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Tsarnaev, Trump’s Ban, and Missing Documents


bostonJahar, Tamerlan, Bella, Anzor, Ailina, circa 2002

by Cheryl Dean

Many families around the world have had new anxiety come into their lives by the United States “temporary” ban on travelers from certain countries. The Tsarnaev family is no exception. Dzhokhar (Jahar) who is currently on Death Row has had only the rarest of visits in the time since the April 2013 Marathon bombing.

Many relatives were prevented from visiting him (that is surely unconstitutional as well as inhumane) but his sisters managed three visits. Ailina and Bella live in the US. I’m sure they would like to see their parents in Russia, but if they leave the US, they would fear they might not be able to return — and this would leave the prisoner completely alone.

Consider that this family has already lost its dear Tamerlan. Many of us are certain that he was killed in FBI custody. Luckily his parents don’t have to watch the horrible movie Patriot’s Day, which presents both boys in the most unfair manner possible.

I was happy that Trump was elected. I really thought he would do good things for the American people (I am Canadian), but I don’t feel that way any more. He seem to me to be as cruel as all those before him. Mercy and compassion are perhaps unknown to him.

Update on the Legal To’ing and Fro’ing

The trial of Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev was finished on May 9, 2015 (except for the official theatrical sentencing day on June 24, 2015). You may be surprised to hear that his appellate lawyers are still unable to obtain a complete set of court documents from the case. That’s 21 months!

Soon it will be 2 years after the trial ended!  No wonder appeals take so long.  Maybe this is a telling sign that they need to try trying stalling in every possible way.   The case was so unjust, the Powers That Be must withhold and sabotage as long as possible.

Gail Johnson and David Patton, Dzhokhar’s appellate lawyers, have now filed a second motion asking for a further delay of 60 days. Their first motion asked for a 120-day delay.

Judy Clarke has remained on the case to ensure a “smooth transition” for the new defense. She supposedly will remain until a new “learned counsel” in the death penalty can be substituted.

I highly doubt that Judy-it was him-Clarke is the only death penalty lawyer in the US. More likely she is considered the only one who is willing to ensure the desired government outcome regarding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Some recent court documents are quite revealing.  Seventeen of the requested 20 sealed orders that were issued ex parte to the defense, have been located and a copy should be provided.

The remaining 3 orders were issued under seal to both parties, yet neither party (defense or prosecution) have been able to locate a copy!!  This is very convenient for those who have much to hide.

DOC 1706, which was recently released to the public states:

“Defendant Appellant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, by and through counsel, and pursuant to the Fifth and Sixth amendments to the United States Constitution respectfully moves this court to provide a copy of the following sealed Orders, so that this counsel may compile and review a full record on appeal. A complete and accurate record, essential in any appeal, is especially crucial in a capital case as a critical ‘safeguard against arbitrariness and caprice’.” [Emphasis added]

Dzhokhar’s new lawyers, Gail Johnson and David Patton, state that they have worked diligently for hundreds of hours trying to compile a complete record of the case, but still it’s not complete.

You would think that the prior defense would have a complete record, so why don’t they? Five lawyers being paid for over 2 years – and numerous assistants — yet they can’t keep complete organized records. And remember Judy is still there, but she can’t find them.

There are still 139 docket entry numbers that are not on PACER.gov – the website from which the public can purchase transcripts of the case. Why not?

There are still 600 documents under seal!!! WHY??

The Marathon bombing is so public it has a movie about it. Are there secrets? Don’t his current lawyers have every right to see the documents?

There are also 27 government ex parte filings in the US District Court in Boston, but the new defense has no idea of the nature of those. These were initiated by the prosecution, who are not willing to disclose all of them.

The prosecution said in November, 2016 that it would offer 17 to 20 of them to the defense, but so far they have not provided any of them. The prosecution says it will resist disclosing the 7 other documents on appeal.

Is this standard corruption and dirty tactics? The relevant material is being kept not only from the public, but from Dzhokhar’s lawyers. It’s hard to defend someone, if you don’t have all the evidence you need to do so.

The new defense asked for a copy of government trial exhibit #722-A, but the government personnel say they do not have a copy of it!!  I’ll bet it was something that was shown to the jurors but to no one else, which happened more than once in that trial.

How do I know this? We know that “exhibits” were shown to only the jury, or only the witness, etc, because it states this in the court transcripts. Also, there were hundreds of tweets about this during the trial from journalists, such as Bruce Gellerman and Laurel J Sweet.

Example: the autopsy photos of the dead were only shown to the jurors, no one else. Those photos could have been of anyone, or no one.

UPDATE: As of January 31, 2017 Judy Clarke is off the case!!!  My reaction is the same as when prosecutor Carmen Ortiz resigned a few weeks ago: Good riddance!

The defense lawyer replacing Judy Clarke is Clifford Gardner, also from San Francisco. Unfortunately he and Judy are friends, so I don’t hold much hope for a proper outcome for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, age 23.

May God help him.

— Cheryl Dean collaborates with Josée Lépine in indexing and inspecting all the released documents from US District Court for [M]assachusetts.



  1. Cheryl, if the autopsy photos are not the property of either the Defense or Prosecution, how did they get presented to the jury? Do they have an Exhibit Number?

    Whose bodies are we talking about? Is there any transcript mention of the autopsy of the 8-year-old Martin Richard? Or of Tamerlan? You know there is a supposed “mortuary photo” of Tamerlan, but who would leak it to the press?

    • It seems the autopsy photos were in the control of the prosecution. There was no autopsy photo of Tamerlan in the trial. I believe the FBI leaked that “mortuary photo” of Tamerlan, just as they leaked the photo of Dzhokhar in the operating room at Beth Israel. We know this because the surgeon, Dr Odom saw the FBI take the picture, then tried to blame hospital staff for leaking it, but Dr Odom told the press right away who leaked it. I guess both photos were like a trophy to brag about for the sick sociopaths at the FBI.

  2. Cheryl(,and Mary)

    Can anyone explain the “Deep State” purpose of the Boston fiasco. We know Craft International were crawling all over it, because they were photographed with their khakis pants, boots black jackets and Craft caps with the skull emblem. We all remember the guy in the wheelchair with a fake blown off leg being raced down the street in front of cameras. Many of us remember the “Warning this is a Drill” coming from near the library across the road. To what end? Guns? Martial law conditioning? Illuminati fun and games? Anyone??
    Shit, there are dead kids and one young man facing the gallows.

    • Phil, the deep state purpose, in my opinion, is a multi-faceted program to get control of everyone.

      It is a nincompoop idea — I mean what good does it do them? — they would be better off leading normal lives. But (I think) a few at the very top got stuck into it and made up any justification they needed.

      To make it work they have hired umpteen servants. Those servants (excluding the many who are utterly coerced) want a reward such as money. Having recieved such money they then want more. Perhaps they themselves cook up the next step in the program, as it has become their “livelihood.”

      Look at the media moguls. Now look at the trolls who wrote in to Dee’s recent article on Blue Man. They are very low in the food chain. But if they need cash to survive (and who doesn’t?) they must get somewhat creatve. So they actually BOTHERED to try to knock Ned, Paul et al with personal insults.

      Like they are on a carousel and can’t get off. Pathetic, no? But at the top of the food chain are persons who do genocide in a relaxed manner. After all, if they did it yesterday and the day before, they may as well do a bit more of it today, mate.

      Phil, that is my view of it. Cheryl is up there in North American sleepy time. But I hope anyone else will give their 2 cents.

    • Phil, I believe there were many reasons for the BMB fiasco. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was the very first American citizen (and the youngest) convicted of “terrorism” and sentenced to death. This sets an important precedent for the US gov. A trial can be had and won with flimsy to no evidence, due to ultra conditioning of the masses including jurors through the participating media, and the sought after death penalty can be won. I believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was blackmailed into working for the FBI (which is the case with most FBI informants). He knew too much and was angry at the FBI, so they had to get rid of him, so setting him up during the planned drill at the marathon served the FBI well. They didn’t count on Dzhokhar and didn’t know how much he knew so they tried to kill him also, but against all odds he survived, so the death penalty trial and win, also served them well. Plus, another case of Muslim radicals always help with their jihadi propaganda. The FBI needs to constantly justify their 3 billion dollar yearly budget so they can keep getting that, so if there is no real work for them to do, they just invent it and that keeps them busy, keeps the public afraid, and happy the FBI is looking after things etc… It’s all so sick and evil. One day we will know everything, but we must keep working on it.

      • Re the remark that “I believe Tamerlan Tsarnaev was blackmailed into working for the FBI (which is the case with most FBI informants):

        My undestanding is that, just like Vicki Weaver, he was ASSASINATED because an attempt to recruit via black mail had FAILED:
        It’s no secret that those deemed to be borderline insurgents are extremely vulnerable;the consequences of refusing an “invitation” are also well known..

        • Berry, this could be the case, but there is much evidence that Tamerlan was working for the FBI. We have his mother stating that the FBI came to their house many times and that the FBI was watching Tamerlan. We know that Tamerlan was acting just like FBI informant/provocater at the mosque he attended. This is typical informant behavior, looking for a new vulnerable person for the FBI to set up. Then Tam is allowed to travel to Russia, even though Russia had notified the US that Tam was a radical, and the US basically told Russia to mind their own business. Tam was looking for radicals while he was in Russia. Tamerlan wanted to become an American citizen and maybe the FBI said, if you help us out, we will help you out with that. He also would have been getting paid by the FBI, and he did have a family to support and needed money. It seems with every “terror” attack in the US, the FBI had already been involved with the person. That’s just too much of a coincidence.

      • The rotten system in which individuals are chaff in the unethical, uncaring ‘machine’, in which even the harmless gesture of contempt and impotence, is used to propagandise and influence against the unjustly accused. When the public is desperate to punish someone, anyone will do – apparently.

    • I always wonder if there isn’t an aspect to these cases that I call a “gullibility test” to find out just how complacent the population is or how much nonsense they’ll believe when the source is identified as an “authority,” “official,” or “expert.”
      The main thing, I think, is they wanted to set a precedent for selecting individuals and planting the idea in the minds of a more or less traumatized or complacent public that they’re terrorists based on ridiculously thin “evidence” and false witness testimony. It seems they have an almost unlimited cash flow at their disposal to pay people off and create false impressions.
      I think it was an exercise or a “drill” as stated, but it wasn’t for the benefit of the citizenry. It was an exercise in concocting a completely false event, complete with phony medical personnel, phony interviewees, phony victims, etc., etc., and even a phony trial to convict the “accused” and give them a death sentence, and getting and keeping, or at least giving the impression of, public support. This gave them additional practice in making up any ridiculous story and untrue “facts” and turning it into a “historical fact.”
      Why the Tsarnaev family? I’m not sure about that, but it could have something to do with Uncle Ruslan and other possible family connections with the “deep state.”
      Just a few ideas.

      • Speculator — was the trial phony? yes, it was in-your-face-phony.
        But so far I don’t have evidence of medical phony. I know it’s there, thanks to indirect evidence, but I would love to see more.

        If anybody has even a bit of it, please send it to Comments.
        Otherwise to me: mary.maxwell @ alumni.adelaide.edu.au

        • I would love to see concrete evidence too. Maybe one or more of the participants will get a conscience some day and come forward with that evidence.

      • Speculator, I agree that all was a plot by the gov, for all the reasons you stated. It was all phony, except for the fact that an innocent kid was sentenced to death, and is in H unit at ADX supermax prison suffering greatly. All those who are party to this will also suffer greatly eventually, unless they spill the beans and repent soon.

        • Cheryl, I’m curious — how do we know that the sisters have visited Dzhokhar? It would be good to know that he knows he still has family and supporters.

          • Speculator, one of the ways we know the sisters have visited their brother, is because it was discussed in many court documents by the defense. There was an FBI agent standing right there throughout the visits, and the defense argued that it was not necessary and that their visits were called social/work product, ( a lawyer was there with the sisters during the visits)and defense felt FBI should not be able to listen to protected information, but they lost that argument. Also, the case was so “notorious”, and people and media so crazed, Devens prison closed the prison to all other visitors when Dzhokhar’s sisters visited, to ensure their safety etc. (I asked Mary to ask you, if I could have your email, but she said she never heard back from you.)

          • Maybe I misunderstood what you said somewhere. I thought you said that the sisters had been able to visit Dzhokhar at the Colorado prison. It makes me so sad.

            Regarding my email address, Mary may have asked for that on a post where I forgot to check mark the box to be notified of other comments. So I never got that request. Shall I send it to Mary at her adelaide.edu email?

    • The fact that ALL these events have common features, suggests common instigators and common intentions. It’s rather akin to the well established criminal idea of ‘modus operandi’. This raises very profound questions and issues. Are we really saying that embedded somewhere, there is an active unit, an operations room, determining what and where? To whom does such a group answer to? Clearly all Western/Israeli governments strenuously deny involvement and responsibility, a position that is becoming increasingly untenable. So are the ostensible political leaders intentionally deceiving us (surely a serious crime?) or are they also in the dark? If the latter the conclusion must be a treasonous power base in not one, but most American and European countries or able to penetrate them without opposition! Of course we are asked to believe the coordinating enemy is in fact ‘ISIS’, but leaving aside the fact that we know ISIS is the child of Israel, America and Saudi planners, so that anything it is claimed to be responsible for, leads straight back to Tel Aviv, Washinging and Riyadh, nevertheless it is quite preposterous that this recently created group of mercenaries have the range or organisation to do what is claimed. It is clear that insofar as Muslim Arabs have been blamed for outrages, they invariably appear to be working at the behest of others or have been framed to appear guilty. Nothing could be more serious in our time, or more threatening to our social, economic and political wellbeing. The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that there is indeed a conspiracy that crosses international boundaries, intended to spread fear and distrust directed against principally Arabs and Muslim – though in recent years and since Putin has stepped in and frustrated Western plans, this has been extended to Russia. The only possible and rational explanation turns on the the expansionist, hegemonic ambitions of Israel, carefully concealed by Jewish controlled media, from millions of ordinary people, who they know just would not wear it. Only the internet has challenged this narrative, which of course has now prompted the clamour for restrictions (for which child porn has been very useful) and the ‘Fake News’ meme.

      • What you write makes more sense than you realize. Obviously the many “terrorist attacks” are part of a common strategy. That strategy was formulated in the early 1990s as a replacement for the Soviet threat that disappeared. There is ample evidence that this is exactly what happened. Operation 9/11 was a starting shot for NATO member states to come on board this strategy and see, many became adept in orchestrating “Islamic terrorism”, particularly France and the UK, with others following suit. The “terrorist attacks” in Bali and Mumbai are also part of this strategy. In each case, the event has multiple goals, partly those pursused by the US and partly by local elites.

        Deciphering single events like the Boston Marathon is extremely valuable. But considering that the number of such events exceeds our capabilities to follow-up, we’d better part from the presumption that every socalled islamist terrorist attack in the Western world is a state operation, lest the contrary is proven beyond reasonable doubt. With such presumption we can proceed into the political realm and join forces with those who oppose imperialism and the predatory economic order that underlies imperialism.

  3. Any informed lawyer practising in the criminal jurisdiction in NSW (and in jurisdictions under the comon law) and Her Majesty’s prosecutors would be aware that it is a trite requirement that any information available to the prosecution that favours a accused MUST be divulged to the defence prior to a trial.
    To not disclose such information is a strong basis, on appeal for a mistrial.
    Seems that the US system is uncivilised?
    Readers may do their own research on the duties of Her Majesty’s prosecutors.
    After all, usually significant excupatory material/evidence is in the hands of those with the public finance and resources to investigate and discover such information.
    The weak link is that at times the investigators deliberately ignore or sabotage the possible exculpatory evidence.
    That I have experienced: luckily for the innocent accused such information disproving the prosecution allegations was tracked down and the jury found accordingly and acquitted with thrift on the second trial. In the first trial, a friend of a relative of the alleged complainant on the jury relied on family BS gossip and the jury was not unanimously convinced of guilt. ( 2 business men held out and the jury was ‘hung’)
    Well prior to any committal proceedings and the trial the officer in charge, when approached in a pub by a witness (police station was closed) in Musselbrook, NSW and being advised that he was there and that the accused of the sexual assault, (rape on a thirteen year old [liar] ) could not have done it, was dismissed by the oic. ‘The charges have been laid’ said the oic.
    Btw the Crown prosecutor two decades later opined to me that the complainant was lying and the client recounted to me a decade after the trials that the police complainant (alleged victim) apologised to him in Woolworths.
    Surprised? Well now readers are informed, some police lie and deliberately dismiss exculpatory information.
    Then in this case the relevant officer was promoted to inspector! He should have gone to prison for attempting to pervert the course of justice.
    So for our shock joke commentators! They really are jokes, they have probably never been there or been falsley accused.
    One reservation on full disclosue in law may be that the uninformed ignorant politicians in Canberra have restricted such disclosure, determination and ‘reporting’ that could be based on ‘alleged’ national interests.
    That, I have had no need to research ……. so far!
    Are we to follow the uncivilsed US BS system? Ask our Canberra ‘sheltered workshop’ politicians.
    Well now, disclose and present the man in blue is, who was so significant in Melbourne in the last escapade killing about six innocents and who was in control of the three silver commodores and the white suv, etc, etc,…..
    Look up the duties of a Crown prosecutor and inform. Drop any BS.

    • Ned, can you say anything of a general nature about the “privacy” of autopsy photos. I don’t see how they can be private if the murder of that person is the reason the trial is happening.

      At the Lindt Cafe Inquest — but I realize there was no “accused” there — the lawyers for the families were very opposed even to the publication of a floorplan on which had been indicated a drop of blood. Not a red photo of blood, just a pencil “X.”

      I wonder if the person whose blood that was, would really want such “sensitivity” to be a factor in the investigation.

        • I’ll bet it’s always hard for a bereaved family to realize that the Inquest is “their show.” I mean it doesn’t jive with the rest of our experience in which the judge is way up there.

          You may note in my book “Inquest” that I say the family of Monis should have been treated as one of the interested families since his death was one of the three deaths that the Coroner had to investigate.

          It could have brought forth some interesting witnesses.

      • Mary,
        In the few Coronial inquries I have appered, I have never been denied access to the relevant photographs of the deceased nor denied referring them in examination or submissions.
        Ever seen photos of a deceased mauled to death by a Tiger?

    • For those curious, we are talking about 1983-4 for a trial in Musselbrook, NSW with a following trial in Gosford. No town gossip in Gosford……. the jury took ten minutes in Gosford whilst in Musselbrook they were out from 5 pm to 1 am. Or thereabouts.

  4. It appears to me that all police services and judicial processes in the Western World have become completely corrupted. I have no faith in any jurisdiction. Although there may be some decent coppers on the beat, they are outnumbered by the other criminals in the food chain and court system.

  5. Hello Cheryl and thank you for this article.

    Readers of your article may want to read the trial transcripts for the testimony of the medical examiners who performed the autopsy of Krystle Campbell (Transcript 1569); Lingzi Lu and Martin Richard (Transcript 1624). Government trial exhibits were presented only to the examiners and the jurors. There are a few government exhibits that show the bodies and ‘things’ that were found inside the bodies of the dead. All the court documents and the trial transcript are located at: http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/ – just hit the ‘more’ button.
    If you want to see the government trial exhibits you can find them at this site: https://jimmysllama.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/6979/

    For your information although some documents have been unsealed, they need to be redacted before they can be purchase through Pacer (why? I don’t know).

    Ned worte that Craft people were on the scene. It has just been revealed that the FBI was also on site. Go check http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/ for the article and the badge that FBI agent were wearing.

    I would like to engage into a discussion about the government trial exhibits and ask for your opinion on what you see and specifically if you had been a juror at that trial what would have been your reaction to those exhibits. I will speak with Mary and see if she agreed to that kind of discussion.

    • Top of the morning, Josée. Nice to see you again.
      You don’t need Mary’s or even Her Bossness’s permission. This comment board is community property. Open season.

      I hereby ask any and all readers who have followed the Boston story to engage with Josée about the autopsy photos. I am aware that some peeps think the deceased are not 100% gone.
      In my book Marathon Bombing I run a mild critique of the person known as 8-yr-old Martin Richard.

      As I’ve said many times, it drives me crazy when Internet folk ASSUME there was no death at Sandy Hook. I think there was, and that the hoopla about it is well orchestrated.

      Never mind. In the Boston case we don’t have nameless Youtubers. We have Josée Lépine, citizen of Canada. She isn’t asking you to venture a guess as to whether the deceased are genuine. She is asking you to read transcripts or look at exhibits from Jahar’s trial.

      I have found in the Port Arthur case and Jahar’s case that official records tell you all you need to know. Yay transcripts!

      Josée, I myself can’t engage now. I am working down to the wire on something else and must not attend to autopsy.

      To repeat: please assist our Josée. Just ordinary citizens, that’s all she needs. Smarty pants lawyers welcome, too. Cops, the odd judge, anybody. Your input will make a diff.

      • Pooh. I said I wasn’t going to look. But i looked at the Weebly link. It offered a video of the Watertown shootout. Hot diggety dog i have always wanted to see that.

        Are you ready? Ready for the big one? Here is what the jury was shown (if I correctly understand Weebly).

        You may need your smelling salts:

      • Thanks Mary.

        I want to look at most of the exhibits not about the autopsy ones as we do not have them, but others that need a serious look. Unfortunately I do not know how to post images on this site, so I might need the help of Dean.

        Let me look at how we can engage in a discussion.

    • Hi Josee,
      your comments are so informative and so appreciated!.
      “I would like to engage into a discussion about the government trial exhibits and ask for your opinion on what you see and specifically if you had been a juror at that trial what would have been your reaction to those exhibits.” This is a great idea Josee! I’m all for it.

    • Are there any items in particular that you’d like people to look at? I’ve seen lots and lots of them. From what I’ve seen there’s nothing whatsoever that is worthy of a conviction, let alone the death penalty.

      • Speculator, I totally agree, there is nothing worthy of a conviction at all. However, let’s see what others think. Josee and i will come up with some examples soon.

  6. About the autopsy photographs, I want to point to you a government motion for a protective order. The government did not want Jahar to see those photographs. You really have to go and read that motion as it is sickening (Document 225). Of course the defense objected to it and file their objection with document 234. Judge O’Toole (surprise, surprise) denied the government motion at a motion hearing (transcript 270). http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/

    • Here is the Document 225. It says there is precedent for not letting a defendant see something, as long as the defense lawyers can see it. The case they cite is a 2008 terrorism thing in which the defendant was not allowed to see CLASSIFIED material.


      Be that as it may, Josee, I can’t see that preventing Jahar from looking at “the naked, mutilated bodies,” as they put it, would have improved his chances of anything.

      Whatever force it was that made Jahar and his parents NOT protest what was going on in that court case must have been so strong that this document or any other wouldn’t have brought him round.
      I wonder if they showed him Ruslan’s video and that is what made him go silent. (“My nephew Tamerlan went bad, etc.”)

      Ruslan, if you’re reading this, get brave. I’m sure you fear they will kill your children — God knows there’s precedent for it! (Remember when Maret was talking hysterically to Dan Dicks on video in Toronto?). I don’t think they will do it. I think they’re scared. But anyway, what kind of world is left to your kids if everybody caves in? A life not worth living.

      • the prosecution was in a sick way trying to get the public to believe that Dzhokhar would relish or get satisfaction from the autopsy photos. (he would be admiring his work as a “terrorist”.) It was just another devious strategy to further demonize Dzhokhar. Plus, if the photos were not of the Richard boy or the other deceased, the fewer people who saw them, the better.

        • Josée, I apologize; I missed your point. It’s not so much that Jahar did not get to see the autopsy photos (despite centuries-old right of the accused to be able to face his accuser), it’s that the photos may be plainly false and now no one will know. Is that what you mean?

          Cheryl, I totally agree that these things need to be pointed out – as a way of appealing to the people. To find yet another court error (court sin, court crime) does not solve Jahar’s endangered situation. In the old days as soon as a court error was revealed the person could go free, or get a new trial. Today we have what Mal said, a predictably corrupt judiciary.

          A band of citizens should demand to see the autopsy photos. Moreover, a band of citizens should demand that the accused be tried in the state. Take it away from the feds.

          Josée, until you supplied the links today I did not know there was a big community of Bostonians or Americans that rejected the Tsarnaev conviction. They should get together and act. They can form a grand jury. The infiltrators will be there in droves but so what. It’s like mosquitos: “the pests you have always with you.”

  7. The day before the Government presented their medical examiner’s testimonies (autopsy) there was a sidebar about those photographs:

    THE COURT: You want to be at the side? I’m sorry.
    (Discussion at sidebar and out of the hearing of the
    MR. WEINREB: Just two quick things: Yesterday the
    Court ruled on a defense motion with respect to some autopsy
    photos, and there was a question raised about the photo of
    Martin Richard where he’s wearing his clothing. And we believe
    that the state of the clothing is relevant in and of itself.
    We don’t object to the Court’s ruling insofar as the Court does
    not want multiple pictures of Martin Richard’s corpse, but we
    would ask that we at least be allowed to show the jury the
    clothing because it’s evidence of the mechanism of the bomb —
    the burn, the shredded, that it did various other things —
    that we allege in the indictment and have argued to the jury
    that these bombs did. So no photos, but we just have clothing.
    THE COURT: All right. Let me look at it with that in

    Unfortunately we do not have that ruling. It was probably done during a hallway conference.

  8. Briliant report exposing the utter malignacy and corruption of the American “Justice” system when the Government is up to its dirty tricks. I am not sure we in Britain have anything to gloat about having witnessed much the same approach in our own notorious cases. In fact in the “values-loving” democracies, examples are legion. God help the accused in countries that don’t love their “values” then.

  9. My perspective on this is that no matter what evidence can be given or shown, nothing can be done until we have a huge change in governments and society. “They” have things locked down tight at this time. Even if you showed up with a boat load of evidence of Dzhokhar’s innocence, it would not be acknowledged. The court wouldn’t hear it or see it and the mainstream media would remain committed to the official story. So what I feel like I’m doing is sort of holding a moral vigil until something happens to change the current situation. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone with the ability to think beyond the dictates of “authorities,” “officials,” and “experts” that the event was not at all what it was reported to have been.

    If anyone here believes that some lawyer or judge or president or attorney general or private group of people armed with the truth will be able to get the U.S. injustice system to exonerate Dzhokhar, I’d love to hear another perspective.

    • Speculator I am glad you are touting the word “moral.” The fact that the word has fallen into disuse is a large part of the problem, since being able to say to someone “How dare you commit that immoral act” was always a useful weapon.

      But when you say “vigil,” it is as though you are waiting for the problem to get corrected. It is up to you (any of us) to correct it. As we “wait,” the noose is tightening all around. Waiting is the wrong strategy for sure.

      Here’s my offering. Take attention off the injustice being done to Jahar (and many thousands on infairly imprisoned people) — I know Cheryl won’t agree with me — and place it on the environment. Thanks to our feckless “representatives” we are allowing extreme destruction to the planet, whether it be the skies, the oceans or, say, the crops. This can never be fixed so we need to stop it and scream at those doing it.

      Here is a line from colonial Assachusetts:

      Old Floyd Ireson, hard of heart,
      Tarred and feathered, and carried in a cart
      By the women of Marblehead.

      Go, women! Go, tarring and feathering! Do what you must!

      P.S. Speculator, re your request below, your email address has now been supplied to Cheryl. Of course Gumshoe does not share anyone’s private email address but since you requested the contact, all is well.

      P.S. For the record, it seems Floyd Ireson had been unjustly accused and so the tarring and feathering was wongly inflicted, but we know of cases where it wouldt be spot on.

      • Thanks Mary!

        My attention is not all about Jahar and the injustices being done all over the world to innocent people. It’s very much about the planet, most of all, who I don’t believe cares much for injustice toward any of its inhabitants/creatures or herself.

        The “vigil” aspect is actually more about timing than anything else. I’m holding a space for right to be done and for truth to come out from the shadows. I can’t do it by myself and am therefore doing all that I know how to do. I no longer believe in petitioning authorities to do right. If they consider themselves “authorities,” they are already corrupt. It’s my belief that right will be done and we are making it happen. It just takes time. Here’s the definition I get from Google and it seems appropriate enough: “a period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch or pray.”

      • Everyone seems so trusting of the FBI, one of the most criminal organizations around, and believe the story about the “pressure cooker bombs.” There were NO pressure cooker bombs. There was no shrapnel. There were fireworks that made a lot of noise, as would be expected to be used in a drill to simulate bomb blasts. Everything was fake. It was a false event. The city, county, state, and federal officials all lied. They tried to create a false historical event and for the time being seem to have been successful, with their detailed Wikipedia pages having been fully created before the trial was complete. They are going to protect these lies with everything they’ve got…until they have nothing left at their disposal to use.

      • I’m just listening to a Corbett report called “The CIA & The Drug Trade,” where James mentioned that William Huntington Russell (grandfather? of Katherine Russell Tsarnaev) as the founder of Skull & Bones of Yale University. I had heard this before, but for some reason didn’t investigate. It occurred to me that here is a whole can of worms that seems to have been barely looked into. My first thought was, could some sort of fight or difficulty between Tamerlan and Katherine cause Katherine’s father or other relatives to “volunteer” Tamerlan for something that that person knew would get him killed? And then I realized how deep this could go and thought I’d ask, has anyone else on the Gumshoe comment forum looked into this at all?

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