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Even ABC’s Media Watch Is Parroting the Line about Fake News!



Paul Barry of Media Watch

by Phil Hingston

Last night’s Media Watch, on the topic of FAKE NEWS with Paul Barry, has the hallmarks of a beat up for increased legislation to limit free speech.

It was presented as a warning to be vigilant of false and misleading information masquerading as truth. Enter the Fakenews meme.  It reminded me of exactly why I no longer watch Mainstream Media (MSM).

Barry is a master of legerdemain and obfuscation. He weaves a semi-plausible argument, quoting other dubious MSM sources which reinforce his erroneous thesis on just who is generating Fakenews.

Breitbart News is specifically targeted. This helped Media Watch link Donald Trump to Fakenews via his chief advisor, Steve Bannon. Bannon was the editor of Breitbart. (Incidentally, he was also with Goldman Sachs, but no criticism of them, naturally.)

It’s amazing that Media Watch constantly resorts to quoting – favorably – the biggest Fake News sites. I am referring to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, and, God spare us, The BBC. Do you recall that the BBC hilariously reported the collapse of World Trade Building 7, 20 minutes before it happened?

And of course, let’s not forget CNN, “whose credibility is higher than ever” according to their boss Jeff Zucker (cough,cough).

Furthermore, Barry of OUR ABC’s Media Watch claims that “reliable and credible” fact-checking websites like Snopes and Fact Check could alert Fakebook to “dodgy stories” to rule on whether the story is credible. Snopes? You must be joking, Paul.

How about getting David Brock (ex-lover of James Alefantis, related to  Comet Ping Pong), to help point out Fakenews too?  Brock runs Correct the Record (CTR) and Media Watch US.  MIght as well go whole hog.

ABC says those are all totally “reliable” sources of “real” news. Give me a break.

Media Watch calls itself  “The Main Stream Media (MSM) you can trust not to lie, distort and make things up.” (Try not to gag.)

Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, anyone?   “The Russians shot down MH-17,” the Russians “invaded” Ukraine, and the Russians hacked the US elections to defeat Hillary?

Endless distortions, fabrications or omissions of news are employed to further promote various political agendas.

Predictably, Barry makes you think it is false that Hillary and the Dems engaged in vote rigging.  But, ha ha, Project Veritas had some staff infiltrate and record what actually took place. And why should Oz care about that anyway?

A Word about Udo Ulfkotte

We sometimes wonder why a mainstream journalist doesn’t get fed up and reveal the truth about his/her profession. In Germany, someone did precisely that: Udo Ulfkotte. He said,

“Hey, guess what? myself and all my colleagues are on the payroll of the CIA.”

ulfkotte4-2Udo Ulfkotte

Mary Maxwell wrote about Udo in a Gumshoe article:

He was harassed by police, subjected to lawsuits, impoverished, almost prosecuted for revealing state secrets, all the usual stuff. His wife had an accountancy business, and pictures of her office building appeared in the newspapers so locals would know they should stay away from her. My interpretation is that the intelligence agencies were doing this because they spotted a journalist with a conscience. He was too young to be given a heart attack, so it had to be lawsuits, etc.

That was 2 years ago (Maxwell’s article is dated October 16, 2014) But on January 15, 2017, Udo died of a heart attack. He was age 56.

As we all know journalists in the Third World drop like flies. Now that we are headed to third world of violence we can expect the same. That is, unless we change tracks now.

My Take

A nice bio of Barry in Wikipedia tells us that he “believes in the free market and in freedom of speech.” Oh really?

No Paul, not even the skills and reputation of Aunty ABC can help you spin last night’s Media Watch as a credible analysis of the Fakenews phenomenon. It was pitiful.

Even Blind Freddy can see that Main Stream Media invented the “Fake News” meme in order to silence competition and discredit stories surfacing about high-level pedophiles, not to mention “governmental” child trafficking networks.

That is spectacularly backfiring on them and on you, old chum. I’m sure that the current (ridiculous) attempts to weave a narrative to make the public clamour for more censorship will likewise fail.

As for Pizzagate IT IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY.  May I repeat that for Media Watch? There’s no point in your trying to tell the audience that what they have heard is transitory, Paul. They are grown-ups and they are not the least bit taken in by your little conjuring tricks.

So here it is again, Paul Barry of the ABC: Pizzagate is earth shattering and you can’t hide it.

Our intelligence has been insulted by the dishonest mainstreamers for years and to tell you frankly, WE’RE OVER YOU!

— Phil Hingston is a stirred-up New South Welshman



    • To that I will add that Senator Jeannie Ferris of SA, a spokesperson in Canberra for agriculture, died of cancer and her former husband, the editor, I think, of the Canberra Times, was in a one-car crash on the day before her funeral. She, too was a Journo before becoming a parliamentarian.

      i have never known ayone but myself to raise an eyebrow over either of their deaths. Hey, don’t be polite, People. Even if you can’t prove the one-car thing, you can say someting like “It is my policy to assume that any friggin one-car crash involving a critic of government is M-U-R-D-E-R.”

      • It is not impossible for an ABC person to be a dissident. Andrew Olle was, um, honest. Born 1947, died 1995.

        “Andrew Olle died from a brain tumour (glioblastoma multiforme) which was not diagnosed until he was rushed to hospital following a massive stroke and collapse.” — Wikipedia

        Anybody else come to mind?

        • I admit that I have absolutely nothing to go on, re Robert Haupt, except that he died young.
          He was my first Editor in 1981. It is my prerogative to smell a rat, is it not? Here is a tender memory, published at smh.com.au:

          “Haupt was no less off-beat in the office. Eight years earlier, he had been the acting editor of the Age on the day Peter Cole-Adams filed a strongly critical column from Buenos Aires on the sinking of the General Belgrano by the British during the Falklands war. Haupt sent a note saying the sensible thing to do would be to spike this “emotional angry” piece. Instead, said Haupt, he was putting it on the front page.”

          • Of this journo I have even less to support a suspicion, but what the heck I will mention him anyway: Rohan Deakin Rivett. He edited the Adelaide News for many years and then got the sack from Rupe. Moved to Sydney, went free-lance.

            Per KS Inglis in the Australian Dictionary of Biography:
            “Rivett died suddenly of a coronary occlusion on 5 October 1977 at his Camberwell home and was cremated.” Age 60.

  1. Well done Phil.
    When I heard Barry last night — I couldn’t believe my ears that media watch (the program watching media truth) is advocating Facebook and Google (and their media police) to determine what you can watch.
    I am going to put in a complaint to the Ombudsman.
    They have just sneaked into the ranks of those propagating Fake News.
    This is a clear signal that we have “lost” the ABC.

    • Send Paul a copy with my/our compliments.
      He’s a paid shill. Paid by us and OUR ABC.

      Let’s DEFUND THE ABC.
      Trump’s talking about defunding UC Berkley in California.

      Maybe we could start a trend!!

      • ‘DEFUND THE ABC’?
        BS! Sell it before everyone realises that it is a lying bloated fake and will not even be able to be given away.

      • Here is another shocker. Udo reports that he saw this in 1988 (AFTER the 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq):

        “The mustard gas was brought to Iraq from Germany labeled as “pesticides,” Ulfkotte explained in the e-mail. “The US gave the satellite photos of the Iranian positions and supervised the action and the Iraqis did it – and I photographed it and was not allowed to publish it.” — printed in sputnik.news.

  2. Anyone else getting “Encrypted Network Traffic- Untrusted Certificate” warnings from the boys at Australian Signals Directorate/NSA/Whoever?? This could be an attempt to deceive you” They ask if you would like to block this communication…

    Hell NO!!!

    They sure as hell are persistent though..

  3. As the very concept of an apolitical“News” outlet is monstrously bigoted what more could you expect?

    Choice & preference is what defines our humanity. When the alternatives are deemed to be a threat you can bet your bottom dollar that the driving force is not personal conviction but personal advantage.

  4. Trumps controversial and sensation seeking and be heard to a wide audience, having now become a figure of intrigue, widely publicized by the so called fake news media giving Trump free publicity and assisting him in becoming elected, Trump now proclaiming those who so generously gave much free space advertising his political ideology of a dubious ideology such as The Support of the Forgotten? now putting out the true news? a list of his media of under reporting of terrorist activity, on this list the Lindt Cafe, being widely reported in America and also in Australia and also some listed Australian terrorist activities are well known not to be crimes of terrorist activity, when the truth becomes lies and lies become truth from a newly elected leader we have a problem with credibility.

  5. Newspapers weren’t ever intended to be anything more than a town-crier upgrade.

    As I’m personally interested in a particular 1925 – ’26 UK criminal case I’ve been going through the corresponding H. O. file. There’s only a smattering of court docs, huge holes,no indication anywhere that the respective arrests had any sort of legal basis. 90% of the 384 pages is just a collage of fatuous lawyer/HomeOffice posturing(semi-legible mock correspondence) and HotGos newspaper clippings: TIMES, DAILY MAIL,EVENING NEWS.
    This is a 10 Jan’26 exert from the NEWS OF THE WORLD:
    “The accused men wore smart-looking civilian cloths. S with a heavy blue overcoat over a dark grey suit. L in a double breasted brown coat and a suit of light grey. S is of athletic build with pale boyish features”
    And these guys were appearing on murder charges ! I can only think of one reason why such rubbish would be retained and the bulk of the court record ditched.

  6. Phil, you mention security alerts being placed on certain internet information. I can no longer receive any RT site information. A security alert window opens, asks if I still want to read page, Yes/No?. If I respond, Yes, no matter how many times, nothing happens until the page freezes and I have to restart computer.

    Is this not censorship?

  7. Dee, I think you are wasting your time with the Federal Ombudsman. They are another dishonest government body who I have tried to have dealings with. They refuse to deliver on their charter.

  8. In the article above this on a reply to Mary on 8/2 at 8.51 I include the ABC media watch fakes for notation.
    Mr Barry and staff, kindly take note of it, the ABC is disgusting.

  9. In various comments and at some sites there are reports of censorship, security alerts etc.
    The perpetrators are suspected to be the work of some intelligence or security snowflake entities who employ clowns who probably cannot discipline or prevent their six year olds from asking pesky question and have to take out their frustration at the office when they put on their leathers just to annoy us.
    Once it was just the Sunstein control squad and that has been a fail, now we have fascist brown shirts with weany genitals to cope with.
    Oh, lets us not forget the antidemocratic ABC media watch sunstein styled misfits……. Fail ABC, complete fail.

  10. The greatest purveyors of ‘fake news’ are the mainstream media outlets, either through suppression of news and information, or putting a particular slant on what they do report.
    ABC and SBS do it all the time, and programs such as Media Watch are there to fulfil a gatekeeper role, classic sleight of hand to divert attention away from the real issues.
    As readers of Gumshoe News know, there is an unending stream of stories that they refuse to touch. They know that the public are increasingly disenchanted and are turning to other avenues for news and opinion. That represents a grave threat not only to their business model, but control of information which is the means by which the people have been kept under control for the past 200+ years.
    Can I invite readers to read my piece on this same topic “Just Whose News is Fake” published in Pearls and Irritations on 7 February 2017

  11. Dee, sorry to correct you, but your title could be misleading.
    To be more representative it should be:

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