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A Bostonian Challenges The Boston Bombing Official Story in a New Book



by Dee McLachlan

A few years ago I was flicking through Youtube movies, and came across a woman standing for the US Congress. She was being interviewed by members of the press. I was just about to move on when she began berating the journalists for their inability to ask the tough questions about 9-11. She gave them a good old working over.

So I searched further, and found that she had written a book called “Prosecution For Treason.” The full Title is Prosecution For Treason: Epidemics, Weather War, Mind Control, and the Surrender Of Sovereignty. I wrote to her. I was writing to Mary Maxwell.

Since then Mary and I have written two books together, and she continues to do her “legal eagle” thing, always pushing for respect for “her beloved law.”

Maxwell is prolific. This Bostonian (she was born and brought up in Boston, but moved to Adelaide in 1980), has now completed a book on the Boston Marathon bombing. I will post it here and will display it in the second column of Gumshoe. Please download “at your earliest convenience”  — as, who knows, it could disappear.

Marathon Bombing — Indicting the Players




  1. This book is well worth the read, to anybody who believes that the LAW is there to serve the people of their sovereign country.

    Mary Maxwell has studied law and knows where and how to look for appropriate sections of the law to root out the criminal elements in our hierarchy.

    She also has a very acute awareness for detail.

    This book along with Mary’s other books are a different type of read to most other books that I have read.

    Mary is like a dog with a bone. If there appears to be wrong-doing she will chew on that event, for years if necessary, in an attempt to stir the public and government into action, to right the wrong.

      • Mal, you may have a lot to answer for one day if the peeps of Taxachusetts take me up on a certain suggestion.

        A few minutes ago I was washing the dishes and mulling over what you said “Mary knows how to look for appropriate sections fo the law.” Actually I gravitate to the law as a technical means of dealing with issues of social structure. Which is biological.

        So I mulled for a few more dishes and then Bingo! i saw how to solve the problem of Homeland Security, FBI, and so forth meddling in state sffairs.

        I mean it’s so simple how did I miss it before? I ain’t gonna say now — I’ll let everybody guess.

        If you need inspiration, go do some dishes.

  2. Mary, sorry cannot afford to download your book at this time.
    FOR THOSE just passing through who try to remain uninformed and follow msm fake reporting.
    I note Mary on your front cover four photographs of persons relevant to the bombing.
    For the lazy msm who will not take any note of your book, I simply request that they research and observe a clear sample of those photographs. They depict backpacks worn by the brothers and a backpack worn by one of the real culprits.
    You see simple msm stooges; the exploded back pack remains do not match any of the brother”s bacpacks, but does match that worn by one of the other fellows.
    MSM journos and shock jokes, do not serve on a jury, you cannot be trusted to use your eyes or you are ………….. ?
    For clear photographs just search http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ under “a review of the Boston Bombing” or google wrh a review etc.
    Try an earn your living by being fairdinkum, not just another fake flake.
    BTW. The photographs have been periodically shown at wrh for years, so where have you dumbo fakes been? Sucking up to your editors and politicians I suppose?
    Want to look at more fake false flags? Just look up the index at wrh. Then again you can look up what ex PM of Australia Malcolm Fraser said in his interview with this website edtor, Dee McLachlan on this site and also what he told that bs ABC in the interview with Jonathon Faine re the deliberate murders by Israel of crewmen on the USS Liberty in 1967 over a two hour period.
    Msm; every day more people are awakening to the msm fraudulent lying fakes working for and protecting mass murderers.
    Go home, be with your family, lie and try and convince them that you deserve to exist as a person of good fame, moral and of good character ……… most of you are not and more people are realising as truth from evidence is apparent to anyone with half a brain.
    MSM and our ABC, tell us again about Iraq wmds and that two planes can bring down three buildings at almost gravitational free fall on the one site on the one day.
    Yea right, tell us another fake account when the next false flag mass murder, maybe of you, family or a friend included, has been concocted.

  3. Paris – Sunday 15th January 2017 – 70 Nations to meet in Paris following Friday 13th 2017 No Israel or Palestine present. Getting close to Trump’s big day. Not my thoughts, but it’s interesting.

          • I don’t think you get it, Dee. Fort Sumpter was fired upon (false flag, actually) but today it would take only the flick of a BIC.

            By the way, on Xmas I didn’t catch you out till you got to “sheeple.”

        • Ms. Maxwell, you have an impressive memory which betrays an impressive intelligence (which you use to, well, avoid displaying in obvious manners because you love to be “social”).

          Beware the Curse of Knowledge though: I have notices you often presume similar gifts in the people you address.
          That may not be always the case (it sure is NOT in my case, lol).

          • Hi Nippo, I can’t do much about my style, but the book does have some other voices in it. See Chapter 17 for Cheryl Dean’s impertinent tone and Exhibit B for Montse’s innocent approach (I doubt she’s all that innocent!)

            Two biggies in the exhibits (by which I really mean Appendices) and Moti Nissani and Elias Davidsson who know what they’re talking about re scripted terrorism all over the world.

            Moti dared to air the Chrisopher Lorek rumor (in Exhibit E on Gladio) and Elias totally did a job on Bruce Hoffman of RAND corporation. (See Exhibit K). I hear that the wife of Judge O’Toole works for RAND. They are way more fearsome than the silly little CIA.

    • How about an off-duty welfare officer flying a UN flag and drinking champagne at a pro-Trump rally. Would that have been given the same sort of attention ?

  4. It’s a good book Mary, clearly points out many important discrepancies. and I’ve seen it on numerous facebook pages as well. Hope it does some good. I’ll be sending it out to some people as well. You’re such a trooper!! I thank you Mary, and Dzhokhar would thank you too, if he could.

  5. On 5th January, logged way down below at 6.21pm is my old comment referring to photographs often shown at wrh.
    For those interested in the photographs proving that the brothers did not stow the bomb, I refer you to; http//www.whatreallyhappened.com/ on 5th January at 7.05 am where one may find 7 photographs logged by Mike Rivero at my request to support Mary here at Gumshoe. Wrh kindly has linked this report with the photographs for their readers, mainly in the US.
    MSM fake journos! I repeat my comments down below as referred to.
    Look at the evidence and stop the crap.

    • OK, I left out the : , so try;
      http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ at 7.05 am on 5th January and let’s get down to examine the evidence and cut out the msm government bullshit………. as with the other msm and government supported ‘false flags’ referred to in my comment yesterday without distractions.

  6. Dee, any chance with your expertise to publish the seven photographs refered to below with descriptions from Mike Rivero”s site? (Wrh)
    The evidence should be thrown in the face of our local fake presstitutes because they are so fake that they will not go to Rivero’s site examine the photographs and inform themselves, for fear of being informed and thereby responsible for protecting killers and the resultant miscarriage of justice…. as usual.
    Let them fear; chuck it in their face and have them bear the responsibilities for having no excuse to continue the msm lies and the covering of government abominations deceiving the public and sabotaging our free democracy.

  7. Thankyou Dee.
    Now msm presstitutes and aiders and abettors of criminals, suck up the evidence in your face and exercise your half brains to understand why the msm is identified as just a load of known fake.
    I commend all readers to send this link to all, the fake journos, shock jokes and spineless politicians they have contacts for and ask them; what have they done or reported upon to have a public campaign to identify the black and tan team members depicted in the photographs below?
    My bet is if they reply it will be a fake lame excuse for ‘zilch’,
    Drop the msm!!!!!!! Send the msm broke, it has no honest function.

  8. Hey Mary, Looks like your book is already attracting some welcome heavyweight attention. Dr.Paul Craig Roberts seems to like it, but your style might be too flippant for him.

    “Now comes forward an attorney, Mary Maxwell with a book. It is available online free. I read the first eight chapters, which was sufficient to comfirm me in my independent conclusion that there was no Boston Marathon bombing by terrorists.

    I recommend to you Mary Maxwell’s account. However, I will say that I believe that she uses irony excessively and that on occasions her irony gets in the way of the factual message. Knowing this, stick with it, and read her account.”

    Here’s his full article. Well done girl!!


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