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Mucking about in the Ionosphere



by Mary W Maxwell

GumshoeNews.com wants to present articles that are properly referenced and in which the author can point to additional readings. I have just come across a startling item and have no ability to research it just now but would like to share it. Editor Dee McLachlan agrees to my popping it here for anyone’s inspection.

Do you remember the 1957 International Geophysical Year in which some group of scientists hurled nuclear explosive material into the ionosphere? This was the time at which the Van Allen Belt was given its name: Van Allen belt. I thought it was a test of some sort. No.

Apparently the coverts were already skilled enough to attempt to do something technical that would affect the whole planet, deliberately.

Here is what I just read about Project Argus (or maybe Operation Argus) and for which I do not have any personal qualifications to judge:

Between August and September 1958, the US Navy exploded three fission type nuclear bombs 480 km above the South Atlantic Ocean, in the part of the lower Van Allen Belt closest to the earth’s surface.

In addition, two hydrogen bombs were detonated 160 km over Johnston Island in the Pacific. The military called this “the biggest scientific experiment ever undertaken.” It was designed by the US Department of Defense and the US Atomic Energy Commission, under the code name Project Argus.

The purpose appears to be to assess the impact of high altitude nuclear explosions on radio transmission and radar operations because of the electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and to increase understanding of the geomagnetic field and the behavior of the charged particles in it.

This gigantic experiment created new (inner) magnetic radiation belts encompassing almost the whole earth, and injected sufficient electrons and other energetic particles into the ionosphere to cause worldwide effects. The electrons traveled back and forth along magnetic force lines, causing an artificial “aurora” when striking the atmosphere near the North Pole.

The US Military planned to create a “telecommunications shield” in the ionosphere, reported in 13-20 August 1961, Keesings Historisch Archief (K.H.A.). This shield would be created “in the ionosphere at 3,000 km height, by bringing into orbit 350,000 million copper needles, each 2-4 cm long [total weight 16 kg], forming a belt 10 km thick and 40 km wide, the needles spaced about 100 m apart.”

This was designed to replace the ionosphere “because telecommunications are impaired by magnetic storms and solar flares.” The US planned to add to the number of copper needles if the experiment proved to be successful.

This plan was strongly opposed by the International Union of Astronomers.

Now you will want to know where I got that. I am not sure; I think it was on Cathy Fox’s blog. She is a British writer with similar background to Fiona Barnett.  She does not claim to be the author but I do not know whom she is quoting. Her other writings tell us about Tavistock and such like.

ionosphereUp there

What surprised me is the early date of the mucking about with the ionosphere. (See Nick Begich on HAARP.) Of course HAARP is called “an ionospheric heater.”

Excuse me, I though God was pretty good at heating the ionosphere, or cooling it, or whatever, without our “help.”

— Mary W Maxwell is assistant editor of GumshoeNews. She knows not whereof she speaks, on topics astronomical.

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  1. How many “Mad Scientists” have mankind spawned in the last 100 years? These idiots come up with a hair-brained idea and immediately experiment on the whole environment, not concerned with the outcome. As long as it can result in funds for research and personal glory.

    They are that selfish that they don’t care about the effects on their own off-springs.

    Isn’t it possible that this environmental vandalism along with the atmospheric atomic and nuclear testing is the cause of much of today’s epidemic cancer problem?

    • There actions are similar to a drug addict.
      A drug addict wants to experiment on himself — take various stimulants to add a buzz to his life.
      These people are really no different — except they are experimenting with planet earth and on humanity to get their “buzz”

  2. These esteemed scientific “experts” need to be put on notice that they will be held accountable for their scientific vandalism and terrorism against the citizens of the planet.
    For example, Dr. Tristan Meekie, from ANU and lately Sydney Uni. chemistry department. He co-authored an Australian Govt. paper on Geoengineering, produced by the Office of the Chief Scientist. Read this garbage and weep:


    Here is his contact details from Sydney Uni together with a photo of the prick.


    Perhaps we should let him know what we think of his brilliance.
    And no, we will not accept that he was “just following orders”.

    • Well, so long as you are furious, Phil, lemme bring up again how we can deal with outlaws. In this short video I say if a person is unreachable by the law, you can do what you must do to him.

      After all, not to do so would be to give him a blank cheque.

      I do not have in mind the young scientist Tristan here, I have in mind the persons who are putting chemicals in the sky, my sky. It is because they deny that any such thing is happening that we can’t get at them.

      Thus the law of outlawry should step in. Phil, thank you for your altogether warranted anger and disgust.

  3. Russell Blaylock discusses the current attempt to damage the human cattle especially the young.

    We have been trained, what to think, the world is slowly showing that we know how to think.

  4. Hi, The article nor source was anything to do with me. I do not write about subjects like this. I write about child sexual abuse, and although I have written about Fiona Barnett, our backgrounds are not similar, I am not a survivr, I merely write articles to brign attention to child sexual abuse. cathy fox blog

    • To cathyfox.wordpress.com

      Thank you for the correction. I apologize for mis-sourcing. Now that I have checked your blog again i have to say it is a fabulous collection of material, especially (for my puposes) of court cases.

  5. I have not heard about this particular thing, but it sounds beyond geoengineering to me. I’ve been reading about space weaponization and I’d tend to think placing copper needles in space would have more to do with this than geoengineering. This is a way they can use to electrify space (creating a sort of force field) which would probably make it difficult for certain types of vehicles to travel in this area. Some aspects of the PTBs know who’s out there and they don’t want them coming in. This leads me to believe whoever is out there that “governments” or whoever are trying to keep out are probably benevolent. Otherwise, they’d be welcomed by the maniacs/psychopaths who have placed themselves “in charge” of our world.

    • Hello, I thought id put a comment here, where a Space related thought, is more aligned with the article topic.
      Bearing in mind some of the intriguing anomalies about a lack/absence of earths curvature. That invites serious analysis about what we see around us to infer what we can. About whether we might be on a flat plane, or on a supermassive earth

      And connect that into, when one thinks about, strange things that have gone on during the 20th century. Such as the bizarre1958 south pacific nuclear ‘tests’ upwards.

      Some people are suggesting, that when militaries/Governments/elites in the early 20th century could get up high enough and to explore Antarctica. They were really shocked and astounded by whatever they discovered.

      – It is interesting those nuclear tests upwards happened in 1958.
      – Admiral Byrds explorations to the ‘South Pole’ of Antarctica had already happened.
      – And in the same year, 1958, Antarctica and areas of the south pacific too I think, were locked down in the Antarctica Treaty, off limits for private exploration that remains to this day

      Some people think, there is some kind of ‘dimensional barrier’, that conventional Newtonian rocket technology, or planes , cannot travel past, and in fact get repelled from.
      And that it could be a firmament dome, and the 1958 nuclear tests, were an attempt to try and smash through the dome.

      Its possible that, saying the Van Allen belt is deadly radiation, there might be more to the story than that. And that it is an artificial electromagnetic Toroid physics type dimensional barrier, and past it, is literally another dimension.

      Can Newtonian rockets fly up and get past it? I’m not sure but I don’t think so. But lets say one could. Apparently, from what Aug Tellez and others are saying, if conventional rocket astronauts could get up past it. Their bodies would immediately go limp, because their Souls/spirit would get snapped out their bodies, and pulled back into this dimension. Almost like we are in a quarantine.

      It seems though that ‘Secret Space Programme’ crafts though, using electrogravitics free energy technology that have no G forces inside, act like a kind of ‘cocoon’, and can get past the ‘dimensional barrier’, and the occupants would be fine. And its possible that all ‘Space Travel’ might not be going out into space beyond our earth.

      But instead the only way out is using electrogravitics crafts, travelling out through into the multidimensions.. Using ‘portals’, or ‘stargate’ type openings that open and close several times a day. And NASA seems to know this well judging by their odd cryptic mission logos https://spaceflight.nasa.gov/gallery/images/shuttle/sts-129/med/sts129-s-001.jpg

      Also this is an interesting find. Two amateur rockets with cameras on, stopping dead at a certain altitude. Might there really be a dome? And wheres earths curvature is another interesting question.

    • I was trying to do a reply to Frances and not sure why I can’t. Anyway, yes, this Elena Freeman information seems very relevant here.

      Regarding the other mad science of creating living beings to use for spare parts or otherwise is completely unacceptable and IMHO uncompassionate, insane, and abominable! We’ve got to get away from these ideas of human exceptionalism and the idea of abusing and destroying one for the benefit of another. Personally, I don’t want human beings or any other malevolent types involved in manipulating biology in any way, shape, or form!

        • Yes, I’m sure. But I’ve read about such things having been done “underground” for many years already. You know they don’t tell us what’s going on until they’re ready to go public — when there’s something that can be gained from it.

  6. To Speculator’s comment below:

    Greg Hallett claims in his book “Hitler Was a British Agent,” that the missing year in H’s life (indicated by biographers) — 1913 — was spent in UK in the care of …uh…um… it rhymes with Mavistock.

    Speculator, the $60 that you are reluctant to spend for Brice Taylor’s book, and the $45 for Greg Hallett’s will soon add up to an airfare to Oz — you should just come here and read them in my living-room library.

    I recently overspent on “50 Years of the Tavistock Clinic.” It has a big series of articles that those folks put into journals around the 1920s. Eye-opening, eye-opening, eye-opening. (I mean just the titles of the articles; I haven’t read them yet!)

    Come on down. All quiet on the Western front. We did have a spot of an earthquake in Adelaide last night. Only 3.9 though.

    • I’d bet you have a very impressive library. You know, I’d probably have to stay for quite a long time to get through everything I’d want to read. Fortunately for you, I am not a person who has access to abundant finances and I have a job that provides me with mostly adequate sustenance but no more. So many books, so little time. I have quite a few books at home that I haven’t taken the time to read, but intend to eventually. Of course, there are so many good ones that I’ll never be able to read them all! I appreciate the offer!

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