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It’s Melbourne’s Turn



by Dee McLachlan

Four pedestrians are dead, and 31 others have been hospitalized in my city, Melbourne. A car was deliberately driven down the pavement at lunchtime in the CBD.

Recall that in July 2016, a cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. Then, just before Christmas another truck was driven into crowds at the Christmas market in Berlin. Now Melbourne, but the police say it is not a case of terrorism.

The man, reported to be Dimitrious (‘Jimmy’) Gargasoulas, was being chased by the police, but the pursuit had to be abandoned when the car headed into the city. Gargasoulas then apparently taunted the police by doing “doughnuts” outside Flinders Street Station — before driving down Swanston Street (which is closed to cars), and ramping onto the pavement mowing down pedestrians.

Gargasoulas, 26, allegedly stabbed his brother in the early hours of the morning (that is Friday, January 20, 2017) before stealing a car, and taking along a reluctant woman passenger by force. He was known to police and had a history of drug use, violence and psychological problems.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, the driver in Nice, was also known to police “through violence and petty theft” between 2010 and 2016. Anis Amri, 24, the Tunisian truck driver in Berlin had been under covert surveillance by German authorities for more than six months.

This almost feels like a copycat scenario.

A psychiatrist friend of mine has told me about psychotic behaviour of patients on ice. It literally “fries” the brain often resulting in extreme violence. Is this a case of an ice rampage?

What makes this a particularly sad event, is that a child was killed and a three-month old was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Dr Richard Day has said back in 1969 that “There might need to be a time when people would witness real violence and be a part of it. So there would be more realistic violence in entertainment…” (See paragraphs marked 74 and 75).

Some other points to note are:

  • The former Victorian police commissioner Christine Nixon was in the area yesterday and narrowly escaped being run over by the crazed driver.
  • Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle was holding a press conference on the steps of the town hall at the time, and watched the drama unfold. He said the car, “…attempted to turn left into Little Collins St and then to our horror, because its way was blocked by the bollards which were in place at lunch time, it mounted the pavement and drove at speed down towards the Bourke Street Mall.”
  • Gargasoulas has declared war on tyranny, and on his alleged twitter feed ranted about “Illuminati dogs,” and how to take them down. This is one Facebook post.


It seems that Gargasoulas had two Facebook profiles. I found nothing on Twitter.

They report that Gargasoulas claimed to be “Greek Islamic Kurdish” and a follower of Yazdanism, the native religion of the Kurds before the arrival of Islam, also know as the “cult of Angels.”

dimitrious-gargasoulas-162406On twitter — photograph of Gargasoulas posing in front of a rusted tank in front of the gum trees 

This photograph (below) is after the driver was shot at, and dragged out by the police. He was wearing only red boxers. The high view shows the damage of the car — and damage to the roof.


Premier Daniel Andrews paid tribute to the Melburnians who helped out after the rampage:

“Our hearts are breaking this afternoon that a number of people have died. Others remain in a critical condition, very, very serious ill or gravely ill in hospitals around our city but we are stronger than this.”

Even in the most livable city in the world — Melbourne — yesterday was not so livable.

A side note: The above video has been posted by a YouTube Channel called “Breaking News,” (see above). It appears to have started posting last week and when I looked last night it had no subscribers. There are now 78.

This incident is convoluted and bizarre.

On Friday morning, a Channel 9 field reporter was reporting on the stabbing incident that had occurred in the early hours that morning (top photo below). Just behind her is the perpetrator, Gargasoulas, in the “stolen” car — looking at her. He eventually slips his cap on, gives the camera a “finger” and drives off. The reporter turns around confused (bottom photo below). It can be seen on this video.


We’ll keep you posted on this incident.





    • Dee, when you magnify this pic you see smiling persons at top. I think “Dimitrious” must not yet have done his doughnut burnouts, as normal humans would scamper away once he showed himself to be that reckless.

  1. Dee, i want to calll extra attention to what you said about “necessity”: You wrote:
    Dr Richard Day had said back in 1969 that “There might need to be a time when people would witness real violence and be a part of it.”

    What do you think makes for that NEED at THIS time?
    Just a rhetorical question.

    Postscript: Anyone wanting more of Dr Day’s creepy predictions can click on the book “Truth in Joournalism” in the column to your right, and find Day’s stuff as Part Two of that book.

    • As Dr Day said (via Dunegan)… “The increased availability of drugs would provide a sort of law of the jungle…
      “But now we’ve become so civilized – we’re over civilized…
      ” The abuse of drugs would restore, in a certain sense, the law of the jungle and selection of the fittest for survival.

      • Ta Dee.
        I knew your Dunegan quote was somewhere there.
        As I said: problem, reaction and planned solution.
        Simple; scare the people with violence and they will lay down and surrender everything to be ‘safe’.
        The msm traitors and our politicians are in on his scam to enslave the populace and their children included. Great mums and dads! Looks like child abuse to me.

  2. It is a very sad day when innocents are killed. Every day is sad somewhere, but here at home!
    Copycats are now an increasing problem and vehicles (and public places and transport roads) may well be increasingly a weapon of choice. I dare not mention methods for the potential of sabotage.
    The criminals are ‘armed’ and the innocents are disarmed.
    Dr Day laid out the agenda in 1969. Problem reaction solution leading to complete fascist totalitarian control of the populace.
    We await the next step……. in due course, the banning of private ownership of motor vehicles.
    Peasants should not have a horse and coach.

  3. It gets worse. I ask people to closely study the video of him doing the ‘circle work’. There are 3 unmarked police/ ASIO cars that seem to be waiting for him to drive up Swanston St. I believe they could have easily blocked the red weapon but chose to follow/pursue it north.
    What do others think?

  4. One more observation re the Flinders St video. note the man in a bright blue top standing with the police vehicles, what is he up to ? giving directions? or am I imagining all this?

    • JEEEEZ Gary – well spotted. He looks like he is directing the action… both arms up — keep circling. One arm up — okay off you go.

  5. Further to my reply to Dee down somewhere below.
    OK, bear with me,
    I recalled the Stockholm syndrome.. look it up.
    Basically, the captured victim in due course identifies with the ‘capturer’. Matter of psycholigical survival?
    Now expand the concept to apply to our ‘societal’ conditioning.
    We are put into a state of ‘concocted survival mode’ and have to identify with our gaolers…. the government and who runs them.
    Even the politicians and msm do not realise that they are ‘Stockholm’ victims.
    For you children’s sake msm, wake up do you not have a brain?
    When you lot may wake up you will understand that 99% are awakening.
    MSM fakes, go drive a taxi and be something useful.

    • And have a fairdinkum passenger enlighten you on your rediculous dimwitted unscientific tin foil hatters official 911 government conspiracy theory.
      Faine, get a taxi licence.

    • You’re on the money Ned…
      Society is in a grand Stockholm syndrome state.
      This definition could be expanded to read:
      “…a psychological condition that causes hostages (citizens) to develop sympathetic sentiments towards their captors (government), often sharing their opinions and acquiring romantic / supportive feelings for them as a survival strategy…

  6. As wheeled attacks demolish the no.1 gun/knife control argument it doesn’t appear that this was any sort of set-up

    However, as the Po definition of “terrorism” is anything that terrifies the Big Boyz and the incident apparently didn’t do so…………..

  7. I urge people to google up on youtube.
    ‘As I see It, lost driver in the Melbourne CBD blue traffic signals’.
    More evidence of staged event.

  8. History shows the violence of the colonist superior powers having superior technology, as such these powers seek to control their perceived privileges via the use of militaristic control, such as the Middle East, the response of some citizens of the to the colonist powers is to become radical, as we see in Wikileaks the killing from fire power of a American helicopter the murder of the innocent of children, citizens and journalists whom are deemed terrorists as carrying cameras possible fire arms, are now shot down in cold blood, as the recorded voices of American militaristic shows little or no concern given as whether they are innocent or not, a example of Imperialistic power so indoctrinated as being radicalized of those now being a mirror of IsIs.
    We are now all at risk in the public domain as a result of a ruthless policy of violence of the Western powers.
    As it is pointless to have a discussion on the advantages of conservation of energy loss as a result of any serious discussion by policy makers we are left to the maxim let violence continue unabated for eternity and although the masses are the ones to pay in blood and finance for the One per cent who now truly own our body and mind.

  9. Mary, I think Gary’s advice is disinformation. I have seen absolutely no footage of the car hitting anyone. it drives into a large crowd of people on a footpath – it has been suggested that this has been sped up and that he was travelling at low speed. one person is seen to fall over, but he did not appear to be hit by the car, and he gets up again.

    I am not saying that the car did not hit anyone, but I think we can safely assume that Sandy Hook was fake because we saw no CCTV, and the same goes for Melbourne.

    • Someone on youtube sugggested that if the video of the car driving into the crowd in Melbourne was sped up, and I agree. If it was sped up, then this was done using a video editing system, but I imagine such is quite mainstream today and available at very low cost. In the foreground we see people walking. In the distance we see a crowd of people moving very fast to get out of the way. The reason for thinking it was sped up is that the driver does not hit anyone. If the video was altered in this way, it proves that the Melbourne event was pure theatre.

  10. Now becoming a popular activity with today’s news of the Vauxhall, Bridge, we would expect this type of operation will become more popular, overall its big news but all the same is fairly trivial considering violence against Imperialist regimes as compared to militaristic action throughout the planet.
    If terrorism becomes more serious as yet is insignificant, and serves Western Establishment, if terrorism becomes at a state of critical entropy, meaning the world population of those who still have a voice becomes the voice of dissension, the belief government are on the wrong track ie. the resolution to our planets demise cannot be resolved by manufacturing weapons of violence say? or propaganda is not showing expected results, or the education system is dysfunctional, the direction of these systems now understood as subversive structures for making the rich more richer.

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