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The Vax Wars Continue in my Neighbourhood

 middle-parkMiddle Park, one of the small patches of democracy left in Australia

by Dee McLachlan

I have met many young mothers recently that are extremely troubled by the mandatory vaccination programs in Australia. So I’m not surprised they wanted to educate themselves by watching the film VAXXED directed by Andrew Wakefield.

On the 10th of December 2016, VAXXED was screened at a private clinic in Middle Park, in Melbourne. Dr Simon Floreani runs the popular clinic and has been the former head of the Chiropractic Association of Australia.

The Age wrote last month:

“…infuriating chiropractors who say a minority of “rogue” practitioners is bringing their profession into disrepute.”

I have known Simon for over 15 years, and have visited the clinic over that time. He is definitely not a “rogue practitioner”

The Age continued, claiming the film VAXXED had been,

“scrapped from film festivals in Australia and the United States.” [No the organisers were bullied and threatened]

Before it was pulled from the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival in September, the head of the Australian Medical Association and Victoria’s Health Minister Jill Hennessy had lashed out at the organisers. She said:

“It’s irresponsible to promote messages that have a harmful impact, not just on kids in Castlemaine but on all kids,”

The article continued:

“Dismayed chiropractors contacted Fairfax Media this week saying not enough was being done to rein in a minority they claim are acting against their own code of conduct, undermining public health and harming the profession.”

They quote Dr Matthew Bulman, a NSW chiropractor, who specialises in sports. He says those “unscrupulous practitioners who sow seeds of doubt in community health” should be “pushed out of the profession.” WOW.

Bulman has only recently graduated — from RMIT in 2009, and then got a Master of Clinical Chiropractic in 2011. During that time he worked with NIKE and The Athlete’s Foot, learning as much about the sport of running as possible — then moving to Canberra.

My question to The Age: Why did you only quote this young man — a recent graduate? Dr Bulman, has not treated families and children for over two decades as Dr Floreani has done. It seems this article was really about airing government propaganda (by Minister Hennessey).

My Question to Minister Hennessey and Dr Bulman: Do you know that doctors everywhere are urging a Vaccine-injury compensation scheme. Why would that be necessary if vaccines are SO safe?

The Strange Duplicity

Health Impact News Editor, Brian Shilhavy, writes:

“Every day, people in the United States are being injured and killed by vaccines, and those numbers are increasing. This is a fact that is not in dispute — as the Department of Justice’s quarterly report on vaccine injuries and deaths clearly demonstrates.”

The Australian Doctor in the article “Call for vaccine injury compensation scheme” (12/11/16):

“A Senate inquiry has backed the ‘no jab, no pay’ legislation but says a national vaccine injury compensation scheme is also needed.”


Minister Hennessey needs to be reminded that vaccines can cause injury. Maybe she should take note of this case reported in Vactruth.

13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court


“A young man was recently awarded compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims Vaccine Court, for injuries he sustained after being administered the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations in 2009.  After five long years of litigation, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Respondent in all vaccine injury cases, conceded that the varicella vaccination did in fact cause RD’s vaccine injury, transverse myelitis, which has left him a tetraplegic.

“In November 2014, HHS conceded that the vaccination caused RD’s injuries.” [full article]

His mother said:

“He was a very independent young man, little boy, and teenager, very responsible, and then he had to become dependent on every little thing in his life, totally dependent on his mother and father and his sister for everything.”





    • I have a close friend whose eldest daughter changed dramatically after a batch of vaccinations. (speech and intellectual disability spectrum somewhere). No one listened to her back then — but she refused to vaccinate her next two children. She has never wavered in her thoughts over the vaccinations.

  1. And then the ultimate question has to be asked.

    Why would The Powers That Be and their minions push so hard to restrict movies like VAXXED, and legislate compulsory vaccinations?

    Is it just about the money or do they really like hurting children?

    Oh wait. I forgot.


  2. The problem with vaccines is if the public starts losing faith in the integrity of government and if subversive agencies that may interfere with what is being injected, becomes a problem for those whom doubt the authenticity of a substance that cannot be determined as to outcome? in a immediate sense of say potential harm, being different from say a gunshot wound.

  3. With all the dangers now known about vaccines and their inability to lessen a persons chance of contracting a disease, any person or organisation that attempts to punish another for non-vaccination, should themselves be imprisoned, or that organisation be forced to disband.

  4. I believe that a person who inserts any object into another being, against that persons will, can legally be charged with the crime of rape. Look out needle wielding doctors and staff.

    I don’t know if a case of vaccination against one’s will has been tested in court yet, for the crime of rape.

    The will of an adult person is undeniable, but the will of a child or handicapped person, is the will of that person’s legal guardian.

    To protect themselves from prosecution a practitioner, should
    have the written authority of the person about to have the vaccination, or his/her legal guardian.

  5. Due to the fact that RD’s parents should have been aware that he had already been given the dose in question the respective compensation is the antithesis of an ant-vax win. Shifting the onus of responsibility onto the family GP just entrenches the helpless passivity that’s at the heart of every ill-informed decision, parental or otherwise.

    The 17/12/16 Gumshoe article headed “The Man-made Origin of HIV/AIDS”concerns a man-made epidemic. In truth every plague since 1918 has been politically actuated: Ship large contingents of un-quaranteened men across the globe, subject them to malnutrition, atrocious living conditions & psychological trauma, hey presto Spanish flu

    Vaccination may well be a valuable medical tool. Manadating it is nothing more than a scurrilous form of blame projection; hostility towards those who resist is inevitable

  6. IMHO, anyone wishing to vaccinate me with anything, is required to sign a disclaimer accepting responsibility for any costs incurred should there be any side effects from said vaccination.
    I believe that only when responsibility is put upon the shoulders of folks giving these vaccinations, will they think twice about giving them.
    They say it’s a thousand tone chance of side effects, but I believe the chances of winning Lotto are even HIGHER, so what does that say for vaccinations, are you willing to take that gamble, turning your child’s life into a vegetable, or your own ?

    • As the “folks giving these vaccinations” have been authorised by You-Know-Who and as there’s no come-back re any other procedure that’s a bit like wishing pigs will fly.

      I’d like to know EXACTLY what jabs have been mandated & for what age-group. A decree that says you won’t get Federal candy if you don’t cow tow to nurse X’s mood-swing can hardly be called a LAW. Have there been any SS appeals ? Details ? Outcome ? Experience has taught me that no Government Dept will openly admit defeat, but for anyone who’s prepared to do the hard yard miracles tend to happen behind closed doors

      The truth is that self-preservation in any shape or form has become a war of nerves

      • Berry, may I paraphrase your 8.06am comment in Primal Scream-ese?

        G’day Selfish Doctors, Cruel Nurses, and Creepy Lawyers (you know who you are).

        You are so busy worrying about losing your money (most of which is public largesse — welfare, really), your “prestige” (believe me you don’t have any), and so afraid of not looking like a team player (actually you ARE “team players” to the nth degree), that you will happily participate in the current genocide.

        The fact that you don’t vaccinate your own kids tells us all we need to know, doctors.
        The fact that you lawyers haven’t said peep, despite all the Oz “human rights” laws, about the blatant discrimination of shots based on poverty, tells us all we need to know.

        Nurses, “caring nurses,” I am so ahamed of you I can hardly stand it.

        Gutless wonders, ball-less wonders, brainless wonders, all.
        Thanks for dragging society down to the sewer.

        (Berry, should I add anything?)

        • Maybe, but its true to say now that if a new Mother were to ask me (at work) about whether she should vaccinate I could be deregistered and lose my livelihood just for saying I don’t think so personally. I don’t think being outside of work is even a defense against sanction anymore. The nurses who trot around with the vaccination trolley at flu time are mostly younger than me, and they have never seen these childhood diseases in the wild let alone had them so they think its all so much worse than it actually is, but the older ones who should know better are completely indoctrinated (because children). I had my name taken in Cooktown for refusing a flu vaccine earlier this year. That’s not happened before, though I have no idea what they did with it but “database” is a word that comes to mind. I think they are pushing toward the day when we can be stood-down even for refusing a flu vaccination. I’ll keep you posted with what they do this year.

  7. As there’s no readily available data on the % or severity of hep “A” & chicken-pox complications vs the harm % posed by the vaccine it doesn’t appear as though any actual research has been done. As the vast majority of Yanks & Aussies are oblivious to the fact that all medicine is poison I guess there’s no need.

    • I will say though that diseases like Chicken Pox, Measles etc have been upgraded from mere childhood diseases to emergent catastrophes. Even Hep A wasn’t once considered that big a deal.

        • I mean the prism people coming through the Healthcare sector are being trained to view them through. they have no direct experience of them and they don’t really know the difference between measles and something like Polio (for example). They don’t get degrees of severity and think one equals the other in severity and potential complications when they are in fact very different. They learn it from books/websites, but they don’t see it. In healthcare, seeing something for yourself is the difference with everything. Until that happens you just don’t know. They are taught to fear these diseases, but they don’t know what they are, only what they are told they are.

  8. A new government campaign costing $750,000 is rolling out — to encourage the population to vaccinate their kids.
    “It’s a gift to vaccinate your children” “Help protect the herd”
    (PS: Mary don’t view. This video will make you very angry)

    (or this **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXi7wtHrOc8)

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