Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?

222Outside Flinders Street Station, a man in a blue top waves instructions to the driver that killed several pedestrians along Burke Street Mall

Update article 6/2/17 here.

By Dee Mclachlan

I wrote an article yesterday about Dimitrious (‘Jimmy’) Gargasoulas, being chased by the police in Melbourne’s CBD. He was doing “doughnuts” outside Flinders Street Station — seeming waiting for and taunting police. Followed by three silver cars, he drove down Swanston Street (which is closed to general traffic), then ramping onto the pavement, he mowed down pedestrians.

He has so far killed 5 people and injured many more.

I now have more to say, thanks to comments that Gary posted, referring to the video I had provided. Gary noted the man wearing a blue top was seemingly waving instructions.

I analysed this in slow motion and this man — the “blue man” — seems to be signalling to Garasgoulas while he is doing doughnuts.

There are several parts to this man’s actions:

  1. The red Holden is circling with Garasgoulas leaning far out the window — looking at the crowds. Is he waiting for someone, or waiting for a signal? He does several doughnuts.
  2. Then we see the blue man appear and move to the driver’s window of a stationary silver car which is waiting in the tram tracks. (This turns out, I presume, to be one of the unmarked police cars.)
  3. The blue man then runs toward the intersection and gestures to the Holden. The blue man points, then gestures as if he is holding a steering wheel, and turning it. Is he indicating to Garasgoulas to “keep circling“?
  4. As a second identical silver (unmarked) car arrives behind him, then the blue man raises both arms in the air. Why? Could this be “We’re all here, this is your last circle,”  or maybe it is a general signal to all — “standby.”
  5. Then as a third unmarked car pulls up, the blue man keeps his left arm raised (pointing towards Swanston Street) — and waves his right hand, gesturing to Garasgoulas to move along. He is even standing in front of one of the silver cars. Is the blue man indicating to Garasgoulas that “You can head down Swanston Street now.”blue-man
  6. With the blue man waving, the three unmarked cars — in unison — turn left neatly BEHIND the Holden — and follow the Garasgoulas down the tram tracks along Swanston (Note, Swanston Street is for trams only). Amazingly, shockingly, these unmarked cars make no attempt to encircle the Holden and cut it off.

Who is the blue man?

This is extraordinary. This blue “conductor” reminds me of the Craft security guy at the Boston Marathon bombing — and the miraculous disappearance of his large black backpack.

And photographer Tony Gough, of News Corp Australia, happened to be at the intersection too.

Below I have uploaded a compilation of views from sowhat?3 and smoke’n mirrors.




  1. So, Peekay Truth is being destroyed by MSM regarding Bourke St false flag event, false flag about a false flag? They seem to be getting desperate to create patsies and scapegoats.


    • There is another aspect of this Burke Street thing that is not being discussed. I listended to a podcast by the Knowyourrightsgroup.com.au one Tueday night, a while back and these are some of the questions and comments that came out it.

      How did this violent repeat offender who was known to police, over many years, who had a history of assaults , and family violence, allowed out on bail?

      Asking how was anyone to know what this bloke was going to do is not relevant. Given his past history, he should have been denied bail.

      If the bloke had mental health problems what is the extent their involvement in this event.

      The system is there to protect us. Rember the saying to ‘serve and protect.’ The system is fundamentally flawed.

      Part of any enquiry must look at the role of all other parties who had a role to play in this tragedy, leading up to the actual event. (this is where prevention takes place.)

      When we find out what role each of those other parties played, then we can see where the system is most broken and start fixing it.

      Why was this person bailed in the first place.

      We need to start by looking at the existing laws and asking our selves where these laws complied with in the first place and then ask were they adequate to ensure offenders like this cannot get through the system or fall through the cracks.

      Go back to the basic concept of punishing those who have direct impact on the commission of the crime.

      We need to make sure the lives that have been lost are not wasted but are instead used as a catylst for examination, analysis and cause identification of the event so that information can be used as the basis for preventing future events.

      Start with the laws and practices that exist.

      This bloke stabbed his bother and 12 hours later he sat in the busiest intersection for 12 minutes going round n round in the intersection before driving off down the street.

      Question is why do these events happen.

      Lots of people have mental health problems, drug problems etc.

      Why was this bloke not in a mental hospital ?

      The police knew this bloke had stabbed his brother 12 hours before hand why did they not box him in.

      The police had plenty of opportunities to take him into custody after stabling his brother.

      How did a repeat offender who was well known to police over many years with a history of violent assaults get released.

      Why was this able to happen in the first place? Courts are supposed to be available 24/ 7

      Under the Australian Constitution and the laws of England that are binding on all those who are operating within the administration of justice in Australia which quite clearly dictate that the courts are accessible 24/7.

      Any legislation they bring about that allows a magistrates court to site 24/7 is simply reaffirming the laws that already exist.

      When it comes to the events of Friday in Melbourne where are bloke did doughnuts in an intersection and run to several people in Melbourne, the police had plenty of off opportunity, to make an application for a warrant for arrest of the driver.

      They had 12 hours and they had evidence that the driver had committed an offence, he had breached his bail therefore the police could have arrested the bloke at any time and take him into custody. But instead of arresting him they chose to follow him around. WHY???

      Focus goes onto the bail justice who released the bloke back into the community, allowing him to cause all these deaths. The respective act in Victoria in called the bail act of 1977.

      There is no obstruction on the court to have kept this bloke in custody. The legislation needs revamping. Upon application, the court has an obligation to look behind the issues at hand, so therefore, if the police, are stating that this or recommending that bail not be given, that in fact the person be remanded, then the bail justice or the magistrate, as they both have the same standing, then have an obligation to take into account the full weight of whatever it is the police are applying for with regard to keeping he or she in custody.

      The defense for this bloke is that he did not know what he was doing. Its strange that this is another co-incidence in which someone has driven a vehicle into a public place. Is this just a coincidence or is there something else to this.

      Can we refer back to any point in our past where this has occurred on a repetitive basis just in the last couple of months?

      The event in Niece in France where the bloke drove a truck down a street and supposedly killed people.

      Did the police put a strong enough case to the bail judge or oppose bail for this bloke? If they had actually put good enough evidence in front of the bail justice, and the bail justice who then found some excuse to release this individual then they bear some responsibility for what this person does upon release.

      This is how we make these justices answerable.

      They cant just be passing these rulings and then washing their hands of unwanted events that the released person might carry out. This not how society is made accountable. This puts the onus on back on these justices they have to be accountable for all of their own actions.

      There is the law of aiding and abetting because clearly this bail justice or magistrate has aided and abetted in those 5 murders and the assaults that occurred in the lead up and during the actions the driver carried out against the other 15 odd people.

      Why did it take a cop to drive a police car into this blokes car 50 minutes later instead of the 12 hours prior. They had more than enough opportunity to stop this bloke.

      The court has the power to make any order they like if they want to exercise it against us for some stupid traffic fine then why not exercise this same amount of power and discretion when it comes to a long term violent repeat offender who is known to the police.

      Why does this bail judge choose to not come forward and front the media and front the community explain his decision and the reasons he gave the ruling he did in relation to the application for this bloke bail.

      Why does he choose to not to take responsibility for his decision and resign his job. How can he make such a gross error or judgment in this case?

      Why does he then not also decide to devote the rest of his life to setting right the any shortcomings in the bail act that may exist to ensure such a mistake is not made again the future.

      Why has the media not pursued this bail justice and attempted to interview him?

      I myself sent emails to 3 TV stations asking them to interview the bail justice. They all said they sent my request to the news people but I not anything since but then I’m not holding my breath over it either

      • This is a typical modus operandi.

        The patsy — or perpetrator is usually known to police or intelligence agencies. And in many cases employed by them. Monis was out on bail — supposedly for murder.

        The whole point in many cases is to allow the legal system to fail.

        Read Mary Maxwell’s FRAUD UPON THE COURT

      • The system needs dangerous individuals and to support these people to justify the political system to protect you against danger, the system has to be calibrated to create enough fear in the public mind, but not too much whereby the system falls into a total anarchistic disorder, to avoid total destruction globally, such as Syria,going World wide, this is a precarious balance between total destruction and controlled destruction, it has to be managed by think tanks, military, police, politicians and finance and of course propaganda.

  2. There are three hard proofs that “Jimmy” was NOT a lone nut. This is an important requirement as they desperately need to keep within people’s minds that he acted alone. If not then they are between a rock and a hard place as it could either be 1) hoax or 2) democide (govt. killing of citizens). Here are the proofs:
    PROOF#1: composite image of “jimmy” and his mate in a baseball cap in his facebook page. The digital artifacts around the edge of “jimmy” can be seen in a filter and you can see if you zoom in too. Nobody normally does this with a useless background image as it’s never worth the effort. (This is a paid job to create a backstory but we all know budgets eventually run out and they need to move onto the next event.) . PROOF#2: Channel 7 camera crews were ALREADY stationed in the balcony of the Melbourne Town Hall as the car drove down Swanston Street and drove onto the footpath at Little Bourke street. I worked it out from the angles as I went there myself. Time is always money in today’s TV news so they don’t just hang out and by coincidence and get the perfect shots. They were pro’s because of the rapid zoom and focus on the vehicle. One video even shows a guy with the lens. PROOF#3: the 145 Swanston St Mind Games CCTV footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T4mLzo0T3o is edited. The car in the footage travels at exactly 80km/h or 22m/s or 0.4s across 8.7m (1.6s at youtube 0.25 speed). You can time this yourself with a stopwatch and count 17 x 51cm footpath tiles as the distance from rear car entry on the left to exit. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a vehicle to accelerate to 80 km/h from entering onto the footpath from Swanston St only 2 shops down WHILE periodically braking the vehicle at the same time (decelerating). The periodic braking can be spotted in smokenmirrors upload as the car drives down the footpath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh4e8BySO9U&feature=youtu.be&t=2m1s. This means the CCTV was edited to make the car appear faster.

  3. A week ago there were TWO then THREE profiles for Gargasoulis — NOW I CANNOT LOCATE THEM AT ALL. Can someone explain how this might work?

  4. Timothy Veater says:

    “Mindgames Shop”. Really? You couldn’t make this stuff up! https://veaterecosan.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/melbourne-car-attack-outstanding.html

    • Timothy, thank you for that link.
      At least there was a street map. But I am confused, did Jimmie not drive up Swanston street?
      It will be incumbent on anyone representing the deceased to consider the information in the link. Seems that the msm reports are not reliable….. missing the silver commodores for example and other aspects.
      We should know by now that the msm is incompetent, being kind!
      Dee, I suggest that your article be bumped up to the top for more discussion so as to assist those representining families of the deceased when this matter comes before the Coroner.
      The trial will be interesting …… if there is one? Mr. Avery may be back in action to see justice accomplished.

      • The UK Sun map was incorrectly labelled and had some fundamental errors of location.

        • Timothy Veater says:

          Paul – If the maps I used are wrongly labelled, would much appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of an accurate one. Many thanks, Tim. Incidentally has anyone explained how Papaclueless (!) ended up in the place he did, 90 degrees to his alleged route?

          • The crownheights map is correct, Swanston Street is a continuation of St Kilda Road which crosses the Yarra River and then becomes Swanston. On the UK Sun map you’ll see that Swanston starts away from the bridge and I don’t even know why they brought Russell Street into the whole thing. I don’t think they put in much effort. I wonder how much more of their reporting gets so little effort?

          • Timothy Veater says:

            Thanks for clarifying Paul.

      • Timothy Veater says:

        My pleasure Ned. The fact that no less than FOUR official/security/police vehicles apparently made no attempt to block or stop the car when it is acknowledged that the police knew the driver was a violent offender who they had tailed by car and helicopter since the early hours, turns the event into a farce. If it is true that people subsequently died as a result of it, it is much more than a farce: in fact criminal negligence on the part of the police who need to be challenged and held to account for their action or inaction, as the case may be. The fact that those same four official cars subsequently disappear completely is another highly suspicious element, for there seems to be no sign of them when the driver of the Holden is dragged from his vehicle. The critical questions are therefore, who was driving them and under who’s direction; why did they not attempt to intervene; and where did they go? The answers, if they can be obtained, would go a long way to revealing who was really behind the incident and its purpose. Incidentally, I have discussed many similar European and American incidents on my blog, that have I believe been fraudulently laid at the door of largely innocent individuals working in fact for Western Government agencies. Please feel free to check them out.

        • I don’t think we can say that the 3 silvery cars and the one white car are “police”.

          They could be any kind of baddies, even ones who would assume that we will blame police for being in those cars.

          • Regardless, the police were involved in not being involved.

          • The behaviour of the Police was like that of supervisors, not of Police.

          • “I don’t think we can say that the 3 silvery cars and the one white car are “police”.”

            Check my post below. We can say that three identical silver Commodores all on the wrong side of the road belong to someone with connections.

          • Silver Commodores with connections, ASIO?… AFP?…Special Branch…?Mi6?…Mossad?…CIA?…or a group combination effort.

          • They all seem to be comfortably on the wrong side of the road. Must be CIA.

          • Timothy Veater says:

            I use the term “Police” advisedly. In practice, in incidents of this sort we must distinguish between genuine police and those that act behind the scenes in the Intelligence/Military community. This particular event was immediately classified by a politician – after a whispered comment by a man in dark glasses, apropos George Bush – a sure sign of the above if ever I saw one – whilst other sources, suggested the opposite. This demonstrates the difficulties of reconciling on the one hand, “telling only those that need to know”, with, on the other, making sure “everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.” Similar disagreements on the basic nature of the event have emerged in both Germany and Canada recently. The relationship between what Ole Dammegård, with hard evidence, has suggested is a specialist team that moves from place to place, or ‘dark state’ working to common objectives, and the Police is a tricky one. First, in most states there is more than one police force, dependent on territory or function and these are usually separate from but subservient to, the security services. In Britain of course we have largely secret branches (originally of the Military hence the nomenclature of ‘MI’) that pull rank over Chief Constables, alough in addition in the Metropolitan Police, “Special Branch” acted as an arm of the Secret Services, and not always in an honourable fashion. In addition it is recognised in the hierarchical police, the view from the top or bottom may be very different. So there is much room here for discrete groups to operate. Now in this case, what is inexplicable, is that conventional police apparently tracked the car and driver for hours, knowing his past record and that he had carried out a knife attack, yet fail to intervene, even when an ideal opportunity presents itself outside the station. This must have an explanation though I have not availed myself of one. As to those three unmarked silver cars and an additional white 4×4 that follow the red Holden down a tram-only street, I find it difficult to believe these could be other than “official” vehicles. We can surely rule out members of the public on the basis that they are identical models, they would be breaking traffic laws and who would want to? They are clearly not taxis. Criminals don’t act that way and motivation is difficult to imagine. So we are left with ‘officials’ and it is crucial that these are revealed. It is clear that they do not fit traditional ‘police’ label or they would have been in marked police vehicles. Did no one get their registration numbers? Has the Press not asked the question? And even if ‘we’ the public don’t know, the Police must. What could prevent them from sharing this information other than some degree of collusion in the event itself?

          • Timothy Veater’s Feb 1, 2017 reply suits me down to the ground.

            Yes, they will have to disgorge themselves of the license plate numbers of the 3 parked-in-the-wrong-direction cars. Even without referring to their moseying down Swanston — just the fact that they were not questioned for being in the wrong carriageway, just “lazin’ on a sunny afternoon” — requires an explanation.

  5. Personally I think it was a police officer trying to direct him away from Swanson street..i think he was off duty or under cover walking around the city..

    • Well, the Vic police department should be able to clarify your personal opinion in a jiffy.
      So Victoria police,tell us who he is. We have questions for him in due course.

  6. A friend of mine pointed out, to me one of the CCTV film clips of people ducking into a ‘MindGames’ store to avoid being hit, was odd because Mindgames have only very recently opened the store even though they have another, just up the street.
    Surely there must be plenty of other CCTV evidence, why are they only showing this one?
    Where are the Town Hall CCTV cameras? Maybe Robert Doyle can help us?

  7. I’ve tried discussing this issue with people – they just don’t want to know, or care, they’re being lied to.

    There must be a reason this farce was staged – I’m a’guessing there’s going to be some laws coming soon taking away more of our civil liberties in the name of ‘protecting us’ from the bad guys.

    The sheeple will let it hapen without a whimper.

  8. Most considerate driver of the donut car thoughtfully put his hazard lights.

  9. It is hoped by myself and I am sure other readers the heading of the mystery of the man in blue is a dead issue, he is a homeless person and anything to brighten his day and become a actor on the stage is welcomed by a individual whom has a relative boring existence, can we move on to more salient issues such as Trump and the Doomsday clock moving closer to annihilation?

    • Not so fast, Don. I visited the “homeless camp” on Flinders St yesterday and it is not exactly your typical group of down-and-out Aussies.
      The scenario may indeed be a part of the doomsday bit. I mean running pedestrians over is pretty doomish. i’in’t it?

      As is vaccinating for malicious purposes. Please see my chapter on Malice, Rhymes with Alice, in my 2013 book, “Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status.”
      According to worldcat.org that book is on the shelf of 71 libraries.


        Totally off the topic of conspiracy theory: the really diabolical bit is that the turn-styles have been positioned inside Flinders St station to prevent any non-travelers from using the toilets!

        So here we have folks living on the street, and on a cold night they have to walk across busy Flinders Street to use state-owned public toilets when they could have easily used state-owned public toilets much closer by.

      • Not sure what you mean a typical down and out lot? it sounds as if you are supporting the Flinders street camp? being another special group, whereas they are most likely coming from well heeled homes and are semi educated looking for notoriety and thrills waiting for their parents to die to get hold of a legacy and a five million dollar home or homes, the stage is set for being seen and the media loves it, in the mean time instead of these people having a purpose of identity? seeing a councilor may be more fruitful.
        I am making a reference to the opening title the man in blue, I am not sure if you are a sleeper or a radical in the Southern Hemisphere? as a lot of your references Mary are clever as retorts go, but seem to lack a wider reference of a magnitude on a world in serious distress? concerns such as the 5 series talk by “Charlotte Iserbyt” on “Education and Mind Control”? and references such as “The Secret History of Western Education”?

        • Don, sure, I think the world is in seeeeerious distress.

          But I only know a few ways to fight it. One way is to follow a case through its legal particulars, as i have done with Marathon, Port Arthur, and Lindt Cafe. Maybe then I can appeal to “neighbors” to consider what is going on.

          So I sauntered down to Flinders St (you know I live in Adelaide) and found the camp to be “not your typical down and outers.” I never see homeless in Adelaide but I do see them in Sydney and they look like I look when I am depressed — unable to be chipper. The ones I saw last Friday in Melbourne were over-the-top chipper.

          I did not interview them as they were being filmed by media. So I am unable to say much about them. I asked an Aboriginal friend of mine who seems to think that camp is a set-up. Anyway I do agree with you that we need to get crackin’, and I do agree that Charlotte Iserbyt is priceless.

          And as I said, I think the no-toilet policy is outrageous no matter what the state of the world is.

          Sorry if I retorted at you. I didn’t mean to do that. I meant: the blue man story — or the 3 silvery-car story — does seem to imply the involvement of authorites. As for the blue man himself I think he may have been thrown into the script to distract us. His behavior is too conspicuous to be covert, and I dont think the red car driver needed help anyway. But that’s only a guess.

          • Thanks Mary for your encouraging response, as their are now some thousands of think tanks all involved with economics, political manipulation and so on such Tavistock, I did not appreciate being targeted by this organization who were working with a project called MKUltra, and also two plain clothed MI5 cops who visited me on a complaint by two individuals who did not take any charges against me and their fore did not have any right to appear in court, these two cops threatened me to close my business with no charges laid against me, I resent as a private citizen being persecuted by the state, the facts are the so called charges were from unstable individuals and one returned to apologize, why I find as a so called free individual is you can be charged or threatened by state officials and have no ability to be heard in a court of law.
            I am as far as I know not able to do anything against the CIA running MKUltra and also to be visited by police with no verifiable evidence,
            When you are targeted by establishment as being a individual to be targeted it is not surprising that as one starts analyzing the structure of the First World order it is a unfortunate that on becomes a outsider by default? here i am not talking about Collin Wilsons book The Outsider, as I do not think it feasible that the model of the outsider can be a educated middle class outsider?
            When you come from the lower class structure which you know exists when called up for military service and you find you are posted as a rifleman you are in the front line as fodder to protect the upper middle classes who hate you, then you know the class system exists.

    • Yeah but how do you explain all the other actors? the inactive Police, crisis actors with bat, stage supervisors in red shirts, strategically parked cars (one even filming) to block Flinders Street Stage for the doughnut performance. HMMM???
      And if you insist on changing the subject, Trump, Obama, Bush Clinton etc. are also actors, ‘PUPPETS for Wall St. and the Military Industrial Complex.

      • The Truth is being spoken and the Shills are in meltdown mode. What an exciting time to be alive! I do however feel terrible for the unfortunate victims in this co-ordinated tragedy.

        Indeed – what of the thousands of CCTV cameras WE THE PUBLIC PAYED WITH TAXES to be installed into the CBDs of every major Australian city?


        Could it be that the elites own tools of surveillance upon its subjects could have caught them out in their own criminal operations? I think so!

        These guys are getting really sloppy at creating False Flag ops, Ed Wood could direct a better performance! Really!

        • Also seems that the two Tongan teenage boys did more to try to stop Gargasoulas than 3 unmarked police vehicles with an unknown number of (supposedly) highly trained occupants.

        • We will not see the cctv videos unless some are purposefully selected to obfuscate as desired.
          Have we seen all the cctv videos of the Pentagon on 911 showing what hit the office of naval inteligence bean counting department looking for the missing 2+ trillion announced by Rumsfield on 10/11 ?
          No! Just five frames disclosing only questions.

  10. Unmarked Commodore Victoria Police car. Same model/colour etc. pic dated 2014.

  11. They are on the wrong side of the road. I’ve no doubt they are some arm of law enforcement and they clearly knew to be there. Maybe they followed him, maybe they were standing-off waiting to see what happened, but whatever they were doing there, they certainly weren’t trying to stop things. The odds are against there being all unmarked, identical cars if this was the end point of a pursuit. Police nowadays use a variety of makes of car, so three identical, unmarked Commodores is something out of the ordinary, even in this extra-ordinary situation.

    • How did he get in there? Did he come up St Kilda Road? If Police had been onto him all day, how could it have even got this far if it wasn’t intended to?

      • If he came through Bolte bridge and off the tollway (as it appears), then he will have wound his way through a lot of traffic.

  12. One week on and no straight answer to any of the following questions:
    1) Did Gargasoulas have any actual previous convictions ?
    2) If so what were they?
    3)Was he actually arrested on 14 Jan’17(the fact that he was granted bail certainly suggests so)
    4) How was that arrest executed? Did he co operate?
    5) What was he actually charged with?
    6) Was the respective vehicle licenced ?
    7) If so in whose name ? What was the number ?
    8)What was the year, make, model ?
    9) Was it impounded?
    10) If not, why not?
    11) When was the alleged assault on Gavin Wilson reported ?
    12) What action, if any, was taken re that report? When, exactly, was it taken ?
    13) Was the respective vehicle actually stolen?
    14) Was said vehicle registered?
    15) What was the make model & year of manufacture.?
    16) Was the alleged assault on Gargasoulas’ brother reported?
    17 ) If so when, and what action was taken?
    18) At what time on 20 Jan’17 was Gargasoulas supposed to appear in court re the purported 14 Jan’17 bail undertaking?
    19) Were any roadblocks set up during the morning of 20 Jan’14 ?
    20) If not, why not?
    21) Has any info relating to any of the above questions already been disclosed to any media outlet?
    22) If so, what ?
    23) If not, why not ?

    The MSM’s attempt to fill in these holes with colour pics of the deceased & a floral display + syrupy eulogies speaks volumes

    • I was trying to make out the number plate – not sure it was Vic registration. Maybe SA where this guy is supposed to have spent time prior to coming to Melbourne

    • I have met dimi twice about 3years ago, he was going out with a chick friend of mine at the time. That was until the shit kunt belted the crap out of her. He’s an arrogant piece of shit who sold a lil bit of gear and thought he was mockbell. My best mate knows his younger brother (Angelo, the one who was stabbed by dimi) , and has visited him in hospital since it all happened.
      I know dimi has done jail, for what? Im not 100% sure of.
      Do I think he was capable of commiting such a horrific crime? Well, I can’t really make an assumption, I did not know him well. And the two times I had met him, was a number of years ago.
      The ‘blue man’ does seem quite odd, and does raise a few questions.
      If I was to make an assumption based on zero facts, it would be that he cooked himself on drugs , given himself a drug induced psychosis.

  13. udick head says:

    are you for real

    • It’s not just me Irene, people around the world are watching peekay-truth-youtube . etc.


        Yesterday I stood at the corner of Finders and Swanston, in other words where the donuts were made. The traffic was very heavy all around, but nary a car drove into Swanston St. So I (almost) think Dee was right. I did see bikes and trams entering, and, having googled the matter, I found a mayoral proclamation dated 2011 that it would be a no-car street.

        That said, I did see two cars in the other carriageway. (I mean coming towards Flinders.) They were riding on the team tracks and were sandwiched on between two trams. Nobody was making nay fuss so I guess it’s normal.

        Now I’ll tell you what else I saw coming down that carriageway but I know you won’t believe me. I saw a horse drawn carriage and a lady teamster driving the four horses. Maybe a tourist deal. I would like to say they looked like Clydesdales but m’fraid you will call the men in the white coats. Anyway they did not make the clump clump noise of a Clydesdale.

        Finally, as to why the ever-cautious Al Haig said she ALMOST thinks Dee is right – it’s that I could not see any sign at the Donut area saying “No entry except bikes and trams.”

        One more comment on traffic, but note I was there on a Friday at noon and Donutman was there on a Thursday at 1.30. The throngs of pedestrians crossing Flinders in both directions were huge.

        • Hi Mary,
          If you are still in Melbourne I would love to catch up for a coffee. I work at Melbourne Uni in the IT department. Change could start with the Law students I am hopeful if they can be stopped from going to the dark side. Love all of yours and Dee’s posts.


  14. Well as life proceeds, this article and commentary will fade away.
    But here we have some questions to be raised when the proceeding before the Coroner are underway.
    Then it will be the duty of competent counsel to research and probe.
    I trust that they will be informed of the matters hereunder to assist their clients.

    • “duty of competent counsel to research and probe” That there Ned my good fellow pretty much nails it. And all the “schooling” and all the “cost” of said, with fake money and…and… It seems to begin at a very early age, this path to ignorance?

  15. Not many around here would recall the Western bail inquiry in NSW in the late 70’s.
    Western was granted bail in SDC and soon after, the police (armed hold up? Shot him through a bathroom window?…… from recollection)
    Well, all hell broke lose as to why he was granted bail. There was a dispute by the instructing solicitor and the police as to what instructions were given to the lawyer by the police.
    I know the instructing solicitor who later became a Crown prosecutor. I cannot recall any finding, but I would put my money on GH the then solicitor.
    As an aside !!!!! It was known at that time that some criminals operated under a police ‘green card’……….. for their cut!

    • Additionaly, one of the armed hold up chaps of those days is back in gaol recently entertaing the inmates on the piano (I hear) and with free stories. He is out of the ‘pay for’ entertainment stories these days.

  16. So who was he? Plain clothes cop?

  17. Interesting? to take the v
    SMH 26.1.2017, p.12 News article on this subject , 4th column last paragraph when Jimmy was recently in court on previous charge.
    “The bail justice was told something by the police officer, which caused the bail justice to take the view that it was appropriate to grant bail”, said Magistrate Jelena Popovic.
    Wonder what the police officer told the court!

  18. what is happening with the black dude and his back pack but??? It looks like there’s half a dog somewhere mixed in to the first still on this page? And he looks like he’s wearing a sock on his left foot?? What’s going on here??

  19. I believe that our police force and the courts give criminals, and alleged criminals, too many chances. Whether you’re on bail, on parole or you are suspected of committing a crime, you still need to observe the authority of the law. You need to comply with the given instructions immediately. Although people believe that American police are too trigger-happy, I believe that if somebody in a uniform, with a reasonable belief that you have committed a crime, tells you “Stop police. Stop now or I will shoot!” that is plenty of warning. If you don’t stop, you can expect to be shot.
    Why are your rights paramount over complete innocent, law-abiding citizens who, by coincidence of being at a wrong place at the wrong time, may suffer from your continuing erratic behaviour and possibly die just because you won’t comply?

  20. It’s what you call a FALSE FLAG operation…. if you watch the footage closely you will see all the other operatives playing out their roles…. total staged event! Tyranny at its best/worst!

  21. I think he was a yobbo egging him on to do burnouts and poi ting that way to show him how to escape the cops. He’s just a random. Unrelated I think.

  22. He is a homeless guy that lives on Flinders Street, I see him everyday. He is a little slow, and enjoyed the sound of the burnout.

  23. Lets all wait and see now what the Police/politicians/military etc demand in terms of powers, funding, legislation to restrict/identify/spy etc, and we’ll know then what this was all about.

    • wow, the 182 comments disparood.

    • Spot on Paul.

      • Paul, the news has been saying “This shows we need tighter laws re BAIL.” They said that about Monis also. It gave media a hook on which to discuss Monis’ supposed wife-murder (I mean as “accessory”).

        IMHO it helped driive home the notion that Monis was a killer, to assure us that he also set up the Sydney siege for killing purposes. Please see my recent article as to his partner’s murder trial. Constant allusion (illusion?) to the fact that she done it under his influence.

        I think I recall, in a Gumshoe article by either Cheryl Dean or Josee Lepine that Jahar’s Defense asked for more opportunity to discuss the guilt or motives of the deceased bro, Tamerlan — but were refused by Judge O’Toole..

        It could have caused someone to go off script…..

        Here is my Monis article: seee the final of the 8 complaints: “circular reasoning”:


      • Think about this, guys…. 1886, Sowy River, Banjo P

        But still so slight and weedy, one would doubt his power to stay,
        And the old man said, “That horse will never do
        For a long and tiring gallop – lad, you’d better stop away,
        Those hills are far too rough for such as you.”
        So he waited sad and wistful – only Clancy stood his friend –
        “I think we ought to let him come,” he said;
        “I warrant he’ll be with us when he’s wanted at the end,
        For both his horse and he are mountain bred.

        • “tighter laws re BAIL” ? What a Joke! It’s hard to believe that anyone could be so out of touch re the social engineering that’s holding the entire shebang together

          • According to Wikipedia Gargasoulas was charged, on 14 Jan ’17, with “speeding on the wrong side of the road and ignoring a police direction to stop”. It goes on to say that Police opposed bail but he was given a 20 January undertaking and released.

            I can’t find any explanation anywhere as to why the following powers weren’t invoked:

            ROAD SAFETY ACT 1986 – S. 84F Powers of Victoria Police
            (1) If a police officer believes on reasonable grounds that a motor vehicle is being, or has been used in the commission of a relevant offence, he or she may (a) seize the motor vehicle or require it to be surrendered; and (b) impound or immobilise the motor vehicle for the designated period.

            And I can’t find any information as to whether the same vehicle was used on both occasions.



  1. […] January 22, 2017 I published “Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?” To my surprise it got over 150,000 views and 266 comments.  My article has been inspired by […]

  2. […] January 22, 2017 I published “Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?” To my surprise it got over 150,000 views and 266 comments.  My article has been inspired by […]


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