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This Is a Very Series Situation



by Mary W Maxwell

Yesterday, Dee McLachlan started a new series called “Humanity in Crisis.” She also has another series running called “Analysis of 9-11” of which 8 parts have appeared so far. I have one going called “Are Media Lies Criminal?” (5 parts so far). Gumshoe has a good search engine so you can easily stock up on used parts for those. Here are some others of mine that are still in business:

“Action Series”—fancy that; only 2 parts so far.

The Amirah Droudis Trial; 7 have been published and the 8th is almost ready. There won’t be any more unless one of our readers cares to attend the sentencing hearing in February 1st or 2nd. (Yes, our series are not exclusive to the originator, K?)

Royal Commission Series  – it is still happenin’ and will have additional bits related to new information from the UK.

Bryant’s Anniversary Series got up to #13 with “Return to Sender”  — but as we have the Adelaide Fringe coming up I will start a Pre-fringe Bryant Series.

Don’t be holding your breath for any new entries to the Lindt Café Inquest series, unless something vital occurs.

Mal Hughes has the Great Australians Series under control but would welcome contributions (if you check with him first). He is also working in geo-engineering.

Phil Hingston does not do series; he is more “in the moment.” If Greg Buck seems to do a series on interest rates it is because Dee goes to interview him whenever she gets nervous about the economy.

James O’Neill does not call his series on Australia’s Foreign Policy a series but we all know it is.

Some of my series were time dependent such as Electoral College Series, and Queen’s 90th Birthday series. I think my “Getting a Judge Series” has run its course. The paddy wagon still has an open-door policy, but I said what I have to say in the Marathon Bombing book.

Finally, in case anyone is keeping tabs on me and wants to know why I never got past the first entry in a “Hoax Series,” it is just that I dropped it as I don’t like the word hoax.

That said, someone sent me this tidbit about Peekay’s career in show biz.






  1. Mary, maybe your intuition was correct in regard to Peekay. I too find it peculiar that he has acted these parts and after an “event” he is able to explain to us the “reality” of that event.

    • Do not forget on 911 the stranger in the street who was able to provide a minute or so explanation of why the twin towers fell, thus the pancake theory fairy tale was implanted in to the msm suckered small minds to explain the 911 twin tower collapses to defraud the public to support the murder of millions of innocent citizens in the ME..
      Now where is he and does anyone have the clip? I did see it way back!
      All the BS for the public digestion is always planted before the job …… even planted within the Lying criminal msm co-operating aiding and abetting of mass murder.
      Oh, and the pilot’s passport blown out of a plane, found in the street from
      a ‘pocket’ that was a fireball as it hit a tower? Right!
      MSM mass murderers, the game is up. Await your trial.

        • Ta Dee, wonder if anyone will wake up to the fairy tale……………the, politicians, msm and shock jokes have had over 15 years to put their little brains into gear.
          Pity at that time it seems that building number 7 had not collapsed.
          Wonder how he would have explained the official set up BS reason that it would be claimed that 47 story building no 7 would fall at gravity induced freefall speed………….Oh, they may not have had one ready, it was expected to go down hidden in the tower’s dust, that is why they tried to defraud the people by ignoring it.
          We await the trials msn.

    • Mal, it was not exactly intuition. It was the day Canada had a terrorist or madman shooting people in Parliament House in Ottawa. In less than 24 hours Peekay knew everything about the layout of the building and which corridor the guy walked down.

      So now I am worried about the fact that Dave Ritchie interviewed Peekay.

      But I can’t blame Ritchie if he was unable to guess what’s going on.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that there would be people who want to take down or shut Peekay up. The fact that he knows something about how films are made and dramas are enacted, etc., may be a reason he was able to identify inconsistencies so quickly. So he acted in movies. So he played in a movie called Knowing with Nicholas Cage. I don’t know whether he was making videos at that time. I only discovered him shortly after the Boston Marathon fraud/hoax/drill. I expect he may have learned a few things while working on movies.

    As far as Peekay having a Jewish name, etc., there may be quite a few people who have Jewish names but don’t necessarily claim to be Jewish. Peekay has a certain style, which many people may find offensive, but it goes back to the idea that what’s important is the message, not the messenger, and yet there’s always someone attacking the messenger. Why is that?

    • I have no interest in attacking the messenger (unless that person is doing a lot of harm). I don’t perceive Peekay as harmful. Speculator, I was going to reply to your comment by saying that the maker of the above video is also obscure as to his purpose.

      So then I clicked on his Youtube channel. It does not tell me who he is. But he sure paints a wierd picture of Sandy Hook staff backgrounds.

      In my book, Marathon Bombing, in Exhibit B, Montse Alarcon Flix offers her opinion that there is never an incident that mixes fake victims with real victims. I am sure that the Sydney siege had real victims, two fatalities.. Yet it is very likely a scripted terrorist event.

      So far I think Sandy Hook was real, and that there were fatalities. I have not seen anything that persusades me otherwise. I also wonder if part of the plan was to get loads of Doubters into a big game of Solve The Mystery. This man (who narrates Peekay’s item) arouses my supicion by what he DOESN”T do.

      I like TrutherGirl, Jim Corbett, Jon Rappaport. You can see them struggling to get it right. So, OK, one has to take the wheat mixed with the chaff.

      Do you hold a theory of fatalities in Boston?

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