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groupTo be a US Cabinet member you must be 18 years old — no other requirements

by Mary W Maxwell

Well, it’s past 5pm now on December 19 in the USA so all the Electoral College votes have been cast. We might not know the result until the envelopes from the 50 states are opened in Congress on January 6th.

At that time if any person has 270 votes he/she becomes president-elect. If nobody got 270, the voting devolves to the House. They must deal only with the three highest numbers. Without doubt that will include Clinton and Trump. I do not know who else may have a chance. Call him “John.”

Once Congress has 3 names on the table, the voting weight at the November polls no longer matters. Indeed John may never have been a candidate at those polls. To become president John need only be a US-born person with 14 years residence in US and minimum age 35.

How the hell will Congress be able to choose?  I don’t know. They get only one vote per state. Hey, what if a state such as New Hampshire has two representatives and those two men disagree? (Actually in NH they are women: Anne McLane Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter)

No worries; it’s like when twins are born, one is the elder to the other, even if only by 5 minutes. The representatives have a system of priority. I forget what it is, but I do know either Anne or Carol will have authority to sign the ballot.

I’m not sure it’s called a “ballot” at that point. I do know that by Congressional rules the voters can’t leave the room until a winner emerges. That should hurry things along.

John may be in for a big surprise.

Hey, wait – I’m eligible. Maybe I’ll be in for a big surprise.

If you wish to be in my Cabinet, please send application as soon as possible after January 6, 2017.

— Mary W Maxwell thinks big. She writes for GumshoeNews.com and Rumormillnews.com. Write to her:  Mary at ProsecutionForTreason.com.




  1. To me the system seems ridiculous. Somebody who is not known to the public can become president of the US. What a way for the Zionists to get even more power! Just buy off a few eligible voters and bingo.

    • Does it help if he is “known to the public”? Reagan was known as an actor. Dubbya Bush was known as a draft dodger.

      Whoever gets the job will become Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. What an odd job. (I think in Oz the Governor General holds that position. Somebody please correct me,)

      I slightly suspect Romney will get the job on Jan 6. If there has been enough fiddling, the 270 won’t be reached, so the House will elect. I think that means a Republican is bound to win. Surely they wouldn’t reach for McCain. I’d love it if somebody has named Rand Paul.. All it would have taken is for one elector, yesterday, to write “Rand Paul” on their ballot.

  2. Dee says she heard it on the mainstream news that Trumpie boy won the electoral college vote yesterday.

    But then one hears all sorts of things on the MSM. One hears, for example, that Jahar Tsarnaev ran over Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

    Applications for my Cabinet are still open. Preference to persons who can carry a tune. Or who can cary the “football” for me.

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