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2016 in Pictures, and What About 2017


alleppoby Dee McLachlan


The city of Aleppo. A scale of destruction just unimaginable

burnNSW Police deputy commissioner Catherine Burn arrives at the inquest into the Lindt Cafe siege

zika-virusZika virus putting fear in the Rio Olympic Games

1-nice A lorry ploughed through a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the Mediteranean city of Nice

tppPeople speak out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

nigel-farageLeader of UKIP Nigel Farage reacts to Brexit

turkeyWeapons and tanks are abandoned on the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul during a failed coup

trump President-elect Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story, and

fake-newsThe rise of “Fake News” and the Control of Nonsensical News (CNN)


What can we expect.

The bankers will tighten their grip on the financial world by trying to remove more cash from the marketplace.

Mandatory vaccinations will become more popular with governments across the globe.

The top multinationals will be pushing for more control over global energy, food, and water supplies (even if the TPP fails).

The “deep state” (cabal) will be pushing for control of the Internet (using Fake News as the excuse).

The privatization of the security and police industries will continue.

The “deep state” will attempt to sabotage the Trump presidency.

I have been reading for a long time about a possible major false flag that will involve an alien hoax — Hollywood style. 2017 may not be the year — but who knows. They can’t leave it too long, as many are picking up on the false flag events, and tweeting their views to the masses. And many sites are predicting the real thing, quoting Revelation 19:14 (King James version):

“And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.”

I’d say the herds are not ready for an alien false flag hoax. It will be something more traditional — like a possible mall massacre instrumented by fake US patriots (and fake Trump supporters). Martial law could be declared and the people can blame right wing governments everywhere.

We need to be constantly on guard for the evil actions of the “deep state.”


Adapted photos, credits: The Mirror,  Times of Israel, 
donaldjtrump.com, The Syrian Observer, Washington Post
Yahoo, BBC




  1. I’m betting on the FAKE ALIEN INVASION. Operation Bluebook, Bluebeam or Blue Rhapsody.. Benenson Strategy Group produced a report in October, 2016 for the Hillary Campaign. Realising Hillary was toast, and the Trump supporters would not stay home from the election short of an Alien Invasion, they supposedly recommended Operation Firesign (which had been in the works for decades and was supposedly very well advanced) should be rolled out using advanced holographics and high tech trickery.
    The report has been determined to be a hoax,(maybe)but someone went to the trouble of collating data and writing this bizarre report, posting it onto the internet hoping for some result. I always wanted to see a UFO, even it is FAKE!!
    You can’t make this shit up. What else can these buffoons waste our financial resources on.

  2. “The “deep state” will attempt to sabotage the Trump presidency.”

    How did you forget that in the end there is going to be no Brexit?
    That’s in 2017’s timetable as well.

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