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Analysis of 9-11, Part 10: Donald Trump on Bombs and Buildings


by Dee McLachlan

By the end of the week, President-elect Donald Trump will be president of The United States of America. This is what he had to say on the 11th of September, 2001 after the collapses of the twin towers.


Interesting that the video below has been removed. He said in 2001 that buildings are built to withstand plane impacts — and he questioned the collapses.



    • “Can think” is the key element.

      If 10-15% (instead of 0-5%) of Trump supporters understood what he understands, he could help them much more than he’ll be allowed to.

  1. Trump is referring to the explosion in the basement/car park in 1993 when about 17 people were murdered.
    I recall the video reports of surviours exiting.
    Now, does Trump know that it was a genuine terrorist event and the perpetrators were dealt with?
    Now here is the twist.
    A fbi informer was in the terrorist cell. He is reported to have approached his fbi controller, outlined the terrorist’s plan and asked for a bomb. Duly delivered.
    Oh shit, I thought you gave me a dud. Sorry sucker, it was a real one.
    Want to know more on their modus operandi?
    Look up the Oklahama (sp?) Murrah building (sp?) murders.
    These anusoles are toast if the 99% wake up and piss off the msm fakes.

    • Ned, 168 died at OKC (19 were in the day care center — i am guessing that is why this building was chosen). In the 1993 WTC basement bombing 6 people died, not counting later collaterals.

      Altho Tim McVeigh was executed for OKC and there are a bunch of Muslims still in jail for WTC, the perperator had to have been the govt. Specifically the FBI, who can control the “finding” (or non-finding) of evidence.

        • Ned, while McVeigh was still alive, awaiting trial (or maybe after trial), The New Yorker wrote an article “explaining” how his behavior stemmed from his small-town background and some family issues. That’s when I realized what The New Yorker was. (Even tho I didn’t have much of a conspiracy bent then.)

          So now, as soon as The New Yorker does a story about someone, I assume they are trying to mislead us.

          By the way, the CIA sends out its coded instructions daily via the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other such nationally available papers. Plus, I guess, “People,” the New Yorker, etc.

      • There are people who don’t believe Tim McVeigh was executed, but was taken, perhaps by the military, to some other location. I couldn’t say whether anything we’ve heard about him is true or not. I don’t make assumptions that “authorities” tell the truth to us ordinary folks anymore.

  2. He knows. It will be interesting to see how he plays it. I’ve watched how he handles other issues, this one is a real ‘chess’ play.

    I THINK I may have an idea how he is going to handle it, but the SOB is very clever and I don’t have access to his information sources. Gonna be fun to watch…

    • Going to be hilarious, being a problem with reality and the fear of exposure of truth prevailing, is such a challenge to the tin foil nutter official 911 conspiracy theorists.
      So many official nutcases, facing the swamp gurgle hole,
      Poor snow fakes!
      Poor dead million, plus refugees killed with the assistance of the fake prostituted msm and its shock jokes.
      What do you think; Jonathon Faine, ABC and all the shock jokes?
      BS eventually stinks and we are all smelling it, fake msm..

  3. Hi Gumshoe.

    Remember the Dr. Day/Dunegan tapes?
    There is a third one.

    “The third and final tape of the “New Order of Barbarians” is an interview by Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life, with Dr. Larry Dunegan was taped on Oct. 10, 1991 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

    Just look up “New Order of Barbarians – transcript of tapes I-III” and you should find it (I don’t post the link thinking it may trigger some spam filter).

    • You may have heard that Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, re wikileaks.

      I see that earlier Obama pardoned a guy named Ronald Foster who had been convicted in 1963. His crime was the mutilation of — wait for it — COINS.

      Think about it.

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