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The Three Silver Cars, The “Blue Man” and Peekay


gargasoulisThe three silver unmarked cars following Gargasoulas down Swanston Street. This is a screengrab of the footage shown on Channel 7 — taken by the media attending the Mayor’s press conference at the Town Hall

by Dee McLachlan

For starters, look at the picture above. I screen-grabbed it from the footage shown in Channel 7. The video was shot from the balcony of the Town Hall. The red car — driven by the accused killer Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas. Following and to his side are three silvery cars (one behind the flag). A further white car was following, but is not in view here.

This has not been mentioned by mainstream media!

And why was a Channel 7 cameraman so well positioned to catch the event? He or she  was attending a Mayoral press conference on that very balcony. It had begun at 1.15pm. Gargasoulas’s car entered Swanston St around 1.30pm. The killing was reported shortly thereafter.

On January 22, 2017 I published “Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?” To my surprise it got over 150,000 views and 266 comments.  My article has been inspired by Gumshoe commenter Gary who noticed that a man dressed in blue was waving to Gargasoulas — who was driving the stolen red Holden.

Gargasoulas was illegally “doing donuts” (making 360 degree turns) at the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Streets. Other commenters thought the blue man was helping to direct Jimmy.

It looked like the blue man encouraged Gargasoulas to do circles, then directed him down Swanston Street. The Holden then mounted the sidewalk and turned left into Bourke Street — to run over various people.  Six people are now reported to have been killed.

It now looks to me that certain questions are important.

  1. Who drove the three silvery cars – the ones near the blue man during the donut episode? Are they plain-clothes police? Are they Commonwealth cars? What licence plate numbers?
  1. How is it that Tony Gough of News Corps was at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders when the donutting occurred? I emailed him politely with that question, but have not had a reply.
  1. Who organised the mayoral press conference for 1.15pm, and on the portico overlooking Swanston? I phoned the Mayor’s office to ask, and was told it is not unusual for the balcony to be used, or for 1.15pm to be a time for that sort of thing. (Note: the subject of the press conference was Homelessness.)
  1. Why has the public been shown the CCTV footage from only three cameras when there are so many? The most recent is of the car racing down the side walk of Swanston Street (video here). The frame rates are being questioned, but could this be due to reduced frame rates of the CCTV capture?
  1. What about shopkeepers along the direct line of the tragedy? Last week I phoned a Jeweler in Bourke Street, as I presumed they would have CCTV footage. The woman who answered was extremely stressed while talking to me! When I asked, she said the car did race past their windows, and “yes”, people were injured near them. With regard to their CCTV footage: they gave it to the police.
  1. Who is the blue man? Many readers wrote in to Gumshoe to say that he is a homeless “nutbag” who camps near the Flinders St Station. Gumshoe’s Mary Maxwell went looking for him there on January 27, but did not see him. I will write to the police asking for his identity. It did seem odd to me that the blue man walked right in front of one the silvery cars, as they moved up to follow Gargasoulas — and those drivers appeared to take no interest.222-1
  1. What happened in Bourke Street, and how did he damage his car? After all, Gargasoulas is now awaiting trial and such footage would be evidence. We briefly saw snippets of the car chase down Swanston — with the Holden going up onto the pavement, but little else.
  1. Quite a few people said there were helicopters overhead. When did they get airborne that day?
  1. Gargasoulas allegedly caused a stir at the Dogs Bar, then stabbed his brother late into the night before. He is then seen on camera (Channel 9), in the early morning, when they were reporting the stabbing.
  1. It is reported, too, that his girlfriend was with him that morning, but that she got out of his car while he was on the Bolte bridge. She said that he had been saying for hours that he would kill people. Once she was liberated from the car, was she picked up by police? Did she reveal that warning? (The police had apparently been following him for hours before the donut incident.)

Now for those who were in the city that day — and especially those families directly affected — this is truly tragic. And a shock. After all, Melbourne has been named many times as the “most livable city in the world.” But the media coverage has some oddities, plus the usual distractions.

The News Coverage

The coverage on this event has been exceptionally limited. Are the police and the press being deliberately restrained at withholding traumatic footage?

The police might also be withholding footage, so as not to fuel further public anger of their “time is on your side” pursuit policy.

And why have the mainstream media (MSM) not commented on the way the three silver cars that neatly curve around behind the Holden,   slowly down Swanston?

The MSM seem to focus on the laying of memorial flowers, families waiting at hospital, the tragedy of the little girl (Ms Hakin), interviews with Gargasoulas’s mother, and discussion about the bail laws. And the media took the focus away from street interviews with people who claimed Gargasoulas yelled Allahu Akbar (God is great) back at the donutting scene.

There has been very little coverage of the many persons who were injured on the footpath, though we were briefly shown footage of the carnage, and a SES van arriving. It reminded me of the “mortuary” truck used at Port Arthur.


There is coverage about police incompetence, based on the fact that they did not get him in time. They followed their rule of avoiding hot pursuit as chases sometimes result in others being injured or killed.

But the actions of the three silvery cars go unexplained.

Was this another “Permission denied — this has to happen” event?

A Word about Peekay.

Peekay has a Youtube channel with 18,000 subscribers. He says he lives in Melbourne but I have not seen him videoing any of this live.  He uses, as I did myself,  existing footage.

His style is always to blow the matter up as a crisis actor performance. In most videos he does this very soon after the event takes place, leaving little time to research the facts. However, in this instance he posted several days later. He also makes very insulting remarks about the alleged victims.

(In his coverage of the Lindt Café siege, his only name for one of the heavy-built lady hostages is “that cow.” Astonishing!)

peekayIs this Peekay — the Melbourne man Peter Kusznir in 2004 (R)?

My opinion at this point is that he has been thrown in to create a bad name for those of us who are really “gumshoe-ing” a possible terrorist or staged event.

Back in the days of his coverage of the Marathon and Sandy Hook, Mary W Maxwell accused Peekay of being a misinformation artist, as is published in our book Truth in Journalism. (See free download at this website).

In the Melbourne incident, Peekay claims that some passing pedestrians, the victims, and most of the personnel attending to the wounded in Melbourne are fakes — all crisis actors. Wow — a huge production of hundreds of actors. What is the word — Bollocks!

I can inform Peekay, that having been a film director on sets for over 30 years, I have a keen eye for determining a staged event. On a film set, one has the privilege of doing more than one take, and it is extremely hard to make a scene look real — especially a crowd scene with hundreds of extras.

So what is Peekay’s game? In the article by news.co.au, “Australian actor impersonated family of Bourke St victims in calls to hospitals,” they write about his attempt to pry into a victim’s privacy in hospital. They said:

“Neighbours and Underbelly bit-part actor Peter Kusznir… was reportedly instructed by police to pull down at least three lengthy videos where he vilified several victims who were killed and injured in the tragedy.”

There are some serious questions to be asked about that day, but Peekay confuses the process by calling it all fake. I wonder if someone is paying him to comment on conspiracy theories and then go the extra mile — just to DISCREDIT anyone and everyone that is honestly questioning the official account.

Doubtless he is providing grounds for legislation to inhibit alternative reporting in the future, as the news.co.au alluded to.

I think if there were crisis actors connected to the Bourke St rampage, the most likely candidates are Gargasoulas and Peekay himself.




    I see that channel 9 reported Peekay’s attempt to talk to a nurse at Epworth hospital about the injured child. Sure enuf he wil now appear in court. Here is a clip and a link:

    A Victoria Police spokeswoman told news.com.au a man will appear in court on Monday in relation to the incidents.

    “A personal safety order was issued against an Ardeer man following the publication of a number of videos on a social media site. The videos relate to the Bourke Street Mall incident,” she said.
    “The man will appear at Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on February 6 in relation to the matter.
    “Police are aware the publication of these videos has caused significant distress to the victims.”

    Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/02/04/10/03/man-impersonates-friend-of-bourke-st-victim-in-prank-calls#kuxDtuZphyHcZHir.99

    Dee i am not familiar with “personal safety order” unless it means the family or hospital sought a restraining order. So it is not a criminal matter. Maybe u r safe for another month….

  2. If the three silver cars were either police or ASIO operated, why when crime was being enacted right in front of them, did they not use sirens and lights to warn the public? There was no need for a chase, so that excuse is out of the question. If the drivers of those cars, are officials, they actually allowed the killings and are part of the killing spree.

    As I noted in an earlier comment, while the red car was stationery in the intersection, one grey car moved slowly behind the offending car, there appeared to be space for the second car to move in front of the offender lock to him in. This did not happen, the second grey car moved in behind the first, as though it was all planned.

    • It is extraordinary. It is a worry when many of the false flag boxes get ticked; like proximity of press, “the police were aware of him”, a pre-crime event (stabbing), a broken family, bail failures, mental problems, stand down actions, iconic location, similarities to other events,

      • and a pair of brothers, Dee, how could you forget?

        However, SO FAR, no major movie about the event. No high school diploma found. No buddies (yet) to testify against him.
        No sleeping with a pig type thing.

  3. Dee,
    are you able to assist on this.
    From whence did Jimmy come from just before the donut spectacle?
    From whence did the silver (and the white one) vehicles come from……….if other than depicted in the photographs?
    Is there any correlation in the tracking of the silver vehicles and jimmy upon their ‘independent’ (?) arrival/s at donut land.
    If there is a separate and independent route taken by the silver vehicles to donut land how did it happen that they all just turned up on site? if there were separate routes, what directions, if any, were ‘radioed’ to the ‘silver club’ to be on site, where did they come from and over what period/time frame were directions given?
    Presumably, if there was helicopter tracking of Jimmy the donut appointment may be explained, but what is the time line, related location/s etc.
    The coroner may need a timeline for the respective locations of all the relevant vehicles (identified) and transcipts of all radio messages or directions given.

    • Ned, I ain’t Dee but I can address this one item:
      “If there is a separate and independent route taken by the silver vehicles to donut land, how did it happen that they all just turned up on site?”

      The silvery vehicles had to take a very SPECIAL route to get to their position at Flinders St Station. As you know (from being there in 1960), the trams of Melbourne, take up a lot of space in the middle of the road. Two sets of tracks are needed. As a result, the number of lanes available on either side is UNO.

      Picture a cross with its two arms being Flinders Street. The vertical part of the cross starts with St Kilda St at its bottom but when it passes the arms it becomes Swanston St. One is driving northward when one enters Swanston (never mind that you’re supposed to be on a bike as you do that).

      The place where the arms meet is the donuting area. Please stand on the front steps of the Flinders St Train station. Look up Flinders (the arm on the right of my map) and you will see a green car (invented by me) coming down, hoping to drive past the Homeless camp.

      That is, she is traveling west, minding her own business, but has to stop suddenly. Why? Not only because a red car is making donuts, but because if she continued along the westward carriageway, which she has every right to do (unless she is American), she will have a head-on collision with Mr Silver Car.

      Yes, he and the other 2 silvers are facing the wrong way.

      So, Ned, those 3 must have arranged, at least some minutes in advance, to mosey up Flinders (easterly, Seppo-style). Before entering that block — alongside the Homeless camp – they had to wait till it was empty of “Australian” drivers, if you receive my meaning.

      Question: did any uniformed traffic cops pitch in to help this odd maneuver?

      • He left his hostage/ladyfriend/whatever (that then wasn’t a hostage) on Bolte Bridge, which places him coming up off the toll road into the city proper. Assuming for a moment that the Police cars were following him (which they would have to have been doing for a while in heavy traffic, a Friday wasn’t it?) then they would have likely come through one of the parallels (Spencer, King, William st’s..not all these streets have trams) to get down the end to Flinders to then come up the hill to the stage (Swanston/Flinders and Federation Square…high public visibility….it was a stage, make no mistake). Failing that he could have come further off the toll-road around South Melbourne/Southbank, and doubled back down St. Kilda Road, but that would have been harder to do (again traffic, but with added trams). The question doesn’t go away. Were they following him or were they escorting him? Are there any witness accounts at all from before the look-at-me donut dance began? Someone must have seen how he came into the center of town there.

    • Was that side of Flinders closed to traffic further down, allowing the Silver trio to be able to move through unimpeded, since they clearly came from the Southern end? At what point did they get there, was it from Elizabeth Street? So, was that block closed off or did they just come around Elizabeth St and head up against whatever traffic was there, or up the tramline? If so then the White car being where it was at just the right time becomes a little improbable as an act of random chance. From the arrow in the picture below he appears to have come up Flinders.

    • In simple terms the Coroner should have a ‘sea battle’ diagram/map correlating all relevant player’s locations on a time line.
      My explanation and example of a sea battle positioning timeline can be demonstrated by looking up any reported historic sea battle between two competing ships.
      Simply: the number one position for each ship is when the ships firstly encounter each other ( location ‘1’) recorded for each ship and correlating relevant locations following, with respective location numbers, as to time, to the ultimate conclusion showing the relevant locations of the vanquished and victorious.
      Now dear Victorian police Minister (and msm); what is the location timeline for ALL relevant vehicles with Jimmy’s vehicle?
      Commencing from (and including position/station at first call out) when Jimmy came under notice preceding the murders until the murders and say, 2 hours later.
      It is a simple examination to be placed on a large map covering the ‘sea battle’,
      I use such diagrams for street fights and a biff up between spouses in their bedroom.
      As an aside, seemingly such a timeline at Port Arthur would have been simple, as the players, excluding MB were in the cafe at the start?

  4. Most of what I’ve seen coming from Police (through the stench-media) involves the usual “Officers on the ground stymied by over cautious higher-ups afraid to take action for fear of causing unnecessary injury”, which of course went really well. Since there was a foreign National killed this has to go to the Coroner doesn’t it? I know that little legal imperative was squished at Port Arthur, so lets see what happens with this one.

      • “I note psychiatrist Paul Mullen was interviewed on the MSM. The same guy that “assisted” Martin Bryant.”

        Oh shit! – this is a ‘red flag’. Mullen was involved in more than Port Arthur, I think he did all the gun control false flags.

        I was willing to lean towards bad decisions being made in this incident, but with Mullen involved, this ‘conspiracy theory’ just got some legs.

  5. These exposures are demonstrating that at least two of the silver drivers have no idea in controlling a vehicle to cut off a escape. Where were they trained, in pedal bike scool?
    I refer to the first photograph in Dee’s article.
    See carefully, a red car, a silver car on its left, a tram in front, a silver car on the red car”s right. All within, say 20 metres at a stretch.
    The silver vehicles are commodores. I am on my 6th successive commodore, (put your foot down and it is off, that is why I have especially relied on commodores for country travel (90 to 110 in a few splits seconds)
    Those dimwit drivers had only to put their feet down for a second and the commodore on the left could have forced the red car to face the tram and the dimwit on the right could have cut off the red car attempting to swinging to the right, in a jiffy.
    Now at what speed was all this being played out? Think! Where is the danger to the public as demonstrated in the photograph.
    This is getting rediculous, I have ‘learnt’ my kids to drive in a farm paddock and they at about 14 years would do better than what apppears to be the failure of some, one may hope, are experienced and trained proffesionals.
    Thie paddock is full of bullshit!

    • WE will have to get disclosure of a timeline from the police at some stage… from the stabbing on.
      There are records of the police following him for “hours”.
      Serious questions need answering.

      A thought on the Mayor.
      I saw Mayor Robert Doyle being so upset on a radio/tv interview. He does take his job seriously — and he does “care for the city”. He would have seen the cars drive past at his press conference, but not any of what happened in Bourke street. But he now has to take time off for stress (PTSD?). He could not have witnessed what 100s of other did. But what has got to him so badly.
      Does he know something we don’t and it is tearing him apart?

      • Melbourne, next time elect a Lord Mayor who has a spine and who has read gumshoenews.com.
        In the meantime, he may be assisted to experience some ptsd victims from the falsified Vietnam war victims, homeless in his streets.
        Oh, and let us not omit the ptsd victims from Afghanistan who will replace the Vietnam war homeless on his streets.
        You think I am exagerating? Well hear this. Decades ago, I appeared for a colleague”s son on a traffic bicycle problem in the ACT. (Alledgedy, he drove in the wrong lane) He finished law. Then he went to the army, Served in Afghanistan. (For John Howard) and came back, psycholgicaly unemployable over a decade. (Even as a government lawyer!) Over ten plus years to this day, nothing has changed.
        If only John Howard and his fellow msm shock joke msm war criminals, still being sucked by their official 911 conspiracy theory, could experience the sentence still imposed on he and his dad?
        Poor Melbourne Lord Mayor. Pussey, comes to mind. Want to cry Lord Mayor, can’t take death on you door step? Go to the ME and see reality and talk to your homeless.
        Then try crying for our soldiers, their familys and those we have killed in the ME, from Afghanistan since October 2001.
        Seriously, the msms failures on this aspect is sickening. Black ball; the msm, their shock joke presstitutes and their advertisers. Drain their swamp.

    • I am getting a little more annoyed.
      Bring in the surveilance proffesional chaps for a direction from the helicopter above.
      A cross examiner’s picnic!
      Read out the instruction above and time the instructions.

      • Ned, you are living in a dream world. “They” still haven’t even admitted that Silver 1,2,3 (or as Paul has labeled them Escorts 1,2,3) are cop cars, so you can’t ask them to say how they made the roads safe.

        Surely it’s ASIO, or worse. One wonders why they did not bother to purchase or rent 3 cars with varied colors. How can they rub our noses in it like this?

        Well, so far Dee has found a distraught mayor and a nervous jewelry-shop manager. I guess that’s better than everyone being calm and businesslike as they were, to a man, at the Lindt Cafe Inquest.

        • Dreamworld!
          As we have been enslaved for decades.
          Well dear Mary, bit by bit the dreamers are being awakened from their nightmares and reality shall prevail.
          Let those who have created the nightmares go s,,,,,, themselves, their nightmares are just beginning and their nightmares are us.

        • Mary, I can see in one of the videos in the earlier post you made that the three silver vehicles have red and blue flashing LED lights on their dash just inside the windscreen.

          THEY ARE AUTHORITIVE VEHICLES – Which authority? Why did they not try to stop the suspect? There was plenty of time and opportunities to stop Gargasoulas as others have pointed out.

          It’s obvious to me that this was a scripted event.

          • Near the end of the video we can also see a man in a red baseball cap, a red shirt and black pants move closely in front of the camera from left to right, he is holding up a phone or camera obviously recording the action, where is his video?

            I can also spot plenty of other people holding up phone cameras in the crowds, where are those videos?

            Come on public! Post it up!

    • That is cool shit you wrote about the flinders st thing.. It’s all starting to stink of a staged event not dissimilar to the Paris thing last year .. That was definitely. An Us V Them anti Muslim event ….

  6. can you post a next update looking at whether cars were switched or not ? As the videos clearly show a tow ball attached prior to crash, where the crash photo appears to have no tow ball ? And conveniently ALL Side on photos have been cropped to cut out the rear. The only photo i could find was an overhead chopper shot what appears no tow ball.

  7. The aerial photo may show the ‘boot open’ and hence ‘hiding’ a ‘towball’, however appears it is actually an extended trailer ‘hitch’ type so even with an open boot would expect to see at least a small portion.

    Also every photo I have seen taken from the side view the boot is closed and ‘conveniently’ cropped at the point of interest.

    The images where we can see the boot shows little to no damage at all (from these photos would be hard to see enough damage to warrant/cause a trailer hitch to be knocked off).

    We need to contact photojournalist Leigh Henningham who was on the scene and photographed the badly damaged vehicle!

    • That item by Leigh Henningham is worth reading just for its retrospective coverage of the Hoddle St massacre. You rarely hear a journalsist going over the old ground like that. And he saw the Queen St shooting as well.

  8. I see quite few people moving away from the car in the video but none being hit. And why is he breaking so much? If you are going to mow people down you’d be hitting the accelerator, not the brakes.

      • It’s a bit of both. Thanks for pointing that out as I just noticed the timing of the blinking from the hazzard lights. The blinking is very irregular. Normally they blink in perfect tempo.

        • well, the video i watched, i thought it was brakes myself at first, and thought that was weird too, that he would be braking..then i wondered if it was hazard lights, as he did have them on.. but i havnt checked either way.

  9. I spoke directly with Leigh; unfortunately he could not view the rear of the vehicle in the position he was located in. And has no better photos. So still need to find an uncropped full side photo… (or photo from rear)

  10. I would also be interested in hearing whether there were any streets locked down ‘prior’ to where the vehicle ended up. Also, can anyone verify tyres marks/path of destruction at the point of where the vehicle ended up. And did anyone witness the vehicle crashing/coming to a standstill. (we need real journalism/investigation !)

    • I noted this in the earlier thread. For the Silver Commodores to be where they were there would surely have to have been some traffic control in place. I’d love to know the how much and when of it. The movements of the current-model Silvers is somehow more interesting than the movements of their 20 Y.O ancestor in red. At what point did they join the action and where did they come from?

  11. This footage was green screened which is another nail in the coffin because it was presented on the same day of the event on the Today show and supposedly had to be ‘filmed’ prior to the event. Given it was green screened, the footage editor had to know in the first place to composite the video therefore prior knowledge of the event was required. This is hard evidence of a hoax. I believe it is impossible to debunk this simply because it is a GREEN SCREEN COMPOSITE.

  12. You answer most of the questions.
    Once police gather video evidence it remains under lock and key.
    Law of sub Judice applies. Video that is in public domain was uploaded by those who shot it or in the case of CCTV either obtained by media or uploaded by shop owners.
    The three cars had been following the commodore for some time. Since the commodore is allegedly linked to a murder earlier in day the cars could be driven by detectives.
    The police helicopter was airborne tracking the car, this tends to alert the media helicopters.
    There were thousands of citizens from all walks of life in Melbourne, not surprising that anyone could have witnessed the event. Former police commissioner says she was nearly hit by the car.
    Beyond the police there are agencies that responded to “car running over pedestrians” who’s employees work undercover.

    Don’t understand the intrigue in camera crews being on the balcony interviewing the mayor, most of them missed the car going by.

    Peekay believes in contrails, 911, that Nice Boston and nightclub massacre are all hoaxes.
    He believes thousands of medical, law enforcement, council workers, funeral directors, local and international media, friends family and business associates of victims are complicate in creating and covering up these hoaxes

    • An inconsistency is that Robert Doyle also claimed to have witnessed the car hit people. But how could he if he was being interviewed in the town hall at the same time. Someone has already managed to get to the balcony and film from it. It appears highly unlikely that Robert Doyle was interviewed on the balcony because it is locked for access. Of course an alibi can be created to explain why the seven crew was there at the time. Car speeds in the balcony video compared to the mind games video appear inconsistent though.

    • “The three cars had been following the commodore for some time. Since the commodore is allegedly linked to a murder earlier in day the cars could be driven by detectives.”

      Don’t you think it’s a bit odd 3 silver cars would slowly be following a crazed murderer for half the day? It looked more like a police escort. I’ve seen pensioners move quicker on mobility scooters.

      The whole Peekay story is becoming more suspicious than the actual event that took place, but him aside, I think there’s still plenty about this event that doesn’t add up.

      • One problem regarding the media ‘obtaining’ footage is that the full length Mind Games shop cctv is available on youtube with the ABC logo on it. ABC operates out of a Federal Government building in Canberra.
        The channel 7 replay of this video is very short and excludes some of the people behaving odd after the car apparently drives past the shop at 8.4 metres in 0.4 seconds or 80 km per hour which is ridiculous. A shop owner at Platypus shoes next door was interviewer who claimed he was there when the car sped by and he said it travelled at 60 km per hour which is also ridiculous if you take the time to go there yourself and look around.

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