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Gumshoe News Gets a Message From The Queen


By Dee Mclachlan

I was very fortunate in getting Her Majesty on the phone for a few minutes to send a Christmas message to Gumshoe News followers and Australia. She and Prince Philip had cancelled their usual train trip to Sandringham due to feeling a little under the weather, so she had a few minutes spare to send a message to her loyal subjects Down Under.




  1. William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II (1597):

    How many thousand of my poorest subjects
    Are at this hour asleep! O sleep, O gentle sleep,
    Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
    That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down….

    Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

  2. I am a dual citizen of Australia and Britain in identity, it is some what conundrum in one definition is to be protected as a person? also to be subject to military and law, I suggest depending what status you happen to be in? doubt is somewhat as what protection you have, worst is a lower class individual will end up most likely as in war infantry, the chances are you will lay down your life for the protection of the upper classes and Royals, it is ironic you are expected to face a high degree of death as a class you will have the least choices, the least legal representation, for the benefit of who? I am not saying the Royals should not exist but one has to be realistic and know the Queen has little to no concern for a loyal subject other than lip service.

    • Dear Don,
      You would have had a friend in the late Rep Henry Gonzales of Texas.
      When Poppy Bush was president, Gonzales introduced Articles of Impeachment against him. Here is Article I, dated January 16, 1991, citing the “equal protection clause”:

      In the conduct of the office of President of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

      U.S. soldiers in the Middle East are overwhelmingly poor white, black, and Mexican-American, and their military service is based on the coercion of a system that has denied viable economic opportunities to these classes of citizens. Under the Constitution, all classes of citizens are guaranteed equal protection, and calling on the poor and minorities to fight a war for oil to preserve the lifestyles of the wealthy is a denial of the rights of these soldiers.

      In all of this George Herbert Walker Bush has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

      Wherefore George Herbert Walker Bush, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.

    • Dual citizenship has always confused me greatly.
      I always ask myself, when push comes to shove, where does your loyalty lie ???? You cannot be loyal to BOTH countries, especially when interests begin to collide, as the recent BREXIT is so amply demonstrating.
      Or, as my neighbor is always rabbitting on, what a great country his native Macedonia is, ect, ect. One day I asked him if Macedonia is such a great country, what the blazes are you doing living in Australia ?
      Answer, a pension, free medical and he can afford to buy and own his own home, which would be impossible in Macedonia.
      Yet this clown still believes it’s a great country ??????????????
      I meet many folks such as this, and my bush walking group has
      untold members from Blighty, many of which place their homeland BEFORE Australia. Yet, they’ve lived nearly all their adult lives in Australia. Again, if the British Isles were such a wonderful place, why come to Australia and spend the major part of your life here ???????????
      If I had any authority or say so, dual citizenship would be BANNED.
      Confucious say, ” Sitting astride fence, can become vewwy painful”.

        • To me I am not privy to comprehend the meaning of Denver? if he was killed as a subversive he to my mind was not, he was within the framework of ballads and not a threat to establishment also the plane he had was questionable in terms of no authority control on a home made kit plane.
          He was not in the same class of John Lennon who would be killed by the CIA as also MKultra finished individuals such as the Pink Floyd founder was seen as part of a subversive, no account as far as what the CIA and LSD have been documented.

      • Both countries are a equally stuffed as also America,the process of colonization is at the root of our problem, your problem Eddy is your brain thinks in duality meaning if you do not believe in one country it means you must believe the other is so.
        At present the internet is based on the binary system to be replaced by a different system, as far as I know it is a system based on quantum mechanics, and has something to do with infinite possibilities, at present most thinking is base on the idea that if it is this it cannot be that, a sort of black and white ideology.
        At present our political system is based centrally on two parties, as you can see in Australian Parliament their is as elsewhere a break away from the two party system, as I see either party some aspects of Liberal politics I agree with and with Labor sometimes the same, I cannot say which party I agree with as both having intelligent possibilities or solutions and sometimes not, with minor parties some ideas are great and some weird.
        As you see with Brexit it becomes ambiguous as to what it means, with Trump who got in through the working class of job exports, as you can see he is in with Wall Street and who and what his policies are is all about both polarities and as we now see he is invest in nuclear arms which was not declared to the American public before he became what ever he is now.
        When I sold my houses in London the sale of on of my houses was ten thousand dollars which was in the late 60s today it is worth about one and a half million dollars, it was a fourteen room Victorian house, as such I am no longer able to afford to go back from where I came from, also I have partner to consider which is Peppy and she would go mad in being quarantined.
        As a result of Hampstead police and MKUltra both police persecuted me and I left for Australia.
        I am uncertain as to where you are going Eddy with your argument? as far as I can say American,British and Australian governments are corrupt, and just after Whitlam was set up was when arrived here, since when ever Whtlam got fixed by the CIA and MI6, Australia lost its way and has never recovered, what we know about the Queen is she is all part of establishment and made big mistakes as to her duties such as knighting the Australian comedian who is now doing time, also her response to the death of Dianne is not in character with the British people, in 50s at the end of the cinema program you would stand to sing God save the Queen, it is these facts that you Eddy have omitted in your critique.
        The fatal flaw in the colonist countries is interfere with exterior countries by two possibilities, one violence and two finance, both solutions will not be a answer to world problems,

        • Don, when I arrived in Oz, in 1980, I went to an outdoor show and they said “Please stand for the national anthem, played by the South Australian Police and.” Was I ever shocked to hear “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

          I thought I had left that behind!

          • That’s nothing Mary, when I signed on to the Australian Military, I had to swear allegiance to the Queen. So much for being an independent country hey ?

          • Very commendable you have risen above it all! nevertheless the history of experience should not be forgotten, what your example shows is the insecurity of what a nation is? that is it is not we inhabitants are here on a planet that exists in a Universe of uncertainty.
            Whilst it is all nice for us to be within the comfort zone of a country that has a history of dubious morality that requires the constancy of allegiance ritualization, shows the insecurity of your existence.
            It is time to comprehend that if we live in a global village the constant fear of having to arm against another group who may attack us is all part of the national group mentality we share of fear.
            Many of analytical ideology insights are made within the the Victoria park here in Daylesford, as a daily experience you get to know what makes human beings tick? what you see is the fear of people and there dogs, some dog owners have dogs that have one purpose? that is protection from those who may commit a crime against them, many dog owners who are unaware of different dog barks, such as being unable to discern the difference between dogs that bark from excitement and aggression, many dog owners are so insecure they constantly cuddle their dogs as if they are babies, some dog owners just do not get that a healthy dog needs to run and interact with other dogs and although it is a off the lead dog park many keep their dogs on a short leash, I could write a book on a philosophic treatise on insecurities of dog owners.
            The fact you have a Phd is a possible symptom of what so many seek that is a degree to have public recognition of being valued or loved? I had the same symptom of being a worker in hot glass, I eventually understood that to be valued by others is not a worthy goal as it is transitory, the value of my work has increased somewhat since I have retired, my problem is who was I working for? that is the rich who purchase art for investment, why would I work for the rich to become richer?

        • Don, you’ve lost me with your remark ” it is these facts that you Eddy have omitted in your critique.” ? I don’t understand what that implies. I’m well aware that during the time you mention, Australia was not really Australian, but in fact a British Colonial outpost. I can assure you, considering I was of German born descent, I was reminded of this fact every day of my life.
          It is possible, that those experiences have moulded my thinking in this regard. National borders or no, folks cannot be loyal to more than one nation, and what’s more, IMHO, they have a civic duty to support the nation that provides them with a living and a roof over their heads.

          • I am replying to Don’s Christmas morning “attack” on my PhD. Spot on, Don.
            “It’s always the same old story, the search for love and glory.”

            My motives are at all times selfish, even when they appear to be otherwise. Why? Cuz I’m a mammal and that’s how it works.

            Check Richard Dawkins: The Selfish Gene.

          • Dawkins is just another part of the conspiracy to destroy the human spirit, a spokesman for the destruction of the planet and unable to become a visionary of a higher order, a mouthpiece for pro capitalistic destruction.

          • Don, Selfish Gene is very respectable science. I think it was only in his later years that Dawkins started to “think” in a way that deviated from his initial superb work.

          • Dawkins had a early education in western introduction to god ideology,I think it was Church of England, however this western institution on spirituality is not only limited but also political, as you know how if this was the church the founding of this church was from King Henry the 8th is it not, when he formed this church for his own corrupt ends, without going into the other church as this becomes to wide to for what we are concerned with, as you are aware the Dawkins idea became suitable for capitalist doctrine, although he states he is also about altruism,how genes work with this becomes a problem as to how genes work with altruism? as can be seen the analogy of corruption and deceit now favor as a result of promiscuity and deception as producing more offspring? this now becomes another problem.
            The women I had a child with her Mother had twins and the husband was a policeman whom was screwing a women on the side when he decided to end the affair the women poisoned him in a sense of extreme jealousy, this was in 1942, North of England, at the time manpower was short as a result of the war, the police investigation came to a verdict that it was death by misadventure, whereas it was clearly murder, when the wife heard about the death she went into a trauma and never recovered and was in a mental hospital from that time on Jackie who was the survivor of the twins the other one died, she became weird ever since, I put it to you if Dawkins is right how did this tragedy happen from the sequence of the selfish gene? your problem and mine is we will never find satisfaction in what we are about, I suggest we no longer relate in this dialogue because you have something better to turn your erudite attention to?
            The murder remains as a cover up by police, as I say the police are all part of the corruption.

      • I had several London properties so when you assume I am here with a roof over my head I already had many roofs in London over my head.
        I see you come from Germany I was in London for the first 3 years of WW2, whilst being bombed by German bombing, the problem with you Eddy is your thinking is still German indoctrinated? that is you think nationally as if you cannot be divided by being in two nations, my point is I live on one planet as such I do not have a allegiance nationally I have a identity of living on a planet that is being exploited by the first world predominately at least on a vast scale as the use of mechanization.
        I am not against Germany as they were all part of the culture of a indoctrinated ideology, what Hitler did for Britain which I am grateful for is to destroy in part the British Empire, it is somewhat unfortunate that the Empire then went to America, that is a exploitive colonist power, in particular of energy and militarism.

        • “German indoctrinated ” ???? W.T.F. ???? WOW, now there’s a display of racisim I haven’t seen since I was a child, and it does reflect the good old Britannia rules, which clearly, still applies.
          Sadly Don, I need to point out to you, for me being “German indoctrinated ” their system must have indeed been awesome , as I am unawares of any such modern indoctrination being possible, whilst being enclosed within one’s mother’s womb. LOL.
          I was THREE years old when my parents decided to leave Europe, how one “indoctrinates” a three year old is beyond my understanding, but then, I haven’t the education that you do, so have to bow to your wisdom.
          What did “indoctrinate” me, was the British attitude of “We Rule The World, and We Are Always right”, anyone else is simply here to Serve Us.
          When I reached the ripe old age of 17, after my older brother was called up for National Service, despite the fact he was a nasty Nazi, (as we were constantly reminded daily by our fellow Australians,) (who incidently, couldn’t be bothered to answer the call ) all of a sudden, back ground history was irrelevant, the state needed bodies to do it’s dirty work, and if they weren’t going to do it willingly, that’s fine we’ll force them too. (Good old British Democracy at work again ) BUT, only the poor who haven’t the resources at their finger tips to opt out. Then when they get killed doing their Nation’s bidding, they couldnt even bring their bodies home, but buried them in a foreign land, considered the cost too exhorbitent. Today, the same Government needs to pacify the public, to ensure they sacrifice their lives in the coming war, so they dig up their remains, pretending they give a shit, when the whole thing is simply a publcity exercise to suck in the populace.
          I realized at that age, the double standards being practiced by the Brits and their Colonial servants. However, having grown up within the system, and being “indoctrinated” by that system, it was difficult to accept what I was seeing and experiencing.
          Ultimately, I VOLUNTEERED for Service within the Australian military, and that’s when my real education began, however the real part was with my service in Vietnam, where all the “Indoctrination ” and lies I had been subjected to all my life until then, under the Britannia Rules Democracy, collapsed like a deflated balloon, and I saw the false realities we live in, to this very day.
          How’s that for your alleged ” German Indoctrination”?
          B.T.W. I do not subscribe to your Global village either, it’s the biggest load of bullshit ever fed to the people, ask the unemployed what they think of it, also ask the youth of Australia who are displaced with 457 workers because Australians are louth to train and employ their own people. When the wages of Australians are brought down to the third World standards and the living standards as well, come back here then, and tell us all how wonderful Globalisation is. I bet the Europeans support your belief in this to the hilt. LOL, Not.

      • Eddy I am not sure how indoctrinated your German brain is? I note in Macedonia the cost of living is significantly lower than most countries so what is your point about Macedonia? it is a country that many see as a possibility to go to.

        • Regards Macedonia ? I know nothing, other than what my Macedonian neighbors tell me, thus I need to rely on their honesty in what they say.
          I repeat my earlier statement, according to them, Macedonia is an EXPENSIVE place to live and they do not provide services there FREE for their people, as is done here in Australia.
          That’s why they choose to live here.
          IF, any of the above is inaccurate or untruthful, then you’d need to take that up with my neighbors for an explanation as why they would lie about such things.
          B.T.W. I also have Romanian neighbors, who also do their part in my education of European affairs. You don’t want to get me started on Rumanian issues, rest assured.

          • Eddy, Macedonia has a health service? I think your neighbors are misleading you also it is noted as being below the cost of living to be there, when you volunteered for military service in Vietnam you would have to be unaware of what was going on although their was protests on this issue right? when I was conscripted and was stationed in Cyprus I was pretty much not only unaware to some extent but my conscience gave me the message not to go, however to be a conscientious objector you had to be educated in language to a standard that would be a defense against the tribunal, having come from a lower class background this was not feasible,if you became more aware rather than enlightened through the Vietnam experience good for you? but in your case you made what would be a choice? to that extent you are responsible for this outcome.
            As I have said it is fortunate Hitler dissolved some of the British Empire, what I am saying is teh British Empire has been created by a elite, part of this elite is The Royals, Rothschilds, Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and so on, banking, police, military, Tavistock Institute, and the general elite sich as Darwin, Freud, Jung, Marx, Industrialists, scientists, engineers, general education, local council and administration, media, and many other sub sections that would be too numerous to list all, but primarily the prevailing nature of who the are is they are in what is known as authority whom define who and what you are or are supposed to be? and dominate you as a individual or define your rights or subtract your rights.
            This body of personel is in the main most likely to be commited to the destruction of your autonomy, your mental and or physical health, your economic well being, or freedom, more or less to enslave you or you to become servile, my action is to as far as possible not only resist but to eventually overthrow this elite, this is not possible to achieve through violence as with rerrorist activities, the reason being is the state having to much power in terms of police and military, also terrorism serves State power, the state is a terrorist organization, as such this power has been entrenched and is now so controling that not only the 1% rich but also the fear through the general public would be so great that as a lesson the capitalist countries show in Syria? what happens to dissent. the colonist countries are using Syria as a show piece as a lesson to the rest of the world, if you rise up against oppresive governments.
            The only way one can contribute to the destruction of world oppressors is through the brain being transformed of many.
            The present governments are welll aware of this and will increase oppression such as housing, economic measures and mostimportant to destroy hope, ones morale and spiritual aspirations and destroy your sense as to being autonomous.

          • You are preaching to the converted. I’m very well aware of almost everything you’ve said, and find myself in agreement with your consensus on these issues.
            I’d be very surprised to hear of any Gumshoe readers not being aware. That’s why we come here in the first place.

          • I am not preaching I am stating my position so you understand what I am about, I do not think Gumshoe is endorsing what I state, part of what I state may be endorsed and it would be presumptuous for me to think this is what Gumshoe either agrees in part or whole.
            In your opening paragraph of Dec 25 at 5’46 you respond as I am endorsing the British Establishments ideology? which is a misrepresentation of my views, so I outlined a run down on what a few points of a existential view point, in no way am I telling what readers should think, in your statement of my endorsement of my belief in Britannia Rules is not what I support as me taking pride in Britain’s history? on the contrary I am stating that British history shows how Britain has a terrorist past and as such having not acknowledged its criminal past, furthermore Australia has not only many traits of this criminal history but also is at this moment in time involved with crime on a grand scale such as the incarceration of men, women and children, that criminals such as the Prime Minister having some tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in tax havens and I note the labor politicians are not going down this track as they to some extent are involved with the same practice, Turnbull I understand has made big money from being involved with Goldman Sachs, as it is known they are involved with criminal activity and I believe had done work in obtaining gold from Britain in or around 2001-2, here I am talking tonnage from the treasury of The Bank of Britain, when Brown was Prime Minister, and he possible had been involved with this scam, this is when gold was in two hundred or so mark a ounce, so I am saying the criminals at the highest places here in Australia are all part of criminal activity, I would like to honor the internet having been useful in the revelations of crime, here i am not saying that the internet also is not representing the truth but their is often enough truth or reading between the lines to know that crime, corruption is rampant on a high level such as the incarceration of Eddy Obead, I am not sure if I have got his name right but erudite reader knows who I mean.
            It incumbent to say that to be aligned to a country that at the highest Office corruption is rampant, those who can say they feel comfortable with such a country are either part of the corruption or in a state of denial that their personal character must be questioned.

      • Dee, it’s not strange, it’s basic biology. Mummy, Daddy, that sort of thing.

        Now here is something strange. In Fergie’s autobiography she says that an employee of the palace bawled her out for something (I forget what) — seemingly on behalf of the queen. But Fergie subsequently discovered that Her Maj knew nothing about what she had done.

        So whom does that palace employee work for?

  3. Congratulations Dee, Mary and contributors at Gumshoe for standing against lies and expecting accountability in our society.
    Where did this year go?
    Best for Christmas and 2017. Some Christmas cheer from Jess.

  4. We are all flesh and blood human beings having experiences. Once the ego is attached and especially if it completely occupies the individual, internal contradictions can and do form creating self inflicted suffering. Ones actions betraying ones thoughts and emotions.

    Exploring the principles of how plants grow highlights how modern humans generally are acting contra the natura. On further inspection much of human activity is contra natura. The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.

    Perhaps resolving all discussion to the seven natural laws (the hermetic principles) will always provide the foundation for interpreting our shared reality with clarity.

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