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Humanity In Crisis, Part 2: What The Money Printers Are Really Planning



by Dee McLachlan

I was born and brought up in South Africa — in the Apartheid era — and so have a very clear understanding of social, financial, and racial discrimination. I sense we are moving into a new era of global Apartheid, by stealth. This system is not based on race or culture, but is simply the divide between the Haves and the Have Nots.

As most everyone wants to be on the side of the Haves, so many will do anything to be on greener pastures. But by doing so, I believe the Haves have sold, and are selling, humanity to the Globalists (e.g., the “New World Order operatives”, those running “World Inc.”, the “Controllers” — or whatever other name you would prefer to call the Elite).

I reckon the major Have culprits have been the political class in governments across the world.

Financial Apartheid 

The first task of an apartheid system is to create rules to advantage one sector over everyone else.

In the case of South Africa, a white racist government brought in egregious and discriminatory laws against anyone of colour.

The same is true of those controlling money. Certain private banking families persuaded governments to relinquish the right to print money — allowing only themselves to create money out of thin air. For everyone else this would be called the crime of counterfeiting.

I am a complete novice when it comes to explaining the creation of money — and have asked others to contribute, especially Greg Buck and Christopher Brooks.

Yesterday I went back to one of Christopher’s early articles, entitled: “Respectable” Global Looters – How The World Is Controlled. I wanted to refresh my memory, as the article provided links to a set of five Youtube videos. Each of the five explained the looting money schemes that are at the core of our problems on planet earth.

Well — can you believe it — EVERY single video no longer exists. What!!!

Before I give my “money view” of humanity’s crisis, a quick reminder that money is loaned into creation by the Central Banks. It takes no effort to type a one and multiple zeros into a computer, and then loan it out — with INTEREST.

It is a racket.

As Christopher wrote in this article:

“The money creation racket is in essence so simple in method and yet so vast in effect, it is almost impossible for the human mind to contemplate that mankind could be deceived with such devastating impact over so many generations.”

I can’t see many ways to win against the “house” in this money game.

Destruction by Design

The plan all along has been for this one banking cartel to control the creation of money, and the world’s money supply.

In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Central Bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Well we know what happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Now there are only three that aren’t part of the central banking system.

It is the same old “problem–reaction–solution” scenario. The game is rigged, and systems are destroyed — so that bankers can provide solutions.

I am reading TransEvolution — a book by Daniel Estulin. On the economy, he writes:

“…the wholesale destruction of the world’s economy — is not an accident, nor is it a miscalculation or the result of political shenanigans. This is being done on purpose, absolutely on purpose.”

He claims that global corporate empires cannot survive in a world where there is widespread and diverse technological and scientific progress, and where nations are sovereign. In an interview, Estulin explains:

“…we have to understand that Presidents and Prime Ministers are messengers of those who rule the world from behind the scenes.”

So what about Australia’s present and past prime ministers — are/were they just messengers?

Australia is Not a Sovereign Nation

Those holding the power of creating loans have the power to enslave populations via debt and taxes.

Many third world countries have repaid their loans many times over in interest payments. It is an old trick. Lend money out to a struggling country. Call in the loan — which can’t be repaid — and then exchange the debt for resources, or take a stake in the country’s infrastructure.

In Australia, we have been selling assets for decades. So, I ask: what is stopping the Australian government printing billions of dollars, interest free, to assist Australian farmers, build infrastructure and get Australia producing again?

A top banking executive told me there is nothing stopping the Australian government from printing money, except the government itself.

But when I ask the same question to financial experts, my head starts spinning — as they try to explain government bonds, international loans, and the money supply. They all say it would result in disastrous inflation. But when the US Fed went on their huge money QE printing spree in 2008 and 2009 — there was deflation, not inflation. Someone please explain!

For me money means ownership. If you have money, you can buy a house… and if you have enough, well, you can buy a country.

Patrice Lumumba and The Congo

At the 1968 Bilderberg meeting, George Ball, a senior manager for Lehman Brothers as well as Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs in the JFK and Lyndon B Johnson administrations, announced his “World Company” project. Estulin quotes Pierre Beaudry:

“For Ball, the very structure of the nation state, and the idea of commonwealth, or of a general welfare of a people, represented the main obstacle against any attempt of freely looting the planet…”

I have written about the assassination of Patrice Lumumba many times at Gumshoe. He sealed his fate when in his independence speech (Congo, 30 June 1960) he said:

 “We shall see to it that the lands of our native country truly benefit its children…”

He demonstrates a simple lesson: Don’t think the world’s precious resources belong to the people. The elite will find a way to take it. 

Globalists have long planned the destruction of nations, to diminish the middle classes — and take control. And the money mafia are at the core of this vision.

The Great Depression in America was designed to destroy the rising middle class — while the Bank of America sucked in billions of dollars through real estate foreclosures in the controlled disruption.

I remember in the mid-Seventies when the globe was hit with the “oil shortage.” This resulted in stringent petrol restrictions in South Africa. On weekends stations were closed, and  it was illegal to carry additional petrol. I remember my father free-wheeling the car down every hill. On one weekend when we decided to go climbing in the mountains, I recall sitting on an illegal 4-gallon petrol can while the car was being dutifully searched at a police road block.

I have subsequently been informed that the oil crisis was created to save the US dollar. Estulin writes about the planning of the oil hoax at the 1973 Bilderberg meeting, and that it was designed to counter the rise of the French, German and Japanese economies.

These people will stop at nothing.

The Outcome for Humanity

For the Haves the future may look bright. The richer are getting richer. Financial apartheid is working a treat — as long as you have close ties to the printing presses.

But for most of humanity, a bleak future awaits. I have written before about shantytowns, and about councils and governments using fines to punish and impoverish families.

Back in 1969 Dr Richard Day (who worked for Rockefeller’s Planned Parenthood) gave a lecture to medical students in Pittsburg. He disclosed to an audience of young physicians, a long list of “future developments.” Dr. Lawrence Dunegan’s recollections of that outrageous lecture are on Gumshoe here. These are noteworthy:

  • “Inflation… is a tool of the controllers.”
  • “The ability to save would be greatly curtailed.”
  • “People would be encouraged to use credit to borrow and then also be encouraged to renege on their debt…”
  • “increased taxes or other regulations… would be detrimental to home ownership”

So what is the end game? One global bank with one global digital currency?

The problem for humanity is in financial inequity, and World Inc, or the elite can at any point decide on contraction.

One might ask: What is wrong with these people running our monetary system?

You only have to review the last hundred years to understand that these people want everything, and are not fazed by sacrificing all that humanity loves.




  1. McLachlan, you’re a piece of work.

    OK. It really comes down to how to stop the human fate that is projected by Daniel Estulin. (He, by the way, was allowed to address the European Parliament a few years ago.)

    The best news in your article, Dee, besides your ability to keep a straight face while concealing contraband for Dad, is the fact that the 5 videos recommended by Christopher have been taken down. That means “they” feel threatened.

    Poor wittle chillums. Poor scaredie-cats. Oh I would not want to be them.

    But I would not want to be us either.

    Your article suggest to me that we should put immediate brakes on the move to the cashless society. Maybe you can add an essay about that to your series.

    Humanity in Crisis. Indeed.

    • Some Gumshoers, not mentioning any names James and Ned, will like m’boy in the US Senate. Just hear the first 2 mins.

      Dee, he is the son of Ron Paul, your ‘mentor’ regarding the Fed.

    • In the “wild west’ that was South Africa at the time… we never wore seat belts, helmets, etc. I once exchanged the driver’s seat at 60 mph – climbing out of the window, onto the roof rack and back into the passenger seat, while my friend took over the wheel. Now they are determined to keep us SAFE… We need to be kept safe at all costs…

      • Dee, speaking of the FDA protecting us (Seppo’s) from the benefits of wild medicine like — oh, say, milk — I made a little discovery when writing “Consider the Lilies”. Namely, if a doctor is sued by a patient for using medicine that has not been approved, the plainiff won’t win if the plaintiff has signed a form saying “Please try it out on me; I want it even tho it’s not approved.”

        The Doctor whose case I cited was Emanuel Revici. Yay!

        (I don’t mean that to compete with your exploits, Dee, and by the way, next time I need a ride from Tullamarine Airport, just send me a cab, OK?)

  2. Marvelous essay Dee, to the point.
    Send it to Jonathan Faine of our ABC and then we will find out if our billion per year to the ABC is just to serve the sick fascist greedy banker control freaks at war with the people of the world.
    Also try C Kruger of the smh and other financial msm gurus.
    Forget Turnbull et.al., but if Pauline was properly briefed there may be some exposure.

  3. Since I first read a small part of the Australian Constitution, I knew that every one of our Prime Ministers and their Cabinets at least since World War II, were traitors. That is guilty of treason.

    It states in the Constitution that the Government is to issue the currency. That is the Federal Government because I am quoting from the Commonwealth Constitution.

    That statement is so easy to understand, but our politicians have deliberately gone on a different path.

    Gough Whitlam tried something different – attempting to borrow outside the Central Banking arena “to buy back the farm”. He was immediately jumped on by the Central Bankers of the City of London and the Federal Reserve. They had the audacity to insinuate, that it was he, who was the traitor.

    The majority of voters at the last election put “the fox in charge of the henhouse”. That fox being Malcolm Turnbull, a member of the World Banking Elite.

    • Aussiemal, your last paragraph made me go straight to Ephesians 6:11:

      “Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places . . ..”

  4. Ok Dee, your described experience swapping from driver to passenger does it.
    Time to change from passenger to a driver.
    It is some time to the next federal election to advance your public profile in the electorate of choice and go for it, seeking crowd funding for your campaign.
    Think of all those free helicopter rides and tours in Queensland just for starters. Plus a free trip to Israel.
    Then there is the pension entitlement!
    It is time!

    • It is a fact. Clover Moore ( (née Collins) Lord Mayor of Sydney is now where she is because she approached a local member of South Sydney Council to replace concrete with grass in a local children’s play area.
      The repeated reply from the dimwit councillor was; ‘no, grass hides glass’.
      Got the drift?

  5. Foremost we know the 1% are becoming richer at the same time they are becoming increasingly impoverished, this sect are able to make increasing money and at the same time the impoverishment of the planet? such as the destruction of the environment the loss of animal species, the rich are unable to stop the desecration of our environment.
    The disturbing aspect is how the super rich are disconnected from nature, the super rich are in a state of a dream like coma, when Nathaniel Rothschild made a fortune on stocks and shares when he cornered the market in London after fooling stockbrokers that the British had been defeated by Napoleon? money may have made more sense to have capital for development of technology, now we have a developed technology and money now made as has been for some time on destruction of cities, the infrastructure and people killed and maimed which makes money for the rich, in terms of weaponry, loans to rebuild and debt, dept,to be repaid that can never be repaid, such as the debt Germany owed and struggled to repay and hence WW2.
    As the article stated Whitlam was the last true statesman, had he not been destroyed by the British government and the CIA, he would have been murdered by the state as a expedient solution.
    The people in power are a fairly stupid lot, what is surprising is how for so long these individuals having got away with it, how this is so is if you do not cooperate with the controlling assets keep the masses in a state of impoverishment and unless you cooperate with the system you will become part of the fodder of the unrepresented the forlorn, the lepers of the society.
    Note the politicians, the local council and many groups that have comparative privilege providing you do the dirty work for us, the 1%, you will be rewarded.

  6. We already have the cashless welfare card.. imagine when there is no actual cash anymore, all our transactions are done digitally.

    If I am caught speeding, an amount would be automatically deducted.

    Depending on the crime, it may also result in my whole account being frozen, I wouldnt be able to buy food, shelter, medicine.. and people will vote for that, because they are scared, you know, islamic terrorists, they dont deserve to be able to buy food, medicine..

    and to be double sure everyone is safe, we should probably also freeze all the accounts of anyone who dares speak out against this total control..

    ooops, Ive said too much, gotta go.

  7. “global Apartheid, by stealth. This system is not based on race or culture, but is simply the divide between the Haves and the Have Nots.”

    A study has found that only at two junctures in European history has economic inequality been so ample: the Black Plague, and the two World Wars.
    And yes, it is apartheid or, like many other people prefer to frame the issue, new feudalism.

    The division is not amount of owned money, it is where each group stands in respect with law.
    A group is under laws, the other is above laws.

    Even when income taxes for the rich are upped, they aren’t affected: they pay no taxes at all.
    They don’t eat GMOs and other chemicals-infested stuff at all.
    They have airtight borders: they live separated from the others.
    These borders are so good, mind you, that neither them nor what is behind them are known or visible to the bulk of people left out.

  8. “I am a complete novice when it comes to explaining the creation of money — and have asked others to contribute, especially Greg Buck and Christopher Brooks.”

    And who isn’t?
    This + the ownership of central banks are topics ever so assiduously overlooked, by the whole education system as well as media.

    I once saw a quarrel between a pundit and a politician on TV go wild, the pundit lost it and “reminded” the politician that the nation’s central bank was PRIVATE while they were reasoning as if it were a state property.
    You should have seen the general embarrassment.
    Needless to say, everybody pretended not to hear, and they moved to the next topic.

    It’s simply an unmentionable matter (and they do all they can to make people see central banks as public-owned entities).

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