood specimens of HIV-positive gay men. These had been – and still are? — stored at the New York Blood Center in 1978-1979.

Those biologists concluded that HIV – “human immunosupressive virus” — spread from Zaire (as the Congo was then called) to Haiti in 1967 – and then on to New York City around 1971.

Other molecular biologists studying the genes of HIV have estimated that the virus entered the

drsAfrican population sometime between 1915 and 1941. Note that airplanes carrying people and their STDs around the world fly both in and out of Central Africa.

I do not endorse either of those scenarios.

Secret and unethical human experiments in the pre-AIDS era

Unfortunately, doctors have a long and sordid history of unethical experimentation, much of it never reported or publicized in medical journals for obvious reasons.

The horrific Guatemala experiments (1946-1948) were conducted, in part, by the US Public Health Service The study came to light, by accident, in 2010.  Over 5,500 people, including children, were recruited and 1,300 were deliberately infected with various STDs by doctors.

That was admitted to, and apologized for, by the US government. Critics, who quickly dismiss AIDS as a man-made creation because “doctors would never do that,” need to be aware of this shameful reality.

In 1972, less than a decade before the gay experiment, the government’s notorious Tuskegee syphilis experiment was finally abandoned by the CDC under public pressure. It had begun in 1932 — black men with syphilis were deliberately not treated so that doctors could study the natural progression of the disease until death.

In 1971, the US military’s biological warfare research merged with respectable cancer research. The biological warfare research program at Fort Detrick, Maryland is now part of the National Cancer Institute, a federal body.

Thus, bio-warfare research at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research can go on under cover of legitimate cancer research.


It was not uncommon in the ’70s to test various vaccines on retarded children and black persons in Africa. Laboratory chimpanzees were infected with hepatitis B by intravenous injections of human saliva and semen. (This was published in appropriate journals.)

In 1974 the New York Blood Center established Vilab II — a rarely-mentioned chimpanzee center in Liberia, Africa. It was  used to infect primates; the goal was to develop hepatitis vaccines for eventual human use. Vilab has recently been disbanded.

By 1978, the year in which the Hepatitis B trial in gays began, the SCVP had produced 37,438 liters of animal retrovirus material. These were offered to labs around the country for experimentation (The Virus Cancer Program, June 1978, p 282).

By 1980, the Program was disbanded. It had failed to prove that an animal virus could cause human cancer

By the end of the 1970s, homosexual males began to sicken and die due to a “new” and unprecedented immunosuppressive and cancer-causing virus. It was quickly dubbed the “human” immunodeficiency virus – HIV.

The hepatitis B vaccine experiment of 1978 to 1980

As early as 1975, Manhattan gays began donating blood specimens for the vaccine trial. Eventually 13,000 specimens were donated. All of it was retained at the NYBC.

Thus, when a blood test later became available for HIV, the blood was re-tested to trace the introduction and spread of HIV into the gay community beginning in 1978-1979.

The hepatitis B vaccine was developed by Maurice Hilleman and manufactured by Merck. Hilleman was the world’s leading vaccine developer. He was well aware that the absolute safety of any vaccine could only be proven by testing it in humans.

HIV was unknown in the 1970s and therefore there was no test for it. By the mid-1970s, prior to the actual trial in 1978, the vaccine was developed and tested in chimpanzees. …

Did a chimp immunodeficiency virus contaminate the vaccine?

Such a fear was at least mentioned by June Goodfield in her 1985 book, Quest for the Killers (1985). She writes:

“Was something wrong with the vaccine, possibly contamination? This was no theoretic fear, contamination having been suspected in one vaccine batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.”

Have a look at Paul Offit’s admission in Vaccinated (2007). Offit, a leading spokesperson for the vaccine industry, states that Hilleman “would be the first and last to use human blood to make a vaccine. He didn’t know until later that the blood was heavily contaminated with HIV” (p 115).

Note: HIV could hardly have “heavily contaminated” the vaccine made from the pooled blood of gay men in 1976-1977, when there were no AIDS cases and no evidence of HIV anywhere in the stored blood specimens in the U.S.

Offit tries to reassure us:

“Although HIV was likely present in the blood from which he had made his early preparations of his vaccine, Maurice Hilleman’s choice of pepsin, urea, and formaldehyde had completely destroyed it.”

image             A disease aimed at blacks and gays?

Horowitz Exposes the Plot

But medical professionals did not trust the safety of the vaccine when it came on the market in 1982, no matter what Offit claims.

Leonard G Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional? (1996), explores the many factors, including the role of the military-medical-industrial complex. He is convinced that AIDS is man-made.

He exposes the little-known hepatitis B vaccine pilot studies in chimps and gays in the few years preceding the large-scale trial in 1978. Horowitz theorizes:

“A few military scientists, I realized, were all that was needed to transport a vial of viruses from Fort Detrick or for that matter Gallo’s lab, to Hilleman’s hepatitis B vaccine lab in West Point, Pennsylvania, or directly to Krugman’s group in New York. The African supplies could have been easily tainted the same way.”

For more details, Google: Leonard G Horowitz + the earliest hepatitis B vaccines and the origin of AIDS.

The final experiment, which eventually enrolled 1,083 volunteers, began in November 1978 and ended in June 1980 at the NYBC. Half the men received the vaccine; the other half a placebo. Each man had a special vaccine vial used only for him.

Each man was given 3 doses of vaccines over a period of six months. Altogether it entailed 6,332 follow-up visits and blood samples. At the end of the trial, the placebo group was offered the protective vaccine.

The aftermath of the gay hepatitis B experiment

The entrance point of HIV/AIDS into the US population clearly traces back to the experiment at the NYBC. There is no question that signing up for the trial was deadly for some gay men.

The proof is contained in a 1986 follow-up report of 378 men who donated blood and/or were volunteers for the experiment  It is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (the JAMA) in 1986. (Vol 255, pp 2167-2172)

Authored by Cladd Stevens et al it is the strongest evidence, in my view, that the men were damaged by HIV, the chimp virus in humans.

The article is entitled “Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type III [HIV] infection in a cohort of homosexual men in New York City”.

In 1978-1979 over 6% of the men were already “positive” for HIV. In 1980, the year Dugas (“Patient Zero”) was diagnosed with AIDS, 15% of the gays were positive. And by 1982, as many as 30% of these vaccinated men were infected.

By 1984, the year HIV was “discovered,” 43% of the men tested positive. To this day, that figure is still is the highest HIV infection rate anywhere in the world. (Swaziland, Africa, currently has a rate of 28.8%.)

However, please note that, for reasons unexplained, men in the study who had already been diagnosed with AIDS were omitted from Stevens’ statistical study.


After the AIDS epidemic became official in 1981, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) tried to reassure the public about the vaccine’s safety — with little success. In this regard, a  JAMA editor reported: “HB vaccine acceptance has been seriously hindered by the fear of possible AIDS transmission from the vaccine.”

It is important to remember that HIV is not the first time a primate virus “jumped species” to enter the human population.

It also occurred when a cancer-causing primate virus (simian virus 40) contaminated the polio vaccines of the 1950s and ‘60s and infected half the U.S. population of that time.

That transfer did not occur in Africa!

Some current researchers say SV40 causes human cancer. Government scientists say it doesn’t. More information can be found at sv40Foundation.org.

As for AIDS, as I said, thirty-five million people worldwide have died of it. Another 38 million are currently infected.

I ask: why blame “gay sex” for bringing a chimp virus to America? Why blame Africans for an epidemic that clearly started first in Manhattan?

We shouldn’t even blame monkeys and chimps in the bush — we held them captive in primate labs and pumped them full of cancerous viruses and cancerous tissue — then used them to develop vaccines for human use.

Scientific studies of the origin of HIV/AIDS should be questioned if the AIDS establishment refuses to seriously consider any evidence for the man-made theory of AIDS.

In hindsight we should ask: Were the green monkey and the cut-hunter theories of AIDS—and the now defunct Patient Zero story— merely mainstream media “fake news”?



alan1Alan Cantwell, Jr, MD

Mary Maxwell: Hello Dr Cantwell. I must talk to you about AIDS. When I first read your book Queer Blood, back in 2005, I thought it came across as very accusatory. Later, I sensed you were becoming more cautious. Now you seem to be throwing caution to the wind. That’s fine by me.

Alan Cantwell:  When you get to my age, you stop pussy-footing around. If I didn’t believe AIDS was a man-made disease, I wouldn’t have spent 30 years researching it. In the late 1970s I was studying and reporting 3 cases of “classic” Kaposi’s sarcoma, as well as an autopsied case.

In each instance, I discovered and photographed bacteria (not viruses) that were found in the skin tumors and in additional organs at autopsy. To this date, I am the only doctor on the planet to be aware of this. And, of course, when I began to study KS associated with AIDS (the so-called “gay cancer”), and an autopsied case of AIDS, I found the same-appearing bacteria.

All of this has never been confirmed or denied by other AIDS experts. But from this research experience, I knew from the very beginning of the epidemic that the science was rigged — and that scientists would only consider “a virus” as the sole cause of AIDS.

Mary: In your article you say of the 1,083 volunteers in the New York experiment “Each man had a special vaccine vial used only for him.” I don’t understand.

Cantwell: I guess it’s an extra, added precaution, in that there is less chance of contamination when each man has his own small supply of vaccine to only be administered to him and him alone. Ordinarily, large vials of vaccine are for multiple use and are used for a dozen or so vaccine doses to be given to various patients out of the same bottle.

Of course, it there was nefarious medical experimentation going on, it would be easier to contaminate certain SELECT vials.  One has to think about this as a mad scientist might.

Mary: OK, now I get it. I often do my thinking as a mad scientist in that way. Also, I’m pleased that you say no time should be wasted on the false story of how the disease traveled from a lone airline steward to America.  Just think how much ink was spilled on that story over the years when it should have been spilled on the truth.

Cantwell: This sensationalized story, utterly without merit, was a publicist’s dream to sell more copies of Randy Shilts’s book And the Band Played On. It’s an essential read for anyone interested in the early history of AIDS and the government’s inaction in terms of ignoring the disease because it was viewed as a “gay man’s disease.”

In retrospect, I believe “they” wanted the virus to spread to as many people as possible. After all, we can all agree that HIV/AIDS is big business. There are 38 million people living with AIDS. Now infected people all need expensive drugs, and uninfected people can take other expensive drugs to prevent HIV infection.

Blaming gays, and blacks, and chimps for AIDS is a good cover story to let scientists and their cancer virus creations off the hook. Am I jaded? Yes, I am.

Mary: Besides you, there are two other scientists who seem to have the real story. One is Len Horowitz, DMD. He even comes out with data about chemtrails and it all looks correct to me (I mean in his book Death in the Air.) But he is not exactly a normal researcher. I think he has insider knowledge.

Cantwell: Robert Strecker, MD, was the first physician to make me aware of man-made AIDS. That was in 1986. He talked about the connection of the hepatitis B experiment in gay men to the outbreak of the “gay plague.”

I knew nothing about that, and at first, I thought the idea was crazy. But the more I delved into his assertions, the more it made sense to me. I finally was convinced he was correct in his ideas. Leonard Horowitz is the only other health professional who has deeply researched the evidence, via his books and postings, that AIDS is most likely a genocidal man-made disease.

He also opened my eyes to the political and military implications of the epidemic. Every serious researcher has something to bring to the table.

Mary: The other doctor who influenced me is the late William Douglass, MD. He said he was successful in curing AIDS in Africa by using hydrogen peroxide. I don’t want anyone to try that on my say-so; no doubt there’s a lot more to it.

Cantwell: Doctor Douglass was well-known in conspiracy circles as the author of the provocatively titled article “W.H.O. murdered Africa”, referring to the role of the World Health Organization. The article is available on-line.

Mary: Douglass was as scathing as you are, if not more so, in regard to the laboratory origin – I mean the deliberate laboratory origin – of all this stuff.

Cantwell: Well, compared to Douglass, my writings have, in the past, tended to be conservative.  I was under the impression that elucidating some “truths” about HIV/AIDS and its origin, and its relationship to cancer, would be welcomed in terms of better understanding the origin of the epidemic.

But, I must admit, I seem to be better known as a “conspiracy theorist” or “HIV dissenter” or worse. Honestly, outside of Horowitz and Strecker, I am basically out there alone on a limb.

Mary: Nowadays there is the book Plague, co-written by a lawyer, Kent Heckenlively, and Judy Mikovits who was a director of research at none other than Ft Detrick. The plague to which she refers is ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis), previously called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, once denigrated as “the Yuppy flu.” She is outspoken, though not as outspoken as I would like her to be, about the malice involved at Ft Detrick.

Cantwell: Speaking of that, I have read the “malice” chapter in your book Consider the Lilies; a Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and their Legal Status.

Mary: Well, I’d like to see some lawsuits, and the sooner the better. Civil actions, never mind prosecutions, could be brought by families of deceased AIDS patients.  If any of the plaintiffs were in the 1979 Hepatitis B vaccine trial in New York we at least know there are good records! In fact I read somewhere in a journal that was not “conspiratorial” that the RAND corporation keeps a record of every AIDS patient.

Cantwell: I can’t imagine anything worse than the medical profession admitting HIV/AIDS was a deliberate attempt to seed an immunosuppressive and cancer-causing virus into the human population.

But, in my not-so-humble opinion, this is what is needed to heal the planet of this ghastly disease. Every infected person on the planet should be treated for free and for as long as it takes to rid the human race of HIV, which in reality is a chimpanzee virus transferred to humans.

Perhaps we should rename HIV not as human immunodeficiency virus, but as chimp immunodeficiency disease—CIP, in humans.

Mary: Do you reckon the “Hep-B” aspect of the thing was a mere vehicle for the infecting of gay men? I mean there was no need to make this particular trial of the hepatitis vaccine?

Cantwell: There was, and is, a great need for a hepatitis B vaccine, as well as for the other forms of hepatitis. But in the case of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine given to gays, there is no doubt that it was developed and tested in chimpanzees, and that it was also made from the pooled blood of hep B infected gay men.

These procedures are quite dangerous, for fear of contaminating a vaccine designed for humans with a chimpanzee virus. The current hepatitis B vaccine is made using “yeast cells.” It is effective and considered safe.

Mary: This is off-topic but do you know that all babies in the US are injected with Hep-B vaccine within an hour of birth? The excuse is that their Moms might have it – or something. 

Cantwell:  I am aware of vaccinating newborns at birth. The Hepatitis virus is transmitted via blood and body fluids. Sometimes an infant can acquire the virus from the mother, although there is pre-natal testing available for the mother.

One can read the pros-and-cons of newborn vaccination on the Internet. I come from an era when a child was given a limited number of vaccines; now they get dozens. I always wonder if the immature immune system of an infant or small child can handle all these inoculations, some made of God-knows-what.

The manufacturing details are always secret for proprietary reasons. No matter what side you take on the vaccine controversies, there is always someone who will criticize you. At this point, it seems that a child is rather forced into all these recommended vaccines, or else he or she can’t go to school.

Mary: Actually in Australia the family can’t eat if the kid is not vaccinated – I am referring to recent legislation that withholds welfare payments from the unvaccinated.

Dr Cantwell, Gumshoe editor Dee McLachlan and I thank you for doing this interview, and also the October 26, 2016 interview on cancer. I’d like to pop up to Los Angeles soon and do the follow-up interview with you on “how the world population finally came to understand the real meaning of AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.”

Cantwell: Thank you, too.





    • Dear Fredrick, I think there is loads of room for any particular person to have received an incorrect diagnosis. In fact I have always assumed John Ciazza, MD, was telling the truth when he claimed that he treated many “AIDS” patients as though it were syphilis instead, and they seem to get cured.

      The Adelaide case you mentioned says that the man actually went to prison in 2007 (for infecting his former wife). I have my doubts that it was a real case.

      If that wife had gone to her lawyer wouldn’t he/she recommend a lawsuit, not a prosecution? The fact that the DPP wanted to be in on the act makes me think a good media case was needed. “AIDS now a worry for heterosexuals.”

      Pardon me for my skepticism. I also did not think the dentist in America was a genuine case. (It resulted in the amazing headline “Dentist with AIDS tied to six dead patients”).

      As for the Perth lady who wanted to be an expert witness, I agree with the judge that she did not have a theory to compete with the theory of the hour, and should not qualify as expert witness on science grounds. She could have qualified on the political aspects of AIDS. Ha! Imagine a judge allowing that.

      The really big boy whom they should have hired was the late Harris Coulter. I trust his work on AIDS because his work on the diphtheria-pertussis vaccine was so thorough (co-written, if I recall correctly, with Barbara Loe Fisher).

      Geez, Fredrick, they – I mean “they” — are so hateful and horrible. Look what Paul said in his Dec 19, 7.37am comment. They hurt people, but then they remember to take precautions to not let those ones fight back.

    • From Paul Berg’s article in Nature, September 17, 2008

      Some of the concerns about recombinant DNA experimentation stemmed from my own work with the Simian Virus 40 (SV40), which can produce tumours in rodents. My aim was to use SV40 to introduce new genes into mammalian cells. Because the DNA of SV40 can integrate into the chromosomes of infected cells, I reasoned that any ‘foreign DNA’ associated with it would also become part of the infected cell’s genetic make-up….

      … Several scientists feared that bacteria carrying SV40 DNA might escape and cause cancer in people infected, so we chose to defer our experiments …..unfettered pursuit of these goals might have unforeseen and damaging consequences for human health and Earth’s ecosystems. [Well son of a gun]

      Earlier, in mid-1974, I had led a committee that communicated those concerns and published them in Science, Nature and in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. We recommended a voluntary moratorium on certain recombinant DNA experiments …. The committee was particularly concerned that introduced genes could change normally innocuous microbes into cancer-causing agents or into human pathogens, resistant to antibiotics or able to produce dangerous toxins.

  1. In the above article Cantwell drops a bomb on anyone who cares to note it: He says:

    In the late 1970s I was studying and reporting 3 cases of “classic” Kaposi’s sarcoma, as well as an autopsied case. In each instance, I discovered and photographed bacteria (not viruses) that were found in the skin tumors and in additional organs at autopsy. To this date, I am the only doctor on the planet to be aware of this.

    And, of course, when I began to study KS associated with AIDS (the so-called “gay cancer”), and an autopsied case of AIDS, I found the same-appearing bacteria. All of this has never been confirmed or denied by other AIDS experts. But from this research experience, I knew from the very beginning of the epidemic that the science was rigged — and that scientists would only consider “a virus” as the sole cause of AIDS.

    • This is the most astonishing article. About two years ago I was contracted to interview some HIV positive people and how they had managed their lives (for a medical documentary). Initially these gay men had suffered discrimination (similar to what leprosy suffered) Then they had to cope with the illness emotionally. These men were particularly strong, but I would think that many felt it was their fault.
      I cannot imagine how they might feel if they read this article. Anger?

      • Many already knew somehow that this was what had happened in my experience. Most of the older guys back then picked it pretty much as Cantwell has outlined it here. I recall someone telling me pretty much all of this at a Melbourne Nightclub…in 1984.

        • I also recall, by the by, that being hospitalized at Fairfield Hospital in Melbourne was tantamount to telling the world you were Gay (oh and incidentally….dying), such that other Hospitals had to open ID Units just to give their patients a cover story so they would present for treatment. I was there and it was hard maintaining multiple cover stories for multiple patients. It was remarkable to observe families grieving for members they really knew very little about.

          • Paul, I think Alan comments in one of his books that the reason there was never much uptake of the conspiracy theory (among New York gays) was that tthere was so much death and heartache that nobody wanted to talk about it or think about it.

            i have often wondered why at least some minotiry of autism parents don’t get angry (they do talk about pharma being greedy but not about, shall we say, Fort Detrick).

            Maybe it is for the same reason, or also because they are stunned mullets after a hard day’s work of looking after the children.

          • Just a thought, but people managing debilitating chronic diseases in themselves or their children tend to be very dependent on the largesse of the State, spend lots of money with medical and pharma providers, tend to die conveniently young, and have no time for political activity/participation. All in all a win for the existing system. Make ’em sick, sell ’em the treatment (not cure).

            I recall also that Gay men in New York and elsewhere did organize to hit the blood banks and spread it around a bit back then in the knowledge that only broader spread would make the State start taking action.

        • How telling is the wording of that ad:
          “LAST CHANCE because the vaccine may not be available for several years”
          Problem is that for every alert soul there’s always 1000 who’ve never learnt to put 2 & 2 together

  2. So what has Judge O’Toole got to do with AIDS? To me you can read a lot in the deviations from professional norms. The fact that Tsarnaev’s defense team did not grill witnesses (such as Danny, of carjack fame) is so strikingly wrong that you would be within your rights to interpret the whole case as a plot.

    A plot against whom? Not merely against Jahar – he is small beer in all this. Rather against the whole social structure. Tear down people’s trust of one another, of the big institutions, of journalists, of constitutional rights, of sporting events, of the church, everything.

    Don’t believe me? See what Charlotte Iserbyt dug up (as the 1954 Congressional Reece committee had also found) — IN DOCUMENTS –- a plot to dumb down the population. Who was in charge? The “foundations” – e.g., Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford Foundations. Yes, dumbing down was the goal, not an indirect outcome. “We want kids to be stupid.”

    Same with Medicine. I know of some fabulous medical conspiracies. Edward Jenner was a fraud, in fact he was probably hired to do the smallpox “vaccine” (in 1798) because he could be told what to do and say. He was a nobody and harmed centuries-worth of people. What a bastard. Poor stooge.

    Re AIDS, everything is amiss. As Kary Mullis (Nobel laureate in Chemistry) found, when he approached the biggies such as Montaigner or Duesberg to get basic information in the normal scientific way, about HIV, they walked away from him at meetings. See? It’s “Judge O’Toole syndrome” and the sooner we grasp this the better.

    Note to Judge O’Toole: if by any chance you never realized how you were being used, and would like to whack them now, I say we’ll help you do the whacking. I myself am all dressed up and ready to whack the lot of them.

  3. “This is NOT Fake News”

    Are you sure?
    By the definition of fake news, every item published with the aim to communicate truth to people is fake news.

    I’m glad to inform you that Gumshoe News is the typical 2016-type of Fake News outfit.
    You probably didn’t make it to the official list because you are in Australia.

  4. Australia’s entire taxation/welfare system & economic direction may be summed up by the remark that “the family can’t eat if the kid is not vaccinated”

    Between the end of WW2 & the 90s it was easy to forget about the “less eligibility” principle on which the Country’s “Social security” system was/is based:
    Once communism was no longer deemed to be a threat there was nothing to stop the screws being progressively tightened.

    The only good news is that unlawful restrictions tend to implode: If you’re prepared to think outside the box you’ll assuredly find a way of putting food on the table.

  5. Fake news, just ran into some more of it yesterday. I got into a conversation with a woman in town about the Israeli flag about six months ago. I forget how it started, but I informed her that the flag was symbolic of the Jews returning to the ‘Promised Land’.

    The Promised Land being the land between the Nile and Euphrates River. (Genisis 15:18)

    Yesterday she came up to me in the store and insinuated that I was spreading lies started by the Palestinians. She stated that the two blue lines on the flag did not represent the Nile and Euphrates, but were taken from the Jewish prayer shawl.

    I got home and took a look at the internet and sure enough Wikipedia and a few other sites stated that was what the blue lines represented – lines from the prayer shawl, and that Jasser Arafat had started this terrible hoax about the two rivers.

    I then took a look at pictures of the prayer shawl on the ‘net and found all sorts of shawls without any blue in them at all. The only requirement was that the knots and tassels had to conform to the number of dos and don’ts in the Torah. A Rabbi had to check them to make sure it was Kosher.

    Bugger me, more fake news, I didn’t know that Arafat had helped write the Torah.

    • I got into one once with two appalling Jewish women about the “Land with no people for a people with no land” bulltish. They really are conscience-challenged people.

    • As the Abram of Genesis 15:18 is also the patron of Islam said tract could hardly be used to justify expansionism

      As the practice of dinky-di Judiasim in Israel is as marginalised as it was in medieval Europe the prayer shawl claim doesn’t exactly make sense either

      • John the Baptist said:
        “Do not presume to say to yourselves ‘We have Abraham as our Father’ for I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham”: MATHEW 3:9

        Later Herod ordered his beheading

  6. Dear Dr. Cantwell, all experimentation causing pain is unhetical, and almost all of it is surely (although the details are not told) horrific.

    Of all forms of human insanity, I can’t imagine one more violent than the fantasy that non-human animals don’t feel pain, or that their pain has a different value and meaning than humans’.

    Waiting for the day “ethical” will mean something else than “convenient for the human society and wellbeing”

  7. Me as I’m reading:

    – Oh, references to the unethical human experiments in Guatemala and Tuskegee? Makes sense. Those things did happen, and both involved covert STD research by the government. Good point.

    – So 6% of the vaccine participants were HIV+ in 1978-79? Okay, that COULD be due to the introduction of a novel infectious agent through the vaccine, or it could be something that already existed in a small portion of gay men at the time. HIV was believed to affect roughly that many men in the late ’70s anyway.

    – “In 1980, the year Dugas (“Patient Zero”) was diagnosed with AIDS, 15% of the gays were positive. And by 1982, as many as 30% of these vaccinated men were infected.”
    Yeah, which could still mean that the virus was spreading naturally via sex and IV drug use as was always hypothesized. These numbers tell us precisely nothing about how the disease was spread. But let’s say the pooled blood used in the vaccine was helping the virus spread faster: wouldn’t that be as nefarious as if the government created and introduced the virus themselves? Either way, they were infecting healthy men with a deadly disease. Why jump to the conclusion that they concocted it from nadir rather than it being an accidental transmission during the vaccine trials? This conclusion-jumping certainty damages your credibility.

    – “Chemtrails”…
    “KS is caused by a bacteria, not a virus.” …
    “Cured HIV with hydrogen peroxide”.

    Nope. All credibility = lost. You’re clearly just trying to pander to the conspiracy cuckoo crowd with that tripe. Which is sad, considering some of your other points have merit (or at least the potential for merit).


    The most likely scenario is that vaccines played an accidental role in the spread of HIV, or more specifically, the adaptation of SIV to the human body during the smallpox vaccine campaign in the early 20th Century in Central Africa. Needles were reused on hundreds of people, allowing for serial passage of SIV–a harmless monkey virus found in many Africans–from host to host where it became HIV. From there, it traveled from Africa to Haiti with Francophone technicians who had worked in the Congo. It then left Haiti’s shores and entered the U.S. via gay sex tourism and unregulated blood donation programs (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV/AIDS_in_Haiti).

    Whether the Hep B vaccine trials hastened the spread of HIV among gay men may never be known because of one simple fact: the lifestyle of said men was full of promiscuous, anonymous, unprotected sex. Anal sex–the most risky kind. Even if some of these men were monogamous, all that was required for infection was for their partner to have slept with ONE other man who had been to the bathhouses or sex clubs even once in the late ’70s/early ’80s. Most men had been multiple times to multiple clubs. Gay men were a small group compared to heterosexuals, making infection even more likely.

    I’d love to hear from Dr. Cantwell on these points if he has the time, as I’ve followed his writings loosely for years. Thanks.

  8. […] Alan R Cantwell writes: This vaccine was administered to gay men in preliminary trials shortly before 1976-1977 and during the actual hepatitis B experiment (1978-1980) at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. These were exclusively in young, healthy, primarily white and well-educated homosexuals in Manhattan. And it was closely followed by the “gay plague” of AIDS. […]

  9. […] Alan R Cantwell writes: This vaccine was administered to gay men in preliminary trials shortly before 1976-1977 and during the actual hepatitis B experiment (1978-1980) at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. These were exclusively in young, healthy, primarily white and well-educated homosexuals in Manhattan. And it was closely followed by the “gay plague” of AIDS. […]

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