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MH370 – China, Chips, Swallowable Computers, and Corporate Theft


mh370-picDebris found on Reunion Island 

by Dee McLachlan

I normally try not to speculate on an incident when the facts are confusing, and there are a number of possible theories. However, after receiving a phone call last week, I will discuss the 2014 disappearance of MH370 (not to be confused with MH17).

Of the 239 people on board the flight, six were Australian.

The Australian government website reports that “The Australian Government has provided around $90 million as part of Australia’s contribution to the search…”

This is a large sum of money, and has, so far, produced very little.

So in this article I will try answer these questions:

  • What happened to the plane?
  • Are they searching in the right place?
  • And was this economic sabotage?

Let me go through the facts briefly:

On 8 March 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport for Beijing, and the Boeing 777 was piloted by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53 (ABC report).  In Wikipedia it says:

“Air traffic control [ATC] lost contact with Flight 370 less than an hour into the flight, after which it was tracked by military radar crossing the Malay Peninsula and was last located over the Andaman Sea…”

It is possible the transponder was manually switched off? And…

Did the Plane Fly West, then South?


Initially attention focused on waters in the South China Sea, but reports surfaced that secondary and military radar had tracked the plane west, then south over the Indian Ocean (as above). But in a conflicting report (ABC, 12 March 2014), Malaysian Air force chief General Rodzali Daud denied MH370 was detected on Malaysian radar far west of its flight path:

“Mr Rodzali said he ‘did not make any such statements,’…”

Regardless, the search was directed to off the west coast of Australia in the Southern Hemisphere — becoming the most expensive search in aviation history.

And one would think that the Australian authorities would have been provided with the intel and science to form a judgement as where to search — especially when you consider the effort and cost.


Conspiracies and Freescale Semiconductors Patents

There were countless theories in the mainstream and alternative medias — from a rogue pilot intent on suicide, that MH17 was in fact MH370, to reports that an American IBM executive, Phillip Wood, sent a (black) photo and text from GPS coordinates near the US controlled Diego Garcia military base in the Indian Ocean. This conspiracy (debunked on beforeitsnews) claimed that he was a prisoner, and that the plane had been hijacked by military personnel.

When MH370 went missing, I was immediately intrigued by the reports that 20 members of Freescale Semiconductor were on the plane. This US tech company had launched, or was developing, new electronic gadgets or RFID chips for military radar systems. And it was alleged that four persons: Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Cheng and Li Ying Zhijong, all from Suzhou City, China, were to share 20% each, with the last 20% belonging to Freescale Semiconductor. All four were on flight MH370 to Beijing.

Express.co.uk reported:

“Four days after the missing flight MH370 a patent is approved by the Patent Office, four of the five Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX.”

As I understand it, the families of the four original patent holders who died would never inherit the royalty proceeds from the patent (Disinfo.com). I have no idea of the present status of this patent.

The fact that so many (20) highly qualified Freescale staff died prompted a number of theories. They were not working for just any old company. Freescale evolved from Motorola to become one of the world’s leading tech companies, and in 2006 was bought out by a consortium, led by Blackstone Group and The Carlyle Group, for $17.6 billion.

In 2013, Freescale announced the creation of the world’s smallest ARM-powered chip (1.9 by 2 millimeters), and claims that these chips could be “used for its SWALLOWABLE computers.” (Okay!!!!)

Conspiracies love the “R” word,” so theories focused on the patent as a reason for the plane being “taking down,” and that Jacob Rothschild would benefit.

The Mainstream Media’s Unusual Coverage

I could never quite understand why the mainstream media (MSM) gave coverage to so many conspiracy theories. They joined the alternative media in spreading many wild ideas about the plane’s demise. And that is not the MSM’s usual modus operandi.

The nypost provided their top ten theories — from fire, to gradual decompression, mechanical failure, hijacking, theft of gold, possible terrorist attack (as two passengers were traveling on stolen passports), pilot involvement or pilot suicide. The Mirror catalogued nineteen conspiracy theories. Please!

The MSM provided only ONE theory of the September 11 attacks — and assailed anyone who questioned that narrative.

There are two ways for the MSM to control a story:

1)  provide one theory, and report that over and over again, or

2)  propagate so many theories, that it becomes impossible to focus on the most likely outcome.

This means that many of the conspiracies — even those that are promoted on alternative sites — assisted in the confusion. 

In this confusion “shoot down” theories emerged.

MH370 Shot Down?

On 15 March 2014, Michael Shrimpton wrote in Veterans Today that “a Chinese SSK, believed to be a 636 Kilo class, shot down a Malaysian airliner, Boeing 777…” with a AIM-54A Phoenix missile.

Shrimpton thought that the Captain might have seen the missile exhaust trail approaching, and deactivated all onboard radar systems. He goes on to say that the US Navy (probably USS Pinckney) thenwhacked” the Chinese Kilo —  hence the reported diesel slick on the surface of the ocean (aviation fuel is light and disperses).

Then in December 2014, a former French airline CEO, Marc Dugain, claimed that MH370 may have been “shot down by US military” (RT report). This was also covered by the dailymail.co.uk:

“U.S. military shot down MH370 because they thought it had been hacked and was about to be used in terror attack.” [Wow]

Questions About the Chinese

The search, as I have mentioned, was directed to the vast expanse in the southern Indian Ocean, and years later, reports “confirmed” that the debris found in Tanzania is from the missing plane, as were the pieces found on Reunion Island.

But let me ask a few questions and try join a few dots.

The Chinese agency SASTIND claimed one of its satellites had detected three large “floating objects” in the South China Sea. They were taken at 11am on 9 March.


So why did the Chinese government take several days before publishing the photographs on their website?

The last point of contact with ATC was over the South China Sea. Did Australia check and authenticate the secondary and military radar data that tracked the plane west — then south?


It was a Chinese patrol ship that detected the ultrasonic ping deep in the southern Indian Ocean (in the new search area). Was this data verified by the Australian authorities?

Then again it was a Chinese air force plane that spotted three suspicious objects floating in the new search off Australia.


Was this data verified by the Australian authorities?

Why did China only contribute $20 million — when 153 on board the plane were Chinese? (Australia contributed $90 million for 6 lost.)

And this report in The Australian alleges China was spying not searching:

“The Chinese government ship tasked with hunting for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has done little searching but has probably used the opportunity to spy on Australian military activity, ­according to security experts.”

One also has to ask why the MSM aired nearly every conspiracy possible — except the “China shot down MH370” story that appeared on Veterans Today.

It had crossed my mind in 2014 that maybe the US did not want those 20 Freescale employees to go to the Beijing conference, or that maybe they were defecting with intelligence. There was the possibility that someone did not want to share in the patent’s royalties? Maybe. But I don’t think so. The media would have been far less scattered in their reporting.

After receiving that phone call, I now ask myself: What if the Freescale military technology had ALREADY been STOLEN?  

Could the plane have been shot down over the South China Sea to cover-up the theft?  Did someone have to stop the Freescale team from discovering the theft of valuable technology at the Beijing conference?

Every now and then I have to remember that there is a whole world operating outside our reality. Powerful “corporate” groups (and shadow governments) operate in a parallel universe — and we have to try make sense of it.

So is this simply a case of corporate espionage and sabotage? It happens all the time.

But in the meantime, Australia just keeps searching — at YOUR expense.

Happy Christmas.




  1. Love it Dee.
    So we have spent 90 mill on someone else’s problem by those who are here to protect us and keep us safe?
    Next we will hear that Gillard gave 800 mill (?) To the clinton foundation to get her a job.
    Time to expose fake politicians and msm bs and our risk of our tripple A rating

    • You would think so.
      I think there’s a whole other reality alongside our reality. The intelligence agencies know it — and could be even working for layers of the same “boss”. And the countries can’t rat on each other — as then the dirty laundry, like 9-11, will surface… so they all operate and cooperate. Like bankers financing both sides of the war.

      • One day the intelligence protectors of mass killings will produce the videos demonstrating what hit the Pentagon on 911.
        One day the intelligence boffins will disclose what happened to the USS Liberty for two hours in 1967.
        One day the peasants will follow the yellow brick road with Dorothy, draw the curtain and discover msm fascist corporate globalist BS.

    • Don, rememer the Germanwings crash of March 2015?

      “Investigators concluded Lubitz crashed the plane on purpose, perhaps due to his history of depression. The co-pilot also had vision issues he thought could lead to him losing his job and had been prescribed antidepressants, according to the New York Daily News.

      “Lubitz had researched methods of killing himself and reportedly practiced dropping altitude.” — ibtimes.com

      • Well, Dee, I looked up “Michael Shrimpton” and it appears there are two. One is the founder of the show “Countdown” in Melbourne who died 3 months ago. The other is a British barrister who spent a year in jail for spreading a hoax about a possible nuclear attack on the Queen at the London Olympics.

        “Michael Shrimpton explained that he had credibly-sourced information which suggested that a German Nazi-Continuum agency had secreted a nuclear weapon (or weapons) into an ambulance garaged near an East London hospital in Newham. The agency was the Dachau-based Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD Dachau).”

        i can’t comment on the veracity of that, one way or t’other.

  2. MH370 is a classic example of what the msm are not telling us. The unusual publication of myriad conspiracy theories fulfils the essential role (from their point of view) of obscuring the real issues.
    Some real information has emerged, and more can be inferred from what we know to be the case, but the msm never applies to the MH17 mystery. A brief enumeration to make my point.
    1. As Frances says, both the Chinese and the US have 24/7 satellite coverage of all ‘areas of interest’ and the South China Sea and surrounding countries fall into that category. Yet we never hear about what the satellite data show (exactly the same with MH17 where Kerry boasted about it).
    2. Rolls Royce, who supplied the engines that powered MH370 monitor in real time every engine that is flying anywhere in the world. The reason is so they can detect any problems and alert the airline in a timely fashion. That fact was briefly mentioned after the plane disappeared and then went down the memory hole. Why?
    3. A French research centre analysed some of the recovered debris. That research showed that the algae on the debris could not have come about in the time frame shown because the algae is only located subsurface and the parts would need to be on the surface to have drifted as they were alleged to have done. Inference? The debris were planted. Again, why?
    4. On today’s ABC radio news it was announced that someone has worked out a different location where the search should be being undertaken. The government has said they will not conduct such a search. Again, why? Having spent $90 million another $4-5 million is nothing, unless the new area discloses information that they would prefer us not to know.
    I know that sounds all conspiratorial, but given the misinformation and general BS about this plane, they have only themselves to blame if people suspect their motives when the information is so manifestly inadequate.
    5. The US has had for some years the capacity to take over the controls of an aeroplane remotely. This was a capability that was installed in most commercial planes post 9/11. yet the msm will not even discuss this aspect. Why?
    6. It is also standard procedure that when a commercial plane deviates from its flight route, especially when the deviation is as radical as this one was, a fighter jet is sent to intercept the plane. Yet neither the Vietnamese, Malaysians or Chinese did so. why?
    7. The msm have tried to tell us that the plane could not be tracked because the transponder was turned off. That may or may not be true, but it is irrelevant. Radar and satellites can track a plane with its transponder off. We are led to believe with this BS that we are not safe from, e.g. an incoming bomber because its transponder is turned off and is thereby not detectable? Please!! If the transponder was turned off this is such unusual behaviour that it also would have prompted the launching of jet fighters to investigate.
    In short, there are a lot more questions that need serious examination. The msm have utterly failed in their obligation to do so. Publicising outlandish conspiracy theories is a distraction ploy that should not be allowed to succeed.

  3. I remember as a kid, ( more than 4 decades ago ) reading how advanced our technology was at that time, that satellites orbiting our planet, had the capability of zooming in to take a photograph of someone on a park bench, reading a newspaper, and how they could actually see what you were reading.

    That is what I read.

    Now I read, so many decades later, they can not even keep track of a huge aircraft. ( or two… )

    Makes me wonder why I ever bothered to learn to read. If it wasnt for gumshoe, I think Id give it up completely. Thanks everyone.

  4. Here’s my two cents worth about MH370….

    Not once has the msm mentioned the remote ‘Flight Termination System’ (FTS) developed by Dov S. Zakheim’s company SPC (System Planning Corporation).

    This is the remote system which flew the 3 passenger planes, with passengers onboard on 9/11 to a closed down air base & I believe did the same with MH370 by diverting the plane to Diego Garcia. GermanWings was taken over in the same manner but crashed. And msm will always blame the pilot of course…..

    The remote FTS can be operated either by sea, air or by a passenger onboard & shuts down all communication onboard an aircraft between ATC, pilots, passengers & flight attendants.

    Zakheim’s company SPC also refurbished passenger planes to create fuel tankers for resale. Billons of dollars to be made in that industry.

    For those who may not have heard of Dov S. Zakheim, he was also Comptroller at The Pentagon from 2001-2004 when $2.3 trillion & a further $1 trillion went missing. He is a dual citizen of USA & Israel & is a Zionist. Google for further information.

    So was Zakheim involved in the MH370 disappearance? Quite possibly!


    • Your quiet right AJ, it amazes me that folks do not remember the first flight of the U.S.’s military drone that arrived in Australia on it’s maiden over ocean flight some years back. Check out MSM archives, unless they’ve pulled the articles in light of 9/11.
      Some years after that event, and directly after 9/11, it was also published in the World MSM, that the U.S. had now fitted ALL it’s passenger aircraft with this REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM to prevent hijacking of aircraft. Piloting of such aircraft could now be taken over from the ground and out of the pilots hands.
      Some time after that release, Lufthansa, Germany’s national carrier, it was reported, stripped the wiring from all it’s recently purchased Boeings and rewired them, in effect short circuiting the take over from ground control. Thus, unless I’ mistaken, the only airline in the air today, that is immune to remote take over from the ground is Lufthansa.
      All of the above was freely publisised in the MSM over the years, too bad I couldn’t see in my crystal ball, the events coming down the track, otherwise I would have copied all these releases, though I’m pretty sure a good sleuth would find them in newspaper archives.
      Given all this, it amazes me that people still trust and buy U.S. manufactured aircraft. Crazy.

    • This is about the “flying bagels” remark below. Paul thinks the Jews are behind everything. Although I have spilled a few bottles of ink trying to refute that, I now say I wish it were the Jews.

      Or the Arabs. Or the Chinese (Gore Vidal said it was the Japanese in his book “Live from Golgotha.”) How neat if it could be a group united by its ideology or the color of its skin, the size of its nose or whatever!

      Anyone who thinks the Jews could have pulled off this M370 thing, please come forward. If the Jews did it, let’s stop pussyfooting. I wanna talk about it. I want arrests.

      Ned keeps telling us “all wars are bankers’ wars” and I guess that is true. And Jewish bankers had two great historical advantages. One: the Christians declared usury a sin. Two: the Dutch scampered over to England in the retinue of William and Mary and created the City of London, all very hush hush.

      James describes “jet fighters flying alongside the cockpit.” That smacks of there being a global arrangement about “anti-terror” — but of course any persons high enough to arrange anti-terror laws globally are themselves the terrorists. (cf Lindt Café siege).

      I think MH370 is more likely economic sabotage. Now let’s think back to the pilfering of the PROMIS software and how it led to the murder of the relevant whistleblower who was sitting on the toliet when killed. Or cogitate on the fact that for a decade or so Raytheon Corporation owned HAARP.

      Who the hell are these people? How do they interact with governments? Governments are but a chimera. (See Lawn Bowls video.) The military-industrial-medical complex – is it directed by Amish Eskimos? Beats me.

      • Mary, as long ago as 1961 Eisenhower warned against what he call the ‘military industrial complex’. That is no longer an adequate description as the intelligence and financial complexes are at least as powerful. A more useful description in my view is the “deep state”. There are a number of excellent books on the subject, but I highly recommend Daniele Ganser’s Operation Gladio, and Peter Dale Scott’s books, especially The American Deep State and American War Machine.

        • Thank you, James. I used to say “the cabal” but I realize that does not pin it down. I also say “World Government” in the hope of persuading anyone that it is a one-stop-shop (though of course who am I to know if it really is?).

          Having read Ganser, I can see that the P2 Lodge did some bad things (and their membership list included Vatican figures), yet this does not solve the mystery. They-all must have some brilliant coordination at the top. Spectacular brains, I guess.

          Must ask Dee to take us away from the everyday — the MH370s of this world, the “lawn bowlers” of this world — and inquire into the Big Plans. Maybe the Jell-o thing really IS on the menu. Why not? They’ve kept all their other promises.

          I recall reading that a woman complained that her daughter in the US Army was being mind controlled. They decided to discharge the girl from the army. But after she had been freed for a half-day they remembered she had a chip in her thigh and had to call her back into the clinic to have it removed.

          • I think “deep state” is about the best description.

            As a comparison, Id say think of a football team. The deep state has a team, with reserves, with coaches (CIA?), managers (London?), financiers (bankers), and then players that are backs, strikers (Israel?), mid players, centre forward, all doing their part — while the SPECTATORS consume hot dogs on the side. The cheer leaders are the media… with all their spangles and BS sparkles…

      • Actually I don’t think Jews were behind MH370 (though I’m always open to a jui-cy theory), but a chance for a fly-by comment presented itself.

        I’m more inclined to the economic sabotage theory as well in this case. I guess the thing is we see so many of these events now that the global threshold for everyday brutality is lower than its ever been, and collateral victims are now of no consequence I the service of the agenda: The “whatever it takes” philosophy of politics and business in full view. There has been a shutting down of conscience everywhere that has become fully evident since 911, and seems to be escalating. Berlin is shaping up as yet another example so far. You mention Lockerbie Mary, I’ll see that and raise you the Kaczynski crash in Poland. While we’re at it there’s Paul Wellstone….aeroplanes and rising political/business stars don’t do well together.

        • Gotcha, Paul. US Senator Paul Wellstone was a card-carrying, bagel-eating, Amish Eskimo. He died a few days before the day he expected to be re-elected to the senate in 2002. Just to show how rotten they are, they killed him on a small plane along with his wife and daughter, leaving two sons bereaved.

          Same for a young doctor after the OKC bombing. Killed in his own small plane with young son. His sin? He had refused to bandage an FBI man (sorry it may have been a DEA man, I can’t look it up at the moment) who was claiming to be injured, as in fakesville,

          Gosh that reminds me, they say all FBI personnel, who actually had a workstation in the Murrah Bldg, were not at work that day. I’d be willing to think many of them were told not to go to work, but did not have real prior knowledge of what would hapoen.

          OK, then but when they realized 168 died (including lotsa babies from a daycare facility in the building – which is no doubt why that building was chosen), didn’t any of them feel – shall we say — uncomfortable? Some of them must have kids….

          • “they say all FBI personnel, who actually had a workstation in the Murrah Bldg, were not at work that day.”

            Shades of lucky Larry Silverstein not being very hungry that particular September morning. If he’d been there would he have ordered the flying bagel surprise?

      • Also the Islamic religion were adverse to usury, the Jews would not like zero interest, as can be seen by the Jesus story of Let Caesar be, and so on, the Jews having been money lenders for some thousands of years, it is useful for Syria being on the border of Israel and Syria becoming increasingly depopulated as real estate can be money in expansion of Israel borders divided up with Russia, Assad and others?

          • I mentioned my recent confrontation with a ding-bat about the blue lines on the Israeli flag in another post. I did a bit more digging for quotes and there are some real duzzies.

            Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism, stated in 1904 about the borders of a new Jewish state that it extends “from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates”

            Also Rabbi Fishmann stated in testimony to the U.N. on 9 July 1947 “The Promised Land extends from the river of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon”

            Then there are heaps of maps that illustrate the boundaries –


            I like the Herzl map with his quote over the top of the map.

  5. James, re your #6. “especially when the deviation was as radical as this one.” But whose military? Wouldn’t it have to be Malaysia’s? The plane was last heard from in Malaysian airspace. Dee told me this was just as the pilot said Goodnight to the Air Traffic Control of Malaysia and should next have greeted the ATC of Vietnam — but didn’t. So, who, at that point, would develop a concern?
    Actually even Malaysia should not have been concerned if all was well at that moment. Who became concerned? James, I don’t mean you should have an answer; I am trying to follow through on your #6 re jet fighters. As for there being a “radical deviation,” we seem to be depending once again on statements by governments and media. Maybe there was no such turn-around by the plane.

    Cui bono? So far Dee gives a hint that somebody wanted 4 passengers to die. I don’t know what conference they were going to. I do know that whole planeloads of people have died in the past to get rid of one or two. Even Lockerbie was probably of that nature. (I think a CIA man confessed but was not listened to, as we needed to blame Libya….) I’ll bet the commuter plane on which 9-11 widow Bev Eckert died was of that kind, and without doubt the Chicago crash of Dorothy Hunt’s plane was organized by my namesake Al Haig. And the ridiculous suicide theory of the Germanwings pilot?
    It would be great if the families of such “collateral damage” would cry Foul but then – to whom would they cry? Gumshoe perhaps, and then we’ll all be killed.

    Why are we putting up with this?

    • Mary, according to the data released so far, the plane reversed course after being about to enter Vietnam ‘s air traffic control zone (as shown on Dee’s map). That should have alerted the air force which any pilot will tell you has been standard procedure since 9/11 and in some jurisdictions well before then. The protocol is that the fighter flies alongside the plane’s cockpit and has visual contact with the pilot of the commercial plane. There are an agreed set of hand signals to communicate in the event that voice contact is not possible.
      Malaysia should have communicated with Vietnam to determine who sent a plane up. Probably both nations in these circumstances.
      Absolutely none of this occurred.
      It is literally impossible for a plane to “vanish” for the reasons I set out earlier.

          • Sorry, I still don’t really get it. Why ashould we believe even the statement about the pilot’s goodnight message? If everything is a lie (see the new Boston movie “Patriot’s Day’), wheat base of information do we start from?
            Dee, you have already complained that the $90 million was watsed on searching. Please don’t let them waste any more of my hard-earned money (Imaginary or otherwise) on further searching!

          • “Good night, or good bye” I’d imagine that is what happens 1,000s of times a day. As each pilot is continually messaging. I think I heard the recording. But that it what pilots do — say good bye to one tower and hello to the next. I think that bit of info has really little relevance here.
            The point of this exercise is to point out patterns. With so much information and data, it would take teams of experts a long time to analyse. Like 9-11.
            We have to find a way to short circuit the process, and hold people accountable. I have no idea how to at this stage… but change the people that have been voted into Canberra — or write to them complaining about the 90 million — or ask have they assessed the Chinese data… or ask if they understand what James and frances are saying.
            But that is the other point of the article… that there is another reality operating outside our own.

  6. I am quoting from Dee’s Gumshoe article of March 16, 2016 entitled “Getting Chipped for a New Caste System, Anyone?”

    “Adelaide to become Australia’s first smart city but could lose out on privacy. The South Australian capital will become a laboratory for internet of things, with elevators that talk to each other, video recognition of masked criminals and more…

    [Our grandchildren will ask “How did the oldies ever get along without elevators that could talk to each other?]

    ‘Adelaide is small enough to use as a laboratory,’ Prof Ali Babar says. Initiated eight months ago, key players in the project include the University of Adelaide, the South Australian Department of State Development, Adelaide City council and companies including Ernst and Young, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Fuji and Xerox.
    On 3 March, Babar secured a memorandum of understanding with tech giants NEC Australia.”

  7. The obvious beneficiary is Fugro – a two year survey of the poorly charted Indian Ocean paid for from public coffers. Fugro, a company “that provides geotechnical, survey, subsea, and geoscience services for clients, typically oil and gas…” (Wikipedia) now has high res seabed data for sale.

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