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Will Trump Be Killed? What Would Happen Next?


trumpNew York Times photo of Donald Trump and Mike Pence

by Mary W Maxwell

Right now we’ve at least got a president-elect, Donald Trump, who makes leaderly noises. Does that mean he is a person of vision? I have no idea. He does talk a good game, though.  It will be nice if it turns out that he does have vision and wants to lead his own country (not other countries, thank you).

Presumably Trump’s power base is the mafia. New York is a mafia town. Certainly the construction industry is run by a mafia — Italian and also Jewish. The latter includes a large segment from Russia known as the Red Mafya, based in Brooklyn.

This is a bad situation. Membership in a mafia comes with a loyalty that prevents members looking outside their group. Their group is the universe. There can never be a reference to “principles,” only to winning. Mafias deploy their natural moral emotions in pursuit of protecting the group.

Actually, mafia members are probably living a more trapped and limited life than the rest of us. Recall the scene in The Godfather where Diane Keaton tells her husband she has just had an abortion — because she can’t see the point of bringing another soul into the world to live like that.

Be that as it may, mafia-like forces have wondrous strength today and it is easy to imagine a lot of killings happening on the street soon. Who would be able to step in with any kind of discipline if daily violence occurs?

Americans have lost the language of “the rule of law” and even of “the common good.” The latest fashion in political involvement seems to be like attending a boxing match and “let’s just see which heavyweight wins.” It’s as though peeps don’t feel strong enough to be in the boxing ring themselves.

Who Can Prevail?

Did the persons at the top want Hillary to win? I think so. They had presumably been running both Bill Clinton and his wife all these years. I noticed that Hillary stepped aside in favor of Obama, at the Democratic Party convention in 2008, when she was set to win the nomination. I am guessing she did a deal on that score. “Hold out for 2016.”

Still, it probably isn’t correct to say that the top dogs are “disappointed” about Hillary, or that they’re worried about Trump. They must surely have “allowed” Trump to win.  Thus it’s unlikely that he will be assassinated, in my opinion.

Granted I’m making the assumption that there is one global cabal and no one can buck their system. Many whistle blowers have been killed. Don’t their deaths prove that someone watches from above and knocks out the slightest challenge?

The US Is At Risk

If 70-year-old Donald Trump were to be assassinated now, before January 20, 2017, the Vice-president elect Mike Pence (age 57) automatically becomes president, and that is true after January 20th as well, of course. He can stay in until 2021.

There’s quite a build-up of panic on the Internet about what would happen if Trump were killed. There is no legal basis for panic. The Constitution, and its 25th amendment, can handle such an event. We lose Trump; we gain Pence.

But there is plenty to worry about if “someone” takes over the country. In my theory, the “someone” can only be the cabal. It is probably the cabal that runs the Pentagon and NATO, and could make war on the American people.

The National Guard Bureau

There is no question that millions of people could be wiped out in an attack. According to ex-CIA agent Al Martin, there were plans afoot in 1989 in the White House basement. US Army Lieutenant Ollie North was tasked with Operation Sledgehammer. This was to include a nuclear strike on continental United States.

Note: since 1990 there have been foreign troops stationed in the US. Each state houses them under a plan called National Guard Partnerships for Peace program. (Don’t you love such titles?)

I discovered this through the late Jim Keith’s 1995 book, Black Helicopters over America: Strike Force for the New World Order, written at a time when it was entirely hush-hush. Actually I did not believe Keith, but went to Google Scholar and found that a British officer writing proudly about this program..

Subsequently, the government website of Michigan said that it had bought a bus for disabled children as a gift to its partner in the Partnerships for Peace program, namely Latvia. After 2002 many other states admitted to this arrangement.

My 2011 book Prosecution for Treason lists each state’s partner, yet I haven’t been able to arouse anyone’s interest in the matter. People are “too busy” and unwilling to accept that their leaders could do such a thing.

The justification for this National Guard Bureau’s program is that the troops from those “backward” nations come to America to learn — um – democracy, or something. But clearly they could be employed to do the dirty in the US, at the behest of world government.

We should note that this level of control over the US existed before there was any Donald Trump on the horizon.

The Continuity-of-Government Gig

site-r‘Site R” — an emergency location for Pentagon personnel in Maryland

A takeover could occur in a disguised way. As we have learned from many psy-ops – starting perhaps with Orson Welles’ radio narration of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds in 1938 — it is possible to get Americans to believe there’s an emergency even if there isn’t one.

In the 75th year after that radio hoax, there was great compliance with authorities in Boston during a psy-op. The FBI (for whom do they work?) led a “manhunt” for a 19 year-old-boy billed as “Bomber Two” of the marathon. Maybe the whole Marathon event was a test, a dress rehearsal for the real takeover.

People certainly did not “rise up” against Governor Deval Patrick telling them to “shelter in place.” (Please see my 2017 book, Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players.)

There is a little known but “official” entity called “Continuity of Government.” If the cabal finds it necessary to stop any movement in the US that counteracts its plans, or to assassinate any leader, it has the means on board already to maintain a semblance of proper American authority.

Bunker City, Pro Tem

There is a (perfectly unconstitutional) arrangement for “Continuity of Government.” Various pre-selected members of cabinet and Congress can retreat to bunkers.

Some of the locations are known and no doubt there are many others. One is the alternative Pentagon site known as Site R, and another is at Raven Pock in Pennsylvania. These were built during the Cold War (itself a false front, I think).

Recall that on the morning of 9-11, it was reported by media that Vice President Dick Cheney betook himself to the bunker at Mount Weather in Virginia.  Of course that story only works if you think the attackers of the World Trade Center in 2001 were foreigners. I doubt Cheney bothered to go to Mt Weather.

“Emergency Thinking”

Human have an instinct for stepping outside of their normal routine and absorbing a new view in event of an emergency. They will follow whatever instructions are broadcast. This is of course based on an evolutionary history in which the leader of one’s group was actually a member of one’s group, and when obedience brought survival.

I think Americans have very little sense of a world government having been in power since the early 20th century. So if an announcement is made that the Continuity of Government group has survived the nuclear attack (or whatever) people will obey this group. They won’t resist. They will justify it.

Today’s Americans, except senior citizens, are pretty much unaware that the Constitution calls for an order of succession different from the Continuity of Government plan. No one hurls the parchment around anymore.

People assume that the illegal FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency – is somehow needed. “Part of modernity, you know.”

Much less do people realize that if the Washington DC government got blown away there are still 50 sovereign states. Each of those has a proper order of succession, and the states still have counties – though these are being quietly replaced by a world-order invented thing called regional councils.

The National Association of Regional Councils says this on its website, narc.org:

“Conceived in the 1960s, Councils of Government and Regional Councils are stable, broad-based organizations adept at consensus-building, creating partnerships [oh-oh], providing services, problem solving, and fiscal management. The role of the regional council has been shaped by the changing dynamics [oh-oh] in federal, state, and local government relations, and the growing recognition [by whom?] that the region is the arena in which local governments must work together to resolve social and environmental challenges.”

Is There Any Hope for the Great Republic?

Fifty-three years ago a popular president was assassinated in Dallas. The media, and “the Warren Commission” steered the public quickly into thinking it was done by someone other than the cabal.

In ensuing decades it came to be known that there was a conspiracy. A Congressional Committee in the 1990s, tasked with investigating the assassination, even use the word “conspiracy” in its conclusion about that 1963 event. And comedians joke about Lee Harvey Oswald on the basis that we all understand he was a patsy.

Still, you never hear anyone say: “Hey wait, this was a coup d’etat so what are we going to do about it?”

I deem it a non-issue in the Great Republic — or the no-longer-great republic as the case may be. If the very concept of “how to deal with such things” is not there in the culture, no one will be able to react intelligently.

Generally speaking, the race is to the swift, the deceitful, and the brutal.

— Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, lives in South Australia and can be reached at her website Prosecution for Treason. Her latest book is Fraud Upon the Court. She is a columnist for GumshoeNews.com.



  1. Putin and Trump vs the NWO

    Thank you as always, Mary. I post the following in the context of all the doomsday articles on this topic (Paul Craig Roberts and others) … and the likes of ‘ms’ rosie o’donnell calling explicitly for martial law to be invoked to prevent Donald Trump being inaugurated as POTUS.

    “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism. The nation state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am sceptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down, and under my administration we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs.” (Donald Trump from 5:30 in the following link).

    This video does a good cover of both Trump and Putin on this topic.

    “Without the moral values that are rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and moral values which have formed and been developed over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity.” (President V. V. Putin)

    President Putin’s 2016 Christmas speech – VERY powerful and highly recommended!

    Here is one upload of this speech:

    I don’t believe Vladimir Putin cares ABOUT America – he cares FOR America – and humanity across the globe. I hope readers will take time to find out exactly why the likes of obama, mccain, graham (RINOs) et al are so aggressively and desperately trying to demonise and seek all out conflict with both Trump and Putin.

    Let’s hope it works out – it’s now or quite possibly never.

    • Fish, it’s good to see Trump’s “campaign promise” at the top of your list and thank u for typing it. We wait to see if it was a “core promise” ???

      I don’t “hope” anything regarding Putin. My MK-ultra insiders assure me he is operating under mind control. I don’t ask anyone to take that third-hand from me — just telling you that i am totally jaded on all national leaders. (I think they are ALL under instruction.)

      It ill be delicious if the Donald proves to be one of us instead.

      It worries me that a huge number of Lefties are travelling to the Inauguration to protest Trump. I don’t mean I have anything against anyone protesting anything. I mean if there is violence, you-know-who will say the protestors did it.

      • Mary, as to your comment(via the MK girls)
        “I don’t “hope” anything regarding Putin. My MK-ultra insiders assure me he is operating under mind control.”

        Well if he is, then maybe we should have all our “leaders” MK’ed.
        So far he’s doing a sterling job of thwarting WW3, backing up the legitimate government of Syria, assisting the Crimeans escape Nazi-Ukraine (without one bullet fired), and supporting the concept of national sovereignty, not to mention kicking the Rothschilds out of Russia and issuing an international arrest warrant for Georgy Schwartz, aka George Soros. Oh, and he doesn’t seem to like pedos. I seem to recall that he once called the leaders of the Western world “MUTANTS”. Now what could he have been referring to??

        Is there such a thing as “beneficial MK Ultra? Could your girls be wrong?

      • The signs world government forces are angry at Putin are countless.
        Putinphobia has been steadily promoted for some years now.
        And sanctions there, sanctions here, athletes disqualified for “state doping” now, athletes disqualified for “state doping” then, and they are trying to take the already assigned World Cup away from Russia, and… the list could go on and on, really.

        They must have had a deal initially, but later (for selfish reasons? Possible) he claimed Russia’s sovereignty, and national sovereignty is something the world government forces don’t accept.

          • “I promise to try to keep an open mind. But he keeps saying “the US” did such and such. James O’Neill always says that, too. I just can’t relate to it. How could a person as “into it” as the KGB man Putin not recognize that those things are done by a World Govt that BOSSES the Seppos.”

            Come on, it would make no sense for him to use other names.
            Many journalists also refer to world government by euphemistic names (and isn’t “world government” a bit of an euphemism too?…)
            I don’t want to believe you don’t see the reasons behind this attitude.

        • Hi Mary, have I mentioned Gabe Zolna (‘The Zolna Report’)? I think you’ll like his style – check out his channel:
          * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6dVQYQwXdE&t=21s

          Regarding Vladimir Putin, I look forward to carrying on that conversation later (almost needs a thread of its own) – it can only be a win-win for us both – but if you’re right about Putin then it IS over, so just for fun … my favourite version (a worthy cover by Chris Isaak)
          * https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=llUiYdBqwvs

          In the meantime, my apologies – that was Putin’s address at the Valdai forum in September 2013. He goes on …
          * “In such a unipolar, unified world, there is no place for sovereign states. Such a world needs merely vassals.”

          • OK, thank you for educating me, Fish.

            I promise to try to keep an open mind. But he keeps saying “the US” did such and such. James O’Neill always says that, too. I just can’t relate to it. How could a person as “into it” as the KGB man Putin not recognize that those things are done by a World Govt that BOSSES the Seppos.

            Go back to Dee’s article on Rhodes or Hingston’s on Quigley.
            That is my comfort zone. One Bozo (e.g. Rhodes) envisioning total control — and then acheiving it.

            How? By getting any 2 powers to fight each other. I accept as Gospel the work of Antony Sutton that shows US and USSR in amazing cahoots thru-out the Cold War.

            Orwell’s book-within-a-book (the Emanuel Goldstein bit in 1984)
            has won me over. Fish, maybe you can teach this old dog a new trick. I can at least agree with you that Putin’s body language seems to match what he’s saying.

            Why don’t you write a piece about Putin and then I can go to town in the comments.

            I apologize for my imperialistic behavior on this website.

            Besame mucho,

        • Mary, re ‘Besame Mucho’ link – Get outta here!! – a Russian channel ! I know you did that on purpose!

          Here’s a small sample from my ‘dossier’
          (Please explore the channel ‘InessaS’ – Inessa Sinchougova often contributes her translated short videos to Fort Russ – she is in New Zealand).

          • “I work so that you could be happy” – Putin to a young couple in public Q&A

          • “Give me back my pen” – Putin in a different mood … sorting out the rich factory owners (petty oligarchs) on behalf of the workers:

          • Putin on US elections

          • Putin on societal values and morals

          • Putin on US foreign policy, McCain

  2. Trump’s recent comments re China and Iran, worry me -the only 2 Powers that the US has not completely “pissed off” to date!
    Let alone his blaming of Arabs for 9-11!!

  3. We are in puzzling times.
    US carriers lined up in Port.
    A couple of thousand tanks and military hardware going from Germany to areas near the Russian border……. Poland.
    Thousands of US troops sent to Europe.
    Russia has located itself amongst numerous US military outposts!
    Obama is signing executive orders like there is no tomorrow.
    The lefties want to disrupt the inaugaration with a million other snow flakes.
    BUT. One new doozey. Obama has dismissed Errol Schwartz as from 12.01 pm on 20th January. Errol is the head of the DC National Guard in charge of security for the inaugeration. See reports at http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ today.
    Bit like sacking your heart surgeon in the middle of the operation?
    Wonder what is happening down in our little swamp…….right, pollies overindulging in their trough. Oh well, we have to have the msm report on something.

    • And uninvited Israel attacked some resources at a airport in Syria and blew it up.
      Suppose Bishop won’t comment on that act of war.
      Oh well, back to the Waverley Local Court where the ‘have’ couples are having their domestics laundered to the enjoyment of the msm reporters.

    • Nine of the 28 Secret Service men who were in Dallas with JFK the day he died had been out partying and drinking…
      Hope Trumps secret service guys don’t go drinking before inaugeration

      • Was that why two of the secret service chaps ‘fell” off the rear of the presidential vehicle? Then one was filmed running backwards after the president”s vehicle with arms outstreched toward his controller in the following vehicle and wondering why
        Ok msm, sorry to think that he was ordered off to be out of the target site line.
        Poor msm they are so thick.

  4. I often take note of Helen Caldicott.
    Look up her latest comments in various reports on the present puzling times. Time to ‘duck and cover’. She says madmen are running the asylum. (My adaption and who contests that?)

  5. Replying to Phil below:

    1. Thank you for coming in with that information about Putin.

    2. Personally I am incapable of evaluating Putin. The things you have said may be true or not. It would take a lot of research and spying to find out.

    3. That said, I’ll take responsibility for my remark (instead of attributing it to anyone else who thinks Putin is mind-controlled). In MY opinion Putin is mind-controlled.

    4. And so are all sitting rulers. As you know it is my theory that a hidden cabal controls the goings-on in every country.

    5. If somebody does not cooperate, out they go. The cabal does not tolerate competition. I figure if Putin were a problem he would be removed — with ease.

    6. In 2004 American voters had the choice of Kerry or Bush for president. Both were Skull and Bonesmen. It must be that the global rulers were OK with that. In 2008 the candidates were McCain and Obama. Again, OK. In 2012, Mitt Romney and Obama. OK.

    7. This year it is conceivable that one of the two, indeed the winner, Trump, might have got there without the approval of the cabal. It would be fabulous if the cabal were thus put on the defensive. We shall see.

    8. Trump won many votes by promising a chicken in every pot, or a Mexican/Muslim in every departing train, but campaign promises are not reliable indicators of anything. I have not got a handle on him yet.

    9. The point of my current article is not about whether Trump will buck the system. It’s about What do we do in crisis? What if an outrageous tyrant takes over? Must we be so thick as to say that whoever comes marching in with an “Emergency Helper” sticker should be trusted?

    10. The pronoun “we” means “we Americans” – that being about half of me. My Australian “we” is not a whole lot more sanguine, perhaps less. After all, we Aussies apparently let another country run us. Julia Gillard has joined Brookings. See James O’Neill’s articles at Gumshoe. It’s embarrassment city.

    Phil, here’s the good news. The cabal long ago bit off more than they can chew. Granted they can chew a lot; their performance has been ingenious, but they are running out of energy and have become so twisted that they are bound to twist themselves out of business.

    I got that from my MK girls. Nah, kidding, I got it from logic.

    • I’m going to throw a fox in the pigeon coup.
      I can’t quite get in my head that ALL leaders are mind-controlled. If this is the case — we are already in the matrix of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave — and thus there is little hope.
      I have listened to many Putin speeches (subtitled) and he speaks so much more spontaneously — pausing to think, debating the question in logic. This is unlike many western leaders that often sound “scripted” — learned answers that actually have no basis. (Obama is a master at this — I watched a video of the actor who trained Obama to be “camera ready”)
      If all leaders are mind controlled — then it would be something along the lines of David Icke’s theories about the moon — being a satellite.
      I think we need to define mind control. A father supporting a football team will automatically indoctrinate his kids to become fans of his club. I see kids of 5 and 6 already die-hard supporters of their parents club — for no rhyme or reason. Every one of us is mind controlled. It is easy to do.

      • Merci for the fox. I still won’t attempt to offer any comment on Putin as I have no knowledge to contribute. Dee, when I say mind-controlled I mean to include what you say about the 5 year olds — and so I too am mind controlled in that way. We all are. There couldn’t be a shared culture without a child’s susceptibility to picking up attitudes, values, etc. Thank God for that.

        But that is not what I mean about the world leaders. I mean they have been recruited from an early age to do the bidding of the masters. You recently quoted from Eisenhower where he seems to warn us about “them.”

        There is also a quote by President Woodrow Wilson where he says (in effect) “Oh damn, they tricked me into hurting my country.” In 1919 he suffered a massive a stroke in the White House, wink wink.

        The question for this week is whether Trump is “under control.” You alerted me to the fact last year that he had bought his first building in New York for one million clams. Sure the market value was many times greater. So who helped him?

        If it’s just ordinary corruption I don’t care. But it could be the Bozos.

        I don’t agree with you that my view is related to David Icke or that it bears on the moon. By the way I think the US did land on the moon on July 20, 1969 as claimed.

        • Dee, at 5 minutes into the tape you can hear Putin sing Finiculi Finicula. Very nice.

          Furthermore, Dee I have just discovered that our book, “Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough” is now officially stocked in the State Library of Tasmania.

          Joy is everywhere! Finiculi Finicula!

    • Wow Mary, big answer.. Thanks.
      In response:
      1.My pleasure
      2.Gut feel Putin’s OK.
      3.Maybe, but aren’t we all a bit?
      6..What if s’thing changed on 21/12/12?
      8.Trust your red pill intuition
      9.Depends on how bad the crisis gets
      10.Disgusting. and Gillard is a criminal psychopath
      and finally,
      Agreed, that the Cabal has bitten off more than they can chew.

      PIZZAGATE.let’s see what develops.

    • Hi Mary (and Dee and Phil) – I hope the topic of President Vladimir Putin opens up on this channel so we can explore this together.

      When MH17 was shot down my conditioned (I won’t say mind controlled) reaction was like so many others – “Bl**dy Russians – Bl**dy Putin!!“. At that time I was also still ‘mesmerised’ by barry soetoro (aka barrack hussein obama) – charismatic, great orator … very convincing on the occasional msm news and I still hadn’t even heard about WT7!!). Of course, to grasp the MH17 event, one needs to follow the dots to Ukraine itself (the Maidan massacre – poroshenko, nuland, mccain, biden et al) – then Crimea etc – and of course Russia and Putin himself.

      After spending time to do my own research, listening to both obama and Putin – what they were talking about (the content and significance), how they were saying it, their body language etc – I came to the conclusion that I was diametrically WRONG on both counts!!

      To add to Dee’s observations and the comments by Phil, having watched many of Putin’s speeches, interviews and public Q&A responses – yes, he is thoughtful and spontaneous, but he is also extremely well read on history, philosophy and ideology, has a great sense of humour and warmth, even humble and gentle, and he is enormously patient and forgiving.

      In summary, I think Putin is THE pivotal global figure of the 21st century and we should find out more about him. If the positive impression I have developed about Putin is wrong, then indeed we have no chance – Trump, if genuine, is then on his own and will be eaten alive and soon brushed aside (if not killed) by the globalists / MIC.

      BTW – you recently highlighted the series that Gumshoe has been running. Maybe Putin could be one on its own. In the context that Australia is insignificant in global geopolitical terms (who are we kidding!? :-)) and as James O’Neill rightly points out, that we are completely on the wrong side of history as far as our foreign policy is concerned, we need to find out more and talk about other global leaders.

      Maybe this concept could be broadened to others who are making an impact … Ramzan Kadyrov (Chechnya – now very stable and prosperous), Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines – on its way) …

      (I posted a few sample Putin links in an earlier brief response but they were ‘moderated’ – never mind – all in good time as you see fit.)

      Cheers 🙂

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