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Update on the John Finch Situation (Targeted Individuals)



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Readers of Gumshoe know that certain things happen to targeted individuals. To name two of the individuals: John Finch of Melbourne and Janine Jones of Rotorua, NZ. A typical dose of torture consists of being hit with an electromagnetic wave. But there are others forms of targeting an individual, such as gang-stalking and gaslighting.

The targeted individuals seek, but never get, help from organizations such as Amnesty International, the Church, or governmental human rights commissions.

To begin with, targeted individuals seldom get believed; they are dismissed as mental cases. No doubt they are mental cases, as anyone would be, thanks to constant sleep deprivation and pain.

John Finch sent me an email the other day, which I am endeavoring to get his permission to publish. Meanwhile, I just looked up the thousands of requests that have gone out asking for help and I came across one from Russia.

So in keeping with my recent article “Does Vladimir Putin Know the Real Purpose of War?” I post this item now. Yes, I am out to critique Putin’s warm statements of love for the human race. Let’s see if he can help this person.

Can Putin help the TI’s?  Would he say, perhaps correctly, that the odd hits come from outside Russia and are thus beyond his control?  Janine Jones has stated that when she went to China, hoping to get away from the microwave torture in NZ, she was nevertheless hit in the same way in that country.

(Note: neither she nor I claim to know for sure that the technology involved is microwave.)

Here is the Russian item:

NAME: AGAFFONOV Pavel  Citizenship: Russia Email:



(Russian and German versions available upon request)

I would like to inform you that the Russian Securities are carrying out Mind-Control experiments on me and are using Electromagnetic Weapons to continuously irradiate me. These experiments began with the radiation, then made me hear voices in my head with threats, such as “Do not drink water, it is poisoned!”, “Your mother was taken to the police station!”, “Leave your wife”!”, “We’ll take your children away from you!”, “The criminals have recruited you!”

The Psycho-operators began to give me instructions that I should stop writing complaints and hang myself. Later the criminals started to expose me to the irradiation, which brought different pictures, films, photographs and other effects to my head. This irradiation provoked muscles spasms and irregular heartbeats.

Different parts of my body were strongly irradiated: the genitalia, the kidney, the liver, the stomach, the heart, the head, the bowels, the back, hands and feet, the neck and the teeth. After the irradiation I had prolonged diarrhea, insomnia, increase in body-temperature and various dysfunctions of my bodily organs. Here are the consequences of these experiments:

– thinking-process interference;
– disturbance in the work of vestibular apparatus;
– headaches and pains in the other organs;
– muscles spasms;
– feet swelling;
– osteochondrosis;
– eye trouble;
– itching of entire body;

My complaints to the Russian Organizations For The Protection Of Human Rights never came to anything. The Russian Securities advised me to go and see the psychiatrist and later, they retorted that they could not bring an action against their own colleagues. The Securities’ experiments which have been carried out for many years now are accompanied by tortures and harassment, which are still going on and which are inflicting barbarous pains and sufferings on me.


With kind regards
MAIL: Privokzalnaja Street 52А,City Tula, RUSSIA

My Endorsement

Although I have been aware of these things for six years, I do not know of a way to assist. The only thing I can do here, for what it’s worth, is say that I know at least some of it is true, having seen it with my own eyes.

When I traveled with Blanche Chavoustie in late 2010 and early 2011, we got gang-stalked together. I later got gang-stalked, on my own, by 8 people in Boston’s North Shore, who did it in a partly humorous way.

When I was with Blanche it was definitely she that was the target. I do not claim to be a target at all (thank God). The North Shore incident was a CIA guy wanting to show me his theatrical skill, I guess. (Gang-stalking is also known as “street theatre”.)

I have also seen one girl, who does not want to be named, get hit with a heat weapon. That was in the same North Shore town. I realize I put myself in line for ridicule by saying even such a small thing as that.

Well, there, I said it.

And here is a good serious coverage of the Russian woodpecker. http://philipcoppens.com/woodpecker.html

Mary W Maxwell is author of Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players


  1. Why the focus on Russia ????????? Clearly, if everything printed today and published in the crappy MSM is to be believed, Russia is to blame for every little thing happening all over the World.
    Funny that, because before their coming to the aid of the Syrians, Russia and it’s leader hardly ever made it into the news.
    The claims being made in this article, also are not new. These events have been happening as long as I can remember, and the majority are in the Western World.
    With the exception of a small number of cases, there appears to be very little evidence available to sustain the claims being made, which in itself, leaves the victim open to ridicule and questionable mental state.
    I believe anyone who feels they have been, or are being targeted in such a manner, need to gather verifiable evidence to sustain their claims, they also need to give a valid verifiable reason, as to why they believe they are being targeted in this way, and by whom they are being targeted, and the objective of that targeting.
    This ALLEGED Russian correspondence does not fulfill any of the above, thus the readers have no idea as to why anyone would target someone out of the blue for such attacks, and does not appear to be meaning full in any way.

    • Eddy, there are thousands of those self-reports. It does not matter that this one is from Russia. John Finch’s is from Melbourne, ya know.

      Why does TI #525 or #1008 believe he is being targeted? Many of them say they have no idea. Some government experiments, such as he ones with LSD in the 1970s were aimed at “anybody.”

      This guy, Dr John Hall, who is NOT in my stable of endorsed experts (tho he’s not on the baddy list either) mentions at 12 minutes into the tape that Putin has said he wants directed energy weapons that target the central nervous system.

      So who doesn’t?

      • Well, there is targeting and there is targeting.

        Many families get targeted by “the justice system” in US, simply to break people’s spirit. Bill Windsor has given hundreds of credible examples in his Lawless America series. And we saw how pals of Jahar Tsarnaev were pummeled by the Courts.

        It is extremely bad. Can you think of a way to stop it? I give some suggestions in my book, Fraud Upon the Court (TrineDay Press, 2016)

        Watch this tape starting at 10 minutes. He is a whislte blower who spent 2 yrs in jail but could have got much worse.

        • Everyone has weaknesses, everyone makes mistakes. In order to be “targeted” you have to have some sort investment in the process, albeit unconscious. Attacks might appear to be random; in truth the bulk of humanity is in an extremely vulnerable position.

          John Kiriakou is a shining example of the way in which a flawed decision can be turned around and used for the greater good.

          Organisations such as Amnesty International, the Church, & governmental human rights commissions don’t help anyone with anything unless it serves some sort of ulterior political objective;

          • Berry you took that last paragraph from me and you raised it 20%. I now hand it back to you and I’ll raise ya 30% — those orgnizations actually do harm.

            In the Troy Davis tragedy, Amnesty ran the show “and they ran it very well…”

        • I would love to tell you my story if your interested. I been a T.I. For the past four years. I know who’s my been tourturing me I have names and even know where the place there doing it from.

  2. I fear this may undermine the credibility of your other work. Schizophrenia is a long-standing and well known mental condition with symptoms of the sort that you describe. It appears in virtually all populations of the world, although different cultures have responed to it differently. It is still not clear what precipitates it. Drugs and genetic factors have been implicated. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that psychological techniques might bring it on. So if someone suffering from the condition can be relied on for what they hear and feel, their view as to cause is less reliable. This should be born in mind, when attempting to utilize individual aberrant experience, onto wider theories of government manipulation, using micro waves or anything else.

  3. Just reacting to President Trump’s inauguration speech. He railed against Islamic terrorists.

    I rail against the terrorists who caused the violence at Boylston St, Boston on April 15, 2013 and wish to advise to advise Trump that these terrorists need to be arrested immediately.

  4. My wife nudged me some time after midnight last night to complain about the fact that the neighbours across the street had turned on some loud ‘music’ and all you could hear was the incessant ‘woofing’ drum beat. She said it sounded like a WOODPECKER was pecking at her brain.

    Ever the thoughtful analyst, I asked her if this woodpecker noise was analogue or digital as this would give me a clue as to whether it was 1980s or 2000s technology. I have the bruises to prove it. I told her to just go back to sleep – it’s probably just those Russians at it again! (Actually, I think the neighbours had probably tuned into the Trump presidential inauguration.)

    But it got me thinking – why would those Russkies be doing this at this time of night – here in our little neighbourhood?

    After all, the Russians had never been at war with us here in Australia, let alone with the U.S.

    Back in the 1700’s, Russia had been doing its own bit of exploratory colonisation and had established settlements in Alaska, having sponsored the Danish explorer Vitus Bering (hence the Bering Strait) and others. Under Catherine II (the Great), Russia was quite instrumental in not only mediating the US Declaration of Independence but Russia had sent her entire naval fleet in defence of the Thirteen Colonies against the British who had tried so hard to ‘enlist’ ($$$) the direct support of the Russians against these colonial upstarts.
    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia_and_the_American_Revolution

    Of course Russia later sold Alaska to the U.S. in 1867 for $7.2 Million. Here is what Putin thinks about ‘taking back Alaska’ 🙂

    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3XeRMSAgMg

    Another few decades later (not long in geopolitical terms) and Russia was a key member of the ALLIES (along with Britain – and by definition, Australia – France, Italy and the U.S.) against the ‘Central Powers’ in WWI. Russian casualties around 3 Million (2+ M military plus another 1 M civilian deaths).

    Again, in WWII, the U.S.-SOVIET ALLIANCE was key to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Russian casualties around 27 Million (10 M military plus 17 M civilian) – around one third of ALL deaths attributed to WWII.

    These events beg a couple of questions:
    • Would the US Independence movement even have succeeded without Russian support?
    • Would Hitler have been defeated without the role played by Russia?

    But on a lighter (yet still serious) note … fast forwarding to the latest allegations commissioned by John McCain et al that Russia has compromising material on Trump and therefore not only influenced the US elections but has Trump in his pocket …

    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Avr0K-YEcSA

    (Don’t worry about the video title – Putin’s grasp of historical detail, wit and sense of humour – and statesmanship really show through …)

    “Actually, you know what I’d like to say about that? Prostitution is one of those serious, ugly social phenomena; young women engage in this, for the most part because they can’t make a living any other credible way. And this reflects on the society and the government.

    But people who order this kind of falsified information – the kind that is being propagated against the President [Elect] of the United States – those that fabricate it and use if for political means – they are MUCH WORSE THAN PROSTITUTES. THEY HAVE NO MORAL LIMITATIONS AT ALL. [emphasis added]”

    There goes Putin woodpecking on about social values and morals again … My wife says Putin made me write this.

  5. It is about time someone srepped up to the plate to help the target individuals because pryer to now rhere was no help. Glad to see someone finely cares about the target individuals that have stepped up so far this might draw more to step up and speak out.

  6. chronic radiation syndrome from microwaves will kill your brain
    neuroscience to show you why you get voices
    remember its not coming from anywhere that has a name
    america will not ban it, look to the head of the snake

  7. Creating a community based on paranoia is only further reinforcing your delusions. I get that finding people who see the world as you do is comforting, but it is all a sick fantasy, that has plagued your minds. Seek medical help, it is the only way you guys can take back control of your lives.

    • People who speak out on this subject do so at a high personal risk, and they do it to raise awareness for the future of everyone. You obviously have not taken into account the history and facts of what is possible, or you are the problem here. Why are you even on this site spreading your boring hatred. If you dont come from a position of kindness and basic politeness go away.

  8. This is so horrific and unfair . It’s terrorism. Its treason. It’s not experiments by now it’s a global genocide style concentration camp and hideous torture campaign and falls under war crimes even if it’s covert and their own government, it’s unacceptable. It’s actually really happening and it’s got to be stopped. By now this is s kill program designed to use targeted people as government revolving money spinning doors then the corrupt eleate gain the spoils and people suffer. Currently the government is covertly operating quantum computer grids and is using quantum entanglement able to see into every detail of targets lives the see their first flutter of waking watched as the sleep by neighbors who are getting live stream who the harrass the person. This is barbaric and it’s designed to treat some people like they are born food some are on this list from birth and to this group may as well have popped out of the womb in a can with an expirey date. This is preditorially canabalisation of part of the population for greed. It needs action right now. To help the people. Anyone in position of trust doing this is committing crime if they are in government they need to be held in jail under misface of public office as they are incompetent and there for not meeting their obligations to the people as a civil servant and are in fact just hideous sociopathic criminals commiting organised crime. Cointelpro happened it’s no fantasy it’s a forced nightmare. The people who deny the torture make me wonder what they have to gain, as their imeadiate response seems very contrary to the normal human instinct to have compassion and help someone in need. I would suggest anyone without empathy go and seek help of a professional and I’m a qualified hypnotherapist with a psychology major so I’m actually qualified to remark in this manner. Oh and I’m sure if some of those who feel the need to attack these suffering humans would be the first to jump up and down and scream blue murder of the suddenly found someone popped them on the torture list. how Also these hitleresque antics being run are is with the cruelty of the concentration camps but covertly and they if you ask even world leaders if they’d kill baby hitler to stop what he did they all say yes, so would most of the globe,so then by extension these hitleresque groups would invoke the same response if it was exposed and their supporters would be shunned. Futher more there are so many real cases with evidence globally and we must make sure that all untitled against this, it’s not a conspiracy theory the facts are in this is conspiracy fact similar to cointelpro, I urge people to get educated before making nasty comments, and to look at the truth, someone treated your dog like this they’d be fined jailed and all sorts and rightly so it’s never ok to torture animals that’s hideous crime and it’s never ok to torture people that’s henous crime enforceable by many laws under the commonwealth and criminal and human rights laws. Free the targeted individuals support the end of this torture campaign and help light up the darkness about this hideous crime and corperate corruption and greed.

    • Don’t censor the truth we need it out there now let it happen, the gangstalking and terrorism of these cases are real hitter was real and so was cointelpro for those with the ability to acknowledge reality the Easter bunny is not real but hitter was ok people need to wake up and stop trying to be nasty to suffering innocent people if it happened to your mum or your daughter would it be ok then? Ask yourself if it happened to you how’d you feel then? The answer it’s never ok. Don’t throw more stones at these people, unless you can prove its not real and you can not, theirs evidence all over the globe and there’s evidence about cointelpro if you want to comment do some research otherwise the uneducated remarks do no one any favours, make this horror exposed for all its hideousness it’s going to happen anyway, you may as well be on the side of the right and the just because this is getting uglier by the second. And it’s not going to be tolerated. The end.

  9. Relevant to my experience 2017
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