Don’t Let Pizzagate Disappear

by Phil Hingston

While it is final that Hillary Clinton lost her White House bid, we mustn’t treat Pizzagate as a dead issue.  Wikipedia is trying to douse the story. Its article on Pizzagate says:

“It has been extensively discussed in the media and discredited by a wide array of sources across the political spectrum, described as a ‘fictitious conspiracy theory’ by the District of Columbia Police Department and determined to be false by multiple organizations including, The New York Times, and Fox News.”

I have found an excellent 5-minute video by Ben Swann:



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  2. Well Ben Swann has gone????

    • Fair Dinkum says:

      according to one commenter here

      “All of Ben Swann’s pages are down, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and website. I guess that is what he meant by “THIS PAGE IS GOING DARK ON 1 FEB””

      but the video has been posted more than once too

      censorship all over the place, I had a perfectly good comment deleted from “the conversation” because I suggested that in the film “vaxxed” many many parents blame the mmr jab for their kids becoming ill..

      its a war alright..

  3. We can talk , for the time being , but the military industrial rules.

  4. Things could have changed for the better here long ago .
    Only if we didn’t vote with pencils .
    What we have today is defacto communism .

    • Do you really think it’s the pencil factor that keeps us from “changing for the better”?

      • Yes Mary ,
        because the truth of the people would have replaced the lies of the few . Like I’ve said before , this is a great land with even better people who escaped from oppression in the countries of their origin . But like North America the dream has failed because our leaders are all related to the tyrants we thought we were leaving behind .

        • speculator247 says:

          I don’t know about the pencils part, but you’re 100% correct about ending up with the tyrants (or relatives of, same thing if you ask me since they all work from the same agenda) we thought we’d left behind. Those tyrants and their minions have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our lives.

          • Well then, 56 and Speculator, it’s up to you to be the leaders. Isn’t that the meaning of “leader”? Lead the “better way.”

            Or lead the charge against the tyrants. (I think Phil and I are cut out for the latter.)

            For starters, you can announce now your candidacy as a One Nation parliamentarian, well in advance of the next election. Or join the Free Martin Bryant Party. Don’t just whinge.

            (Speculator, whinge is one of those wonderful Oz words, like stickybeak and twig, that have no Yankee equivalent). Oops, Speculator, I just realized you can’t join One Nation. But you could start a Free Jahar party up there in the contiguous 48.

          • speculator247 says:

            I’m sure that would go over in a big way!

  5. (surprisingly) has some interesting information about the subject.

  6. Wouldn’t it be funny if a lot of people have carelessly tied ther names to the word “pizza” thinking the basic plan will never get found out.

    I just found a Youtube by “Exposed Truth” in which a commenter says Nancy Pelosi used the email address “Goat hill pizza.”

    I do not know if it is true, and if it is true i don’t know if it means pedophiia. Nor have I any famiiarity with the channel named Exposed Truth.” That said, I hereby show the reader’s coment:

    KuduB Wrong3 hours ago (edited)
    OK… here goes: I’ve been trying to look up information on “Goat Hill Pizza” in San Francisco, because apparently Nancy Pelosi has some tie to it or the owner. When someone tried to email her DC office her email had the ” goathillpizza” as her web address. The owner’s name comes up as ” Philip Andrade”. I googled his name and it says owner of ” Goat Hill Pizza” and he also sits on the “Task Force” boards in San Fran. It also showed a LinkedIn article from this ” Philip Andrade” to a ” Lee (Susan) Alefontis”

    ….Then I googled Lee Alefontis and it said occupation:
    Construction professional, it also had James Alefontis listed and said the two of them shared the same grandmother? Now like I said in the beginning, I’m not good at this…so hoping this might lead somewhere unless it’s already been investigated. There just can’t be that much coincidence, hope it helps….

    [Note from MM: Alefontis is a big player in the DC Pizzagate]

    Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House when the Dems had control. I think the Repubs now control both chambers. — MM

    • Goat Hill could mean the roof of Parliament House in Canberra. I did say there’s a goat’s head there.

      • Holy Trombole, Kev, do you think Pelosi is delivering chilren to Canberra, or taking children from Canberra?

        Sorry I should not make it humorous. And yes Kevin I agreee from the photo you sent me that there is a goat’s head on top of Parliament house.

        I forget the occult significance.

    • speculator247 says:

      Very interesting!

  7. speculator247 says:

    Not really unrelated although it might seem so, I’ve been reading this article and wondered if all were aware of these facts relating to the sinking of the “Titanic” and the start of the Federal Reserve:

    • Spec,
      J.P.Morgan had a doctor’s appointment made by his wife and couldn’t make the maiden voyage. Sound familiar?? (Larry Silverstein). They also got the IRS next year too, to pay the interest on the new debt based currency.
      J.J.Astor(richest man in the world and Federal Reserve opponent) knew Nikolai Tesla. Dr.John Trump (The Don’s favourite uncle) was tasked to analyses Tesla’s papers by the FBI.
      I wonder if Donald and Uncle John talked about “stuff”?
      No doubt. So what does DJT really know?

  8. Fair Dinkum says:

    came across an open source alternative to twitter it seems..

    and you can search them for what they are saying about pizzagate.. and other things of course..

  9. Jesus Mary,

    If these perverted freaks wanted to send messages, couldn’t they just text each other.
    On the other issue, hire a hooker.

    Trump tweeted in Oct, 2012:
    “Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.”

    Should send shivers up the spines of “the Perverts”

  10. Who now reads wikidophile?

  11. “and determined to be false by multiple organizations including The New York Times…”

    Well, you would, wouldn’t you.

    • David Black says:

      I’m a pizzagater and I’ve been smashing it all over fb every chance l get. Like this article. Crickets. It’s too big for some ppl to deal with. David Seaman on YT is great. I also found and posted your video above multiple times, apparently breaking the msm cover up. It’s not like the thing you can bring up at the RSL you know. Sorry, but our world is run by baby blood drinking paedophiles and may possibly be reptilian, oh yeah, and Xmas was once called Saturnalia. Most don’t read past the back page of the Daily Terrorgraph and quote Alan Jones *shiver* ad nauseam. Keep pushing…

      • I’m glad that Ben Swann is a minimalist. He practically makes it possible for John Podesta to come forward and explain how the word handkerchief means simply “handkerchief.” So come on, Podesta, make your case.

        But as soon as you do, we can pull out the book by Brice Taylor, “Thanks for the Memories”, and go over what she published in 1999. Here is a short quote:

        “All roads lead to Hope … Bob Hope that is. President Richard Nixon was connected to Bob Hope also — it seemed like everyone was. President Nixon used me sexually from approximately 1969 until he resigned in 1974. I was with him in many different places and sometimes Henry Kissinger was with us also. Henry Kissinger never used me for sex; it was always strictly mind file use [tapping into data stored in her brain].

        “At times, Nixon participated with Henry in utilizing and accessing my computerized “government mind files,” but both functions (sex and mind files) could not be used at the exact same time, there had to be time in between uses.

        “The Council [the cabal?] accessed me many times without the knowledge of the politicians who were enjoying my services. In this way, the Council was having direct access to information channels with and about influential people, like presidents, governors, senators, foreign leaders, and celebrities.

        “Looking back, I was likened to a satellite orbiting around the globe, used by then Governor Reagan (for sex and messages), President Nixon (for sex and messages) and Henry Kissinger (for mind files).

        “Later, the Council would access me and send me back to the politicians with different messages and motives than the ones originally intended by the Government. The Council had me delivering messages between President Nixon and Governor Reagan. The Council worked them together and was able to effect powerful change and legislation to suit their own needs, by manipulating the two of them.”

        [and to Brice, thank YOU for the memories]

        • speculator247 says:

          Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard about this!

          • Speculator, the book is a complete education. See 93 reviews at Amazon. It is online at but at the moment they say “trouble uploading.”

   shows it is kept in 3 libraries. one of which is Waco, Tx and another is The Citidel military college.

            Brice is probably in captivity. She has not been seen in years. Her husband, a dentist, is also under mind-control but does not know it. She lost access to her son who was trained from babyhood to be a “mind-files” person.

            She deserves huge credit for giving the world so much info.

          • speculator247 says:

   prices start at $60! It must contain some information that someone doesn’t necessarily want known. I’ll keep looking for it. I think I did hear of the book at some point, but didn’t know the depth of it and never liked Bob Hope so that didn’t make me interested. I never could figure out why he seemed to be so popular. He wasn’t funny and seemed sort of creepy to me. I guess I know why now.


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