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More “Magical” ID Documents, and Security Measures in Adelaide


truck-in-berlinBerlin night market

by Dee McLachlan

Two days ago a truck was driven into a busy German market killing 12, and injuring 48 injured, some severely. After finding an ID under the truck driver’s seat, the German police launch a manhunt for a Tunisian man. The man was not the truck’s regular driver, and some news outlets says the truck had been hijacked.

Would the “terrorist” place his ID under the seat? Passports and ID documents have been used in the past as a standard formula for covering up a government operation.

anisAhmed A

The suspect (above), registered under the name Ahmed A, 21, in Germany, was born in Tunisia in 1992, and known as Anis A, 24. Authorities have released this picture, and are now offering a reward of 100,000 euros for information leading to his capture. (Gumshoe would love to provide this information to expand operations.)

He was investigated by police during the summer over a case of grievous bodily harm but was never prosecuted as he was said to have absconded. (When they want you to be an absconder, there’s no difficulty in “absconding.”) ISIL claims responsibility for at the Berlin market incident. (Wait — how did ISIL claim responsibility?)

Let me now remind you of similar lucky finds of ID’s:

terroristgermanyBouhlel’s ID

2016, July – The ID card bearing the name of a terrorist (above) who killed at least 84 people celebrating Bastille Day in France. Police found documents belonging to Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old French man of Tunisian descent, in the truck which ploughed through crowds in Nice.

syria-passport-2-1Syrian passport

2015 – The Syrian passport (above), issued to 25-year-old Ahmad Almohammad, was found next to the alleged ‘suicide bomber’ in the Paris terror attacks. Note: German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has revealed may have been planted!

saidSaid Kouchi

2014 – This is the the ID document of Said Kouachi (above). It was used to implicate the Kouachi brothers in the Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings.  Police found the ID of Said in the car that the brothers had  abandoned after the shooting. CNN affiliate BFMTV reported, “It was their only mistake,“.


2013 – Evidence found in Tamarlan Tsarnaev’s car after the shootout included a short-term (expired) residency permit for Dagestan, and his 2006 high school diploma from Cambridge Rindge and Latin.

germaine LindsayJermaine Lindsey

2005 – Russell Square Tube bomb killed 26 people. Jermaine (Germaine) Lindsey’s passport and his driving licence (plus his certificate of mobile phone insurance), were located next to his body by the ‘anti-terror’ squad on the 17th of July. Apparently they had already been to his home in Aylesbury. (report here)

Satam_al-Suqami_VISAAl Suqami

2001 – The passport of one of the alleged hijackers, Satam Al Suqami, survived the crash fireball and tower explosions. It was later “found” a few blocks from the World Trade Center. It was given to a New York City detective by an unknown person.

suspects_010928_aa77Suspected hijackers of Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon (2001)

2001 – There were 5 alleged hijackers on Fight 77. Several items were found in a Toyota at Dulles Airport car park on the 12th; I’ll mention just five: diagrams of an instrument panel for a B757 aircraft; a box cutter; a Pan Am Int. Flight Academy identification card in the name of Hani Hanjour; a travel itinerary for Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Majed Moqed;  and a piece of paper that said “Osama 5895316” –

passport-bryant2Martin Bryant

1996 – In Martin Bryant’s car at the tollbooth was a combat shotgun, a bag of ammo for – and conveniently, his passport.

The truck incident in Berlin has initiated security in Adelaide — or has it?

Bollards in Adelaide

This appeared in the news today (2 days after Berlin):

“Adelaide Oval’s security beefed up for cricket and AFL seasons.”

adelaideBollards in Adelaide — to STOP rogue trucks.

The ABC report:

“Additional security measures have been put in place at Adelaide Oval for tonight’s Big Bash match after a series of terrorism attacks overseas.

“Temporary concrete bollards will be erected after a recommendation from South Australian police.

“The State Government will pay about $1 million towards the permanent measures which will include retractable bollards, concrete seating and planted boxes. The measures are aimed at preventing deadly attacks where trucks are used, similar to those in Nice and Berlin.”

Wow! So fast? Would you order $1 million worth of bollards based on one incident in Nice?

The police and State Government in South Australia must be mind readers.

(I should be in the security industry.)

Photo credits:
Adelaide - Nick Harmsen


  1. Great news about those bollards at the Adelaide oval – and such swift and decisive action! The decision, planning and preparation for these $1M public safety measures were made almost as swiftly as the decision to “pull” WTC 7. But wait – no need for concern – even if an explosive-laden truck does “crash” into the Adelaide oval, we already know that it won’t be “politically, religiously or ideologically motivated” (ref ACL office). Very reassuring and comforting – Phew!

    • I quote again from Dee’s article of March 16, 2016 “Getting Chipped for a New Caste System”:

      “Adelaide is small enough to use as a laboratory,” Prof Ali Babar says. “Initiated eight months ago, key players in the project include the University of Adelaide, the Adelaide City council and companies including Ernst and Young, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Fuji and Xerox,
      …and tech giants NEC Australia.”

      Remember “elevators talking to each other”? I’ve been told that before last week’s Berlin tragedy, a scientist in Adelaide invented CONCRETE BOLLARDS talking to – and tickling – one another.

      However just as this guy was about to patent it, he fell off a paddleboat in the Murray. His body has not yet been found. It was reported by local fisherman that the last thing he said was “Good night, Irene.”

  2. As Ned has titled a certain group as mentally deficient she forgot to add the morons involved in setting up all these so called terrorists. Anybody who sets out to destroy innocent human lives has to be mentally deficient. Especially when the planning involves more less the same dramas. Once again I must point out that the “intelligence agencies” around the world are less than intelligent.

  3. I thought the Berlin truck incident was a set up for the reasons stated that is is it feasible a terrorist would shoot some one and think I know a great idea? put my ID under the seat? this is incredible and the IQ of the secret police is somewhat bereft.
    When the truck came to a stop? where are the witnesses seeing a individual alight from the cab? surely someone would have confronted the driver to question if he is OK? or what is going on?
    The question is what did the government want from this set up? presumable either to terminate refugees? for propaganda to substantiate the government’s role in protecting the people from evil? one way or another as the many examples of set ups by government and agencies to verify we are paying a high price and all in a acute danger of governing covert operations on a scale of criminal activity that suggests varied conditions of a mental psychosis most likely a disease generated through the corridors of power and a cultural ideology that usually requires a ritual of initiation that only the few may know.

  4. The last time I held up the bank teller threatening the poor chap with a weapon, he refused to hand over any cash unless I showed him my passport.
    Silly Ned!
    The posecution laughed so much when I was bing sentenced the judge let me go on condition that I always had my passport with me in future.
    One day I think they will hang me.

  5. I’ll give you a clue, I’ll give you a clue. Who said — in the last 24 hours about a woman resigning from her post — She has
    “significantly advanced the cause of justice on numerous fronts” from battling human trafficking to enforcing civil rights laws.
    Come on, you can figure it out without looking it up.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-4056214/Whitey-Bulger-Boston-Marathon-prosecutor-stepping-down.html#ixzz4TYrypQSI

    • The description you gave could never lead anyone to even think of the hateful corrupt sociopathic US attorney Carmen Ortiz. I’m sure Bostonians are breathing a great sigh of relief now that the brutal pitbull Ortiz has resigned. (sorry I can’t help myself) I hope in future appeals for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that all of Ortiz’s criminal acts in this case are found out and publicized and that she goes to prison. Good riddens to bad rubbish. One more gift to be thankful for this year.

  6. Any government that fears its own people will try to outlaw any shape or form of self-defence and said manoeuvre is invariably pulled off in the name of anti-terrorism:

    The last thing that any such entity would want is to draw attention to the fact that the ability to drive a motor-vehicle poses a far greater potential threat to “public Safety” than civilian firearms ownership.

    • Stitching up someone for a crime & covering up a government operation are two entirely separate matters.

      I’ve no doubt at all that Euro officials just pullout a list of “most likelys” every time there’s an event that has to be cleaned up quick smart; whenever there’s a need to maintain a delusion of absolute control Quite apart from the ID issue( how stupid do these arrogant XXXXXs think we are!) no policeforce is ever that efficient.

  7. […] “Two days ago a truck was driven into a busy German market killing 12, and injuring 48 injured, some severely. After finding an ID under the truck driver’s seat, the German police launch a manhunt for a Tunisian man. (…) Would the “terrorist” place his ID under the seat? Passports and ID documents have been used in the past as a standard formula for covering up a government operation.” True ….. https://gumshoenews.com/2016/12/22/more-magical-id-documents-and-security-measures-in-adelaide/ […]

  8. Do any of our readers know of anybody who carries their driver’s licence or diplomas under the seat of their car or truck? Most men carry their licence in their wallet “on their bodies” while women carry theirs in the handbag. Perhaps I don’t know any would be terrorists.

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