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pizzaJohn Podesta, caught in the Wikileaks dump-out

By Phil Hingston

I found most of the following information on Fiona Barnett’s website, pedophilesdownunder. If you haven’t already heard of Pizzagate, it is a scandal that resulted from the exposing of Hilary Clinton’s emails. A major player in this is John Podesta. One must accept that these codewords really exist, in pedophile circles. “pizza” = girl,  “hotdog” = boy,  “cheese” = little girl, “pasta” = little boy,  “ice cream” = male prostitute, “walnut” = person of colour,  “map” = semen,  “sauce” = orgy, and “handkerchief” = ???? WTF!

The originator of an apparently honest news website, Andrew Breibart, of Breitbart News in the US, knew something about John Podesta, who was Obama Chief of Staff back in 2010 and Hillary Clinton’s recently unsuccessful presidential campaign manager.

Andrew Breitbart tweeted: “How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t a household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.”

Breitbart died not long thereafter, mysteriously, from a sudden heart attack in 2012. He had no known heart issues. What Andrew Breitback knew then, no one else on the planet knew. Yet.

That communication may have been enough to get Breitbart killed. He named John Podesta as a child-trafficking, criminal, pedophile, murderous pervert.

The Clinton E-mails

Fast forward five years. Wikileaks begins dumping hundreds of thousands of hacked emails from the Democrat party leading up to the US election. Among the damning information about nefarious activities of the Democratic Party machine there are many “unusual” emails between various members of upper-echelon Democrats.

They often mentioned food items, such as pizza, hotdogs, pasta, maps, cheese, ice cream.  There are also references to handkerchiefs, spirit cooking, kiddie pool parties late at night, “demolishing children”(???) …. Reading through them makes absolutely no sense to correctly-wired, normal people like us.

But when one realises that the bizarre and seemingly nonsensical emails are written in code, then everything makes sense, in an horrific sort of way.

According to the FBI, the code words that I listed above are used in Pedophile world to enable covert communication.

“This visually explosive FBI document reveals the secret symbols organized pedophiles use to recognize each other and is likely to be of broad interest to readers …”


The long-time head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, is reported as saying, “Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”.

Could he have been alluding to the issue of Institutionalised Pedophilia??

President John F. Kennedy stated:  “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.”

Could Kennedy have been referring to a global VIP pedophile network?

Fiona Barnett tried to warn us in Australia in late 2015. She gave a press conference in Sydney outing a VIP pedophile ring operating at the highest levels of Australian society and which has links around the world.

She tells us that she was prostituted to pedophile parties at Parliament House and to an international political leader at Fairbairn Military Airport, Canberra.

The courageous Senator Bill Heffernan released a press statement from behind parliamentary privilege, stating that he was in possession of a police document which listed 28 “prominent Australians” including one ex-Prime Minister, who were alleged to be pedophiles. Was he attempting to force the police to act upon it??


Fiona Barnett has been speaking not as a reporter, researcher or curious “do-gooder” but as someone who had lived a large portion of her life as a victim of these hideous monsters, but survived.

At her website “Pedophiles Downunder” she describes atrocities, tortures and crimes against children too horrendous to detail here. Her testimony is now being validated and vindicated by the unraveling of the Pizzagate investigation.

Further, countless other survivors from around the world are starting to come forward to tell of their horrific experiences. The most chilling aspect of their collective testimonies is that they all articulate almost identical stories. Rape, torture, murder and worse.

And the Warnings Continue

Fiona is still warning us, no doubt at huge risk to herself.  She deserves our support. Please have just a tiny bit of courage and help her spread the word. She can’t do it on her own.

In a recent post on Fiona’s website we see this story that dates back almost 30 years:

Ten-year-old Helen Karapidis was abducted 22 December 1988 from her Marrickville apartment complex grounds by members of the Wood Royal Commission pedophile network. — Is the Fox, once again, in charge of looking after the Henhouse??

The current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been hearing testimony and evidence from victims for several years and yet it receives almost no media coverage.  Why??

Rolf Harris is already in gaol.  Catholic priests are being prosecuted and gaoled regularly. Last month, another notorious pedophile priest, Father Brian Spillane, from St. Stanislaus College in Bathurst, was convicted of numerous assaults and rapes of students over many years.

For some strange reason, there has been a media blackout for over two years while his trial was proceeding! Funny about that, but one must ask again, why? (the perpetrators and victims are all adults now, so it can’t be to “protect the children”.

Compensation payments in the millions are documented, but hushed up with “confidentiality” agreements and court -mandated non-disclosure orders. Why???

Our very own ABC has even tried to discredit Mrs Barnett’s testimony by taking their usual, high moral ground and warning us to take it all with a grain of salt. That is an outrage in itself.

Media Watch warned viewers that its presentation might “concern’ some viewers. Thank goodness they feel it their obligation to protect our delicate sensitivities and that we “should approach some claims with caution”.  Too right — any claim by Media Watch, should be treated with extreme caution.

Recently the alternative media published sensational claims of a VIP pedophile ring that included former Prime Ministers, police, media personalities and judiciary . But when such serious claims are made — Enter “FAKE NEWS”.

In a last-ditch, desperate attempt to control the narrative on this paradigm-altering exposure of pure evil lurking in our midst, media organisations worldwide are resorting to “shoot the messenger” style tactics. Hence the FAKE NEWS label.

Anyone and everyone speaking “inconvenient truths” are being censored, intimidated, shut down, vilified and harassed. Welcome to DYSTOPIA!

If they lose control of this narrative, they’re finished. They know it and an increasing number of us are coming to know it. It has now come down to “ALL OR NOTHING”.

The issue of institutionalized VIP pedophilia, and Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, has tried to raise its head many times in the past. The Franklin Coverup in the US, the Jimmy Saville pedophile network in the UK, (while he worked for the BBC), and the Dutroux Affair in Belgium.

They say these are just tip of the iceberg.

With the development of REAL NEWS, via social media and the Internet, perhaps this time the issue of VIP pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse, will gain the traction it deserves.

It is now harder for our society to sweep this monstrosity under the carpet in order to preserve our “delicate sensitivities” and save us all being confronted with the reality of the “monstrous and ruthless conspiracy” Jack Kennedy tried to warn us about.

During the recent US Presidential election, Hillary Clinton was reputed to have said that “if that f….ing bastard wins, we’ll all being hanging from nooses”.

She was interviewed by Matt Lauer and went off in a tirade of cursing.   Well, Donald Trump (that f…ing bastard) did win the US election, so perhaps we might get to see whether Hillary’s prognostications on one of the likely ramifications of a Trump win will come to fruition.

We can only hope!! Nooses anyone??



  1. I wonder where paedophile exposer, Franca Arena is these days!
    [Former labor party member, NSW Parliament {MLA or MLC}]
    It is completely stretching credulity to only suspect that the lower “caste” paedophiles in religious and secular institions are the only sickos in society.
    Basically; ‘those lower ‘caste’ paedophiles with no power and prestige, are of no influence or use and not worthy of protection’.
    They make a great show though!

    • Phill, look up Franca at Wiki and also note Deidre Grusovin. The wiki article reminded me about Deidre married to ….. bugger, so long ago, but labor Federal member, if I recall.
      Not in serious search mode at the moment, but you and other readers have another historic lead with a general search at Mr. GOOGLE.
      Yes, we have been all through this with the then (Wood?) Royal Commission and the sad story of Justice Yeldham who lasted in retirement untill exposed by Franca.
      They really did a job on Franca at the time………. why?

  2. Thank you for the article, Phil. I can’t recall any item in history that could shake the powers up like this one.

    You know there will soon be statements to the effect that it is actually normal behavior “so calm down everyone, go back to sleepy-bye.”

    • Mary,
      See comment in reply to Phill below.
      The can has been shaken for decades and nothing really happens. So what is going to happen this time?
      Evil is the international intelligence community’s trump card, they hold all the trumps for those they control.
      Now and then they will sacrifice a trick or two (as in bridge or a pawn in chess) for appearances and public digestion but control the game result. Even arrange a Royal Commission or two paid for by the taxpayer.
      There is a basic rule held by those in control; no RC unless the specified ‘victims’ are identified and the findings and conclusion/s are pre-determined. One pre-determined institional ‘victim’ is ……………? Read between the lines in some of Dr. Day’s exposure for world globalist fascist control. (NWO exposed by insider March 1969) Getting the big picture?
      No, the powers are not shaken they are the shakers.

        • Sorry again Mary, the peasants are well and truly ‘hocked’ and it be a miracle for the banker’s pawn shop to be stormed by 99.9% of the world’s remaining peasants..,.. they are controlled peasants and not more may be expected of them ……: until they realise that they are peasants and have nothing more to loose.
          Then, as before, ‘when peaceful revolution is denied, violent revolution will follow.’ (JFK or something similar)

          • Of course one way to control the peasants revolt is to introduce another group of lessor peasants and sit back while the two peasant groups anihalate each other with social mayhem and conflict.
            Requiring fascist control to bring about a solution: ‘problem, reaction and solution’ ….. as planned by the fascist problem creators.
            Thus the planned introduction of the socialy uncivilised into European civilisation presently under way.
            Plato dealt with this form of aurhoritarian control in one of his works.
            The bastards clearly know their plan and most of our politicians and msm are complicit or are too thick and distracted, by design, to have a clue as to whatisreallyhappening.com/
            And we pay the traitorous bastards!

    • Having been raised in an atheist family & having tried out divers religions before converting to christianity at age 30 I fail to see that the Pope & his crew are any more devilish than the Hillsong mob. The question that needs to be asked is why would any doco of any real value have to be propped up with drama music ?

    • Franca, scratched before the finishing line by the Labor race committee.
      Wishing a most prosperous and entertaining year to all and peaceful positive
      dreams to all at GS, particularly for Dee and Mary with grateful

  3. Ned,
    I agree with your analysis of our present state of the nations. You obviously have years of research and knowledge under your belt and yes, things have been looking grim for a long time.
    But I’m feeling optimistic that “this time” it’s NOT same.
    Call it a frequency shift, a change in the global mood, divine intervention,maybe wishful thinking, “benevolent ET’s, call it whatever you want to call it. But Trump wasn’t meant to win, Brexit wasn’t supposed to happen, Podestas’s and Weiner’s emails and laptops were not meant to be hacked and exposed. Pizzagate was not meant to go viral. Fiona Barnett wasn’t supposed to gain such international exposure, Trans Pacific Partnership is dead in the water, the Philippine president Duterte is creating huge gashes in US prestige internationally, and the BRICS just keep chugging along,etc,etc,etc
    Many things are happening that don’t seem to benefit the “Cabal’s Agenda”. I think something good is going on.

    Hope so, anyway. Maybe 2017 could be a Better New Year.

    • I agree. Even though things appear possibly darker than ever, the light is coming through to expose all of these things and I believe there is much, much more to come. Hold on to your hats!

    • Phil and Speculator, I agree with your assessments. There’s been discussion on other forums of the ‘unveiling’ and it does appear to be happening. In my research the pedophile issue is probably discussed best by David Icke. The rabbit hole is a lot deeper than most people want to venture.

      I have a close relative that got involved with the Satanic crowd and she talked about human sacrifice out in the desert. It freaked her out, as she said “Terry, that shit is REAL!”

      It is hard enough to get the sheeple to look at something like 9-11 or Port Arthur, so getting into metaphysics and satanism with them is just too much for them to even begin to contemplate.

      This is an issue to be discussed at the intellectual level, stay away from having actual educational experiences with the ‘Dark Side’. It is likely that you will not get back…

      The abyss is very deep and climbing back out is a lot harder than going in.

      • Terry,
        YIKES!!!!! (seriously)

        On a lighter note, anyone interested in a fabulous new investment idea for our times??
        Hardware franchise chain(needs a catchy name-ideas please) specialising in flaming torches, pitchforks,wooden stakes and wooden mallets, thick rope and knot(noose) type manuals, DIY trapdoors…

  4. Dee, This matter, “world pedophiles”, probably deserves a tab of its own on gumshoe.com. I suspect that we will get increasingly more deeply into this matter in coming years. My gut tells me we will be witnessing some vast changes soon, at least I hope so. I wonder if the Natural Law principle of rhythm is relevant here? Anyway the principle of mentalism will become relevant with ongoing 24/7 discussions about world pedophiles activities.

  5. This is a stretch but I’m trying out on the very nice people of GS.

    It must be that every person has the ability to die without fighting it. Maybe we have a mechanism for it, and if so, that mechanism could hypertrophize into a death wish.

    So you could start a cult and the followers would get off on destruction, pain, all the things you think are undesirable.

    Just think of fracking. Or the oil spill in the gulf of mexico a few years ago. Deliberate ways to cause harm.

    It must be that some peole get a kick out of it, desoite the fact that if the ocean is so piluute they won’t be having their fve lobster anymore.


  6. Thanks for this article. This is not an issue that anyone should try to forget about, as many would prefer. We can “forget about it” after each and every child and the rest of us in this world are safe from the maniacs and psychopaths who have been running things for a very long time. I don’t care whether they’re hanged, imprisoned for life, or taken by aliens or angels — as long as their malevolence is dealt with by the “proper authorities” and corrected.

    • Spec247,
      I can’t say it was my pleasure. A particularly grubby, but necessary topic to finally “out” this thing and kill it dead,if that’s possible. Death by hundreds of thousands of little cuts via the FAKE NEWS.

      I think a few thousand high-profile PUBLIC executions might go a long way to solving the problem as these scum seem to be gutless cowards, terrified of exposure and punishment and humiliation.

      They don’t seem to mind giving it, but thy sure as hell don’t like taking it.

      • It’s one of the most disgusting, hideous subjects there is (that I know of), but I thank anyone who refuses to let this issue go back to sleep.

      • There’s no number of executions that will change human nature, and therewith the effect that uncontested unrestrained power has on the human mind.

        Because, why do you think pedophilia is so widespread in the upper echelons?
        Part because it’s “that kind of people” who come to have the most power, but also because, well, power is by large the wildest addiction of the human brain. And everyday you need to raise the dose. Doing something different — the more prohibited is, the more special and above the others you’ll feel.

        You shouldn’t try to erase part of the people who have great power, or even all of them.
        You should try to erase power itself.
        But then, you’d have to rewire the human brain completely.
        What normal people do is they admire the more powerful, and they see the most wondrous clothes on the emperor while he is in fact wearing none (because this is how the brain of a TRIBAL/SOCIAL species must work).

        A meteor, a glaciation, something we can’t foresee, … I don’t say there are no solutions to the problems you shed light on. But those aren’t the ones you wish would work.

  7. I dont believe a word of it. You all heard the stories about Prince Charles’ good friend, Jimmy Saville, and how the Queens portrait painter, Rolf Harris – were accussed of doing terrible things for years? Well if this was truly happening, then surely, people close to the Royals tasked with looking after them, and the Royals themselves, would know all about it, and would surely not keep quiet.

    If such things were going on in high levels of society, imagine the numbers of children that would have to be reported as missing every minute in the UK alone..

    its totally unpossible.

    ( the above is a fake comment )

    • If anyone missed the Sydney fireworks, there is a full video posted by Eric above Phil”s comment in the sgtreport linked in Phil’s comment above.
      Worthwhile…… sorry Melbourne!

  8. Terry,
    In reference to you comment and information down below.
    To all, Terry provides a hearsay observation from a source that he probably trusts concerning ‘satanic’ practises.
    I commend readers to read it and comprehend the significance of a developing public awareness that needs urgent attention.
    If the report to Terry is genuine, then that is another small light of exposure of practises that the authorities must be aware of.
    Those whose duty is to protect us from terrorism are duty bound to protect our children from such heinous acts that are being raised.
    The authorities are presenting as propaganda wind bags betraying the public trust. That includes the public mass media.
    Prime examples being Saville and Harris. Are they the only two frauds held with past high public esteem, who have indulged themselves with hideous acts for decades.
    I think we may reasonably expect that they are not as such perversions are not restricted to the present RC targets.
    I smell BS.

  9. […] “Andrew Breitbart tweeted: “How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t a household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.” Breitbart died not long thereafter, mysteriously, from a sudden heart attack in 2012. He had no known heart issues. What Andrew Breitback knew then, no one else on the planet knew. Yet.“ Paedophilia now appears to be a ‘norm’ in high places ….. “The issue of institutionalized VIP pedophilia, and Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, has tried to raise its head many times in the past.” Yes – “Nooses, anyone??” https://gumshoenews.com/2016/12/31/pizzagate-it-must-be-fake-news-this-cant-be-true/ […]

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