Amirah Droudis and a New Book

droudis-and-bookAmirah Drousid and the late Man Haron Monis

by Malcolm R. Hughes

Gumshoenews announces the release of a new book by Mary W Maxwell, Inquest: Siege in Sydney. It contains not only Mary’s report of the Lindt Café Inquest but her series of articles on the Amirah Droudis trial.

This morning, Ms Droudis was given her sentence – 44 years imprisonment – for the murder of Man Haron Monis’ ex-wife.

A free download of INQUEST is now available in the second column of this website. You will see from the section on Droudis that the author, Mary Maxwell is not persuaded that the murderer was Amirah.

Justice Peter Johnson of the NSW Supreme Court had adjourned the sentencing hearing on November 30, 2016 after Amirah’s 16-year-old daughter submitted an affidavit saying Monis had abused her mother.

Today he delivered his decision – a 44-year sentence, with 33 years ineligibility for parole. He said he took into account that the lighting of a fire outside the apartment door had put many lives at risk.

The Judge also took into account that Amirah was influenced by Monis whom he referred to as “an evil man.”

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  1. Geoffrey H. says:

    Mary, I haven’t had time to go through the entirety of your book downloaded yesterday. So far I’ve just jumped straight to your “8 complaints” section. – there’s so much here that I’m in disagreement with btw. . . you can email me if you wish to pursue further. otherwise for now, take care.

  2. Having just learned from Josee’s comment to Cheryl’s February 2 article that the showing of autopsy material at Jahar’s trial was “questionable”, I have gone back to my Inquest book to see what was said of an important medical source:

    At page 134 of Mary Maxwell, “Inquest” (2017):

    In regard to the death of Katrina Dawson, Coroner Michael Barnes said, his Statement of March 20, 2016:

    “An eminent experienced interstate emergency medicine specialist, Professor Tony Brown, reviewed the medical care given to Katrina Dawson by the paramedics and the clinicians at the RPAH. He described it as “copy book perfect”.

    “Similarly, that specialist has given reasons why the decision to take Katrina and the other wounded hostages to the RPAH rather than the closer Sydney Hospital was entirely correct…. Accordingly, at this stage it is not proposed that the specialist will be called to give oral evidence – it is anticipated his opinions will be accepted.”

    And thus ends the possibility of cross-examination — MM

  3. Geoffrey H. says:

    The daughter submitted affidavit claiming abuse sited proof with a medical report of an injured wrist(s). But the truth is she did hairdressing for 11 years and in those last few years had repetitive strain injury so much so that she underwent regular Cortisone injections, x-rays and would frequently drop tools when working on clients. In any case her wrists seemed to work well enough to stab that poor young mother 18 times. In other words this was nothing more than a last ditch attempt to lighten her sentence.
    She didn’t get a life sentence but close enough that it’s over for her and we can all now close the book on this horrible chapter. Except for two innocent young boys and a teenage girl with Stockholm syndrome. Unfortunate victims who must continue on without their mothers.

    • Geoffrey, is there a source re the Cortisone? I agree with you that the last-minute story of abuse sounds a bit off.

      I saw the mother of the deceased lady at the courthouse. She looks like a nice warm person — so now she will also be bereft of a daughter.

      I wonder if she is aware of the government report quoted on page 82 of my book, “Inquest: Siege in Sydney,” which says:

      16 April: [MONIS] requests that the Parramatta Local Court investigate his allegation that NSW Police Force and ASIO
      are involved in the murder of his former partner. The
      request is denied.

  4. Dee, when I download the book from the website I don’t see page numbers fro tabbing. Can you advise?

    • Or, if Dee is “not home” — and I mean that in a nice way — could someone else please tell this mature-age person how to tab?

      • Sorry I misspelled DROUDIS in the photo caption.

        Have a look at what’s-his-face there. Does he strike you as a radicalized kinda guy? Does he strike you as a bikie? How about as a killer of his young sons’ young Mum (age 30)? Does he seem the devoted pacifist? Is he smart enuf to have run the siege? Could he woo a half dozen women at the same time? All those things were proposed, and not challenged, during Amirah’s trial.

        To me he looks pretty run-of-the-mill. I am not saying I have evidence that he is run-of-the mill. I don’t know anything about him, really. Just analyzing this photograph.

        • Geoffrey H. says:

          He was a pervert and with over 40 different aliases under his belt, also a con man using the religion of Islam as his shroud.
          Ultimately a frigging nut case and so is she.
          Sentence served.
          End of story, lights out.

          • Geoffrey, are you saying that it was something in Monis personality that made him do the Sydney siege on Dec 15, 2014?
            In that case how do you account for the coverups by authorities as described in my book “Inquest.” (See, for example chapter 29 and 30.) Why would they bother to lie?


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